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January 20 Body Evaluation

All right. Clean his mirror. All right. So not much of a difference. I mean, to me, it’s not a difference at all, but maybe you guys can kind of see a difference. Maybe my, my chest is getting bigger. I don’t know why. Why is the light worse today than it usually is? Maybe it’s the camera still working with this belly is not, it won’t go away. I can feel a little bit more in my chest. Like I’m starting to get a little bit definition, but like I said, nothing to write home to still it’s still quite chubby. Yeah. I don’t know what was going on with the light seems like today is the lights the worst it’s ever been. But again, I think what I’ll probably do. I mean, my legs on my Krisha, the legs, cause then I have to take my pants off and that’d be those suggestive.

So I’m not going to do that right now. What it is probably next month, right? Let’s let’s so that’s, we have one more body gal for this week and then we’ll go into to week number five. So we can number five and thinking, you know, start adding some sit or something just cause, I mean, my cardio’s feeling better. Right. But this is, that’s this ridiculous, like that’s not sexy at all. Like I can’t even make it look good. You know what I mean? So that’s something I got, I got to get rid of that right from the side that’s it’s does not look sexy. I look in half pregnant, you know what I mean? And then the chest let’s see. No, I looked like an old man, so yeah, I don’t, I look terrible. Hopefully you guys are seeing the transition. I’m not, but whatever. I’m not going to quit just because I’m starting to feel better. You know what I mean?

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