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Day Twelve FYMM Fitness

All right. Just got another day done. Kind of failed with yesterday’s mission on drinking more water today. Good thing the week hasn’t started. Week starts tomorrow, so I didn’t really fail. My mouth is like cotton, so drinking water is imperative.  As you can see, I’m still not in shape at 10 minutes, still I’m over here, huffing and puffing, but I’m able to catch my breath a little bit faster, which is always a plus. And I don’t know, I’m probably just like BS’ing my mind, but I’m feeling, I can feel my muscles a little bit. I activated them. They’ve been sleeping and now they’re not quite as sleepy anymore. Because this is part of the reason why I wanted to go super slow. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed or overextended or whatever “over-whatever” word you want to put ever after over. So I started just doing the easiest and the smallest little thing, just 10 pushups and then 10 curls. And then through being able to do that, just being able to do it really simply and without any stress, now we’re at the place now, I said, I’m starting to feel a lot in my legs. My calves, which is, I don’t know if it’s a good thing, bad thing, not really quite sure. We’ll find out as time progresses, but when I’m running, especially when I’m running, that’s literally the only place I’m really feeling, especially when I’m running backwards. Like I said, I’m monitoring that, to make sure it’s just soreness and I’m building muscle. Don’t want to pull anything and hurt myself. With the pushups, like I said, I’m starting to feel muscle. Starting to feel it. Starting to feel good, healthy. Again, just water, water, water, water, water, water. This upcoming week, my main focus is just drink as much bloody water as I possibly can. And I look forward to see how that’s going to change. Just drinking more water because really right now my mouth is, literally, it’s hard talking because my mouth is so dry. Again, we’re going to be focusing just on water this upcoming week. I might add in, depending on how I feel, come Wednesday, I might add in two sets of pushups. So we’ll do 20 pushups a day, opposed to just 10. but again, it all depends on how I feel. If every day I’m like, “Man, this is so easy.” I got a little extra energy. This 10 minutes and 10 pushups or 10 minutes, 10 sit-ups you know what I mean. 10 minutes forward. Because we added to run backwards for a couple of minutes or so, we’re not at 10 minutes yet. Just make sure you do it every day to work different parts of your legs. Then we also have the 10 pushups, then the 10 curls. So this upcoming week, depending on how I feel, the part that is most important that we remember is we need to be feeling like this is nothing. That this is so small that it’s almost impossible not to do it in a day. Everyone has 10 minutes.

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