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We have American water, which is basically right up to its big resistance. Hmm. So this is Thursday. All right. Thursday was a terrible day. 55 to 53, basically. Yeah. That was a nasty day. However, it was a beautiful day for us, for what it did. It shook itself out and we began the squeeze. Yeah. Cause it makes sense. Consolidation, periods, consolidation, period. Well, this was a liquidation, basically. Liquidation break it, everybody out. We can’t out consolidation. Our moving averages moved back positive above the 50. We retested the 50 after breaking out or getting basically to our our zone on Monday and then reached our 50, which is beautiful. And now we’re looking to go up. Momentum shifted on Friday as well. A WK looks like we are finally going to break out of this level of 56, 41 with the upcoming Week. Middlesex. I like it. Look at this as well. That’s a sucks. I was, I was late. Right. So

I didn’t give myself enough time. This looks amazing. It looks like we’re headed up to the here. Finally I got in here to break out, but it took from basically from April 30th to May 30th for it to do something. So I didn’t get anything on this, which is terrible, but whatever. It’s finally starting to break out and I still say, this is beautiful looking to go to 87 to 89 or to 91 and finally broke out and broke out beautifully. So look for it to continue. Ida, if you squeeze broke low, but we just hit the hundred. If you were to just be like a textbook trader our technical trader all the way by with a very short stop, just because it hit the 100. So there should be some buyers there to pop us up to probably the 99 48. But don’t forget, you have a big level right here at the 98 48. So that’s hard. I kind of see what would happen again. If you were just to trace during textbook, this would be your entry Point right here. Duke

Very frustrated with duke. I, I w I thought here we would start to transition at least attempt to go to one oh six, but we literally have gone five straight days down with a squeeze looking down. So what looked amazing here looks terrible here. Republic services. I, I, this, this looks pretty decent to me. We had three down days, which was pretty much consolidated. Like it didn’t go very far down. And then Thursday, we had a decent, strong update, which closed above Wednesday’s high. Then Friday, it looks like we almost held the two six extension, but we’ll see til Monday, I don’t really see there’s too much issue with this. We are in negative. We are in a squeeze with downward momentum. I don’t really see it. I kind of see that we can transition ourselves up to at least one 12. So Nova still ugly. Stay out of the way. A E S no. I mean, it’s holding the, the nine, nine period moving average, but Has To really kind of get above the a hundred before I even want to talk about it. D T E. Well, this is like heavy momentum down. We are closer to 50. So wash the 50. We ha we’re really not that far away from the hunt or like the high. So just keep that in mind as the 50 keeps creeping higher, the momentum says down, however, on these last three down days, it actually kind of float higher, right? It’s yes, it’s down, but it flowed higher. Right? So it’s bringing our moving average higher than lower. So I kind of see maybe Monday or Tuesday tomorrow, we hit the 50 and then look for it to try to transition back up to the high. Yeah, I, yeah, it just, just keeps wanting to go lower. Doesn’t it? It just doesn’t want to go. We drew lines two weeks ago and it broke down and we drew lines last week and it broke down. So it just doesn’t look like it wants to go higher at all. It looks like it wants to go lower. Yeah.

Brookfield energy, renewable partners looks good. The hundred it’s it makes sense. It’s trying to battle above the hundred as it’s, it’s trying to change direction, change from being down to being now, if it can get above the a hundred, it’ll be a positive stock. So, or just above the 100, not a positive stock, but a above 100. So it makes sense. There’ll be some resistance there. We’re looking at the nine has came all the way back or caught all the way up. See the bounce off the nine or the 20, and then see if we can gain enough momentum to break through the 100. Alright, so you guys next week,



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