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Republic Services:

They Offer Three Different Services Dumpster Rental, The Business Solutions, And Home Solutions. Measured By Revenue Republic Services Is The Second Largest Garbage Company. They Have Over 16000 Garbage Trucks In Service They Operate In 40 States Including Puerto Rico 343 Collections Operations, 204 Transfer Stations, 195 Landfills, 90 Recycling Centers, 7 Treatment Locations, And 11 Saltwater Disposal Wells. Landfills Produce A Lot Of Gas, Republic Services Has Operated 68 Landfill Gas And Renewable Energy Projects And Has Had The Responsibility To Close 124 Landfills. 

Republic Service Is Taking Their Landfill Gas-To-Energy Quite Serious In Texas At Their Longview Site They Generate 404 Million Cubic Feet Of Renewable Natural Gas Per Year. They Have Developed Over 73 Landfill Gas 2 Energy Projects Including 52 Electric Generating Plants 13 Btu Plants That Provide Landfill Gas Industrial Users 6 High Btu Plants That Produce Pipeline Quality Gas. The 52 Electric Projects Generate 323 Megawatts Of Electricity Enough To Power Over 250,000 Homes. Although Republic Service Is A Waste Management Company Their Solar Energy Is Capable Of Producing 80 Megawatts Of Electricity Enough To Power 208,000 Homes, As Of 2017 Republic Operate Over 236,000 Solar Panels.