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Day Ten FYMM Fitness

All right. Another quick day. Today I think I’m going to have to get a new treadmill. I’m not going to until I hurt myself or I bounce off of it or I break it all the way because I’m cheap like that. I apologize. But don’t fix it until it’s broke broke. But it’s getting me bouncing all over the place. In the middle, it seems like there’s a crack. I almost fell a couple times. And then running backwards, it was like, boom boom, boom boom.

But other than that, it’s way later in the afternoon today. I was busy all morning, which you can think it’s a good thing, Because you’re supposed to get the hard things done early, and running all the time is not the easiest thing. Or at least starting this new habit of mine. Formulating a habit is not always the easiest thing to do. So formulating this new habit isn’t the easiest thing to do. But giving myself the ability to do it at different times is a plus. Let me explain why. We’re creatures of habit, right? So if I continuously work all the time at waking up first thing in the morning and doing my workout, well, if I do that every single day where it becomes the number one thing to do and I can’t start my day without doing it, it’s kind of like coffee. So an avid coffee drinker, when they miss a cup of coffee, they’re screwed up for the rest of the day.

Now, this has happened to me numerous times before. Not this particular time of working out, but in the past, to where if I didn’t get my workout off first thing in the morning, well, it was much more difficult for me to find time in the afternoon. Doesn’t matter if I would have time. I said find time. So changing the times that I’m running is forcing me to create a discipline, I thank all of you, because if it wasn’t for you guys, then I would probably commit to laziness and not run today. I still have to convince myself it’s only 10 minutes, Erik. It’s only 10 minutes. So that is really helping, just being like, it’s only 10 minutes. 10 minutes. I have 10 minutes. I cannot convince myself that I do not have 10 minutes. So that’s why I want everyone to start just with a small 10 minutes until 10 minutes isn’t long enough.

But switching your times of the day is healthy because, now check it out, this is what happens in the future. Now, I like to do things early in the morning. I wake up way before anyone should wake up, but I just do it. That’s what I like to do. So if I get that done first thing in the morning, workout, do my 10 minutes, In the future, it will be longer. Then work a whole day, because, right now it’s 5:00 in the afternoon. 5:00 in the afternoon from 4:00 in the morning, that’s two completely different days. 

 if I were to do my morning workout, then, I have all day of not doing anything. To where if I’m accustomed to doing a workout right now as well, and knowing that I can do it, it’s not that hard. I’m a little tired, but once I started running, it was all good. Well then, that allows me to be able to do two a days. So in the afternoon, I can maybe ride a bike for 20, 30 minutes while I’m watching an inspirational movie or an inspiration program. I typically don’t like watching entertainment during the week because entertainment’s more to entertain. When you’re on a mission and you’re trying to accomplish new things in life, being entertained is not what you want. You want to be inspired, you want to be challenged. But entertained, no, not necessarily. So when I’m working out or when I’m doing basically anything, I’m always trying to be challenged or inspired, opposed to being entertained. Once I get to where I want to go in life, then I can worry about being entertained. But right now, especially when I’m trying to work out and everything, being entertained, that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get myself in shape. So I need inspiration, motivation, challenges, and determination to do it. So when you’re doing this, look for those things as well, and it’ll help you in your process.

All right. I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Have a great night and stay motivated and keep it going. Every day is not easy. It is a pain in the butt sometimes. But after 10 minutes… It’s literally 10 minutes. You got 10 minutes.

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