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Body Evaluation not sure which day?

All right. Well, hopefully you guys can see us. It’s difficult. I don’t know how I did it the first couple of times where it was over. There we go. That’s a good view. All right. So we’re still, we’re still fat. All right. Don’t get me wrong. That’s me pushing all the way out. So little by little right there. I mean, this is trying to get the best view, like with my back straight. Cause I mean, I could link down like this, but then not just kind of making myself, I don’t know. We often, I mean, arm’s getting a little bit better getting a little bit more definition. Are you here? All right. Can’t show the legs. I should have, I shouldn’t afford his pants. Right. So then I would just be able to show you, but again, me taking the pants office suggested.

So I don’t know. I don’t want to do that. Let’s see. Yeah, we, I mean, you can see, I mean, there you go a little bit before I wasn’t able to do that. I know my legs are starting to feel a bit better just because I’m one of them riding a bike for an hour. All right. And then I’m also running for 20 minutes. My chest, my wind it’s difficult, right? Because I, I still, I’m not doing my, my heart rate, so I need to like focus more on my heart rate. But hopefully within maybe next week or the week after that, we’re start worrying about diet more. Give me a little bit more time to, you know, get accustomed to this hour long bike ride in the morning times. And I still get to do a sit ups.

So I’m trying to incorporate sit-ups with the bike ride, right? One, cause it’s cold in this house. What am I in my room? It’s one. But when I go over to the treadmill, it’s, it’s freezing. So laying on the ground and doing or sit-ups, I don’t feel like doing that in the goal. So I’m trying to figure like the most, most efficient way for me to do it where I’m not complaining about doing it and where I will do it. So I’m trying to solve that problem. But other than that, when my neck is killing me, I woke up. I think that might be part of the reason today was just a slow day. Couldn’t move my neck. You know how it kind of go, I’d have to go like this to move around. Their neck hurts. You got that’s how it’s been all day, but I’m feeling better. Right? world of difference got more air. You can breathe better. Kinda. I don’t know if it sounds weird, but even like my perspective on things is a lot different. Right? So before it’s just weird how the better you feel the night, it’s just like the days are brighter. If that makes any sense, aren’t going to take shower.

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March 26 Fitness

All right. Today, today was easy. It finally, I mean, you can see outside it’s, it’s not gray. It was a little bit this morning, but it cleared up.


I don’t really have any complaints as you see. I don’t, I’m not wearing my sweater, so it’s not freezing cold anymore. That poses a different problem now because I’m really, I’m sweating profusely and my hands are slippery. So when I’m holding on to the weights there, it’s kind of slippery. So I’m gonna probably have to buy some gloves just for that problem. But that’s a good problem. I’m going to have as long as I continuously drink, a lot of fluids, keep my body, you know, hydrated. Cause now it’s warmer. I’m going to sweat a whole bunch more. But other than that’s fine, I’m going to have to do laundry a little bit more just cause I’m gonna have to wash your clothes every day or just buy some more, more shoe or more pants and some tank tops, which, you know, that’s either which way let’s see on the treadmill started off 5.6, then about 10 minutes in, I moved up to 5.8 or something. And then for the last about 10 minutes I went up to six and then I was like, Ooh, I can race. I might be able to, I like it. I could see Beading Or three miles in 30 minutes. So when I could see it, like, you know, yesterday day before when I run at 5.6 for the whole time for like 20 minutes, there’s no way I’m going to catch it. Right. That’s just, this is too much. But I saw that I could catch it. Right. So I ran at 5.6 for a little bit and you know, I was doing good, but then I was like, you know what I mean? I was almost catching it, but I was, it was going to be too close to count. So I wanted to like double down and make sure that I beat it. So I went ahead and moved it up to about seven miles per hour, about seven months, your boss said mom’s power and then ran, ran that or the remainder of the 30 minutes like that. And I ended up getting 30 miles in about 29 minutes and 10 seconds, 20 seconds, something like that.

So I beat the 30 minutes, which is, you know, it’s key. That’s good. I, remember when I got the first when I got the treadmill for the first time I was trying to outdo myself and I actually I did it. I was running over three miles in 30 minutes. However I was wearing myself out. So then we dropped it all the way back down to five miles per hour and just run the 30 minutes and then slowly but surely we’ve gradually moved up higher and higher and higher. Now I’m not saying tomorrow or from here on out, we’re going to try to beat minutes, but now we know we can do it at a gradual pace to where I’m not really tired now. Now, you know, if that makes sense before I hadn’t really pushed myself hard to get there, to get there because my body just wasn’t there yet. It wasn’t developed into the point where it’d be easy. Now my, my body’s evolved to the point, my cardio raised to the point maybe the juicing, you know, the extra vitamins I’m putting into my system. Maybe those are helping. I did have A, a mid day drink. My little energy drink, which again, everyone,

The day that I have had one of those when I’m running, I don’t Hawk as many Luigi’s, which is good. I don’t know why, but the energy drinks, you know, my own energy drink. I don’t know if it’s an energy drink, but that’s what we’re going to call it. Right? Cause that’s the intention of it is to supplement an energy drink throughout the day. I can’t complain so far. It’s doing it’s it’s doing the purpose intended for I’m not going to lie, have cheated a little bit with energy drinks.

Just, I think more of, it’s just the addiction factor that, you know, if you have a placebo as long as it, you know, two people take the same pill and one’s a placebo and one’s not. And if, as long as they, they both believe they both can be fixed. So I think the placebo effect is happening to where I’m not a firm believer in my personal energy drink. So I’m still supplementing the energy drink, like buying an energy drink, however slowly but surely my stinginess world, where I come in and I’ll just won’t buy energy drinks anymore. I will is I think it’s more of a discipline. Once I consistently make my midday drink, then I’ll, then I’ll probably cut the energy drinks out, but it’s difficult. I’m not going to lie. It’s very difficult to drink three different times in a day.

That’s juicing three times is it takes a minute because I looked at the time it takes from starting to finish. It’s almost an hour. Right. So yeah, it doesn’t seem like, Oh, well just put together. Excuse me. Well, it’s easy, Erik, why don’t you just cut the vegetables and grind them up and then you’re done. Yeah, that’s true. But then making the videos then cleaning up then doing everything combined time is about an hour. And that’s that’s if I don’t talk very long, the longer, the more I talk the more or the longer it is, it is efficiently springtime. I seen bees out today. So hopefully wherever you are, it’s spring and it’s looking beautiful. I’m excited that I don’t have to wear a sweater Anymore. I might have to get a haircut Because of that. Other than that, stay up, congratulations and talk to y’all later on.

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March 27 Fitness

All right. That was a good day. So today I’ve been working pretty hard. I’ve been kind of tired all day, not from just being tired, but from working had a lot of videos I needed to do so going onto the treadmill and going into my afternoon workout, I wanted to approach it different than normal. I wanted to just cause in the videos I’ve, I’ve recorded hours a day, more than normal, and it’s been difficult. It really has. It’s it’s pushing myself in ways that I haven’t ever done. I’ve never made this many videos in a day when it comes to amount of hours being recorded. So it’s, it’s a large check. So I wanted to downplay that challenge because I still have a lot to do, right. If I can finish the rest, then today will be a groundbreaking day for me, because then it allows my mind to know that I can achieve it.

Right. And tell you, do something you’ll never know if you can do it or not. With that mentality today on having to work extra hard to make videos, because what yesterday I was lazy and I didn’t make any. Now I did a lot of other things yesterday, but I didn’t make any money for this particular project. So I was behind. So today I walked into this afternoon workout with the intention of running longer than I ever had. I did that because if I just break one challenge today, then I’ll feel good. But if I break two challenges, I’ll feel better. And I know that capable of doing much more than what I believe right now. So if you’ve noticed, we started on the treadmill at 10 minutes, then we moved our way up and we were at 30 minutes. Well today just cause I wanted to challenge myself and do something that I’d never done before. So I wanted to prove that anything is possible. I set out with the mission to run an hour an hour, and I’ve never done this before in my life, higher life, maybe plan sports when I was younger, just running around and I was an hour, but it’s running straight on a treadmill for an hour. Today was the first day.

Now going into this mindset, I had to have a little bit different mindset than normal. So was I trying to outdo myself? No, but I just wanted to have a good day pain one hour to prove to myself that I am capable of doing something if I put my mind to it. So the normal times throughout the day, I always tell you about, about what 20 minutes in about 15 minutes in is when I start getting my second wind and it’s not miserable anymore. And then here about 30 minutes, it gets about it’s miserable again. And then after about 31 to 32 minutes, if I’m still on the treadmill, then I get my third wind, I guess. And I keep going well today at 20 minutes, I was like, Oh man, I have a lot to go. I got 40 more minutes. Well then I changed my thinking and I was like, you know what, you’re a third of the way done because when I’m running 30 minutes, once I hit that 15 minute Mark, I’m like, all right, I’m running downhill.

So today, once I stopped looking at what I had in front of me as up the Hill, I started looking behind me and looking at what I’ve already accomplished. So then when I was able to split it up into thirds, I was like, okay, well at 40 minutes, then I’m more than halfway. Then at one 40 minutes hit, I was like, man, I can’t, I got 10 minutes, 10 minutes is nothing. So then when 50 minutes hit, I was like, you know what? I was getting close to running five miles. I was, it was more important to me to now get to the five miles before the hour.

So I no longer was concerned about how tired I was. I was no longer concerned about how long I’d been on the treadmill. My only desire was to get five miles before an hour. So in order to ensure that I would accomplish that mission, I had to raise the speed. So I raised the speed to 5.5. Now I didn’t want to overdo it because this is unchartered territory. But I knew that if I only raised it a half a mile per hour, my body wouldn’t notice such a grand difference does just a small smidget, but will make a world of difference in the 10 minutes that I did it. Right. Okay. It’s almost a half a mile difference. So when it got to an hour, did I make it just, I did total time today because you know, I went backwards for my one little song kind of cool down was 5.3 miles. So was I able to run further on a day that I’m tired now? It’s almost six o’clock. So I’ve been working all day long. Cause you know, I still wrote the bike. I woke up a little late. I was on the bike at four, but I was still on the pipe. No, I think it was three.

I was on that bike. So, so today has been an extremely long day. So the end of the day, it’s not over yet because I still have to do cause I’ve neglected a couple of other things today to work on my project. So I got to do my daily work now. So I’m not done with the day, but what this did was it motivated me to prove to my mind that anything is possible if you just do it. And with that, I’m gonna take a shower.

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March 28 Fitness

Hi today. It’s a gloomy day. I had a, so, you know,

If you paid attention, gloomy days are never good days for me. They’re always just terrible. I hate gloomy days there. It just makes me that’s water in the bag.

Right there. That’s water, sparkling water. There’s just gloomy, man is, is Then maybe something about the sun gives me energy. It gives me new life, gets me excited for the day. But when it’s gray and raining all day, it’s kind of like, man, I have no energy. Let’s just sleep and get the day over with now. Obviously I didn’t sleep all day And it’s my project, my grand project, at least all the recordings are done now. I’m just waiting for the transcriptions and then we’ll print them out. And then we got to start printing her, started editing. So finishing that project was good, but at the same time, it was a project that it really wore me out. So that was part of the reason today. I was just kind of,

Kind of blah, cause

A lot of energy into finishing that project this morning worked out fine, worked out or rode the bike hour. No problem actually would finish the hour, came faster than I thought I was. Wasn’t even paying attention. I was more or less worried about the TV show. It was already been 20 minutes and I didn’t even notice or 20 miles. And I noticed that that’s always a good thing. Now on the treadmill, I was trying to convince myself I was starving all day. So, and then I ordered some pizza cause it was a cheat day, right?

Usually the

Only takes like 30 minutes. Well, today it took an hour and a half. So they’re not just made me a little bit more lethargic and not wanting to do anything just because now I’m was waiting. I was like, cause the whole time I didn’t the reason I didn’t start when I ordered the pizza. Cause I was like, you know, if I start running right now, they’re going to get here while I’m running. So I waited and I waited and waited and waited. And then by then it was, I was a, what do you call it? Sunk costs. I couldn’t run then. So I had to finish waiting, which took an hour and a half. So that was just a motivation killer in the 18th power about not wanting to run. Cause now I was starving. I had to eat. Couldn’t take a nap after eating and had to go straight to the treadmill and run. So I went into the day. I wanted to go and be lazy, right. And just run at five miles per hour. But I reminded myself that no, no, no. As much as you want to be lazy, don’t Write, You know, 5.6 is capable. You’ve been able to do it. There’s no possible there’s no probable reason why you should go backwards. So with that advice in head, I started off at 5.6 without even contemplating the thought of going to five.

All right. How about 11 minutes in? I sped up, I went up to 5.9

And I ran. I ran that and I was like, you know, this is very easy. Then when we got to about 20 minutes, it was about yeah, about 20 minutes. It was, well, it was right when it turned two miles. So it was right under 22 minutes. Cause you know, at the time it wasn’t exactly six minutes per mile or 10 minutes per mile. It’s a little bit over. And at that point, once it hit two miles, I was like, you know what, hell or high water water, I’m going to get three miles in 30 minutes. So I sped it all the way up to seven miles per hour and ran out. It wasn’t really difficult. Now I could feel my chest burning. Right. Which was a good sensation. That means that I’m expanding to my brain or my, my lungs right now when I’m running at six or five and six, it’s not very difficult.

I’m not expanding. My lungs are not taking deep breaths. But when I went up to 76, it’s forcing me to take deeper breasts, which is expanding my lungs, which is a good thing. Now I’m not at the point where I’m going to just start off at seven and go there. Now we’re still starting off at 5.6. But to be able to still run the three miles, it took me 29 minutes and 40 seconds. So it’s not like I’m destroying through miles and can run it backwards, but I’m still beating my goal even after yesterday where I didn’t feel like running it at all, but I forced myself to go above and beyond and run the whole hour, which was great. So to rebound off of a day like that and to just still be motivated and continuously do it is what, what we’re all looking for while we’re doing this. It’s just find the motivation, find that inner, that inner self that just won’t accept failure and just keep doing it. All right. Time, shower, talk to you later.

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February 9 Fitness

I feel great. So I don’t know. Remember the last couple of days I was like, yeah, I’m going to try to keep doing faster and faster and faster on a treadmill. Well, that’s great. But what happened is today it became more of a challenge, right? Not a challenge to run a challenge to get on the treadmill. Cause I was it wasn’t easy. Right? And we’ve got to remember the whole reason we’re doing this is we’re trying to do things in a way that is so easy. It’s impossible for us to say no right now, trying to max myself out. Although I wasn’t doing it on the weights, trying to do it on the treadmill, wasn’t making it enjoyable. Right? It wasn’t fun. It was a chore. It was a competition between myself to try to get better and better every day to where that was taken away from the overall mission, which is, is to be able to do this consistently.

So what I did today is I forced myself to lose, right. I told myself I’m only going to rent and run at five miles an hour, which is slower than usual. Right. But I did that on purpose. Did I ended up getting two miles a day? Yes I did. By the end of it, after I ran backwards for my song, which is basically five minutes, whatever, I ended up being at two minute or two miles, 2.05 or 2.1, something like that. So did I still achieve my goal? I did, but I also enjoyed myself. I was doing it or I’m just a sweaty, right? It’s not like I didn’t get any less sweaty. Heart rate was still up. It’s just, I enjoyed myself doing it this time. I could focus on the TV focused on what I was listening to on the TV. I wasn’t focusing on, Oh man, can I make it? Can I make it just push yourself harder, harder, harder. Right. Opposed to doing that. I was more okay. You know, I was more receptive to what’s on the TV and it was more like, like I don’t like in the morning time on the bike, it’s really getting easy. Cause I’m not convincing. I’m not, I’m not trying to convince myself to do anything. It’s really, the only convincing I have to do is just sit down on the bike and move your legs.

That’s easy. Remember resistance. Isn’t really high. It’s literally just sit down on this bike and watch what you’re going to watch and just move your legs while you’re doing it. So it’s unbelievably easy. Right? I, even this morning I was going to watch something and I was like, no, no, no, get up, get up, just get up and get on the treadmill. It’s there’s no difference of me sitting on the bed and watching it or getting on a treadmill. It’s actually more comfortable on a treadmill and moving around on the bed when I’m watching something, I’m still got to move around. Cause I get uncomfortable. Right. My arm goes to sleep or my legs are going, getting tired or my back or you know what it is is there’s a million things. You got to keep moving around when you’re in the bed. But when I was on a treadmill, I was already moving around.

Yeah. My butt gets a little sore, but I just got know, scoot forward, scoot back. Other than that, I’m good to go. But at the end of it, I feel better. Right. And so that was kind of how I’m feeling today with not trying to max myself out on the road. Now, if I, I think that it’s just a better approach. I’m going to take this approach. This is it’s better. And earlier today I was talking to my buddy and you know, he’s been knowing that I’ve been working out and he took the approach. Like I was trying to max myself out cause he’s known me for quite some time. And he’s only back in the day when I went to the gym, I got big, really fast. And I told him, I was like, yeah, I could do that. Right. But that doesn’t help anyone else around.

I can transform my body truly fast. Right. I can go into a gym. I can do it innovatively. I can max myself out every day, knowing that it’s only going to be about one to two weeks, I’m going to suffer and then get myself through it. Right. That’s only because I used to play sports when I was younger and I was, and that is common. I my body’s used to that. I can do that, but when I’m getting older and I don’t feel like doing that right into, if I were to teach a class or do these videos with me, you know, amping like P 90 or something like that, like there’s no way a fat person that’s never worked out before is really going to be intense on that, on a program like that. It’s just not going to happen right there. They haven’t built up the discipline.

They haven’t built up the skills to be able to get there. I can’t buy that program from my grandmother and be like, yeah, just get in shape. Watch the video. It’s not going to happen. But something like this, where all I’m trying to do is convince you 10 minutes a day to move around. That’s something I can convince. That’s something that can get ingrained in people’s mentalities that are in their DNA system. So that’s why we’re taking that approach. Right? Let’s just go slowly. And it’s the same thing I could max out on the treadmill and I could keep pushing myself and I could keep pushing myself and, and break myself through. But then at the end I’m going to quit because it’s not fun. It’s a job. So to keep it being fun, this is what I did. I slowed myself down and the 20 minutes was your extremely enjoyable I could have kept going. Right. And it’s almost like if I’m going to run tomorrow, well, I’m going to try something different tomorrow. I’m gonna do my two first thing before I get on treadmill. And then we’ll try two sets after, right. Or maybe one set after if that works, then, then we’ll start worrying about adding more time on a treadmill because this is more enjoyable, right? We’re doing this to one, keep good habits. But then to also have fun and being, make this enjoyable, don’t make it a job or you’re not going to continuously do it.

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February 11 Fitness

So today was a good day. Again, we did one sec before getting on the treadmill, which, I mean, it solves the problem. We’re doing three sets now. Which again, I think it’s going to be for the longevity of, everything’s going to be way better because now I’ll be able to do two before and then two after. And then if I get really pumped up, then we can work on getting four before and four after. But you know, let’s not, it’s not jumped the gun. Right. Right. So just running five miles per hour, which honestly, I I’m glad I did that. I’m really glad I took the competition out of this. And then just, just went for the enjoyment of just running because, and let me try to, there you go. There you go. Try and, you know, make it easy, enjoyable, because if it’s enjoyable, like I keep saying, it’s only now I’ll continue to do.

Now. If I push myself too hard, I’m just not going to end up doing it. I’ll find a reason to quit, but running five miles per an hour is a little bit faster than running. Like in my mind, it really doesn’t extort much more energy than when I walk. Obviously I am, but it’s not to the point where I’m really huffing and puffing and trying it’s I can focus on what I’m watching, which is the point, right? I don’t want to focus on being tired. I want to focus what I’m watching and in turn run and not notice it, if that makes sense, right? I don’t want to be paying attention to the run. I want to be paying attention to what I’m watching and what I’m trying to learn. I’m trying to think of something else. Riding a bike easily. It’s not really a challenge.

My, my legs are getting really, really sore, like my butt and things, which is what I wanted. Showing that it’s sorry about that. It’s showing that it’s working. So I mean, you can’t go wrong when something’s working, right? So make sure you stretch. Like if you’re not touching your toes, if you can’t literally tie your shoes or whatever, by bending over then you, you’re not paying attention enough to stretching. And you needed to start doing that because the more we do this, the more strain your bestie pushing on your muscles, you’re basically putting on your muscles. So you need to stretch them. That’s the other parts of this, because if not, you’re going to, you’re more susceptible to a tear or a pool, so you don’t want to do that. Cause then if you tear or pull something, you’re probably not going to be able to work out cause of the pain. And then you got to start all over. So you don’t want to have to start all over. So just take an extra minute and stretch. Now, today we have the body evil. I apologize. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I forgot. So we’re going to do that today. So much in this video right here and meet you on in the bathroom so we can do a body eval.

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February 10 Fitness

All right, gotta make this video pretty short. Someone coming you have today easy. I, I went back to five, five, five miles per hour. And instead of having an attitude, like, man, I gotta work. I gotta push myself. So, you know, run faster and faster, running a five miles. I was like, it’s nothing. How I looked in. I was enjoying it. I mean, it wasn’t easy, not all the way, but I was enjoying it while I was doing it. All right. I, there was no hurdle to get me onto the treadmill. It was easy to get onto it, what I did today. Cause you know, I’m trying to implement three sets. So I did one set before I even got on the treadmill because I was like, you know what, what if I were to do two before two, after that I was like, no, no, no, no.

We’re only going to do three. So we did one before and then two after which easy peasy one, two, three easy. I didn’t even notice I did the three sets. So we’re probably gonna implement that. Cause it was just too easy. And what I, when I found that I’m going to do I found some thing to watch on the TV. It’s 30 minutes, opposed to just 20, but running on the treadmill at five miles per hour is pretty easy for me. So it’s not like adding an extra 10 minutes, 10 minutes is stressful and it’s it’s, there’s like a hundred of them. So I’m not going to run out of things, material to watch for a while. And they’re all unit uniformly about 30 minutes. So since I have someone coming and there are probably here that Uber I got, I’m gonna hop off of here, but I just want to say every day, slowly but surely, you know, add more to your, your ideas, add more to your little workout, see what works best for you. And if that one even small bit, it seems like work go backwards. You did too much. He did too much. You will not sustain something that you feel that’s work. Does that make sense? You have to only do things that are easy, right? Where it’s not work. So it then becomes enjoyable and then slowly but surely you can work your say up yourself up, but if you start off where it being work, you’re not going to want to do it. So just remember that.

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March 3 Body Evaluation

Alright, ask me and pushing all the way out. This is me normal. I don’t know. Well, y’all think I’m thinking it’s getting a little bit better. I wish the light in here is a little bit better, but it’s all good. Chest is, is better still about the jiggling. That’s instilled out the love handles, but we’re gonna start juicing the next week. So hopefully that’s going to give us, or get rid of some of this, this blob right here that is just stubbornly. Won’t go anywhere. My cardio’s up, which is really nice. I is Ghana running longer? Not quite as winded when I walk around, I’m, I’m feeling more definition in my pictorial muscles, arms feeling a little bit tighter. I’m not really sure if they’re growing, but it just all around them feeling healthier. I can’t move a mountain yet, but you know, progress over perfection.

I’m really thinking that those extra pushups in the morning time are gonna start paying dividends. Not really quite sure. And then, like I was saying in the weekly video or the daily videos, I’m gonna raise the weight. Not much. So I’m not, I’m not gonna go King Kong on everybody, but I’m wanting to raise the weight probably five pounds. I did not this week. So we’ll probably have one more, one more body evil with the same weight, but probably the week after that, I’m going to amp it up just a little bit and put a little bit more weight on what we’re doing and then, you know, slowly but surely we need to add more because I know we’re, it seems like we’re doing a lot, but really just doing cardio. So the bulking and the begin and the growing’s not going to come from us, decreasing our mass.

Right. So right now, what we’re literally trying to do is slim down. And by doing so much running and doing so much like bike cycling, you know, we’re doing a couple pushups, one little smack, one little set up thing, or a couple sets of things, but that’s not going to get up, give us the bulk. It was the, the, the massive growth that, that some people associate with working out. Right? So as the time progresses, like, I didn’t want to bulk up really fast just because I had muscle memory. So my muscles remember being like, can work out a lot faster and I can grow faster than someone who hasn’t been in a gym and hasn’t been active their whole life. So part of this was going so unbelievably slow. So one building a better habit. And then two, I didn’t want to discourage anyone from starting, right?

So by this level would probably give it like another month, month and a half. Like right now it’s March. I’m in. No hurry if you’re in. No hurry. So we might talk about may or April, mid April really get heavy into bulking up adding legs, squats, bench, press, all that kind of stuff, but we’re going slow. And I hope you guys are enjoying going slow. I’m S I can tell a little difference. I’m not going to lie this week. Well, before I really couldn’t tell a difference. My hair is getting hot longer besides that part but I can feel a difference and I can start to see a difference. So I’m happy about that taken awhile, but slowly, slowly, but surely I can see a difference. And remember this progress over perfection. Take shower now. See you later. 

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March 10 Body Evaluation

All right. Body Val, That’s me pushing out right there. So I think I’ve lost some weight. What do you guys think? Well, actually that’s a lot. I have not lost any weight. I weighed myself yesterday. I’m still at 200 pounds. So my weight is just converted from blubbery, terrible newness, which we still got Glover, or I don’t get it wrong. We’re not where we need to be, but we are getting much better, much better.


Not quite as, I mean, we still have to work hard here. Like our love handles. That’s probably the next thing that’s going to be. My main focus is, is trying to do more, like sit ups to the side, you know, try to kill the, kill this over here and kill this over here. My pictorials are working pretty nice. It’s starting to warm up. The more, the warmer it gets. The more we add, like like we know arms

Showing a little bit of definition. I can’t really see if my skin is better, but I mean, I feel better feel more like I feel healthier. Right. I asked what I’ll say, I’ll say I feel healthier. I’m not going to say I feel amazing. Cause I don’t, I’m not going to say everything’s great cause it’s not. But do I feel better than I did before? Yes. I think I’ve been doing juicing for the last couple of days. I do not think that that’s working. I think it’s having to inverse an inverse reaction towards my body. Think I was already pretty healthy. And then me just shooting myself with vegetables and nothing else. It’s, it’s eating the fat. It’s not, it’s not doing what I wanted it to do. Cause it’s, it’s really killing. It’s killing my, my energy. And it’s making like the workout a lot harder than it should be a lot harder than it was last week. So besides the fact that it looks like my muscles in my body’s coming back together, I’m gonna leave it like that. Keep it going. I hopefully you have been doing the same thing a week. Excuse me, a weekly body eval. If you haven’t, you should start. Cause you know, you won’t see your change unless you do a weekly Ebell so talk to you guys next week. Have a great one. Stay motivated.

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February 8 Fitness

So that was good day, Gus two miles in 18 and a half minutes. So we’re set off another 30 seconds. I wasn’t trying to do that. Right. Literally my intention was to not be faster than yesterday, because what happens now is every day I want to be like, you know what? I can do faster. Right? Which if you take the class, if you read the book, I kind of turns me into being innovative, which when I’m not trying to be as innovative right now, I’m trying to just get better slowly but surely. All right. And so what happens is let’s say tomorrow I get on treadmill then with eight, I was like, if I see I can do it, what do you think I’m going to do? You know, competition and determination to be better and to win is going to beat all common sense of just, you know what, it’s fine.

You don’t have to be better every day. It’s almost impossible to be better every day, because there’s going to be a point in time that I’m going to lose, and that was gonna frustrate me. But whatever, you know, push yourself. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with pushing yourself to the limit as long as you do it in a structured manner, right? If we try to push ourselves with the extra pushups and everything every day and it’s counterproductive, but maybe I shouldn’t try to shed 30 seconds a day, right? Maybe it just maybe three seconds a day, one second, a day, two seconds a day. That’s a more manageable goal than trying to beat myself by 30 seconds every day. If that makes sense.

Go ahead. The last set on push-ups I was a little tired. But not, I think I really do. I think a lot of it has to do with, again, I try to outdo myself on the treadmill, which are not realizing how much like immediate energy I’m extending to do that. Right. So, because if you think before I went straight from running to like running forward to her new backward without a stop. Now that I’ve been trying to beat my, my 20 minute or two miles in 20 minutes, now I have to do like a one to two minute calm down before I run backwards. And then when I run backwards, my legs are really mushy, right? Like I almost fell again today, almost tripped myself and I wasn’t even running fast. Just my lecturer, like screaming at me like, ah, they’re burning. Right? So as much as I’m trying to beat myself, it is, it is having affects other things. Cause it’s, it’s making me tired. My legs are actually sore around the gluteus Maximus, your butt. Right. and I was sweating. I, well, I had to take this top part off cause I was so hot when I was running. But another today’s another, like, what is this?

So I don’t know what’s going on with the treadmill. For some reason, one, it keeps moving backwards. Let me show you. So you see them walk them out. So I started off every day with a treadmill, like a little bit, almost like right here. And then by the end of it, all you seen where it was have 25 pound weights and it didn’t stop. What, it wouldn’t really matter if it wasn’t tearing my, my floor ups, which is frustrating. So back to the drawing board kind of had to figure out what I got to do to not destroy my, my, my floor when I’m trying to get in shape. But other than that, keep it going. We probably got one more week of set, two sets, maybe hold, like I said yesterday, towards the end of the week, we’ll try to implement three, get us, get our warmed up.

So come Monday morning a week from the day we’re already getting three sets, excuse me. But yeah. Keep it going. Hope you’re feeling better. Hopefully your lungs are expanding. Hopefully if you’re trying to stop smoking cigarettes or whatever vice that you might have, hopefully this is helping you because you, at least for me, I’m having less and less desire to take my advice. And it’s just because every everything I put into my body I’m feeling it the next day. So might as well put healthy things in there to try to, you know, feel better the next day, opposed to feeling worse. Right. So have a good one. Talk to you later.