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The Customer Journey

Right. I want to go back to where we were. I really do. However, let’s move on just a little bit. Why don’t we see if we find something. Well, let’s see if it’s dark over here. Is it too dark? I can’t really see. All right, we’ll go back. Okay. Okay. Oh, we’ll check over here. Let’s see.

“The Customer Journey”. Yeah. That’s the first one. “The Customer Journey: How an Owned Audience can Transform your Business”, written by Mike, Shana, or Shauna? Brad and Blake. Well, Blake and Drew. Let’s kind of see what they’re talking about here. Yeah. “The Customer Journey”, like I said, just busy blogging. Nothing important on the back. All right. Yeah. I’m sold, what about you guys? You guys sold? Let’s check it out.

Let me see this. I’m looking at this one right here. “Telling Lies in Modern American Autobiography”. It’s all fake news! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. All right. Back to “The Customer Journey”. I’ll show you guys what we’re looking at.

Oh, look at this. Look at that. Look at that. It’s an autographed copy. We’re going to have to put this to the side, right? It might be worth more than a dollar later on. I’m just joking. It’s probably like a $30 book. Don’t quote me, right? I have no idea how much this book is. But it’s kind of cool, I got it autographed though. That’s awesome. I’ll put it in my autograph collection. And you know when I say collection, not a very big collection, but collection nonetheless.

What is this, dude? I’m still scrolling, trying to find the table of contents. That’s why. Here we go. All right. No one cares. No. What? Wow. Okay. So this is pretty awesome. Okay. I get it. So it literally is their journey. So they go through each little part of the journey, and let’s go to 153. We’re looking at a interactive quiz, and basically we’re looking at the sub part where it says, “why use interactive content?” 153. Well, this book is not the easiest to hold open with one hand. 153.

Okay. “Why the interactive quiz?” Now we’re going to go through a little bit and find the sub section that I wanted to find. There we go.

“Why use interactive content?” Okay. “Done well, interactive content can drastically improve conversion rates across your website. In fact, we’ve had cases where optimizing an exiting quiz has improved conversion rate by,” Wow, “in just one month. In 2017,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. “20,000 survey respondents agreed that interactive content provides numerous benefits, 87% agree that internet content grabs attention, 73 agree that interactive content enhances retention of the brand, 77% agree that interactive content can have reusable value resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.” Yeah.

All right. We’ll just go right here. “What is the purpose of interactive content? According to CMI, survey markers use interactive content for engagement, education in an audience, creative brand awareness, lead generation conversion sales, and sales enablement.” That’s interesting, because in today’s world, content is king, right? So if you can add interaction, engagement is .

Sorry, I don’t know, my fault. I do that. Probably every video I get my words mixed up. If you’re offended or whatever, one, I don’t really care, whatever, it’s a lot of talking. So I jumble my words, sorry. But back to what I was saying, if you’re a marketer or an advertiser, because those are two different worlds, we’ll explain those in different videos and different books and things, then having an edge is how you make it in life. Right? You know, having that small little edge over everybody else. So with this data right here, it’s a new trend having interactive content, right? The more interactiveness, the more user ability, the more user engagement, excuse me, you have on your site, what they’re saying is that people are going to retain your site more. Right? They’re going to remember you longer and it’s going to create a better user experience. Right? And then also gives you the opportunity to have more ads, and the more pages they go increases your ad money as a marketer, the more people they engage, the more shares you’ll get, the more email addresses that you’ll get. So very interesting, glad that I picked that one out.

If you read below or you get the book, then the book that I write, this one, obviously, there’s the link below to get this book. But if you also get the read below, you’ll get my more analysis of the chapter and more in depth. So that was pretty interesting. Talk to you later.