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Day Eleven FYMM Fitness

Just finished my daily little run, little workout. You see, that’s not the sun coming up. Is the sun going down? Kind of what I was talking about yesterday. With working out at different times of the day, and making sure that my body is accustomed to, at any given time of the day, being able to start to exercise. And be like, “I’m going to do it and not be able to give myself an excuse.” What I wanted … It’s the weekend and come Monday would be another week, right? So I tend to try to add a little something on a Monday or add something to it. However, if you do it the kaizen way, again, look at my course, how to take over, accomplish any goal that you have.

I’m a little tired, just out of breath because I’m trying to talk and I’m trying to catch breath at the same time. But you understand, I hope you get it. If you don’t, whatever. But when I’m thinking, because I know myself. If I were to add, let’s say, doing another set up pushups and curls. That’s too much because I’m going to convince myself not to do it.

When you’re adding things, the whole overall objective, is to be able to do something so small it’s impossible to say no. Because every time I don’t want to do this, and I’m kind of getting to the point where I’m used to it, because it’s 10 minutes, man. 10 minutes. Now if you would have asked me two weeks ago, and even rewatch the videos, 10 minutes was a pain. It was a chore I didn’t really want to do. But now, it’s kind of like, “Well, all right, whatever. I got 10 minutes. It’s 10 minutes, it’s not even enough for me to complain about.”

It’s 10 minutes, It’s relatively easy for me to do this. And that’s what we want. That’s we want for you. That’s what we want when we’re adding new things, we want to add it to where it’s so minuscule we don’t even notice that we did it. So with our 10 minute exercise, every single day, if you noticed it’s not 10 minutes, it’s a little longer than 10 minutes. It’s like 12 minutes because I’m doing one set of pushups and curls. Even though to convince myself to get started I’m like, “Yeah, I got to run 10 minutes. It’s just 10 minutes of my life and I’m done.”It is ingrained in my mind that I’m going to do pushups and curls, So now it’s part of the exercise. Not even thinking about it. If I had to do three sets of it, that’s too much time. I don’t feel like doing that. Does it make sense?

 I know I won’t consistently do it at three sets, but one set real quick. That’s no time at all. I’m already hot, sweaty. My body’s moving around. Doing 10 pushups, 10 curls. Ah, it’s an extra one, two minutes and I’m done. 

 I don’t want to push myself quite yet. I want it to be second nature. So for this upcoming week, I think what I’ve noticed is I need to drink a lot more water, my stretching’s fine. 

Make sure you guys are stretching. I don’t go over this very much, but I stretch every single day. By this point, if you can’t touch your toes, then you need to be putting a lot more energy into stretching. To keep from getting yourself hurt, you need to stretch. Stretching is basically the basis of everything. So make sure you stretch. Make sure you stretch, make sure you stretch. You heard it first, make sure you stretch. All day long.

Then with that, I stretch, but I don’t drink. I might have half a glass of water in a day. I don’t drink water. There’s a past history behind it, but whatever, not important. So for this upcoming week, I’m going to focus on adding water to my day. Trying to drink like a half a gallon to a gallon of water a day. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot, but from going from a half a cup maybe of water to a half a gallon is a lot. I’m thirsty all the time. Yeah, it could be other things. No, it’s because I don’t drink water and I smoke. And I’m really thirsty, like 99% of the time. We’re going to test it. So this upcoming week I’m going to test drinking water.

So that’s what I’m telling you guys, so that you can see, and I can keep in tune with you guys. And you guys can hold me accountable about if I’m drinking my water. Because while we’re tying to transform ourselves, we want to stay fresh with water as well. So check in with you guys tomorrow, which will be Sunday, which will be the last day of the week. So look forward to talking to y’all tomorrow. Stay strong, keep exercising 10 minutes a day, that’s all you need.

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