March 24 Morning Juice Ingredients

All right. Good morning. With yesterday, I was discussing how I was having a problem, having three juicing sessions, just because the morning juicing session and the lunch were too close together with that in mind, I decided to wake up extra early this morning. So it’s about four o’clock in the morning. Well, it’s […]

March 24 Juicing Process

All right. Welcome back. Let’s go with, let’s go with the broccoli first. There was no particular rhyme or reason. I just decided the property back space. Looking cleaner. There you go. Let’s turn it on. Go. That’s our little broccoli juice. Not anything to write home about. Let’s let’s do our Apple. Cause we […]

March 27 Night Time Brain Booster Ingredients

Today we have a lot of leafy, a lot of greens. I feel like I needed some greens and then we have a little bit of our fruit. We’ve got a couple of apples A Mellon, some Sweet potato or key. We, some asparagus, some bok choy, some lettuce, and some celery. Part of the […]

March 26 Natural Energy Boost Ingredients

Good afternoon for our energy drink session. Let’s get started. So today we’re going to try our sweet potato just cause I kinda liked the consistency that sweet potato gives for me. We’re going to go for the Apple today. We got some limes. They’re kind of small. I don’t know why they’re so little […]

March 26 Morning Nutrient Juicing Process

All right, welcome back. Or where’s my cup. Oh, there it is. I apologize. I don’t have my cup with me now. I do. Now we’re ready to go. So here are our sweet potatoes. Here’s our beets. Here’s our Mellon. Oh, allow whatever it’s called our apples, our carrot and more of our beat. […]

March 26 Morning Nutrient Ingredients Carrot Apple Melon

Good morning. It’s about five o’clock in the morning. I had a really late start this morning. I just couldn’t get out of bed. Which, you know, it’s a Friday I’ve been working hard all week. That’s probably when my body was like, you know, I’m just not going to move and did not care […]

March 26 Energy Boost Juicing Process

All right, welcome back. So here we go. We’ve got our spinach or asparagus, our cauliflower, our sweet potatoes, our apples, our lemons, and our oranges. So let’s first start with our, our little lemons. I don’t, I’m not expecting very much of anything with this. No, Okay. Let’s get there. We got a couple […]

March 25 Energy Ingredients

Alright. So for our energy drink, we are got some bok choy, a little bit spinach, some sugar cane, which I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. Not this could be the worst experiment I’ve ever tried, or it could be the best experiment. So we’re going to find out and we’ve got […]

Body Evaluation not sure which day?

All right. Well, hopefully you guys can see us. It’s difficult. I don’t know how I did it the first couple of times where it was over. There we go. That’s a good view. All right. So we’re still, we’re still fat. All right. Don’t get me wrong. That’s me pushing all the way out. […]

Starving Yourself Is Not The Best Idea – Juice Responsibly

Completely transparent. The juicing is not going to work for me. I need to eat food right now. I can incorporate the juicing into my life. All right. I understand. I understand the benefits, right? I understand by shooting yourself with a whole bunch of vitamins and in a shorter period of time, it can […]

Full Disclosure I Can’t Just Drink Vegetable Water

Good morning. I’ve already it’s like six today. I actually got up first thing in the morning. Before this full disclosure, I didn’t make my second choose video yesterday. I had to sit down and have a real sit down with myself. Right. I talked to a couple other people, put it by in the […]

Pear Kiwi Celery Beet – Morning Health Juice Ingredients

Good morning today. We have some beet some celery mostly because they’ve been in the fridge for a few days and they’re kind of going bad as you can kind of see the elite. So I need to mush them up. So we got our beet, we got some celery, we got our kiwi, and […]

March 23 Morning Ingredients – Melons Strawberries Broccoli

All right. Good morning. So this morning we have a lot of Mellon. We need to get rid of if you can kind of see the watermelons getting a minute, it’s normal, it’s getting old. Like you’re supposed to eat it basically. The day it’s been in there for a few days, same thing with […]

March 23 Morning Juicing Process

All right. So here we go. Everything’s cut up. We’ve got ourselves set up. We’re gonna go ahead and mush up the watermelon and we’re just all the melon stuff first, actually. No, don’t know that’s a, not a good idea. We’re going to do watermelon then broccoli, or just mix it up or have […]

Organic Energy Drink March 22 Midday Juicing Process

All right. Not so exciting. Just have to really kind of cut the oranges. I just want to bring out the seltzer water. You can get it at any of your grocery store. I got black cherry just cause I had it in the fridge. Not any reason. So you can get whatever flavor you […]

March 26 Fitness

All right. Today, today was easy. It finally, I mean, you can see outside it’s, it’s not gray. It was a little bit this morning, but it cleared up. Okay. I don’t really have any complaints as you see. I don’t, I’m not wearing my sweater, so it’s not freezing cold anymore. That poses a […]

March 27 Fitness

All right. That was a good day. So today I’ve been working pretty hard. I’ve been kind of tired all day, not from just being tired, but from working had a lot of videos I needed to do so going onto the treadmill and going into my afternoon workout, I wanted to approach it different […]

March 28 Fitness

Hi today. It’s a gloomy day. I had a, so, you know, If you paid attention, gloomy days are never good days for me. They’re always just terrible. I hate gloomy days there. It just makes me that’s water in the bag. Right there. That’s water, sparkling water. There’s just gloomy, man is, is Then […]

March 22 Morning Juicing Process

All right, here we go. Let’s start with the plum to kind of see how much that gives us. Not horrible, not horrible, but not, not as much as I like to see now let’s check out the honeydew. All right. So the honeydew gave a decent amount. Yeah, because you see I’m slowing it […]

Kale Squash Asparagus Starfruit Pear Kiwi Morning – Ingredients

Good morning Had a little bit late start this morning, went to bed a little late last night. My apologies, as you can see it’s daytime now, I think it is probably seven 30 in the morning. And it’s starting to get springtime today. This morning. We are going with the rest of the bag […]

Cilantro Red Leaf Lettuce Kiwi Apple – Ingredients

All right. So this morning we got cilantro or coriander where we got readily red lettuce. We got our Apple room put in a little bit more fruit and then this morning, just cause I want to I’m going to fill up the glass a little bit more. I’m hungry. Got a little key. We […]

Carrots Apple Strawberry Onion Cucumber – Ingredients

Good morning. All right. And you can see it’s still nice and dark outside. I think it’s about six o’clock in the morning. It’s time for our breakfast. We have cabbage, which we’ll go over here. Excuse me. And vitamin C and K full late Meg magnet, knees. Anti-Inflammation digestive health, heart health, cholesterol health. […]

Carrot Apple Kale – Ingredients

Good morning. It is light out time. I just have a little, my just finished riding the bike. Did my stretching did some pushups. Now it’s time to nourish my body with some great vegetables and fruit and great nourishment. So we got some strawberries, which is typical for the morning. As you remember, we […]

Cauliflower Carrot Lettuce- Ingredients

All right. For our second little drink, it’s about two 30 in the afternoon. I’m not really hungry. I was really hungry earlier and kind of put me to sleep and everything, but now I’m waking back up, moving around. I’ve been up for a few hours now where I’m not really hungry, but I’m […]

Beet Bok-Choy Broccoli – Ingredients

All right, good afternoon. Now For our afternoon drink, we like, you already know we’re going more green than our morning drink, which is more based off of sugar and trying to get more fruit into our diet. Right here. We have bok choy. Yup. I had to see, I had to get the, the […]

Apple Cucumber Carrots Asparagus – Juicing Sensation

All right. Day one juice in regard to the little green juice and recipe book Alvin link somewhere. So we’re starting off with an Apple, a cucumber, some asparagus and some carrots. I doubt that’s enough, but we’re going to see what we’re doing. I’m going to show you a little bit what we’re doing. […]

Day Three First Wake Up

So this is the beginning of day three. Uh, I’m still a little lazy, but it wasn’t like it was forcing like, uh, my body’s I guess, getting used to this a little bit. Oh, they did say a couple of days you’re going to be miserable, which was true. Um, I have a disgusting […]

Brainstorming My Why On Juicing

I my first little thing brainstorming, I need to just have a camera, so I’m brainstorming and like you catch a brainstorm because once a camera’s on now, I’m talking to the camera. I’m not brainstorming anymore, but what else talking about or brainstorming about what kind of, how to introduce juicing to different people […]

February 9 Fitness

I feel great. So I don’t know. Remember the last couple of days I was like, yeah, I’m going to try to keep doing faster and faster and faster on a treadmill. Well, that’s great. But what happened is today it became more of a challenge, right? Not a challenge to run a challenge to […]