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Utilities May 2 (NOVA, BEP, NRG, AES, MESEX, DTE, DUK, IDA, AWK)

We have our utilities. We’re a start with some Nova. This is a very disappointed stock. Very disappointed. So we, It looked I enjoy the company. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a very disappointing chart. Let me rephrase that. Cause I enjoy the company. I believe in what they’re trying to do. It’s just doesn’t look like they’re catching a break. Does it? Like we, it’s having a hard time breaking out of this. The 40, as you see, we went all the way. We broke all the way up to 43. And then, I mean, this was in April 1st and then an entire month for us to get up to 40. But then as you can see, it broke down. So we have a flex point or inflection wherever you want to call it. Point right here. Literally right around here. Yeah. Cause look, we have a touch year here. We just draw a lines to you and talk about

So right there, if we break below there, then it’s rolled over. I would like to see this, come down to this line, then come back and then beat the 42 and then break above the, the 43. Like I said, if you were to look like over here, it looks like we had a lot of momentum, beautiful day bounced off of it perfectly, but then earnings came out. They beat on earnings, I guess, but you can’t really say you beat when you’re still a negative. So very frustrating. I don’t like the stock. I, I liked it over here. If you’re not, it’s like it’s over here, But what’s he come next week? If it can hold his line, then we might have a different perspective. Brookfield, renewable partners. Yeah. This looks terrible to what looks like we could short these honestly. Yeah, that looks like we’re we’re going down. Let’s see. That’s that’s is kind of crazy. Well, it’s a three for one stock split or three for two Last year and we ran up, look at this.

So earnings On the fourth. It does not look like this stock is Well, yeah. So far what we found two bearish stocks, which we can’t really say anything negative about or to say anything. Yeah. I just don’t like the fact that it’s so bears honestly, but yeah, Okay.

I see it. Can I, it looks like it’s going to 37 49. Let’s see, on earnings if it has a breakout on earnings, which I don’t think it is. I think it would probably disappoint if it does disappoint, then we might where’s the next place it could stop. Let’s say what 34, man. This could get ugly all the way down to 32. Who are you here? You see it? Well, 31 91. Yeah, let’s look at it. Let’s keep an eye on that. It looks like a short O H pattern And our G and the utilities are not looking pretty at all. We have a beautiful gap fill, which if we ever got up to 42, that would be beautiful. That’s what seven points from your six points. We, Ooh, We’re holding this right here. Like this low, right? A year OCI earnings or five, six. I’d want to see what the earnings do, however or see what it is after the last earnings is when, I mean it was it’s volatile, but then it shot right up. I don’t know anything about this, but energy. We’re going to, We’re going to keep this one to the side as a speculative fun play.

Okay, here we go. Now we’re looking at something that looks decent. At least we’re trending higher. We’re getting really close to the top. Are you here at the top? Right here at 29 or 27. This has been, this is pretty strong. The last earnings They beat, but they kind of got destroyed a to two weeks later. They were hired where they haven’t. They resigned before then this draw some lines.


Yeah. Here we go. We’re not going to worry about any of this Here to here,


Now getting in on something like this. This might be completely early. Right? However, we’re it. I mean, it’s working perfect. And if you’re paying attention to six, one eight, it hit here. I mean, we got rejected. Yes. I see that. I don’t like the rejection. However, when we came all the way back, we were right there. I mean, we’re right at the number. Got rejected. Halfway holding. Let’s did we hold it? Did we close above or below? Okay. I mean, we are literally at the number. Let me back up. Excuse me. I’m sorry. So what to hold this number? And I, this could be my drawing as 27, 85. We’re at 27 82. So we’re literally at the number. If we can hold the 27 85 and I look, I’d be looking for a shot up or just continuously go back up, retest these highs right here and then test the yearly highs with the upper trajectory of 30 to 32. But I say what? Where’s the sixth. Tomorrow’s the third, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, fourth, fifth, sixth, Thursday, Thursday. So it’s, it’s what we get one day. So we’ll have Thursday, Friday, and then we’ll do another report and we’re going to see where we’re at. So I mean, we might miss out, but it’s all right. We’ll check it out next week. Middlesex. I like, I like it.

It’s I like

One, two, three, four, five. So it had all of last week to kind of recover. And if you kind of look, it didn’t go anywhere. Right? Of like look at it from where it was on the eighth. Here we go like this. Now we’re doing the risk retracement from here to, I almost want to go back to here, but that’s, that’s cheating a little bit. We’ll go into a little bit, even closer in and that’s kind of more or less what I’m talking about. We’re at the 50% retracement of that last move, right? Starting October. No, sorry. April 8th. We came down. Yeah. If it breaks the 50%, there’s a higher probability that it rolls over. Yes. I do know that, but let’s run our numbers

To the touch before and you can, I mean, you can’t see my fingers. I wish you could, but you can see the PLU, how it didn’t break. If we go on or run it on that number. If we run it to where it basically started, then we’re at the 50%. Does that make sense? I’m going to click that so you can see what I’m talking about. So you run it from here, which is, is not very far. It’s only March, but that was like the big, that was like the last big hurrah up and then down right before we went on this big bull run, then you can notice that we’re literally, we broke below the 50 by hair, but we’re at the 50 and we’re wow. It looks like it’s going good. Which is another, if you ever pay attention to favorite nasty queen, she talks about the numbers, the lines lining up. So our three, our 3.8 return are line. And our 50% line are basically touching perfectly. Our 50% line up here in our 6.8 are touching it perfectly. So they’re in, they’re literally in congruence with each other in line with each other. So I would say of all of them, this is the most promising right now. The pencil.

Well, that sucks. My pen’s not working. Okay. I got one. So onto the next one, but I do. I enjoyed them and I hope you understand why.

All, alright, let’s go. M sex sex. R D T E. Oh man. That’s looks, this looks nice. We just had earnings. We blew out earnings. It looks, you see, it’s not the greatest breakout, but yeah, we’re about to, it looks like we’re about to break out DT energy. Yeah. I like this one. Don’t even need to argue during. We need to explain. It’s pretty to me, Duke energy, Basically the same chart is the one we just looked at. This looks like a break out it’s yeah, it looks beautiful.

And let me show you what I’m talking about.

Right. So basing it off of this. I mean, you saw where I went from, let me show you again. So I went from the low and cause it has literally gone straight up like massive strength. I mean, we’ve gone up a little bit. And then right back to the night, up a little bit nine to the nine up a lot to the nine. This is the first time we hit to the 20 and bounced and we’re above the nine. Right? So this looks beautiful. Pay attention just a little bit. We are, we have earnings coming up on the 10th, which is what not next week. The week after look how much potential we have. The 50% is one Oh six. Right? So you have Duke is probably me and we’re getting too many of these in here.

Here we go with this one. This one’s beautiful too. I like this. And we’re in a squeeze. We’re about to break out. Did we already have earnings? If we already had earnings and they beat, then I like it. Yes. They beat earnings. Momentum is going higher. I had a court.


I don’t know what it is since I got a new pen. It’s kind of like all these. No wonder the professorial looks decent. I was getting worried. Cause there’s a few of them are like, what? How’s my portfolio doing? Decent. Make sense? You’ve got all these other ones. I do like this. I do.

It got stopped out where we’re supposed to came down, building support, get a little momentum and then break out. That’s a five-point move. But if it breaks out, we’re looking at a 70. If we’re looking for 71 72, does that make sense? So let me show you. Let’s bring it closer. All right. So we’re riding around by blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We make a high break out a little bit, get rejected, get rejected, heart break below our low. But then since then, so it’s like clear in everybody out. Right? It’s cleared words. So this is last year. So it cleared. So, okay. This is around Corona and like of last year, it cleared out from who invested since last September. Right? And then since then it’s almost ready to go. So American water. I like it. A w K. Now this is not good because we have too many. We found five of them. No six and only 10 of them. So six out of 10 that’s it’s too much. So let’s go over them again. And our G Yeah, we’re going to have to say no. Well, let’s see. Cause this, the options on this are going to be like 10 cents.

No, they’re way more expensive than I want to spend. Nope. See that’s that’s just for the 36 is we’re 20 cents out of money. That’s a dollar 20. I’m trying to give like the 38. That’s great. Oh, I see why. Because we have all implied volatility is going to be super high because of this, the earnings. I’m good. Let’s look at June. See what I’m saying? Well, no, it’s really about the same. Nope. Don’t like NRG, the bang for the buck. It’s not, it’s not where I want it to be. And cross that off. Let’s go Middlesex. Oh, there is no volume in this. Nobody is nobody trades. This. This would be kind of difficult to browse to get out. He there’s no volume at all. I like it. Let’s see how far


Earnings earnings coming up next week. Oh no, this is theirs. I was excited about it before I seen there’s no volume. There’s nobody that trades these options on me. There’s what? 30 right there. 40. Hmm. This is one, two, three, four, five, five days of a huge drop. We were at 85 work. So only $3. What’s your nineties, our nineties coming out.

See, this is All right. This is what we’re going to do. I do enjoy this. I don’t like that. There’s no volume. So we’re going to go out. Right? See, look at this. The June’s are a dollar by a dollar 40.

Are you seeing this? Look at this?

The eighties, 19 days away are about the same price as the 80 fives. 47 days away. So yeah, right here, I found it. I found it these right here. Or if, if I can’t get them, cause there’s little to no volume, then we’re looking at the one hundreds and just don’t buy a whole bunch of them. One of the one hundreds at 50 cents. So we’ll do Middlesex, June 85 or 100 now let’s look at D T E.

I like D T E. Let’s see if we can get something. Look how cheap these are. No one’s paying attention. No there’s no, no. One’s paying attention to any of these means. Yeah.

I implied for hotel is extremely low. A one 41 is the breakout. We can get the, Oh, that’s why. Cause they’re five point increments. I was about to be. I was about to jump up and down like, wow. It’s dirt cheap. I know it’s not it’s five point increments. And as much as this does move 30 it’s five that’s six points. Break it out. Yeah. I mean, I don’t see why not 19 days gives us basically this week, next week. And then Yeah, this week, next week. End of the third week. I don’t know how we have 19. Yup. Yup. Yup. That makes sense. So the third week I like it. We’ll go One 45 may

Duke Duke again.

Let’s this is just all high. When did we have this? This is on the 10th. So it’s next week. We do not want to hold this may give us a little bit of gift. Oh, it’s so cheap too. It’s super cheap. One Oh six is basically a hard target within the next 45 days. I mean it’s it’s I mean, we’re probably might not get there in 45 days, but getting close enough to it is good enough for me and okay. We can get it for 45 cents. So one Oh six, that’s a double up right there. If we get to two points. So Duke June one Oh five. All right. Ida court out of court looks, I mean, it’s, it’s just beautiful about the breakout to Ida and yeah. It’s relatively cheap. How far do we think we could go out One Oh seven would be target. I hope you guys saw what I did. One Oh seven target one Oh seven. They’re kind of expensive.

Oh man. There is zero volume. You see this? There’s nobody. Yeah, we could see, we can try to get the one on fives. I feel like a dollar. We can’t pay $3 for it because we’re only trying to get like our targets one Oh seven. We’ll get the one Oh five, $2. The most we can spend as a dollar. We can try to get it for a dollar. I don’t think we’ll get it for a dollar, a seat. 19 cents. Can we get it for a dollar? Yep. We can get these for a dollar. I go for that. There we go. All right. A court may one Oh five and for the last one, a w K a w K let’s look, let’s run us from here. Oh, it’s a give or take right there to our bottom. All right. So we’re kind of, when did they report on the fourth? So they’re reporting pretty early.

We got 19 today days. What is where’s 19 days ago.

So it was basically at the same spot. It was 19 days ago. 19 days it’s gone $3. Okay. That’s good to know. It looks like the same place, but it ha it’s $3. So if we were to 19 days, AWS, K $3 boom. In one, we’re looking at one sixties. These must be 10 points, but not one sixties. One 50. Yeah.

I would, I almost want to try the one 65 because if it breaks out, then we’re looking at one 69. Yep. I’m going to try it 19 days. One 60. Well, wait a minute. When is, yeah, it’s on the fourth. So that gives us a whole two weeks to try to get to one 65. So one 65 may. All right. I hope you enjoyed and learned something. And maybe you agree with my predictions. Maybe you don’t but only time will tell how horrible I was or how great I was seeing next week.


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Energy May 2 (SUN, KMI, BP, MMP, RDS’A, VLO, TOT, E, XOM, CVS)

this morning under the energy Sector will be Sunoco. If you just, Sunoco’s just been on all cylinders since November, when it was at 25. Now we’re at 35. That’s a huge gain. It’s been riding basically the 50. You see a couple of touches and then going up, let’s look at a little bit closer. Yeah,

Look for the, the pull back down to 34 Oh nine and then we’re going to 40 with the price of oil. Look at this squeeze, the squeeze. When was this? This was March 24th. It fired off April 1st and it’s gone straight Up. But The reason I would say be careful is just because it got extended a little bit and then come back down to 34. I’m in is really only a dollar. So it’s not very much. And then headed up to the 40 50. We have earnings coming on the sixth and then cash dividend. That’s always nice. I enjoy that dividend Sunoco. Pays a lovely dividend. If you can see 82 cents per share on at 35 cents or $35, which is a great, great

I would scan this for next week. Want to see what happens with the earnings? I would imagine that their earnings are just outstanding. However, there they are. And in retail gas as well, which maybe the driving around America and the coronavirus with driving has hurt their numbers a little bit. I don’t really think it would have, but it might have. So I would just be a little cautious of a pullback, a nice, healthy pullback. And I don’t see it coming all the way to 32. No, not at all. I see it kind of letting time I kind of, I see it holding in 34 and letting time bring the 50 kind of higher kind of something that goes, we’ve seen like right here, one, two, three, four, or five kind of like five days. So that was one. So let’s say one or two, three, four or five down to right around here and then back up. It’s not something I want to jump on, right? The second. That’s what we’ll look next week. And we look again, maybe next week will give us a better entry point.

K M I I’m mean as you can see, this is, excuse me, All that Paul and everything spring season. I mean, this is Corona all the way as June, all the way down to the crash. And then no, it was, this is last, excuse me. I’m sorry. Corona’s back a little bit further. You got kronas aren’t even on here anymore. So That’s nice. Let’s say, okay. The one-year high is basically 18. We’re creeping up on it. We were at that. If you pay attention, look on the left side, this right here, We hit there and then got rejected, but we come kind of got rejected in the strategic spot. Right? Cause we’re at the nine then if we will see how it holds denied, the 20 is just a little bit, it’s been holding the 20. I don’t see it coming all the way down to the 50, just because when we just fired off in a squeeze. So my name’s momentum still to the, to the long side oil. That’s what we didn’t do. Sorry about that. We usually go over or

All right, there we go. I know I can do it. So we was going on everything, every go that’s the only down. So we usually look at it a little bit further. This is more or less what I’m talking about. This is the big line in the sand. Well, really the 66 77, we went up to sexy seven 98, which we’re thinking, I’m pretty sure this was in the overnight market where no one could really get in, which is kind of nice. Cause it’s kind of telling us that it’s going to go back up there to this level. If you, I mean, it’s kind of obvious what’s happening. It has literally led the 50 and the a hundred come all the way up. So after the nice little drop, this was in March look where the a hundred was we’re at 51 now work with is 56. And literally all we’ve done is go sideways. Doesn’t really look like we’ve been going sideways because it’s had some massive like rips inter day, like for the day. But if you look at it from what what is this March till right now may? So basically two months it’s gone. It’s just been range-bound. Now I do enjoy this. It bounced right off of the nine with a lot of momentum to push it higher. I am very, very excited about this. I wanted to break above the 66 77 and hold it and let’s head up to the 73 with that being said, let’s go back to KMI. Okay.

Let’s draw some, let’s do this. Cause we are all we are in extensions. We’re not in retracements.

Yeah, we’re pretty much. Yeah. I would say we’re we’re I mean, I’m just not perfect, but it’s pretty perfect playing the lines in and my extensions. So yeah, we got rejected at the 78 came back down. It looks like we’re holding some support. I do not see it coming all the way down to the 1657 as we had a lot of space, a lot of time there look, and it’s basically hope funding support right at the high right here, which would make sense that the old breakout, so of all of them, this one, I like this right now. So we will make a mental note came by and we’ll come back to it. I like it just cause it’s break. It’s holding. This is kind of high and tight. I see as break into that 18

British Petroleum If they did.

Okay. Look at this earnings estimate 42 cents actual a dollar 30. There is, I mean, I’d have to do more research on what’s going on because they blew, there were no numbers out, which all these oral companies should obviously, because the price of oil is much higher. However, like this is a massive blowout for them. The guidance must be wrong or something. However, it is close to a new high or let’s let’s look at this a little bit. Who’s due three years. Okay. Look it. Three years is a little bit better to look at it. Cause he said a weeks. So March 1st we were, we basically topped out. When you look at the weeks, it looks a little bit more high and like a little bit more structured, right?

We’re having a hard time breaking out above this 25. But if we can break above the 25 look where the potential yeah, three years ago, this was a $47 stock. Again, remember at the price of oil that 66, 70 a or whatever is really important with all these oil stocks. If it can stay above that number, then I see this going up to 38 and no time. Cause this is before this is pre Corona is Corona basically right here. So BP has not been able to get its feet together at all. Just be a little bit weary on this just because it’s British petroleum. It’s in a nice squeeze. I want to check this out next week.

I am very interested in it because I do see it breaking above this 27 and we just had a nice day. Oh no, I like that. That’s just the cause where’s the earnings. The earnings were here are right. Yeah, no, I liked this. That changed everything. I thought the earnings were like over it when it was, when we were looking at bigger, it didn’t look this like the earnings weren’t on this day. Excuse me. Yeah. Watch this just on Monday. Cause if we’re basically tonight, cause it’s Sunday at one o’clock in the morning. That’s why I say that if oil starts going higher, right. Then this would be one that I’d want to look at just because of how much it blew earnings. And then let’s look where we just run another certain extensions. Yeah. Look, of course, it’s going to have a whole bunch of trouble. It’s the 50% line right there. But if it can break above that 50% and hold a 25 79, then we’re looking to the 27 to the 28, right? The breakout of right here, which is you can see it basically lined up. Perfect. So I’m more anxious for it to basically go 80 cents from here and break above the 25 79. If it can hold that 29 79, then that’s when I’d much rather get in M M P This is, It’s not going down. I don’t know if this is great to play like options or anything off of this is more like my cash cow, right? That’s the reason I’m in this is just because of cash, but you can see 50% retracement. It literally blew up to it and then got destroyed. However, be careful this pay attention. It blew up there. And then oil kind of took a dumper, but that makes a lot of sense that could have blew out a lot of people. So out of all of them, I like I so far, I like this one the, the, the actual they beat, which is when that’s great, they’re paying dividend, which is great. Let’s how much did this move?

So yeah, 4% in a day, basically just, and it was a breakout to come all the way down to the breakout and then re re yeah, I liked that one. So if you understood what I said, you see the base of the breakout of this range right here. So broke out, took all those stops, right? All the shorts out, look above. And then, I mean, there’s probably a lot right there and failed, but then came all the way, basically down to breakout. So of all of them, I enjoy this one, this one in cam. I, I like it better than BP. It. BP can go a little bit better than, or, you know, get to the point. Note this, I don’t like this doesn’t even look pretty. We are below the a hundred. Okay.

Here’s the only one that is below the a hundred. That is, and it, wow. It wolfed when this is wrong. I mean, that’s pretty terrible. If you missed an earnings and oil has gone from basically zero to pardon? You remember last year at this time was negative $40 per barrel of oil. And now it’s almost 70 and you guys have a negative earnings. That’s not good. I would stay away from world. Touch, sell for a little bit. VLO their earnings were last week. They weren’t as bad as they pursued. Got rejected. I enjoy this. Hold on. Let’s do this one. We’re going to do a retracement because we have such a prominent high right here in a prominent low.

Okay. Okay. I enjoy this. I don’t know if that made sense. The reason we didn’t do an extension is because of how prominent this is. If he can hold this 73 10 then. Yeah. I mean, I, I have to enjoy it to go higher. We’re in, we were in this squeeze. We broke out long on this squeeze with momentum going higher oil is really the reason why this broke $2 or no, 75, 73. Yeah. Basically almost $2 on Friday. Right? It only says 90 cents this month, this Muslim mean that a gap open or something.

This one is another one I’m enjoying. So keep that on the back. So right now we got cam on or that we’ll go back over the second. This is another one total. I am not impressed with you. You are. I mean, I might go short with this, but we’re looking pretty close to this. Rolling over. How did they do? They blew out earnings, which is surprising. Let’s wait till next week to kind of see how that goes, Ian. I, yeah, I know you broke down bad or however you did, you, you have no, it’s not. It’s 10 points, but break down all the way it was holding this, this line pretty well. And then break down with the squeeze. Looking like the momentum is about to turn down what happened.

They just have the estimate. So they must have, I’m not sure this is something to watch because it was just at a tie and then it fell out of bed. I would pay very close attention to this because it looked look what it did since it hit a hundred, it hit a 200 at 19. And then when skyrocketed, hasn’t even thought about hitting the 50, since what? February 12th and then overnight, and one, one move it’s broken down, but it’s kind of structured to, cause it broke down basically to the 26 retracement almost to the breakout of this right here. So that’s when let’s keep an eye on it. We’ll worry about next week, Exxon.

Remember this is right around where oil was at its high at 67. I bought a we, so we probably got about five points because oil is going to go higher. We’re in a squeeze going higher. I, I like this. I do. I do. Just because look at the momentum to amendment, but you’d be dead. The momentum is headed much stronger. It’s a good test. They beat on earnings. Looks good. CVX. Was there a last earnings negative? This earnings? Oh no. I, I like Exxon more than shell or Chevron right now. Yeah. I like Exxon. I do. Do I do I do. Let’s look at this. Let’s let me get a pen So

We can get our, what we’re going to get for

Our option.

All right. So which ones did I like this one? Exxonmobil. Exxon. Probably one of my, my favorite right now, just because of the momentum aspect of everything. So let’s bring this on Exxon. We’ll go 19 days out. Look at that 19 days out. This is really cheap. Let’s look at our numbers. All right. Open interest, huge 23,000 at 60. Oh, there’s the numbers throughout this and all over the place. So we know there’s huge, huge energy at the 60, but then there’s a lot of energy at the 70. The, I mean, there there’s a lot of open-ended As crazy as this sounds. It could have potential to go all the way to 70. Now I understand. That sounds absolutely ridiculous because there’s only 57, but there’s a lot of open interest on both sides at the 70. So for a dollar and 20 cents, give us 19 days for this to do something I am in love. So that’s the X O M may 57 50. All right, let’s go on to the next one. Next one. Which one was it? M M P M M P 19 days from here. Yeah. 47 50 we’re at 46, 70, 40 cents. Let’s go a little bit further.

Yeah. All the Junes would give us a little bit more time. The reason I’m saying we go out to the June’s is this is 85 cents is 40 cents. So for an extra 40 cents, we get a whole nother month that, and this looks like a calendar call all the way. Look

Sally’s to buy these. So then you’re really buying knees for 40 cents. Right. So I’m glad we did open that. Cause it would make a lot of sense for them to bring it all the way up to 47 50, right in the next 19 days. But then not let it go any further until the next night, the next option expiration. So then they clear all this out and then they’re free and basically free and clear for the next month. So yeah, we’re go June. I don’t know if that made any sense, but hopefully your phone around it made sense. 47 50. All right, let’s go by. I think it was Sunoco. Well KMI was another one. I enjoyed Sunoco. Yeah. We’re waiting for Sunoco to come back a little bit. K M I Just, I mean, this is really cheap, man. Really, really, really cheap. We can go all the way to September in pay like this. So for 60 bucks, no, I mean, we might as well buy in the money. It’s cheap enough. It’s only a dollar. So for 138 days, we can buy cam I at a dollar. Now, The reason why I like this is we’re looking really, our next little stop would be 1830, two plus 1950. If this is cause I mean, look at this. This is,

It’s kind of Rising higher, right? So what’s 135 days.

This is going slow. There we go. So 135 days look at this. This is, this is only 84 days, right? And it’s moved $3 and 68 cents. So in $3 and 68 cents, we are buying a dollar. So that’s $2 and 68 cents of profit. Let’s go a little bit further. So when was this? So obviously this is a little bit further, A hundred days under that move. So, okay. This is give or take 122 days, $4.40 and 75 cents. And we get anywhere close at $4 and 75 cents. That means that we’re getting $3 worth of like money. So 300 for a hundred dollar written. Or if that, hopefully that makes sense. We’ll risk a hundred with the potential. This could go all the way up to 1918, even up to the 21 to 21. And basically what six months makes sense. So we’ll cam on

SAP,Timber, seventeens. All right. Seeing the next one.

Energy Sector

Oil Review April 17

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Energy Sector April 17

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It’s a tiny little one, a dollar and 20 cents, but it’s a pretty big market cap at $38 billion. That’s actually, that’s, that’s a pretty large market cap for only a dollar. Right? Because think about it. If it’s at 10, once it gets the $10 there, we’re looking at $300 billion market cap.…

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Basic Materials May 1st (SMG, ECL, LYB, DD, DOW, BASF, RIO, IP, MOS, SHW)

Okay. And this one and then basic materials. Our first one is Sherwin Williams. Now this will look a little weird that it’s only two and five and eight and seven. You’re like, well, why is it only had two? Let’s not forget edit three for one stock split. So that’s basically six. So a beat, not quite as good as last year when it beat the last quarter. So what was the estimates? One 65. The actual was two Oh six. So that’s pretty nice. It’d be we’re shining colors. It would’ve been nice to catch this here. Literally on the day that day they had an earnings. However, it’s going to 89. Not a question. I don’t know what it is with this doc, but since basically March, it has gone straight up. We got rejected. Came down, touched the nine. We’re really holding the three or what is this? Hold on.

It’s really holding the nine. We came down, got rejected and came to the 20, but it’s, it’s holding the nine and it’s holding it like a champ. It got rejected where it was supposed to at the time it was supposed to for basically almost everyone just to reload back up. And since then it’s on its way. So I see this breaking out. I like this one, The national paper, or they just came out seven 50. Oh man.

That’s like a 20% increase. Their their earnings. That’s, that’s beautiful right there. That’s beautiful. We just did the all tie by. Let’s see if this is all time, all time it, or at least over the last eight years. However, it’s not. Ooh, look at, this is a breakout from when is this? 2015. Now it could be head and shoulders. So watch out. So it could be in your shoulder, head, shoulder and roll back over. However, it doesn’t really look like it wants to do that. It wants, it looks like it wants to touch this, which would work perfect for the lines that we drew. Now, this is the monthly look right here month. So we’re going back like 10 years. So that’s, that’s why this is what six years ago, right? This was three years ago. So let’s pay attention to that. We are about to take out a six year or a three year high. We just took out, well, that was what is this high? 57 90. Look at that. And we’re at 58. So if we hold the 58, look forward to attempt the 66 90. Let’s bring it back into reality. All right, here we go.

So basically, if it holds this line right here, we are looking at the 61. I also really liked this one. I like them all. Well, not really because there’s some of them I don’t really like at the time I wanted to develop a loop like this would however

Yeah, no. How I was saying like, yeah, I want them, this is probably one that I wouldn’t be 100% sure wanting. Cause they, they, they whipped on their earnings. Their estimate was 81. Their actual was only 67. That’s not kinda what I want to see. Let’s look at this, their actual, so they barely beat last quarter. This quarter. They did not beat whoever this thought, man, this is kind of difficult because it’s holding. It wants to go to the two 30. It had a huge dump from two 28 to two 17 salute basically dropped like 15 points. It’s already gained most of it back out. Be really careful. I want to see what it does next week now, honestly, just because the market is crazy at the moment, I could see this saying, who cares about the earnings and sky sky away up to the a hundred percent retracement or extension?

No, as a retracement, however, at the two 30, we’re going to get, I would see some, some resistance. So I would, what I would like to see it break out of all this, this nonsense right here, get rejected on the two 31, come back down and then on the second way through it, I didn’t want to buy that, but I wanted to at least hit the number first get before I want to get in or even better take over the number and then buy it when it’s on its way to two 48, opposed to trying to get it right now for six points.

The point,

This is boring. This is a snoozer however May 4th, we have the earnings. So that should give us some type of movement. Last, early leads they beat, but the market did not like it. And it’s basically crashed them. It crippled them. I can’t even really say the momentum. This is it’s in a really heavy squeeze. This would be perfect for like an iron condor, but we’re not worried about iron condos right now. Cause I haven’t explained what that is. All right. Next. We are already in a position with this one. Friday routed us pretty bad. I mean not really 37. No. Yeah, right. It was terrible. It was through present loss. Well I’m, I’m not really worried about it because I think we got in like around here and it’s been straight up, so I’m not really worried about it. And they, so on Monday they report. So I’m looking for the report on Monday. Where did it come in up? You see the height right here. It basically came down to touch that. Plus this was overextended. Got rejected at the 36. Well, it actually broke through, came back down. Let’s try to get to nine, a little bit higher. And the 20, a little bit higher. Once it touches those, then it’s off for the racist again. Let’s see.

Oh wow. They blew out earnings last time. Like basically doubled. You see that estimate 24 cents per share and actual 57 cents per share. And that’s what gave him a nice little boom. So going into earnings. Yeah. That’s what it is. They dropped it so that the, the option prices would go down. That makes sense. So then Wednesday, the Monday or the next week options would have been sky high at the 36. So Thursday that’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They drop it. Right? So these 36, I want to explain it, but that makes sense if they beat on Monday, then that actually I want to see something [inaudible]

So where is the money on mosaic? Right? So they’re saying they’re they’re guesstimating. So this is the standard deviation. So there’s what a 98%. No, what is it? 88% chance. My math could be wrong. It might be 80 or 98, something like that. A percent or 95, something like that. There’s a high percent chance that it’s going to stay within the $3. Right. And the implied volatility is 79. It’s not very much. So you’re not paying very much premium over here. Right. But look, we’re going $3. It’s at 35. So we’re looking at give or take 38 or 32. So let’s look at our 38. Not very much action over here. Our big action is that the 40, which we’ll have to see once it clocks over super early in the morning. Did they sell these or did this go go to six? Right? If this went to six, then look for this to have a massive day. However, remember I told you they’re, they’re literally just playing these numbers right here. You see the size 3,500 3,100 and then another like, well this is a spread 1,001,000. So what they, I don’t want to go through all of this. That’s not, that’s not what I’m doing right here. However there’s a lot of money banking on 40 and 33.

Oh wow. Well there’s something that came. There is no, it says earnings estimate for 20 S earth, 56 cents. Oh, wait a minute. No 46 cents. Oh no, it’s not there.

However, like this is, it just fell out of, out of the roof man. Something, nobody liked it the 5%, but it, it landed like literally right on the hundred. So just on a bounce play, I’m interested. I don’t like this chart. Don’t don’t say I don’t like the chart. I don’t, I don’t like it, but just as, because I am a degenerate gambler, sometimes it bounced right off this Mark. I would say I could see it going into the 15th and rowing back over just cause there’s going to be a, there’s a lot of support on a a hundred stock. That was the only reason why. So B a S Y F that’s the next one? Dow chemicals.

I it’s a decent one. You can see it just, I mean, we’re in a massive squeeze, massive squeeze. It’s it’s not, I mean, I don’t know. Look, our lines they’re steady increasing. So either they can come down by force, which it came down by force, right there came down basically to force almost to the a hundred, but didn’t, and now we’re we’re holding it. So I would be before anything. I kind of want to see this breakout in the 65, as I know it’s this is the 60 eights really far away, but I want to see let’s give it another week because if this is going to bounce around because we had the earnings, so right here would have been the day, right? If it wanted to do something, it could have done something right here, actually a beat. So that’s a little interesting and it’s right on target. However, we did not break out, which is makes me nervous. Let’s give it one more week and see what going on Our I O we are in this day.

Ooh, excuse me. When you’re looking at the chart, right? This, this makes perfect sense. It got rejected. Well, it beat had trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble. One, two, three, four days. The trouble, the market was basically open for everybody. And we got ripped. I should’ve had a stop closer to here, cause this is basically one, two, three, four days of it telling me to get out. I did not and had to take the pain for it. So it goes with having a plan to get out, to make sure you have a plan to get out. Don’t just have a plan to get in. But yeah, I, I see the worst that this, this market, right? If we can’t break down past the 83, then there’s just a healthy market liquidation and still looking for the 92 Ladelle owl. No.

Oh, they, They killed on earnings, not bad job. However, this one is also in a squeeze and it has been in a squeeze for since March when it made it a tie at one 12. So unless you want to, this would be perfect for iron cost.

Nope, no, no,

No, no. I do not like this one After earnings. We’ll see, but Scott’s real quick growth looked like a promising chart to me. We got rejected. We, I mean this, as you can see, it can go way below the 100. So no, don’t like it. The ones I do like Sherwin Williams. So let’s go over here. Oh, they only have monthly options. Sherwin Williams with a target of two 89.

We’re going to start with these little guys, the 86. So a mid one 35. Where’s this to

A six. So the mid is one 35. We’re looking for 89. So almost so 86 let’s add the dollar and 35 cents. The strike would be seven, nine, 10, eight. So there’s still at least a dollar of value in there for,

That’s why I like it. We’ll pay a dollar 50 or a dollar 30 and basically can almost double if we hit target. I P

Good IP again where we’re looking. Yeah, I would in the next little bit, this looks like it was basically kind of going up and down and then now it’s time to go up. So we’re looking for 60. How long did it take? 16 days. [inaudible] $3. We’re looking for $3. It took two eight, eight date nine, excuse me, two weeks. Yeah. there’s a 60 CC ones are absolutely nothing. Oh, this is six days. Six days. See, here’s another huge open interest at the 59 50. So let’s go ahead. And or that set this, what is, where is this? Is that the 60? So yeah, I mean they’re, if they, if they were to close it at 60 and we buy the 59 fifties, then we’re basically getting this from scratch.

I don’t know if that, I don’t know if you follow my drift on that, but what that means is there’s 3,500 or 3,100 contracts there. So there’s a lot of open inches there. So whether it’s bought or sold there’s sometimes when there’s like that, there’s a, it’s like a magnet right now. It could go all the way down to 57 because you see that’s the other large number right there. But when it’s in a bullish ignoring the reason we’re looking at this, cause it’s pretty bullish. So the 3,100 contracts right there that are opened injurous is kind of like a magnet right now. We can get the, and there’s a 50 cents difference. So right here, we’re probably can get one of these for 55 cents. So with this magnet being here, our risks, or if that closes at 60, then our risk was 5 cents. Does that make sense? Hopefully, if not, keep watching, I’ll explain it as we go and be a S F I remember the BSF a S this one, B a S F Y has no options. All right. Nevermind. Nevermind. So we found our two stocks. It is now five o’clock in the morning, and I have got to go ride the bike for 20 miles. So talk to you later.

Basic Materials

Scotts Miracle Gro:

If You Are A Weekend Gardener, Or Trying To Clean Up Your Driveway, Or Have A Couple Dry Spots In Your Beautiful Grass, Or A New Entrepreneur In The Cannabis Space Scotts Miracle-Gro Has A Product For You. The Products Include Scott’s, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Aerogarden, Miracle-Gro, Ortho, Roundup, Tomcat, Gavita And The Original Can…

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When We Think Of Sherwin-Williams We Typically Think Of Going To Home Depot Or Lowe’s And Picking Out Some Nice Paint For Our Living Room Or Bedroom Or Even Buying Some Finish For Our Floors Or Decks. What Isn’t As Well Known As Their Basic Paints Is The Other Industrial Products That They Supply For…

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Rio Tinto:

 Is A Huge Mining Company With Operations Throughout The World With The Centralization Of Their Operations Mostly In Australia. The Main Periodic Elements They Are Searching For Are Titanium Dioxide, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Copper, Borates, Diamonds, And Salt,   Titanium Dioxide: When A Metal Has To Be Used At Extreme Temperatures It Can Be Very Difficult…

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Mosaic Co:

They Are Located In Nine Different Countries Through North And South America They Are Serving Customers In More Than 40 Different Countries. With 13,000 Employees, 3 Million Metric Tons Of Microessentials Are Shipped Each Year Worldwide Contributions Of 12 Million Dollars In Different Foundations Around The World . They’ve Increased Adoption Of The 4R Nutrient…

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Lyondellbasell Industries:

One Of The Largest Plastic Chemicals And Refining Companies In The World.  Their Mission Is To Consistently Deliver Industry-Leading Performance By Safely And Reliably Delivering High-Quality Products To Consumers, Being Responsible, And Being A Good Neighbor In The Communities They Operate, And Being The Company Of Choice For Employees And Shareholders. Among Other Expansion Products…

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International Paper:

International Paper Is One Of The Largest Paper Companies In The World What Is Admiral About This Company Is Their Desire To Plant More Forest Then They Cut Every Year. They Employ Around 50,000 People With Headquarters In Memphis Tennessee. When We Discuss Paper Products We Have To Think A Little More Than Basic Paper…

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Ecolab Is In A Plethora Of Different Businesses Ranging From: Buildings And Facilities, Chemical Processing, Commercial Laundries, Food And Beverage Processing, Food Service, Health Care Facilities, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Retail, Refining Fuel Additives And Petrochemical, Pulp And Paper, Primary Metals, Power Generation, Mining And Mineral Processing, Manufacturing And Transportation. A Great Thing About This Company…

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Dow Chemical:

36,000 Employees With 109 Manufacturing Sites Operating In 31 Different Countries. The Portion Of Science Which Dow Brings To Corteva Is As Follows Since 2019 Agrosciences Sells Seeds Commercially Under The Following Brands: Mycogen (Grain Corn, Silage Corn, Sunflowers, Alfalfa, And Sorghum), Atlas (Soybean), Phytogen (Cotton) And Hyland Seeds In Canada (Corn, Soybean, Alfalfa, Navy…

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Dupont De Nemours:

Dupont De Nemours Commonly Known As Solely Dupont Is The 35Th Largest Company In The United States. In 2017 It Closed A Deal And Became The Largest Chemical Company In The United States It Merged With Dow Inc And Corteva. 18 Months After The Acquisition Of Those Two Companies They Split The Company Into Three…

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Basf Is A German Company Who Specializes In Diversified Chemicals They Operate Through Different Segments Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition, Care And Agricultural Solutions. They Pay A Healthy 5% Dividend With The Market Cap Of 72 Billion Dollars. They Are The Second Largest Producer And Marketer Of Chemicals And Related Products In North…

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Advertising CNBC

On ad arbitrage, uh, probably one of the best websites out there doing it. Cause you won’t even notice that they’re doing it is CNBC, right? So they get let’s first. Let’s check out All right. So they get 166 million people a month. Right? Most of the people are searching it so they don’t […]

Advertising Investopedia

Meanwhile, I was looking around on this, on the side, doing market research might as well, film it and let you guys see what type of market research I’m doing today. We are on Investopedia, right? Let’s first check out how many people come to this site? So we got 69 million people come to […]


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Agricultural Land

Whether we’re talking about our forefathers or we’re talking about today, agricultural land is one of the most important aspects of everyday life we have to eat. We have to feed our animals. We have to, you know, food is a necessity in every aspect of daily life, you have to eat your afternoon or you have to nourish your body and what better way to invest and invest in something that’s a daily necessity. Right? So with this investment, with this first strategy, we’re, we’re looking for companies, mostly just one company I’ve found in particular that is represented in 48, or I think it’s represented in 48 States. I’m not quite sure. I know it’s, it’s represented a majority of the States and what they do is, is they invest in land and they, they, they buy a whole bunch of different land. And, and like I said is now besides the Trump war is going on with China and, you know, with the tariffs and everything else, which is coming to an end, hopefully very soon, the demand for commodities and fruits and vegetables and everything is never going to end.

So it’s a great lit great way to grow, or rather it’s a great place to stash your money and hold it for a while, right. And continues to gain more and more and more money for your future. Right. We’re not talking about tomorrow. I mean, think about it. If you were to start a garden today, right? You still wouldn’t get a vegetable for a few months. So if you think that this is a get rich scheme, then you’re, it’s just ludicrous because a vegetable takes at least four or five or about 70 days for it to, to bear any vegetable anyway. Right. So we’re looking at, this is going to be a long-term investment, you know, five, 10, 15 years, something that we put in right now, we forget about the go back to our daily life. Just like everything else. And then 10, 15 years, let’s say you have a five-year-old 13 years from now.

You consistently put a little bit, little bit, I’m not talking to a whole bunch, a little bit of money back into this, into, you know, the economy back, back into land, right? Our forefathers were we’re in, it is the best investment. There is land is not going anything going anywhere. It’s a finite, right? There’s a finite amount of land, which means that there’s only so much of it, right? So like, let’s say cheese, there’s not a finite amount of cheese. You know what I mean? As long as there’s cows, you can get more, right. But land is finite, right? Money is not even finite. The federal reserve can just print some more right later on, we’ll discuss how we can fight against that, how we can best with a reserve and make money off of that. But right here, we’re talking about an investment. That’s not going anywhere because we’re going to invest in the agricultural department. So we always have to eat as long until they come in the future and they give us a pill that solves everything we don’t have to eat anymore. This is a great investment for the long haul. Now let’s get to the chart so I can explain which company I’ve found and, and allow you to kind of see the vision that I see for the future and for your own personal success, your own personal wealth

So, yeah, just like our forefathers buying in agriculture, it’s, it’s something that we all know is going to last forever. Cause we do have to eat and with land, what they were on land website right now, and it’s really cool. You can come here and you can click here and it shows you what, over here, it shows you in all the different spots that they have properties, right. And as you can see, they have they’re, they’re in a lot of different places. So it’s not like you’re investing in just a little farm in, in North Carolina or Idaho or you know, a little farm in Idaho. You’re actually investing in, in quite a large array of different properties. Right? So we click on California shows you how many different little farms they have in California, you know, let’s click on, give it a second. So it shows you the plot, like the actual farm that they have right there. So it doesn’t, I don’t know exactly we had. Wow. So yeah, it even tells you right here, 400 girls acres with 435 planted acres of pistachio trees in California. Right. So it tells you what exactly what exactly, what exactly they they produce at that form. So we’ll go North Carolina, let’s see what they produce in North Carolina,

Blueberries, strawberries, leafy greens. Right. So what it does is, I mean, let’s look at the pictures too. So there you go. It’s kind of cool. It shows you what you’re investing in. Like what company, what product, and it’s a great way. Now let’s go back to the quotes of what it is. So let’s not forget, you know, it’s a real estate investment trust. So we, it has a whole bunch of different properties over the last let’s look at five years, not five days it’s been consistent. So it’s been consistently you money and it just then, or they just came out recently that they’re going to start paying you monthly. Right. So opposed to just paying you quarterly. This is something that, you know, you can receive money monthly. I mean, who doesn’t like that, right? The price right now is, is relatively cheap. It’s good to get in everything on there basically by now, bullish on, on, on all an all factors. So, you know, just a little recap and of the company and why I am telling you, this is a great company for you to invest in the future, not looking where, like, again, we’re talking about our kids, we’re looking about 10, 15 years holding on to this. We’re not talking about the next month, the next week, the next hour, right. We’re talking the next few years, something that we can consistently gain or percent and feel comfortable because we know what it’s invested In.

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Banking Sector Review April 17

Sector, we’re going to go through, let’s go through the banking sector. Our first one is Goldman Sachs. As we see this was the earnings is, or earnings was before the bell. It popped all the way up to 44. And then towards the end of the day, this is Wednesday. It got destroyed with the rest of the market, but it got destroyed almost a third. Oh, to the 33 33, which is the 50% of the move that we’re looking for. Right? The completion of the move is three 95. So we’re basically at the three, the three eight two extension held ourselves regained the 50, right? Like basically hovered around and waited for the 50 to come to us, opposed to coming all the way down to the 50 or down to the hundred. We just kind of wait until the a hundred came, moved up and the 50 kind of moved up with the stock.

Then Friday, we had a nice little pop up, which this upcoming week I’m looking for us to test the three 62 right here. When it comes to options, I would kind of look for this one, cause we might get stopped out or like kind of slowed down at the 47, just cause we, we had some resistance there before and I, 56 is I think this is, would be the all-time high. So it might need a little bit of momentum to pass, to get past the three, five, six. However, if there’s a lot of buying, which there was on this day, the breakout could be like substantial and could break us through the six two to the six, eight relatively fast. It kind of depends on what’s going on with the market. So Goldman Sachs is something I’m, we’ll be looking, looking for this upcoming week


Oh, there we go. They are four 28. So about 10 days from 11 days from now, they will be reporting. They’ve been, if you see, they’ve been in a squeeze since April six, really they’ve been in, they’ve been hovering around this two Oh six line for what almost really since over here. Cause these are days all the way back to a first came out there and February 25th. And then since February 25th, we’ve been basically, you know, version two the mean is the two Oh six this, the squeezes building momentum to go higher.

If, as long as the earnings come out decent, I see that we could hit the 50% of our retracements, which would almost be to the two 16, the all-time high or at least the few year high. And yeah, this is something I’d be, I’m more interested in looking on this. Let me take notes. Looking for bull, but earnings are coming up G S which is Goldman Sachs looking. That’s all, that’s also bullish, but I don’t remember the price bull looking for the breakout. Really. If we can break out of two 10, then we’re looking to two 15, break out two, one zero. All right. Let’s move on FAS. This one’s difficult just because it’s three it’s three times, right? It’s three X. So this can move fast, like really fast. If you see, like it went from 100 to 80 in one, two, three, four days, right in less than a week, it basically dropped 20 points.

And now it’s back up here, but it had this. You have to remember it has the potential to break and break hard like this next week. If finances are, or the financials are looking beautiful, this has the potential to go to one 25, right? Because look one, two, three, four, five, basically five days when 20 points. Oh, in five days it could pop up to one 25. Do I think it’s going to go all the way there? I’m not quite sure, but if it’s hit this one to seven extension to the T and got stopped out below it, let’s draw a little bit. Let’s let’s do another line. Let’s do this. The extension from way down here to the high, to this low right here, it gives us a little bit more accurate numbers because the reason I did that is one 25. Is, is it possible? Yes. Is it possible? Not quite as much. So I wanted to find some more new there’s some just, just some new numbers. We’re looking more or less at the 50 at one Oh four 95. That’s a decent, decent price for at least a little bit of a rejection. Right? Some resistance to finances import back at the one-on-one then probably a two to the one 10. So I would like that if we can get past this one Oh four, hold it. And then looking for the one Oh one 10 to the one 17

T Rowe price. I mean, if you just look at this, we have earnings coming up, which is on the 29th, but this is, this is just beautiful. I mean, look at this. This has been writing the 50 perfectly and it’s, I mean, it’s basically on, I think this is the 20 it’s in the 20 even better. We bounce perfectly looking for a breakout of 82. That’s that’s nice right there. I like this one

T Rowe’s T row 82.

Not much. I can say. I mean, if you guys see it, it’s holding the 20, this is super strong. It’s tight, but it’s our last run brought us 10 points. So this would bring us basically 10 points from here. We’re looking at 85, a little quick breakout. Let’s look at our other breakout, 82, 78. So we’re looking at about five points. So we break out at 83. We’re looking, you know, maybe about the 90, 85 90. Let’s confirm that if other trades what I mean by confirm it to see if other traders are looking at the same thing. Just because our numbers are so tight. Yeah. Look at the weekly. That’s ridiculously nice.

We’ll run it from all of last year, basically. Yeah. You see how it’s it’s. I mean, first you see what line I did from the last year’s low to the high of October before it had a nasty dip down to the 50. And then since then it’s, it’s playing out more. This is playing this series of Fibonacci perfectly. Right? So hold the seventies. We’re at 77 82. So we’re a little bit above this line. We’re holding the 76 looking for the 100, which is one 91. So give or take right around where I said about five point breakout of the 83, that was about 88, 89 there, the projected is basically 91 from those numbers. So that’s,

That’s not bad at all. Write down pro Jack did 91, one 91. I liked this one, circle it. All right.

This is bank of America over the weeks, man, over 30, this is a new, this is we’d have to go almost before 2008, really for numbers. But above this, let’s get back to the days. Okay. They already reported. So we don’t have to worry about that. It looks like they, they blew on earnings or they, you know, like they, they blew out earnings. 62 was 65 was the estimate. The actual is 86. So that’s not bad at all. Then, you know, Friday, Thursday and Friday, the market was kind of just kind of weird, but it looks like it’s, it’s shaping up to take out, take out this 40 high 39, 15. I don’t really see too much, like on there, let’s run this real quick.

See it’s basically holding this line. That’s this is where it was. That’s the resistance. That’s what the traders are trading. So 40 70 is the next resistance up to 41 91. I like it, but I like T Rowe price, better KKR. Oh man. This is just, as you see from the last time we re drew this, this is full steam ahead.

Yeah, Man, two out. I didn’t see this. I didn’t get in on at the beginning of the month that this is full steam ahead. I mean, it’s not moving a whole bunch. It’s only moved like $4, however, like next target 55 and then it might have a little resistance, but real the real target on this one’s 58 and that’s KKR,


Another beautiful, beautiful Chart.

I mean, it’s literally out of ties the day report for 22. So what’s that’s next week. Today’s the 17th. So what Friday? Maybe something like that. Yeah, as long as they don’t like blip on their earnings, I see full steam ahead on this one as well. This is Blackstone. Let’s Chuck tuck to shut this. Okay. So this is the only one that doesn’t look a hundred percent promising, however, okay. Yeah, they, they, so they, they wolfed earnings estimate 81. They came in at 73. So this is, that’s probably why, but there are at highs. Look for their they’re about to hit the 50. So look for maybe adding in at the 50, see what happens on the 50. They hold this 50, then it’s a great opportunity. But if not look for it to kind of crash down to the hunted

Northern trust,

Not much you can say on that, it got rejected where it was supposed to get rejected. I mean, it literally bounced it. It was one 10 55 was target. It hit one, 10 40, kind of hard to argue that with earnings up this upcoming week Tuesday, Wednesday, something, but it hit the 20. If the earnings Wolfe, I would see it come down to maybe the 50 and then take off. But I don’t really see that. I see a one 16 coming in and a little bit is more realistic, right? If it can break the one 10, like this one right here, the a hundred percent, the one, 10 55 and hold it then one 16 all the way. Cause it’s already hit it. Got came up, got rejected. Came back, got rejected, got rejected hard. So it’s already taken out. Everybody’s from basically here. It’s founded support. Now let’s go last, but definitely lock leaf BlackRock.

Beautiful, Broke out and out of the seven 87 89. If anything, I see this one. Just give it a minute. Right? It came out. What was the earnings came out? What did they say? Actual estimate? Seven 63 actual seven 77. So it broke it it beat, but not, not a really enormous B if anything, just cause it’s gone sky rocket since March 25th. I’d say give it a little time to let the, the lines kind of catch up just because the March is still is right around the same price of the hundred. So I could see it kind of stalling out this upcoming week, you know, not any drastic moves just for the lines to catch up and then go from there. All right. So our biggest one that I see that I like right after this upcoming week is T Rowe price right here. I like that to beat out the one 83 Northern trust is another one. Let’s

Nope, not the right one. Hold on. Here we go.

Let’s see. Okay. So they’re only monthly. They just, their last monthly options expired. So we got 34 days. I kinda liked that what’s target here. We are 85 with the target of 91. So we could get the 85, our targets 91. Remember we could get, so there’s $6 is target profit. So there’s $6 in between 85 and 91. And we’re paying basically three. So, you know, that’s, I mean, you could get it for cheaper hopefully, but if we spend to make six, I still like that. Yeah, let’s keep this one as a thought. We’ll look at Northern trust. If we can get something a little bit better, one 80 fives may. But at about a $3, let’s go to Northern trust real quick, Northern what’s target on Northern the one 16 is target one 15. It’s the one tens. So when, when are, what are these?

The same ones? One 15. So yeah, we’re basically trying to get the same amount of movement and we’re paying about the same T Rowe price looks like it might just be a little bit cheaper, but with this one, I would, I go out and if I could get the one fifteens for 90 cents, I get it. If I can get them anywhere like a dollar and last I’d get it just because if Northern trust were to have a blow out day from now until then, then your what is it? Your gamma is going to, you’re going to have a gamma explosion. So I’ll try that just cause I like the T Rowe price is better. So I’m, I’ll, I’ll say some of these one 15, one 15 may NTRs N T R a S.

All right.

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Energy Sector April 17

Sorry about that last video. Someone came knocking on the door and I had to make a sell. I sold a

Tool chest.

All right. So this is Valero. We just went over that. I’m going to get my piece of paper. This one looks pretty decent. I like it.

It’s holding the 50, it’s going to report pretty soon. Oil’s been on a tear, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t report anything. Nice. And then we should see a breakout of maybe 77 looking for 84.

I mean, Sunoco is on all cylinders. It’s bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets. However, look for resistance at 34. So I wouldn’t want to get anywhere close to this until after it shows me what it’s going to do at the 34 Mark. If it can hold the 34, because look, we’re, we’re getting an extended. We just kind of broke out right here at the 33 30. And we’re what a dollar above that. So I would say, look for the 34 Oh nine, maybe look above and fail. Come back to the 30, maybe about 33. And then if it holds that, look for it to break back above the 34 and I’d want to hold the 34, as long as it can hold 34. I’d be confident that it would, it would attempt to try to start going to 40, but it needs to hold that 34 at something that may, maybe next week. I’ll look at that right here. When it hit the 20 was, was that would have been nice at the 31, but it’s only $2. It’s not like it’s a huge difference.


And the other thing was Sonoco. All right. Let’s look at Sonoco. The one thing that’s, that’s impressive with this over everything, because the oil market, if you’ve watched the last, the pre video to this, the oil market’s been hammered over the last three weeks. I mean, it was a strategic being hammered because it was, it was at the market. It hadn’t been in years. However, a lot of selling getting the weekends out, looking for a bigger move, but the entire time that oils had its little playing games, manipulation, this has consistently gone higher, consistently gone higher. We look at the 50 here and then right here, this is where I’m saying, Oh, here’s where we’ve gotten a little expense extended right here. So kind of look for it to maybe retest the 50, come back. No bounce off the four Oh nine, come test 50 and then say a lobby, BP British petroleum. The 27th. I really have to wait to see on these. I mean, it looks decent, but you’re having gaps. I think this is a really gappy stock I gave, you can see it. There’s lots of gaps in this. So I use be careful, be careful. What was this at three years ago?

Yeah. So you have potential of getting to 47. I mean, before pandemic you’re at, Oh, well this is also business British petroleum. So that makes sense. You were at the four 39 Mark and now you’re at 25. So it’s, it’s, You’re gonna have to show me something on, because if you look at the weekly chart, it’s it basically bounce off the hundred week and then got rejected. It’s finding support. But again, you’re gonna have to show me what you’re going to do after your earnings. I don’t want to hold that into earnings.

This is looking pretty good. It’s holding the hundred on the weekly. Let’s look at the daily.

Oh yeah, yeah,

Yeah. It’s a very small stock. I mean, it’s only 20, $20, $25, but that looks pretty decent earnings on four 30. I remember this as a European stock, so it’s be easy, but this looks beautiful. It looks like it. We had our a hundred on January or in February 2nd. And then since then, boom. I would say It’s holding. This is probably the 30 day moving average because the green one to 20,


Whatever average it’s holding, it’s holding. So let’s, let’s go right here.

Yeah. Right here. Right here. Yeah. It’s fallen in this trend line right here. Wherever the trend line is from. It’s pretty much following it to the T. So if it can hold the trend line, I just, just created then look for it to just ride, keep on riding up. I liked this one for longevity. It’s going to be really cheap. Cause it’s only a $25 thought. So the options on this are going to be really cheap to go out really far. So I’d want to go With this one. I wouldn’t even do that. Well, let’s just look


August let’s look at our chart again. Let’s go like this. Find this a target. Yeah, it’s playing that perfectly. Triple it’s about the breakout. I’m glad we looked at this 26. I’d say 26 is a good number. Let’s not go out 125 days. We’ll go June 61 days. See the 26 would cost you what? A one 30 divided by 60, about 70 cents. So less than a dollar. And you’re at the 20 fives, which is even, which is 18 cents away. So yeah, you’re basically paying for it to be at one 26. Our target would be 26 95. So that would give you a dollar of profit. So basically a one for one. I like it. I don’t know if you understand my math, but you have to understand intrinsic value, extrinsic value and all that. I’ll have to make a class for that E June

25, approximately 70 Onto the next one. Total. No, no,

This does not look very good. If it can break above the 50 maybe, but this more, it looks like it’s about to head down. I mean, it’s, it’s holding kind of, but it’s not something we’re interested in at them.

Keep it moving.

Cam. I, I traded, I played this a few times. I should’ve stayed in, man. I actually, I think I I’m, well, I do have some positions, but I had an option. This is beautiful. I mean, this is really been all sectors on since February, since they hit the 14th, well, went up to 16, got crashed. And then since then it’s just been going straight up.

This is another one.

While the oil market’s been playing around, this has gone straight up because oil market basically hit a tie right here. And then it crashed on everybody. Oh no. It was probably like right around right here. These are days a lot longer. Right, right here, oil crashed. And then since then this is just straight up conference call four 21. I would hope

Six something.

I see it heading to these numbers quick. See, it just broke out. Yeah. This is this. I might want to get more of KMI hold on. Super cheap options. This is 60 days out we’re looking at is literally see this as 60 days. We’re going at seventeens for 40 bucks. Yeah, you can’t. Yeah, I like this better than the other one. Cause this is, this is really cheap. My goodness there’s this is the only reason I’m saying this is we’re looking like we’re going to consolidate and we could probably head up to at least touch this eight, 1797 right here. Right. That’s where I’m basing everything off of which is 1797. We’re buying the seventeens for 40 cents with, if it hits the 1797, that’s what? 57 cents and of a profit. So it’s a double up. It’s just a lot smaller. It’s only a quick 80 bucks, 90 bucks, but double up, nonetheless, it’s not costing us much money today.


I, this is, this is most definitely not a stock. I didn’t get this. This is not an a portfolio for any other reason, just to hold like it’s it pays great dividends, but it does look like it could break out. Right? So top, top, top we’re consolidating, it’s getting higher. It looks like it would want to break to the 49. You have our huge resistance right here, which is the a hundred. Remember we’re on the weekly. But it just it’s holding the 50. See what happens to it after it hits the hundred, if it can hit that whole a hundred and keep on going this isn’t, this is most definitely a by four 29, four 29 hour hour. I mean, cause this is just a pipeline and they’re, they’re mostly just paid as long as oil is flowing, they’re getting paid. So they’d probably been able to raise it, increase the rates a little bit just for the simple fact that you know, oil is not oil has been on a tear. So I would, I would expect this company to be doing pretty well and pay a decent dividend and will at least have decent earnings. Right? And if, if they have decent earnings, this will be probably next week or the week after that, we’ll come look at this and then we’ll, I’ll probably want to give them something there. Exxon mobile.

I mean, it’s kind of on all cylinders since November is doubled. Earnings are coming out pretty soon, which could really take this bad boy off. The high of this little section was the 11th, which is right around the time when oil crash. So that makes sense. We’re looking into a squeeze. I just say, be careful with earnings coming up. Royal Dutch shell. Yeah, it’s holding the hundred, but it’s getting rejected by the 50. Just be careful. Chevron is kind of like Exxon a little bit. It dipped, but we’re getting closer to the 100 or the 50. If it can hold that 50 again. All this has to do with the earnings. This is on the 30th, which is 12 days from now. I would have to recheck on these, but if so far we have BLL potential E potential N K M I. So we found three of them out of 10. That’s not that bad. And if you’ve watched the other classes or the other little snippets, we have Mohs one V L L two E three, KMI four T Rowe price five and Northern trust six and follow along for the next video.

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Basic Materials Sector Review April 17

In this video, we’re going to discuss the basic materials sector. This has been a fun sector. So last week was Sherwin Williams. I don’t know what we’ll go over it. When we get to Sherwin Williams this is dewpoint or DuPont. You notice we are in a squeeze. That’s starting to turn from a negative to a positive. So it’s starting to gain a little bit of momentum positive with one to two touches. Recent touches. Now, obviously back here. Oh, look at this. So yeah, it used to be support. Got rejected once got rejected twice. Found support down at the, the 74. If it can find a little bit of momentum, then I would say, I mean, if the market continues to go up, then I don’t see any problem with, with the point with the Pont breaking out of the 79 39 with the target of 83. Duh. Yeah, I like that one, but what could also happen is it hits this line, comes back down here. Halfway has gained some support and then takes off again. Let’s just remember that in the back of the head, it looks, it looks pretty good, right? It looks pretty good, but there might be better now for Dow chemical.

All right. I like Dow chemical a little better, right? Although it’s only, it’s not very much of a, a bump. Well, no, it’s about $4. The reason I like it, one we’re in a beautiful squeeze. We’ve just hit the F the 50. I mean, this is in early March, but we just retested down here twice. Where are we just broke out, came back down of this last breakout. So we made a new high now and we held the 64. If we, if this doesn’t get rejected, come Monday and we can still hold this 64 60. Then look for the next move to 68, but watch out for earnings on four 22. So that’s going to have that’s. I mean, that’s literally don’t touch it until after earnings and then decide what’s going on

Mosaic. I like it. We are

We were around like three 18. This is March 18th. It hit a tire of 35 20, then got rejected all the way down to 28. Now it’s not, it looks like it might break again. If it were to break, look for the 36, which is basically 33, 86 to 36 to the 38, depending on how much it breaks out this, I liked this one way better than the other one. Let’s go ahead and let me get my piece of paper. Sorry about that. And then I want to look at the options. What kind of options do we have on this play? Let’s check out the options on mosaic. I have a, I have a pretty good feeling. We’re going to find pretty one, like relatively cheap options. Cause it’s not a very large stock. It’s only $67. So we’re looking probably about like 75 to maybe a dollar 25 a contract let’s look.


Oh, they have weekly options as well. Just since we’re going to go come like uniform, we’ll go 20 or 34 days out. You see what I’m saying? So we’re looking, let’s go back here. We’re looking at maybe 38 as our target in 38 and 34 days, the 30 eights are going for 64 cents. We can go to the 30 sixes, which gives us kind of halfway gives us $2 pro or basically you have $2 profit. I had an expiration if it hits 38 well, $1 profit. If it hits 38 on target, which isn’t the greatest, but it’s not the worst either. Yeah, I kind of liked it for a dollar. You can’t really go wrong. Of course. Now my pencil, there it goes Mohs 36 may. Okay. Now look at the six days from now. See, look at that. If this were to have a huge day then yeah. You’d bank, but I’m good with not with giving us the gift of time. Next B a S F.

Yeah. It’s About to break out. Earnings are coming up soon. Doesn’t have any options. Just be careful. Earnings are coming up soon. Other than that, I kinda like it. It has like the ability to hit 26 we’re breaking out, or we just broke out of this, which was 2019, just keeping an eye on earnings and it looks pretty decent. Buy, sell. Let’s check you out.

Earnings are coming up pretty soon. So again, be careful. I, I don’t like the way that yeah, I see we’re in a huge squeeze. We’d been in a squeeze since like March 18th Four 30. Well look what happened after the last earnings they’ve gone straight up from like 80 to one. So 30, 30 point move basically. First kind of bring him all the way out. I mean, it’s been a consistent, like straight up fallen our lines. It’s relatively, it’s actually really close. It just hit the 23, four days ago. Last Monday, I guess our momentum is shifting higher. The one 16 isn’t like the great or isn’t the furthest apart. Or the furthest way. I kind of like it with a good

Internet. We’ll get that break out. Basically, since it hit the 50, it has gone parabolic and thought he was only $6, but it’s going, I would like to see this to, to hit this, come back down to the 56 48, then look for the 61 or the 69 48, but it’s had a huge run, three huge three big, big days brought us from 54 to 57, kind of bringing us down give us some support and then take back off about probably she is going to do that as it could just keep going from here. But I like it. I would just want to buy them and pull back a little better. Rio Tinto got opened on an open interest on this one. It’s the breakout. I wouldn’t buy it right here. Cause it just broke out three days ago. Ooh, I’ve been, I stand corrected. Look at this to fill the gap. It would be basically 5% gain

I think it has action to fill the gap, honestly. And if it fills that gap, then look out for 92 85, cause it’s coming full steam ahead.

Ooh. a recent breakout look at this. This is just clustered all over du du, du, du, du. So if it were to, to break in cert trending, we have a huge, huge, huge point of resistance at two 31. But if it breaks out of that, basically over here, which is almost there 25, so two more dollars, then sky’s literally the limit on something like this. We have an earnings on four 27. So sometime this week, next week, but look for this to continue to go higher. There’s a reason it’s going higher. It’s most likely because they, whatever their business they’re in, they’re doing really well. Scott’s miracle grow. I’m not too happy with this one.

It’s gonna, it’s about to hit the, the 50 hour or yeah, I’d wait for it to hit the 50 and kinda cause look it’s had in the past, it’s gone all the way down to the hundred and then bounce. Just be careful. It has the project or the, the commonality of going to the a hundred and then bouncing strong offer the a hundred. But just be careful. Sherwin Williams. Look at this bump all the way up last, last day I tried looking for male or for reason couldn’t find it. So going into yesterday

I had the 60 threes, so I think I got it. I got them right around here, right at 63 30 threes. I literally thought I was just dead and then woke up to $400. So that was not a bad day. Look for two 72, if we can hold the two 72 and two 89 and so on. All right. So far we have the MOS, may 36 contract that I’m the most gung-ho about. All right. Talk to you later.

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Financial Sector April 3 (BLK, FAS, TROW, CME, KKR, SCHW, BAC, BX, GS, NTRS)

And this one, we have the banking sector.

Can you see everything? Yeah.

Everything. All right. Let’s look at the BlackRock. I mean, we’re uh, where’s the, let me get this out of the way. There you go. Oh, okay. I’m sorry. This screen is too small. I knew, I thought something was funny. You can’t see the bottom of it. However, this was January 1st or January 11 right here. So the, the high of the year was January 11th and it looks like it’s. I mean, it’s about to break out. We had the,

The reversal point right here, which was March let’s go into the day.

So it hit the, basically the a hundred, the a hundred on the daily, and then as taken off or about to fill the gap. It’s this is about to take off, let’s look at a,

Or just go, boom. I’m trying to get this into the screen.

Yeah. They have weekly options as well. So something that we could play per the week. So this is six days from now.

It is quite expensive. Um, in the smaller accounts, this might be a little bit, uh, out of our price range, just because, um, you’re looking at, like, if you wanted to buy right here, it’s going to cost you $900 and that’s larger than, than what we invested in, in the stock. So that wouldn’t make sense for, for our portfolio. However, I would, if you have a larger portfolio, this looks like it’s about to break out to new highs, however, with our portfolio, which, um, which we’re discussing, it’s too big. It’s too big because in order for it, we’d have to go. Where’s the high, the highest seven 88. We’d have to literally go to ride around here seven 90 and with only six days left. I, that’s not something that

I’d want to want to want to take

Now on, on my speculative account. Yeah. But on a girl, like a, uh, growth builder to know, uh, let’s go over to, we’ll go right here. FAS is different. And I’ll explain that in a second. So Northern trust, if we’re looking at Northern trust, this, this looks pretty too. It looks pretty. So on that, let’s go to the weekly chart.

So obviously this is Corona, but it, before Corona, it was pretty much, it was kind of in a, in a range bound, it broken out of the range, but then it’s like, this is the high over last three years got kind of stopped out, uh, broke down. But then on the, this, remember the red one is the 50. So when did it really, it crossed over, uh, last November, November 9th. And since it’s state above, and this was January 25th. So January 25th, the, or the week of January 25th is when it hit the 50 and the a hundred, uh, on like on, instead of resistance on support, let’s go on the day. So, yeah, it’s and that’s around this point right here. So if we look at the daily, like the end of January right here, it hit it, and this is the a hundred on the daily. And since then it’s hit the 50 bounced off the 50 came back, hit the 50 again, and had a couple of days around there, but then has taken off, made a new high. And now it’s look at that. It’s on what the 20, so Northern trust looks like it wants to take out and make that new high of a few days ago of one Oh seven. Now, since this is where, where would your,

Okay. Yeah, that looks perfect too. So, um, when it breaks out of the one Oh seven, look for a target of one, 10 55, uh, at least it slowed down right there. If it doesn’t slow down there, then next target would be one 16, Goldman Sachs. Let’s take this to the week. Let’s erase all of this. This is all.

However, this one is not, if you’re looking back, this is on the low too. It goes back further. The last high, since that point in time, it is broken out one on the, the beginning of the month or beginning of the year, excuse me. And retested, not only the a hundred percent breakout, which is right here, but the a hundred percent breakout coincided with the, the nine week high. I mean, so if you’re looking at this, this is really taken off since November of last year was that 200 and it’s basically gone on 150 point tear without looking back. Um, let’s look at, let’s look at the daily. So on the daily,

Um, let me get rid of this because that’s in my way.

All right. So on the daily we had on March 18th is when we hit the all time high it, then we had one, two, three, four, five, five straight days of down. Um, it looks like it’s starting to build a little bit of momentum right here as the 50 day, moving average is, is catching up by time, right? So if you look at it, this is March 5th. So it’s, it’s above where it was on March 5th. It’s really, it looks like it’s just waiting for the 50 to come up 50 and the hundred to come up before it takes its time. Cause what, this is the, this is January 29th and January 29th would be the last little upward trajectory and our last large pool back. And it’s not, it doesn’t look like it’s getting anywhere close to that. So with that would be telling me, is that it’s just waiting for the time. So if you see the a hundred day is above the lowest, low or the beginning, or you understand what I’m saying, the support which it had at the beginning of the year. So Goldman Sachs looks, looks decent. I would wait for it to kind of turn just a little bit more since this is. I mean, I, what I did is I think I got in here last week,

Or one or two days, it was great. And then I’ve had to help. I forgot last week was a short week. That’s my own fault. I forgot. Uh, yesterday was great. Friday or black Friday, whatever, or no good Friday. There we go. Um, so that, that hurt me, but yeah,


I can re retest this, what if you look at it, we just clicked. We closed the gap and then we shot back higher off the gap. We, we ended the day plus 64, so that’s not bad. Uh, we’re looking for a breakout of the 35 to retest the highs.

But again,

It might take one or two days for the 52 to catch up.


X Blackstone group. This looks, this looks like a winner. Um, let’s go into the weekly.

Yeah. Well, earnings are

April 22nd. So just keep that in mind. It could break out like, if now, if it depends, if you’re buying for options or if you’re buying the stock, then yes. That’s part of the portfolio. I need you to understand all these stocks we already own, right? So it’s not whether we’re looking we’re in these stocks for the long haul. What we’re trying to do is buy options or look at opportunities where we can increase our ability to buy more stocks, right? Without having to put more money into the account, we’re trying to make some money. Um, we’re very restricted on what we can do with the options. We can really just basically buy and sell them. Um, we can’t do any margin based strategies. So what we’re doing is looking over again. So again, all these stocks we already own in the portfolio. These are just looking for quick, um, weekly or daily trends that we can capitalize off of. Now, we’re looking at the daily. It doesn’t show us what did it do on the last calls all the way up until this is August. Last year, we went down after a call, but in October we Rose and January Rose after the call, it hit the hundred day. This is

Sorry about that. Um, and yes, I do speak Spanish. Uh, where was I? Yes, it on the daily, it hit the a hundred and the a hundred day moving average and just bounced. That was March 3rd. Now let’s look at how this looks. Yeah, it looks like


It looks like we can one or two things is going to happen except blow out big. Or it’s going to like get rejected, come back to nine and then try again. Let’s this one I say we could look at


13 days. The, no, I say this April 21st, right? Because when did did, no, this is the 23rd. No, that’s wrong. So we wouldn’t want to do the 16th. So they remember their report on the 22nd. So I wouldn’t want to carry into the report. I’d carry up to the report on anticipation. They’re going to break out good, but it’s just too much of a gamble, not knowing what would, uh, too much of, of there. What could happen at the report? So seven 20, 76, 25 is the high I’ll go. 76, 13 days, one Oh two. Let’s write this down. That one looks like it’s cool. Now of course I wouldn’t hold it. Uh, I would, I would get rid of it if it made me start losing money.

Okay. 76, April 13 days.

All right. Onto the next one bank of America. Yeah. Um, this one almost looks better than B.

Um, yeah, they report again on the 15th. So they report next or in two weeks. So we’d have to be very careful with this one just because they’re reporting.

Now their earnings could blow off and just be amazing and they could go sky high. And that’s why we own some of it, or it could not be what we want and it could be quite ugly. That’s why I wouldn’t want to hold the option going into the Intuit, but leading up to it would seem fine to me. The, this is on the fourth day, the 15th. So no, we wouldn’t be able to go. I mean, we could buy, let’s see.


The 39 50 up. Yeah. I kind of liked that one. Now. Of course, all of these could change

Going into the market on Monday because the prices could change. And the perspective of what we’re looking at could be different. So don’t just buy blindly for listening on come Monday or Tuesday, whenever you decide, when you, whenever you, you look. So just make sure that you’re paying attention to what’s going on. Now there’s a lot of volume or open interest at the 43, so that you got to pay attention to that as well. And if and the 40, so you pay attention to your open interest. There’s a lot of money that’s going on right there.

The 39 50 April 13.

Well, again, Chuck looks amazing too. Uh, it doesn’t look like it’s pulling back anytime, Susan Susan’s right, right on brand new highs, all time highs. Uh, I’m guessing majority of these, what is, wait a minute, Chuck. They have earnings on four 15. So Yeah, I mean, if you’re looking at their weekly chart, it looks amazing. If you’re looking at their daily chart also looks amazing. It looks amazing. Let’s talk. Talk to Chuck man there. Well, the all time highs, 68

One Oh two twos. 13 days away. 68. We’re at 60. Nah. Um, it’d be a great idea. We are, I kind of already have two of them, uh, that I’m scoping out and, but this looks awesome.

Okay if you see it. So we’re looking at a breakout of 67 90 K K. Are we, um, let’s look at the weekly, but I would, yeah. K K R we just broke out to brand new highs and the week of the, on the weekly chart on the daily chart on Thursday, it was a brand new high. So this one, we might have missed it, but let’s, let’s do this. Let’s check this out. They’re saying it’s 50% of the move that it’s capable of. The a hundred percent move would be 55. So if you see that kind of draw that you see what I did draw that same little line, be careful on the 50 52, uh, on this, I would wait for a pullback and then go for it.

Okay. Finally, one that I’m not a hundred percent. Oh, well, no. If you look at this, look at this

So we’re looking pretty good. Right? So I’m going to draw this line from here. Yup. That’s exactly what I suspected. So it it’s above this support right here. Right. But then I was wondering why is it stopping at this point right here? And it makes sense because it’s at the, the, to the point or the two, 3.6, uh, on the Fibonacci extension. So if it can break above here and hold above the two, six or two Oh six, 14, then look for the two 15, all the way up to the a hundred percent of the move would be two 32, but I wouldn’t just keep tracking it. That is very, it’s an interesting one T rope. I mean, these are all looking like the gas is on Just hit the nine nowhere near the 50, or just hit the 20 nowhere near the 50. Yeah.

Looks good.

The FAS, this is the one that, all right. So the FAS is the ETF it’s what does it say? Yes. The bull D ETF.

If you look on this one

Bounced off of this line, um, it’s, uh, a Fibonacci based off something I don’t, you can draw your own lines and find those those numbers. However, they, it bounced literally perfectly. It almost hit the one Oh one Mark. I got kinda screwed on that one, uh, two weeks ago. But then I got back in around here. So it’s not in the banking, uh, portfolio, it’s in the speculative portfolio, but this one, if all the banks are doing well, then we’re looking to break out of the one Oh one and hit to the one 25. It really all depends on how the earnings come out, um, the week next week. So if let’s look at the,


So on this one, it’s a little bit more expensive. That’s why it’s in the speculative count, but this could move and it could move big. So that the one Oh five, it looks like it’s, I mean, that’s 12 points out of the money, but in actuality, I would say that this is a easier bet to make than on an individual stock, right before an earnings call. Because if one of the one, if you’re betting on one and it goes bad, then it could just be terrible. But if the rest of the sector goes up, then this, this one particular stock could go up. So if I would hedge myself at the one Oh five, all right here, I think I have the one hundreds, not on this exploration. I think it’s at the end of April. Um, just cause I’m trying to hold a little bit longer on FAS, just cause I liked the chart and it looks beautiful to me and I am trying to hold it to the one 25. Um, yup. And that would be the financial sector.

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Utility Sector April 3 (AWK, IDA, AES, NOVA, BEP, MSEX, DTE, DUK, NRG)

Every week I decide, or from here on now, I’m going to try to talk about a few companies or each company out of the watch list that I have each portfolio. And then we’ll kind of go over what we’re looking at and try to find one play throughout all of them. Now I’m not particularly looking at, uh, buying or selling the securities. However I would, if there’s, if there poses to be, uh, an opportunity for us to hedge our positions through the options market, I am 110% behind it. Uh, by doing this, our intention would be to downsize or to minimize downside or the downside risk and maximize the upside. Excuse me. So as we go, as we start, we’ll start with utilities, uh, we’re basically kind of look at a top down, so we’ll, we’ll try to look at, today’s try to grow, draw some lines, see what we’re going through. So when you’re looking at the weekly, let’s let me first go like this.

So our hundred exponential moving average is the yellow. Our 50 is the red. Our 20 is the green and our nine is the blue.

Okay. All right.

So when you’re looking at the weeks, all right, so this is last year, obviously Corona. So we know that was happening. And then as we go through, we had a real spark at the beginning of the year, and now we’ve reached a, I guess it’s a three-year high at 44 at bound. It came all the way back, but then it kind of made it support right on the hundred a week moving average. So, I mean, it went all the way back to here, so it bounce off of that and it looks like we could, it could try to shoot off of the 44. So that’s something I’m interested in looking at. Um, Where are we here we go. On the daily chart. I would want it to see break above the a hundred. Right. It’s holding right here. So that’s nice. You know, they like things like the field gaps. So there could be a decent little gun right there. It’s starting to kind of build support right here. Uh, we would like to see it go higher. Let’s see. That’s something I wouldn’t mind looking at

Kind of options place.

There could be. So there’s only monthly options in this. So April, no, I would probably take it out to may.

This isn’t bad at all. This is pretty cheap actually, because what we were looking at a price of 44, it’s at 37 you’re the 30 eights would cost you a dollar and 60 cents. The 30 nines will cost you a dollar and 35 cents. So a third dollar and 35 for the 30 nines, or was that the 30 nines, right? Yeah, the 39. So I’ll keep it at the bottom right there. You can see it. So the 30 nines with the potential getting the four 45. So that’s a five point as basically five points right there. That potential five points with only a dollar and 35 invested. So, um, was that dollar 40? So that’d be four, $3 and 60 cents that you can capture off of that if it ends right at the 44, but if it breaks out, obviously you’d have more. And that would give you 48 days that you could do that. That’s actually one-on-one to take a note of, I like that. Uh, and our G uh, 39.

All right, let’s move on.

We got Duke energy. Uh, it looks like it might just break out. Um, it’s high and tight. Just hit the line right here. This is, remember, this is our short term, um, trend moving average. We’re hold, Oh, look at this. It’s a breakout of the February, but we’re holding it. Like it was a breakout. It came back down and now it’s holding it. And it’s right at the breakout right here, which was, uh, November. So, I mean, it’s right at the cusp of, of breaking out if it comes to this 97, and this is another one I’m really curious about this one. I like this

Yeah. There’s this is the breakout. So we re we’re almost at that breakout right there. We just broke out of this. Our next is right here, and then we’re going up there. If I were to play this, uh, in each individual, uh, portfolio, I don’t have margin cause I can only have more general one account. Um, I would sell some, some puts, right? Cause it looks like it’s going to go higher, but it could bounce off right here and then around for a little bit, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to go below the 89 level, which is that’s pretty, I mean, it’s a decent little run. So I was seven points down and we’re about seven points away from the top. This looks interesting. Very interesting. I gonna make a note to just kind of stock this. It’s not something that, uh, let me, let me actually, I do want to see this.

So 48 days away, uh, we’re looking at, it could try to try to, uh, touch the, the one Oh threes. These are weeks we’re looking at one, two, three, four, or in the last four weeks. 85 and 96. So 10 points on the fifth week. So we’re at 48 days, uh, seven 1428. So yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re looking good. So 48 days gives us more than more than this. So it’s about four into the fifth week. Um, about six weeks away actually. Um, yeah, it could cause the kid hit the seven points up in the next six weeks. And what, what premium are we paying for the Y I’m not, I’m not talking about the 90 sevens. I’m talking about the, the one hundreds. And as you can see, there’s a lot of open interest is 31,000 contracts that are open at that point. So a lot of people are probably banking that it’s going to go a little bit higher. So look at the pump, the pudding

No just right here. 130,000 people. So what it could do or 3,100. So what it could do, it could blow past this and I got point we’d want to sell and then come back and land right here, if that makes sense. So it depends on who, because the 3,100 they’re going to want to. Yeah. I mean, we’re just keep it at that, uh, great opportunity. I like it. Make a mental note. I’m just going to put that down right here. Duke energy. One hundreds may D T E Oh man. This is another one that’s looking at a breakout. Um, yeah, this is two points away. Are all of them looking at a breakout?

Just about I made, I’m not going to lie. I made a move on Nova. I bought a call right around here for it to at least test the 57. So we’ll see what happens. He can continue to go up. That’s the only one I’m in right now. But honestly, every last one of these looks like a good, a decent play. Every last one of them like, look, we had a bounce off of the hundred and took off bounce off 200. We’re starting to take off. Uh, we might look back at the 50 and then go from there. But it looks like all, every, each and every one of these looks like it has a, a decent play to go long. This one right here, AEs looks like it could go as well. Cause we’re all at break or like brand new highs. So within these stocks, I would literally say there’s potential for the next week for over the next 48 days. Uh, which is basically what we’re looking at a month and a half to may expiration. I would say almost it’s it would be safe to go long on almost all of them or to sell, sell puts. All right. Selling puts would be just as, this is the same as going are buying calls. So I don’t want to take up too much time. Uh, cause I got to make a few other ones in. I don’t want to lose guys’s attention, but yeah,

AES it looks amazing.


Probably not quite as much. It guys, it has a long way to go as it’s going to probably get it, get stopped route right here and then go back down. So this would probably be an, I would stay away from that one a little bit. Uh, Middlesex, this one right here. If, if it can hold the nine out would say, yeah, it’s a go cause it’s, it’s bounced off of the a hundred before and then, or the hundred bounce off the a hundred when bump stop, bounce off the a hundred and then went this time. It bounced off the 50 and went. So it looks like it’s picking up speed. Um, and this is weeks and here’s the Corona right here, but this has consistently been going higher. Corona gave it a blip, but not enough for it to stop. It looks like it’s gas on, on that one, a D T E again, this we’re right at basically all time highs. Got it. Looks like it got and maybe rejected. I would, I would look at this and once it gets back down to the nine, if it gets there and then try to shoot it, buy it from there. Um,

Go Nova. I already told you about Nova. I got it. When it was right around the 50 AEs, we just talked about Ida, Ida Corp. I mean, it’s look, if it can this line right here, it’s basing it off of the fifth. When it hit the 50 here, if it can break out of that, then we’re looking for the all-time highs of one, one 13, one 14 and,

And it looks like it has some steam. I,

Again, I’d wait until it kind of comes back down to the nine at least, and then get in there, AWS. Okay. Uh, yeah, we did talk about this one, bounce off the a hundred bounced off the hundred looks like it’s going higher.

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Energy Sector review April 3 (KMI, BP, E, SUN, RDS.A, MMP, TOT, XOM, VLO, CVX)

Yeah. So the first one we’re in the energy sector, the first one we have is K M I, I first started tracking this windows around here. Uh, I made some money on this, um, when it was here, when it was here, I don’t know if I caught it perfect, but I know I pretty much caught a majority of this run, uh, on options. But what I, what I do like is you’re going to see almost the same thing on all the energy, just because energy starting or the price of oil is starting To pop.

We’re close to the 17. Let’s look at the three


So when we look at pre Corona pre Corona, this was a $22 stock. We’re only at 16. So there’s quite a little, quite a bit of running room. We’re looking at 18 as, as literally our next big stop. If we broke, let me see if we break out of there. Okay. Well, if we can break out of the seven 12, then our next


Kind of big hurdle would be right around here, which is the same. So basically we’re in this, this range right here, or you can see at the bottom of the range, right around here, where it’s first started, it’s pop, that’s where we are. And we are, we’re literally in this trading range, which was in 2018. So we’re three years ago. Um, again, I use almost every single one of these, these, these securities that we’re about to look at. It would have been amazing if we got it right on Corona, but we didn’t, we got it right around here. But if oil can maintain where it’s at, even just where it is at, let’s look at the price of oil. And so you understand what I’m saying?


So this is the three years as well. So if we can maintain this, let’s go even further. Cause that it doesn’t really with the oil I’m going to have to show you.

Okay. Now we’re looking at 10. This isn’t 10 years ago. Yes, it was 10 years ago. So if you look, we’ve been in this downward trajectory, I mean energy. There’s a lot of lines, but if you look at this big one right here, this 50% line right here, the one that I’m circling over and over and over is like the group, the blueish line. If you look, we have been fighting this line since December of 14. So for the last six years, we’ve been fighting this line. If we can break above this line and hold it right, the last time we broke above and hold it, we only held it for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. And then on the 11th month, it dropped past it. I know it sounds like a long time, but when you look at it from, for the last six years, the only time it’s been a love it above it is for 11 months.

So if we can break above this line right here would be tied so much trouble with and hold it as you can see, it is 60, 66. We are like 40 cents below the line. Well, we are, we’re kind of shows that we’re above it. However, we’re right at the mix, right? We’re right at the line. Now breaking the 66 77. If we break that, then I would say, we’re, we’re truly in an upward trajectory. But because if you look at that, that was the last time we broke them above this line was and held. It was 2018. So three years ago, uh, if we can break above this line then, cause if you see, we broke out and this was, this was very obvious. Last month in March, we broke out above the 66, 77. We, so that means we broke the high of 2019, 2020.

We broke all of it. The last time we had been, there was October of 18 above 66, 77. We broke that, got rejected, came back down right to the hundred day, moving average. Remember the a hundred day coming down. Now it’s starting to show support. It’s been resistance for years now. It’s a, this is, remember this is a hundred month, right? So now it’s starting to show some support. If we can continuously stay above this level, look for us to, to trend higher. Our next huge. If we beat the 66 77, then our next, our next target would be 73, 45. Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s energy. It’s all based off of this. So when we go look back to K or mine, we don’t really need it. Cause like, okay, months, years ago, when in 2015, when oil was a little higher, this stock was already was at $44.

So we look up over here, this is the $22. So we’re, we got room to run just to pre Corona, right? So KMI when you’re looking at months out, like a thing with oil it’s fickle, right? So if you’re looking for a quick pop, be very careful with oil because it can do exactly what you don’t want it to do for a few months. And then out of nowhere, it can just explode. So with all of these that I’m going to go through, cause you can see there’s 10 of them. Any position that I would choose would be more looking towards the July or August, something like that. Just to give it some time in case it screws up and it goes against me.

Let’s go back to the days. So after looking at the months and everything on oil, my top, my first, uh, bet with this one would be 17. The options on this are pretty cheap. If you look so June, September area let’s look at June. I said July, but June was pretty close. So even if you look so look, the 17 June’s are 68 cents, right? The 16th, which you’re already in 84 cents. You were. So right now, if you buy the June’s, you’re only paying what 40 cents of premium, which isn’t bad at all right. And you’re holding it for 75 days with the potential of it going up to them almost 22, if oil can go. So that’s a decent one. I like that. Let me go ahead. Let me break that down. Cause that’s, you’re basically holding freedom Because if I, I hope you understand that if you don’t understand what I just said right there, you need to understand options a little bit better, but are really not because I bet you, you could even tell a calendar. Yeah. You could tell a calendar call cause look, um, I don’t want to go into that. That’s a little bit too confusing and I want to do that, however,


Um, I,

June seven, 16, 16 June.

Yeah. Cause they don’t know. I have monthly. I liked that looks looks good because we’re, we’re looking at, uh, 17 or basically 18 breakout. And we’re trying to get the S the 17, the sixteens, the sixteens for under $2.


We’re already 84 cents in the money British put totally, um, uh, out of all of them or out of, so let’s look at a difference. Ooh, that’s the one thing I did not look at earnings. So let’s look at weeks first. So we have earnings on four 21. That would be the only deterrent for me not getting this option right here is just for the earnings on off or the 19th. So I would say after earnings, after earnings, I mean, what’s the probability that’s going to have a negative earnings when oil shot all the way up, as much as it has, it’s a very low project or probability. However, not something I want to risk

British petroleum. When you look at the weeks that says, eh, it’s steady making a, a nice trial and like grind higher. We got rejected on the hundred week. Moving average kind of got rejected on the downside, but we’re also building some support. Mind you, this is on the week’s earnings on four 27, uh, with all of the, I’ll be very careful going into earnings. I understand the last earnings. It was great. It popped it up, but this is weak. And if you notice on the week of the earnings, it went down, but the next week it popped up. So then we give the earnings, they went down and the next week it popped up the week of the earnings. If down in the next week, it popped up. So I’m going to take that in consideration. Wait a little bit, see what happens with the earnings and go from there. There’s just too, there’s too much things that could happen when it comes to earnings and oil.

Now this one looks decent. I will say, I know the earnings are on the 30th. So again, be very careful, but this one’s showing like, look at the difference. This is E it’s showing a lid, so it’s already broken, right. It already filled this gap. It’s already taken out this, this struggle. It’s already taken out this struggle. So we’re looking at where are we? So we’re looking to try to take out the next struggles and we’re above the a hundred week moving average. Let’s go down to the day. Oh yeah. Look at that. That’s it’s at a high in the last three years. So with the, or within the last year, within the last year, is that a high within the last three years? Forties it’s high, but we’re, it looks like where we’re trying to go for that 32. So I would say yes with this, one of what are you doing?

No, I go out in August because this is what I’m saying. Like the 20 sevens, $2 out, this is ridiculously cheap. You could go for the thirties for 25 cents. And you’re getting like how many days? You’re at 135 days

With a target of 30. Like we’re looking at a target of 30 to a targeted 30 for 138 days. It’s only 50. So you’re giving it, this is literally, you’re not risking anything you’re lifting or you almost get it for 25 cents or $25 for a potential of $2 easy. Cause that’s just breaking the, to right here, which it doesn’t have very much thing. It has a 27. It has, uh, some defense at 28 had a little defense and give or take 30, 56 has offense up to 32. So yeah, this one, I liked this one better than I liked the KMI honestly, cause we’re giving ourselves a lot of time. Let’s look at November, but November is not very much more expensive. You have to look. So the November 27th, it’s almost better to get to. November’s just cause they’re cheaper. Right? Uh, there’s nobody even thinking about these, you know, of course in first let’s look at the front months different. Yeah. There’s not very many, there’s not very much volume in any of this. Honestly. However, the November for a, basically a dollar get a 27 fifties, that would be beautiful. Let’s go E

27 50 November.

Nope, go

Beautiful chart. Beautiful. One from 10. And it’s basically recap and it’s it’s, it’s, Richter’s, it’s all on. When the traveling comes back on, this is May 10th is, is, is its earnings. Um, this would probably be the only one out of all these I would be like, yeah, like we could probably hold into earnings just for this one simple fact look how powerful this bed. It has an, it is reaches bottom and gone full cylinders, all full steam ahead. Now we’re about to break out and it’s almost a, this is, remember let’s go on the month. Okay. So we’re not close to our Mo our forever high, which was in 1459. But if we break out of the 34, which we’re pretty close, right? If you see this line right here, our next one is 36 39, and then all the way up to 46. So we’re looking at a 14 point pre or four 14 points of a potential, which is enormous. Let’s just look at the, let’s look at this.

Yeah. See,

Even showing us our 42 and our 48 from the top to the bottom of that would be our one to seven and our six to one with the 34 Oh nine as being our next blockage, I would want to see what it does at the 34 Oh nine break above the 3,409 and then hold it and go from there. Now these are months. Let’s go back to the days. So yeah, that kind of gives us some lines to kind of look at, and you can see it got stopped at the 33, which is pretty close. And if you see these lines have been pretty consistent, it’s bouncing on here, holding this line, holding, holding, holding, holding, got stopped out before. Next one. Let’s look at that. And then if we do this every week, then we’re going to be paying attention. Once it holds it 34 Oh nine, then I’d be more apt to get it. The only reason I’m not right now is just because, I mean, we literally have a huge blockage in front of us. I mean, we do have a beautiful squeeze coming. Beautiful squeeze. My only thing, which is to see if you get above 34 Oh nine, break above coming down, then get it onto the next one.


Nope. I don’t like it. I like, I like it for the portfolio. I don’t like where it is right now.

Four 29. I mean, it’s, don’t get me wrong. When it comes to the weekly chart, it’s building, it’s PR it’s building it. It just, uh, the, the a hundred weeks it’s above it, broke it about to find support. So on a weekly chart, it looks a little bit better as it kind of stair-stepping itself a little bit higher, however, on a daily, I mean, it’s

And at the bakery break above the 50, right? For me to be interested, I was kind of see if it, it would, it does. Um, our earnings are coming pretty soon. $4 is the high let’s kind of check it out in a month. How high was this thought? 80. So when

We look at that, so we’re, this is our resistance and this is February of 16. So we’re, we’re, we’re being, our numbers are being are fighting right now, February of 16. That’s the battle what’s going on. Uh, with this one, earnings are four 29. Um, again, we got another week, let’s all look at this. The it’s nowhere near as Corona value. It’s like halfway through, it’s going to value. So I would just watch it, just wait, MMP. This one. Uh, if you look, I mean, this was at 90, but this is a partnership. So it’s very different. The reason why this is in the portfolio, it’s not in the portfolio for us to make a huge big game. Like this is more, that’s going to pay us lovely dividends

Or rather partnership agreements. The higher that oil goes, the better our partnership agreements going to be. So that’s more or less where we’re looking, um, with the monthly chart. Yeah. I mean, we could break out of the 46 and we make it up to the 61, which would be great. Um, Virgin to the mean we’re, we’re still, we’re still the 150 month moving averages are kind of trending down. It’s not something I’d really want to bet my house on. That’s not the reason why this is in our portfolio. This is in our portfolio for dividends.

Uh, total on the monthly.


It’s not horrible. The daily. Okay. Look on the daily. We just bouncing off the 50. So, you know, trended, it, it has gone past the 50 kind of training on the 100. So just keep that in mind that it could kind of rumble down here, but it really has to do with the price of oil. Let’s not forget this was then oil bounced up and then it kind of came down and now oil is about to go on this trajectory or at least attempt a little bit higher. So it’s the price of oil is going to bring all these stocks higher, the best ones to play. I’m not really quite sure. I kinda liked the Sunoco. Uh, I’m going to put Sonoco note, the KMI Sunoco and the E uh, the ones that I have written down are KMI June and E Sunoco. I don’t know why I didn’t really figure that.

Um, cause it, it, Oh, after I want to see it hit the 34 Oh nine and then go for it. That’s why it’s a no-code is not written down, but Sunoco looked amazing. Exxon mobile there. I mean, if oil continues to rise, ExxonMobil’s going above 62. It’s just, it’s just gonna happen. Look at our minds. It was like in the hundreds. Yeah. So it was at a hundred, we’re almost at the Corona. 70 was a Corona. We had a long, a hard time kind of breaking above the 30. I mean, we were stuck in the thirties, although basically up until, uh, what is this, the beginning of this year? So Exxon was amazing purchase down here. Now, do I think it’s going to continue to rise and be above its glory days? Yes I do. Because they are also trying to transition to, to renewable energy. So this entire time that oil has been down, it’s allowed these, these behemoths to buy a lot of energy, right. And kind of diversify their assets. These guys have a lot of money and they have a lot of like, LLPs where they get paid. A lot of just royalties off of their operations.

Um, for this moment though,

Four 30. Uh, when you look at the weekly, they are above the 50 and the a hundred and there, this looks decent. It looks decent. Just be careful. Cause you’re going to get some or, uh, some the beat, the butter, you’re going to have some resistance right around this level of the 66. Um, mind you, we’re only starting with a small amount of option money to partake. So I can’t have every opportunity. It looks good. Am I gonna jump on? Um, but that looks like a decent opportunity. As long as it stays above the, the yellow and the red line on the weekly chart, the daily chart it’s well above it. It’s well above it. I would just be a little careful and wait for the 50 to kind of creep up towards it. Uh, is it doesn’t look like it’s wants to go any lower, but it might be waiting for a time for both of these to kind of go up and meet it where it’s at before it takes off again.


I mean, looking at the year, we’re looking great. Almost great. I thought that was a Corona high. However, it’s not the Corona high was up, was up here 97. So we’re 20 points out of the, the high, but we’re on the weekly chart. I mean, this is kind of what you’re looking. Whoa, look at this the 22nd. So I’d be careful on all of these have earnings coming up, which I would like to see after the earnings, what they say. But again, at all the earnings, this could really take you to like shoot the stocks higher just for the simple fact, oil has gone higher. So they’re every borough barrel of oil they produce today. Tomorrow, yesterday is at a what? $20 premium than a year before. So oil should be looking good there. Their numbers should come in. Good. But it’s just nervous. You don’t know. I don’t know all the intricacies of each of these countries

Or rather companies. So I wouldn’t be a hundred percent sure is betting long on each one of these going into earnings. We don’t know how much of the oil they sold three months prior. That’s more or less what I’m talking about because yes, oil has gone on, I skyrocket, but if they sold other oil, let’s say they sold, uh, cause it’s all futures. So if they sold all their oil at $45 and it’s at $60 right now, then they didn’t gain anything really off this pop. They’d already sold it at 45, so they didn’t lose, but they didn’t gain. So then that would take another three months, which would, would come up in the June earning or June, July, something like that, August earnings report, which on that one would pop it right? If oil maintained at a certain level above 60, because then on the second one, if they sell on that quarter, then they sold it at 60 opposed to 45. I understand maybe not the most, uh, best description. Um, if you followed me great, if you didn’t, I apologize.


Seminar in Valero kind of look the same As in they came now they’re looking to kind of pop, but Chevron looks a little bit better. I will say it is finding it support at it’s mid, uh, just as June of last year when it got rejected from the 50 week, uh, it is above that level. We are sniffing this, so we’re right at. Okay. So yeah, our high, this I over here is at the bottom of this range. So the whole 2000 years is 2019, the 2019 range. We were at the bottom of it, which is really nice.

And we’re above the, before the great, the great, the perfect storm, right? So the, the low of that was give or take one Oh five 61. We’re at one Oh five 75. So if we can hold above that one on five 61 and you know, time kind of brings these higher than Chevron would be something I would love to see what’s even the earnings

30. So at the end of this month, then this month, we’re going to see a lot bouncing around in the oil market. So yeah, look, it was at a one 12. This bad boy wants to go higher. It wants to be above one 12. I can feel it, it again, it might be a couple more days, let the 150 day moving average, move up closer. And then I’m, I’m guessing it’s going to, uh, absorb both these marks because it wanted to go down, but it almost did. We’re looking at 199, basically a dollar away from touching. So let’s wait a little bit because now if you look at it, uh, the 50 is now at this level. So if it goes a little bit higher, if it, this maintains it, then the 50 is going to go a little bit higher and we’ll probably reach around the one Oh two. So when the 50 gets to about one Oh two, if it touches it, then I could see it skyrocketing from there. All right. That’s all of them. And talk to you next week.