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Utilities May 2 (NOVA, BEP, NRG, AES, MESEX, DTE, DUK, IDA, AWK)

We have our utilities. We’re a start with some Nova. This is a very disappointed stock. Very disappointed. So we, It looked I enjoy the company. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a very disappointing chart. Let me rephrase that. Cause I enjoy the company. I believe in what they’re trying to do. It’s just doesn’t look like they’re catching a break. Does it? Like we, it’s having a hard time breaking out of this. The 40, as you see, we went all the way. We broke all the way up to 43. And then, I mean, this was in April 1st and then an entire month for us to get up to 40. But then as you can see, it broke down. So we have a flex point or inflection wherever you want to call it. Point right here. Literally right around here. Yeah. Cause look, we have a touch year here. We just draw a lines to you and talk about

So right there, if we break below there, then it’s rolled over. I would like to see this, come down to this line, then come back and then beat the 42 and then break above the, the 43. Like I said, if you were to look like over here, it looks like we had a lot of momentum, beautiful day bounced off of it perfectly, but then earnings came out. They beat on earnings, I guess, but you can’t really say you beat when you’re still a negative. So very frustrating. I don’t like the stock. I, I liked it over here. If you’re not, it’s like it’s over here, But what’s he come next week? If it can hold his line, then we might have a different perspective. Brookfield, renewable partners. Yeah. This looks terrible to what looks like we could short these honestly. Yeah, that looks like we’re we’re going down. Let’s see. That’s that’s is kind of crazy. Well, it’s a three for one stock split or three for two Last year and we ran up, look at this.

So earnings On the fourth. It does not look like this stock is Well, yeah. So far what we found two bearish stocks, which we can’t really say anything negative about or to say anything. Yeah. I just don’t like the fact that it’s so bears honestly, but yeah, Okay.

I see it. Can I, it looks like it’s going to 37 49. Let’s see, on earnings if it has a breakout on earnings, which I don’t think it is. I think it would probably disappoint if it does disappoint, then we might where’s the next place it could stop. Let’s say what 34, man. This could get ugly all the way down to 32. Who are you here? You see it? Well, 31 91. Yeah, let’s look at it. Let’s keep an eye on that. It looks like a short O H pattern And our G and the utilities are not looking pretty at all. We have a beautiful gap fill, which if we ever got up to 42, that would be beautiful. That’s what seven points from your six points. We, Ooh, We’re holding this right here. Like this low, right? A year OCI earnings or five, six. I’d want to see what the earnings do, however or see what it is after the last earnings is when, I mean it was it’s volatile, but then it shot right up. I don’t know anything about this, but energy. We’re going to, We’re going to keep this one to the side as a speculative fun play.

Okay, here we go. Now we’re looking at something that looks decent. At least we’re trending higher. We’re getting really close to the top. Are you here at the top? Right here at 29 or 27. This has been, this is pretty strong. The last earnings They beat, but they kind of got destroyed a to two weeks later. They were hired where they haven’t. They resigned before then this draw some lines.


Yeah. Here we go. We’re not going to worry about any of this Here to here,


Now getting in on something like this. This might be completely early. Right? However, we’re it. I mean, it’s working perfect. And if you’re paying attention to six, one eight, it hit here. I mean, we got rejected. Yes. I see that. I don’t like the rejection. However, when we came all the way back, we were right there. I mean, we’re right at the number. Got rejected. Halfway holding. Let’s did we hold it? Did we close above or below? Okay. I mean, we are literally at the number. Let me back up. Excuse me. I’m sorry. So what to hold this number? And I, this could be my drawing as 27, 85. We’re at 27 82. So we’re literally at the number. If we can hold the 27 85 and I look, I’d be looking for a shot up or just continuously go back up, retest these highs right here and then test the yearly highs with the upper trajectory of 30 to 32. But I say what? Where’s the sixth. Tomorrow’s the third, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, fourth, fifth, sixth, Thursday, Thursday. So it’s, it’s what we get one day. So we’ll have Thursday, Friday, and then we’ll do another report and we’re going to see where we’re at. So I mean, we might miss out, but it’s all right. We’ll check it out next week. Middlesex. I like, I like it.

It’s I like

One, two, three, four, five. So it had all of last week to kind of recover. And if you kind of look, it didn’t go anywhere. Right? Of like look at it from where it was on the eighth. Here we go like this. Now we’re doing the risk retracement from here to, I almost want to go back to here, but that’s, that’s cheating a little bit. We’ll go into a little bit, even closer in and that’s kind of more or less what I’m talking about. We’re at the 50% retracement of that last move, right? Starting October. No, sorry. April 8th. We came down. Yeah. If it breaks the 50%, there’s a higher probability that it rolls over. Yes. I do know that, but let’s run our numbers

To the touch before and you can, I mean, you can’t see my fingers. I wish you could, but you can see the PLU, how it didn’t break. If we go on or run it on that number. If we run it to where it basically started, then we’re at the 50%. Does that make sense? I’m going to click that so you can see what I’m talking about. So you run it from here, which is, is not very far. It’s only March, but that was like the big, that was like the last big hurrah up and then down right before we went on this big bull run, then you can notice that we’re literally, we broke below the 50 by hair, but we’re at the 50 and we’re wow. It looks like it’s going good. Which is another, if you ever pay attention to favorite nasty queen, she talks about the numbers, the lines lining up. So our three, our 3.8 return are line. And our 50% line are basically touching perfectly. Our 50% line up here in our 6.8 are touching it perfectly. So they’re in, they’re literally in congruence with each other in line with each other. So I would say of all of them, this is the most promising right now. The pencil.

Well, that sucks. My pen’s not working. Okay. I got one. So onto the next one, but I do. I enjoyed them and I hope you understand why.

All, alright, let’s go. M sex sex. R D T E. Oh man. That’s looks, this looks nice. We just had earnings. We blew out earnings. It looks, you see, it’s not the greatest breakout, but yeah, we’re about to, it looks like we’re about to break out DT energy. Yeah. I like this one. Don’t even need to argue during. We need to explain. It’s pretty to me, Duke energy, Basically the same chart is the one we just looked at. This looks like a break out it’s yeah, it looks beautiful.

And let me show you what I’m talking about.

Right. So basing it off of this. I mean, you saw where I went from, let me show you again. So I went from the low and cause it has literally gone straight up like massive strength. I mean, we’ve gone up a little bit. And then right back to the night, up a little bit nine to the nine up a lot to the nine. This is the first time we hit to the 20 and bounced and we’re above the nine. Right? So this looks beautiful. Pay attention just a little bit. We are, we have earnings coming up on the 10th, which is what not next week. The week after look how much potential we have. The 50% is one Oh six. Right? So you have Duke is probably me and we’re getting too many of these in here.

Here we go with this one. This one’s beautiful too. I like this. And we’re in a squeeze. We’re about to break out. Did we already have earnings? If we already had earnings and they beat, then I like it. Yes. They beat earnings. Momentum is going higher. I had a court.


I don’t know what it is since I got a new pen. It’s kind of like all these. No wonder the professorial looks decent. I was getting worried. Cause there’s a few of them are like, what? How’s my portfolio doing? Decent. Make sense? You’ve got all these other ones. I do like this. I do.

It got stopped out where we’re supposed to came down, building support, get a little momentum and then break out. That’s a five-point move. But if it breaks out, we’re looking at a 70. If we’re looking for 71 72, does that make sense? So let me show you. Let’s bring it closer. All right. So we’re riding around by blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We make a high break out a little bit, get rejected, get rejected, heart break below our low. But then since then, so it’s like clear in everybody out. Right? It’s cleared words. So this is last year. So it cleared. So, okay. This is around Corona and like of last year, it cleared out from who invested since last September. Right? And then since then it’s almost ready to go. So American water. I like it. A w K. Now this is not good because we have too many. We found five of them. No six and only 10 of them. So six out of 10 that’s it’s too much. So let’s go over them again. And our G Yeah, we’re going to have to say no. Well, let’s see. Cause this, the options on this are going to be like 10 cents.

No, they’re way more expensive than I want to spend. Nope. See that’s that’s just for the 36 is we’re 20 cents out of money. That’s a dollar 20. I’m trying to give like the 38. That’s great. Oh, I see why. Because we have all implied volatility is going to be super high because of this, the earnings. I’m good. Let’s look at June. See what I’m saying? Well, no, it’s really about the same. Nope. Don’t like NRG, the bang for the buck. It’s not, it’s not where I want it to be. And cross that off. Let’s go Middlesex. Oh, there is no volume in this. Nobody is nobody trades. This. This would be kind of difficult to browse to get out. He there’s no volume at all. I like it. Let’s see how far


Earnings earnings coming up next week. Oh no, this is theirs. I was excited about it before I seen there’s no volume. There’s nobody that trades these options on me. There’s what? 30 right there. 40. Hmm. This is one, two, three, four, five, five days of a huge drop. We were at 85 work. So only $3. What’s your nineties, our nineties coming out.

See, this is All right. This is what we’re going to do. I do enjoy this. I don’t like that. There’s no volume. So we’re going to go out. Right? See, look at this. The June’s are a dollar by a dollar 40.

Are you seeing this? Look at this?

The eighties, 19 days away are about the same price as the 80 fives. 47 days away. So yeah, right here, I found it. I found it these right here. Or if, if I can’t get them, cause there’s little to no volume, then we’re looking at the one hundreds and just don’t buy a whole bunch of them. One of the one hundreds at 50 cents. So we’ll do Middlesex, June 85 or 100 now let’s look at D T E.

I like D T E. Let’s see if we can get something. Look how cheap these are. No one’s paying attention. No there’s no, no. One’s paying attention to any of these means. Yeah.

I implied for hotel is extremely low. A one 41 is the breakout. We can get the, Oh, that’s why. Cause they’re five point increments. I was about to be. I was about to jump up and down like, wow. It’s dirt cheap. I know it’s not it’s five point increments. And as much as this does move 30 it’s five that’s six points. Break it out. Yeah. I mean, I don’t see why not 19 days gives us basically this week, next week. And then Yeah, this week, next week. End of the third week. I don’t know how we have 19. Yup. Yup. Yup. That makes sense. So the third week I like it. We’ll go One 45 may

Duke Duke again.

Let’s this is just all high. When did we have this? This is on the 10th. So it’s next week. We do not want to hold this may give us a little bit of gift. Oh, it’s so cheap too. It’s super cheap. One Oh six is basically a hard target within the next 45 days. I mean it’s it’s I mean, we’re probably might not get there in 45 days, but getting close enough to it is good enough for me and okay. We can get it for 45 cents. So one Oh six, that’s a double up right there. If we get to two points. So Duke June one Oh five. All right. Ida court out of court looks, I mean, it’s, it’s just beautiful about the breakout to Ida and yeah. It’s relatively cheap. How far do we think we could go out One Oh seven would be target. I hope you guys saw what I did. One Oh seven target one Oh seven. They’re kind of expensive.

Oh man. There is zero volume. You see this? There’s nobody. Yeah, we could see, we can try to get the one on fives. I feel like a dollar. We can’t pay $3 for it because we’re only trying to get like our targets one Oh seven. We’ll get the one Oh five, $2. The most we can spend as a dollar. We can try to get it for a dollar. I don’t think we’ll get it for a dollar, a seat. 19 cents. Can we get it for a dollar? Yep. We can get these for a dollar. I go for that. There we go. All right. A court may one Oh five and for the last one, a w K a w K let’s look, let’s run us from here. Oh, it’s a give or take right there to our bottom. All right. So we’re kind of, when did they report on the fourth? So they’re reporting pretty early.

We got 19 today days. What is where’s 19 days ago.

So it was basically at the same spot. It was 19 days ago. 19 days it’s gone $3. Okay. That’s good to know. It looks like the same place, but it ha it’s $3. So if we were to 19 days, AWS, K $3 boom. In one, we’re looking at one sixties. These must be 10 points, but not one sixties. One 50. Yeah.

I would, I almost want to try the one 65 because if it breaks out, then we’re looking at one 69. Yep. I’m going to try it 19 days. One 60. Well, wait a minute. When is, yeah, it’s on the fourth. So that gives us a whole two weeks to try to get to one 65. So one 65 may. All right. I hope you enjoyed and learned something. And maybe you agree with my predictions. Maybe you don’t but only time will tell how horrible I was or how great I was seeing next week.


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