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Body Evaluation not sure which day?

All right. Well, hopefully you guys can see us. It’s difficult. I don’t know how I did it the first couple of times where it was over. There we go. That’s a good view. All right. So we’re still, we’re still fat. All right. Don’t get me wrong. That’s me pushing all the way out. So little by little right there. I mean, this is trying to get the best view, like with my back straight. Cause I mean, I could link down like this, but then not just kind of making myself, I don’t know. We often, I mean, arm’s getting a little bit better getting a little bit more definition. Are you here? All right. Can’t show the legs. I should have, I shouldn’t afford his pants. Right. So then I would just be able to show you, but again, me taking the pants office suggested.

So I don’t know. I don’t want to do that. Let’s see. Yeah, we, I mean, you can see, I mean, there you go a little bit before I wasn’t able to do that. I know my legs are starting to feel a bit better just because I’m one of them riding a bike for an hour. All right. And then I’m also running for 20 minutes. My chest, my wind it’s difficult, right? Because I, I still, I’m not doing my, my heart rate, so I need to like focus more on my heart rate. But hopefully within maybe next week or the week after that, we’re start worrying about diet more. Give me a little bit more time to, you know, get accustomed to this hour long bike ride in the morning times. And I still get to do a sit ups.

So I’m trying to incorporate sit-ups with the bike ride, right? One, cause it’s cold in this house. What am I in my room? It’s one. But when I go over to the treadmill, it’s, it’s freezing. So laying on the ground and doing or sit-ups, I don’t feel like doing that in the goal. So I’m trying to figure like the most, most efficient way for me to do it where I’m not complaining about doing it and where I will do it. So I’m trying to solve that problem. But other than that, when my neck is killing me, I woke up. I think that might be part of the reason today was just a slow day. Couldn’t move my neck. You know how it kind of go, I’d have to go like this to move around. Their neck hurts. You got that’s how it’s been all day, but I’m feeling better. Right? world of difference got more air. You can breathe better. Kinda. I don’t know if it sounds weird, but even like my perspective on things is a lot different. Right? So before it’s just weird how the better you feel the night, it’s just like the days are brighter. If that makes any sense, aren’t going to take shower.

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March 3 Body Evaluation

Alright, ask me and pushing all the way out. This is me normal. I don’t know. Well, y’all think I’m thinking it’s getting a little bit better. I wish the light in here is a little bit better, but it’s all good. Chest is, is better still about the jiggling. That’s instilled out the love handles, but we’re gonna start juicing the next week. So hopefully that’s going to give us, or get rid of some of this, this blob right here that is just stubbornly. Won’t go anywhere. My cardio’s up, which is really nice. I is Ghana running longer? Not quite as winded when I walk around, I’m, I’m feeling more definition in my pictorial muscles, arms feeling a little bit tighter. I’m not really sure if they’re growing, but it just all around them feeling healthier. I can’t move a mountain yet, but you know, progress over perfection.

I’m really thinking that those extra pushups in the morning time are gonna start paying dividends. Not really quite sure. And then, like I was saying in the weekly video or the daily videos, I’m gonna raise the weight. Not much. So I’m not, I’m not gonna go King Kong on everybody, but I’m wanting to raise the weight probably five pounds. I did not this week. So we’ll probably have one more, one more body evil with the same weight, but probably the week after that, I’m going to amp it up just a little bit and put a little bit more weight on what we’re doing and then, you know, slowly but surely we need to add more because I know we’re, it seems like we’re doing a lot, but really just doing cardio. So the bulking and the begin and the growing’s not going to come from us, decreasing our mass.

Right. So right now, what we’re literally trying to do is slim down. And by doing so much running and doing so much like bike cycling, you know, we’re doing a couple pushups, one little smack, one little set up thing, or a couple sets of things, but that’s not going to get up, give us the bulk. It was the, the, the massive growth that, that some people associate with working out. Right? So as the time progresses, like, I didn’t want to bulk up really fast just because I had muscle memory. So my muscles remember being like, can work out a lot faster and I can grow faster than someone who hasn’t been in a gym and hasn’t been active their whole life. So part of this was going so unbelievably slow. So one building a better habit. And then two, I didn’t want to discourage anyone from starting, right?

So by this level would probably give it like another month, month and a half. Like right now it’s March. I’m in. No hurry if you’re in. No hurry. So we might talk about may or April, mid April really get heavy into bulking up adding legs, squats, bench, press, all that kind of stuff, but we’re going slow. And I hope you guys are enjoying going slow. I’m S I can tell a little difference. I’m not going to lie this week. Well, before I really couldn’t tell a difference. My hair is getting hot longer besides that part but I can feel a difference and I can start to see a difference. So I’m happy about that taken awhile, but slowly, slowly, but surely I can see a difference. And remember this progress over perfection. Take shower now. See you later. 

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March 10 Body Evaluation

All right. Body Val, That’s me pushing out right there. So I think I’ve lost some weight. What do you guys think? Well, actually that’s a lot. I have not lost any weight. I weighed myself yesterday. I’m still at 200 pounds. So my weight is just converted from blubbery, terrible newness, which we still got Glover, or I don’t get it wrong. We’re not where we need to be, but we are getting much better, much better.


Not quite as, I mean, we still have to work hard here. Like our love handles. That’s probably the next thing that’s going to be. My main focus is, is trying to do more, like sit ups to the side, you know, try to kill the, kill this over here and kill this over here. My pictorials are working pretty nice. It’s starting to warm up. The more, the warmer it gets. The more we add, like like we know arms

Showing a little bit of definition. I can’t really see if my skin is better, but I mean, I feel better feel more like I feel healthier. Right. I asked what I’ll say, I’ll say I feel healthier. I’m not going to say I feel amazing. Cause I don’t, I’m not going to say everything’s great cause it’s not. But do I feel better than I did before? Yes. I think I’ve been doing juicing for the last couple of days. I do not think that that’s working. I think it’s having to inverse an inverse reaction towards my body. Think I was already pretty healthy. And then me just shooting myself with vegetables and nothing else. It’s, it’s eating the fat. It’s not, it’s not doing what I wanted it to do. Cause it’s, it’s really killing. It’s killing my, my energy. And it’s making like the workout a lot harder than it should be a lot harder than it was last week. So besides the fact that it looks like my muscles in my body’s coming back together, I’m gonna leave it like that. Keep it going. I hopefully you have been doing the same thing a week. Excuse me, a weekly body eval. If you haven’t, you should start. Cause you know, you won’t see your change unless you do a weekly Ebell so talk to you guys next week. Have a great one. Stay motivated.

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February 24 Body Evaluation

Arms seen a little bit more definition. I don’t know. You can kind of see it. And there’s a little bit more definition at the bottom line article. I know. I can’t really, yeah, I can’t, I’m holding your phone, but if you can see it stomach’s still kinda like out there hopefully like, cause I still got right here and I, I mean, I don’t like that at all. So hopefully next month when we work on nutrition, I’ll figure out how I can slim that part down. Right. And cause I think in some of it has to do cause I I’m, I’m writing quite a bit and the treadmill, so I’m cutting a lot of calories. It, this doesn’t seem like I’m slimming down weight as fast as I would like to. So I think in a lot of that has to do with the diet and the foods that I’m eating.

Like as you can see, like I’m cutting a little bit better. We’ll look at the arms a little bit. I mean, it’s still nothing, nothing to write home about, but I can feel that they’re getting tighter, which is always a good thing. Maybe my skin’s getting better. The running and everything, my cardio, I would like to say it’s getting a lot easier, but the first five to 10, my really up to the first 15 minutes, it’s it’s still not like easy. I haven’t upgraded the speed. Well, I did a little bit today. So what we’re going to try to do just from the cardio and trying to burn more calories kind of slimmed down is this upcoming week. We’re gonna try to slowly but surely upgrade the just speed it up is a little bit, not a lot, but just enough to, to kind of speed ourselves up and then we’ll see if that has any effect. It might, it might not. All right. Talk to you all next week.

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January 7 Body Evaluation

All right. This is where I am right now. All right. Don’t really having a definition in my chest. You can’t see my stomach. All right. This is well after my 10 days. So we’ll go from here. Our goal is right. No definition in the arm. That’s literally me flexing. So there’s no right. I run every day with us right now, running with sweat because freezing. All right. And then what that’s doing is also sweating. Then we know as we go, cause there’s more to within just running. You got to like drink your water. Water is very important. So you’ll go through the times. I’m going to be implementing more like not just running an exercise and I’ll be implementing more of like a nutrition. So I’ll be having classes while I’m going to be reading books. As, as if you know more about me, I have a library.

So I have a whole series on different nutrition books for you to learn from and to read. And then also a little secret that I like to do is I drink my V8, right? Not the fruity flavors, one, the actual vegetables, cause I’m trying to stimulate my vegetables. And then I also take a nice little shot of Apple cider vinegar. Right. I take the shot, Apple cider vinegar, and then I cut it with vinegar or the V8 vegetable juice. And it’s worked for me before. Right. It kind of cleans my system, gives me a little bit more endurance flexibility. It takes the anti-oxidants out a little bit faster and it helps me cut my fat faster. It’s really up to you if that’s what you want to do. I also do the little weight mass thing sometimes. I don’t know if I’m going to do it this time because I’m not really trying to bulk up as much. I’m trying to just get myself in better shape. So there’s, I mean, each time each person would be a little bit different. So hopefully through the nutrition and a little courses and other little things that I’m bringing to the table, then you can kind of choose for yourself what works for your body type or for you better. All right. See you on another side. But again, that’s not, that’s this normally kind of chubby?

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January 20 Body Evaluation

All right. Clean his mirror. All right. So not much of a difference. I mean, to me, it’s not a difference at all, but maybe you guys can kind of see a difference. Maybe my, my chest is getting bigger. I don’t know why. Why is the light worse today than it usually is? Maybe it’s the camera still working with this belly is not, it won’t go away. I can feel a little bit more in my chest. Like I’m starting to get a little bit definition, but like I said, nothing to write home to still it’s still quite chubby. Yeah. I don’t know what was going on with the light seems like today is the lights the worst it’s ever been. But again, I think what I’ll probably do. I mean, my legs on my Krisha, the legs, cause then I have to take my pants off and that’d be those suggestive.

So I’m not going to do that right now. What it is probably next month, right? Let’s let’s so that’s, we have one more body gal for this week and then we’ll go into to week number five. So we can number five and thinking, you know, start adding some sit or something just cause, I mean, my cardio’s feeling better. Right. But this is, that’s this ridiculous, like that’s not sexy at all. Like I can’t even make it look good. You know what I mean? So that’s something I got, I got to get rid of that right from the side that’s it’s does not look sexy. I look in half pregnant, you know what I mean? And then the chest let’s see. No, I looked like an old man, so yeah, I don’t, I look terrible. Hopefully you guys are seeing the transition. I’m not, but whatever. I’m not going to quit just because I’m starting to feel better. You know what I mean?

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January 13 Body Evaluation

All right. I guess that’s a good angle. It’s still, still chubby. Nothing’s really like gone away there. Like I was talking to a friend yesterday. I don’t have really like, still nothing right here. I can feel him now. You know what I’m saying? A little bit better. I think that’s just because my muscles are a little bit swollen from working them for the last two days from doing the pushups as well. I can start, I can start feeling it in my, my flies, like right there, but you know, nothing really to write home about. Yeah, there’s a good light. I still, it’s still real jiggly arms still, nothing really there, I guess. Like again, I I’ve been working arms this week a little bit, or, you know, doing my 10 pushups and then 10 curls, you know, just hammer curls like this. So, I mean, I’m not just to make the arm bigger. Right. worry about others, other stuff later on. I don’t know. It’s kind of, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see my legs in the mirror. Yeah.

But if you look at my legs, there’s just, there’s zero definition in those. So, I mean, hopefully within the next, you know, by the end of this month so give or take about 30 days in, you know, once my body gets used to doing the pushups, I can get up to maybe three sets of pushups, three sets of of a curls, you know, cause you know, three to four sets mine to toothpaste up there, my bag then I’ll, you know, I’ll switch it up and then cause you know, I’ll, I’ll, we’ll start implementing other, other little steps. But again, I don’t, I don’t want to be like super sore why I don’t want to do it cause I want to be able to do this every day, like slowly but surely. So just like running 10 minutes is not going to hurt you, you know, doing 10 pushups and doing my 10 little curls on each arm.

It’s not enough. I mean, I’m not putting any stress on my body. However, I am like, I can feel myself being able to breathe a little bit better. Also I I’ve I’ve I’ve I haven’t rolled any cigarettes. I smoked like two or three cigarettes. If I’m enrolled in cigarettes, I still gotta work on, you know, rolling blends and smoking cigars. However, I bought a little pipe, so hopefully that will help out. Of course the overall goal is quit smoking period, but you know, baby steps to get us there. So we’ll check back in probably next Wednesday, Thursday kind of see if, if anything’s changed. I won’t notice a change just because I look at myself every day, but hopefully through like these videos, you’ll be able to see a change. All right.

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February 17 Body Evaluation

All right. So here’s all the way out. It’s tightening up right here. No, it’s still, I got those love handles,

Right? They’re not going anywhere,

Which they don’t tell you that these things are hard to get off of man. Hey, like yeah, love handles those. They like to stay because look at that, you know what I mean? And that that’s me running like 30 minutes every day and riding a bike for hours. So I’m really going to have to figure out what’s going on. As part of the reason I want to do this whole joke, juicing diet, because if I can knock off my little love handles, you know what I mean? Then I think I have a better chance. I, and it’s really uncomfortable right here. Like when I bend over and things, it’s all like this sitting right there, which is really uncomfortable and it doesn’t make me feel good when I’m riding a bike and my stomach is in the way. All right. So the workout is, is immensely easier. It’s basically like night and day doing the pushups and all that kind of good stuff. I’m doing three sets now. You can’t really tell maybe you can see more depth

My arm. I don’t know. Maybe no, no, I don’t know.

But I, I feel like that’s still working. I don’t forget. It’s we have one more week of February, which is next week. The goal is to, by the end of next week to be at completely four sets of everything, I might try another set tomorrow, since it’s Thursday weeks are going by, like, and it’s gone. So I’ll try to do that. Maybe I’m not a hundred percent sure. I’m also trying to incorporate something in the afternoon, like, cause it’s just, I have too much time on my hand which makes me refer back to negative habits. So I’m trying to fill my schedule up with more exercise. So we’ll stay tuned with that. Like I said, we’ve got one more body you bow before my potential. We drink nothing but vegetables all day for at least a month to see how it goes. So I’m hopefully excited or I’m excited that hopefully we’ll be able to cut this excess blubber really fast. Cause you can see it magically. I don’t like it. So look forward to that. Yeah. Give me your likes, your comments. If you see a difference, give me a thumbs up, whatever. Thanks for the encouragement and talk to y’all later on.

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February 11 Body Evaluation

All right. Where the body Yves out, it feels kinda like I’m losing some weight. You guys got to be able to let me know. I mean I still feel bloated. There’s not quite as much. So like when I’m doing that, you can, I mean, they’re still jiggles. Don’t get me wrong. Is this still a lot of fat, but it’s better. It’s still kind of having my little fat pockets right there, arms. However, they’re getting a little bit more definition. Don’t really have my vein anymore. Still got to work that well, you saw this a little bit, but it’s, it’s not really there. Yeah, when we kind of flex. Yeah. There’s nothing there we are getting, I mean, I can almost start to sell, like tell us living down. You guys would have to be more of a judge on that, but yeah, again, yes, he see, we still got this, this excess like, love handle right there.

I got to really work on supposed to kind of, when I’m riding on the bike, I can feel it in a way. So I got I’m like, I’m doing my sit-ups every morning, so hopefully that will get me down there all the way push outs right there. Yeah, I don’t know. What, what do you guys think it’s getting better getting worse. I’m not really sure. Mahatma the shower is a little cold and I’m really sweaty, but yeah. I don’t feel any better. My cardio is night and day. I, when I first started this walking into my neighbor’s house, I was talking to him Poppins. Now I can walk up there. No problem. Not even think about it. So I know it’s working. I know the cardio is getting better, but again, I look at my club every day. So I have no idea if it’s better or not, it just looks the same, honestly in about a month or two, then I’m hoping to really see drastic change. But again every day, keep it going once a week, do a little Yves out and check yourself and then obviously look back five months later or two months later and be like, Oh wow. I have changed a lot. Right. Well, that’s what we’re, that’s in theory. That’s what we’re going for. So let me take shower, talk to y’all there.

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March 17 Body Evaluation

All right. It’s Wednesday body bow day. This is me like, Oh, well, I mean, I can eat lunch over it and stick it all the way out as far as I can, but normally that’s, that’s where it’s at. Um, so I don’t know. I would say I’m getting a little bit more defined. I’m getting a little bit more hairy too. Maybe we need to do something with that, but, uh, my chest looks like it’s, it’s a more defined, like a better curve right here. Um, yeah, I should have put it into the mirror. I’m sorry. That’s I, that’s why everything looks funny because I’m not looking in the mirror. Let me see if I can. Nope, can’t turn it around. I apologize. That’s why, that’s why I was wondering. Yeah, I apologize. So this body evil is going to be terrible because Eric forgot to turn the video to the mirror so you can see better, uh, arms a little bit, got a little bit more definition in them, nothing to really write home about, but we are getting a little bit of definition in our arms. Like I said, our pictorials, we can move them around a little bit each, usually the other one.

So stomach it’s tighter. It’s not jiggling around quite as much as it used to. Um, other than that, yeah, I’m feeling much better. Cardio is still working on that, but that could be because I run right after I smoked a cigar or blunt. So that could be part of the problem. Right. So maybe don’t smoke before you run and I’ll have more, uh, more cardio, right? So maybe that’ll be the plan. I’m not gonna make any promises there. However, uh, cause I’m more, more or less like this. Um, uh, there should be nothing that can stop me from doing whatever, but you know, science is sometimes wins Eric’s way is not always the best way. So maybe smoking before I run is not the most logical thing to do. However, if I’m going to stop, not sure, but other than that, like, uh, getting better, like, uh, feeling better, we’re doing a juicing thing. So, uh, I’ve done that for about 10 days now. Um, I guess my skin, my body’s feeling better. So going off of that, I’m hopping to shower, but uh, yeah. Keep it going. Uh, it’s not, it’s not a shift overnight, right. But we’ve been doing this for what maybe 12 weeks give or take 12 weeks. So, I mean, it’s a decent transformation in 12 weeks. We started just at 10 minutes a day and uh, yeah, you don’t really need very much time to change your life and we’ll go from there.