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Advertising CNBC

On ad arbitrage, uh, probably one of the best websites out there doing it. Cause you won’t even notice that they’re doing it is CNBC, right? So they get let’s first. Let’s check out

All right. So they get 166 million people a month. Right?

Most of the people are searching it so they don’t have to spend very much money on advertisement. Right now the referral sites are here, whatever they’re direct a lot. And so people are literally just going to CMPC. So that’s what I do every, every morning is I go there. I don’t need anyone to tell me where it is or their Google search it. Social display and referrals are very small. The reason I wanted to bring this page up is this is looking at how many people come in 166 million, right? 166 million people see this ad. Right. And I think this is a Google ad because let’s refresh it. It’s not there all the time was to refresh again. How many times does it come up? So yeah, it’s a nine out of 10. What they hear? We came down here. No, There it is. Here it is. Boom. So that’s nice. And that’s a Google ad word. Cause it’s, it’s picking what I want to see. I have was on some, I was doing some research on some, on some different companies and so paper do pattern. Pager duty probably makes the most sense. It was something I was looking at. So then what we have over here. So that’s that’s one company. All right, here. It is again.

Where is it? See there. It is again. So, so far I’ve seen the same ad three times just by scrolling down, trying to find some, trying to find other things for you.

So let’s just, we’ll just pick anyone. It doesn’t matter. Wait for that as to come in.

So at of course the one that I Oh, okay. Here we go. So from the web here’s Taboola here’s the second one, right from the web. Here’s another Taboola feed. So you get it over here, right? So this is two more. Then over here, you get more from CNBC. So when you’re you’re reading down, you’re like, Oh, what else is there? Same ads, taboo. Again. The sponsored, if you click it tabula, then when you scroll down this right here, again, this, because you know, we’re looking at Joe Biden looking with American flag in the back. So what do you think? Here you go, boom, American flag in the back, this guy, but guess what? That’s an advertisement. More advertisements. So if you noticed, right, so you clicked on this page or I clicked on his page. We’re in politics. The Google ad, just, just on this one particular page. This is why I say CNBC does ad ad arbitrage better than anybody else. This is one, two, Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, Nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. See what you got Susie Orman. But it’s an ad. All right. So you think is in, here you go. Here’s another one. What’s his, whatever his name is, but it’s an advertisement. It’s not a, it’s not CNBC where we’re at 17. Something like that. 18,

1920, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 30, one 30, two 33 34 35 36 37.

38 39, 40 41 42 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 50, one 50, two 53, 54, 55, 56, 57. So on one page, one page 57 advertisements, 57. Right? And not one of them looks like an advertisement. If you just scroll through here, it doesn’t look like an advertisement, but it’s 57 different ways that they’re generating money. Now I seen a different company too. So let’s go right here.

They’re loading. Give it a second. Sponsored financial content. Right? So you’re over here and you know, obviously sponsored financial content, whatever that means. All right. Well that means it’s an ad by the money. Right? So on this page when it’s just one simple profile page, it doesn’t, I mean, you’ve got one ad that’s trying to come up right here. Three. This is one, two, three ads, right there.

Four, five, six, seven, eight. So on one at profile, page eight, no nine, nine advertisements on a small profile page. Right? So again, if you want to study and understand ad arbitrage, come to CNBC and just look how they did it. They because, and part of the reason, okay. Other newspapers and you know, they make money too. But the way that CNBC does it is the advertisements are so hidden, right? That is so difficult to know what is advertisement. And what’s not because when you look through it will scroll down. This is all, all of these are CNBC, all CNBC, CNBC, CNBC, CNBC, CNBC, CNBC, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

Then eventually you’ll get to a point where after you go through all their stuff and their articles, again, you keep seeing this on the side, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Make it grow. Well, wherever we were, what I noticed is that they would have CNBC stuff from the web, like seeing like this section would be CNBC. This section would be from the web CNBC, from the web. When they do that, it, it makes it almost impossible to tell which is an ad and which isn’t because the more you scroll you’re like, they just hit it so well. Right. Cause even right here, I mean, these are pro so advertisement as in, so if you want to read this article, right? So there it’s a little, do you know this is an e-commerce site, right? You don’t think he like it is an e-commerce site, but then they’re giving you all this right here. They give you a teaser and then boom, start your seven day trial. All why the while that’s their own personal website or their own personal and, uh, advertisement for their selves for four CNBC. So how many people are going to sign up for that? Like, look, how many different pro articles trending more pro?

And some of these are really old articles. So again, we’re going to some, just sum it up real quick. If you want to get an ad arbitrage study, how CNBC does it. In my opinion, they are bar none the best ad arbitragers out there.

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Advertising Investopedia

Meanwhile, I was looking around on this, on the side, doing market research might as well, film it and let you guys see what type of market research I’m doing today. We are on Investopedia, right? Let’s first check out how many people come to this site?

So we got 69 million people come to this site per month, right? It’s number eight in mining. It’s investing. That’s great, but that’s not right. That’s that’s just good information. You know, so we know that we have them enter like 50, some 50 plus million people looking at this page every month. Now let’s look at the advertisements.


Two, three. All right. That’s not that bad word. See, where, where does this take us?

No, that’s that’s interesting. I look at this. This is a, a clear advertisement, right? But as an advertisement for Investopedia, when you’re on their site, it makes absolutely no sense. I’m not quite sure why you would do that. So here’s another one. All right. Now let’s go in here. This is where the advertisement started popping up. You see, it’s taking a little bit of time

And this is also, uh, add choices, uh, choices. Let’s

Ads by Google. Look at that ads by Google.

All right. Well, I’m going to stop touching all the ads because so far I’m touching the ads and it’s restarting everything. Oh, look at this one. This one, won’t let you touch it.

But you see, they got their standard three different columns. So the add up on top, which is standard. You got your three, your little rows over here, your, your meat of your page. And then this whole entire side is advertisements. Part of what I wanted to do is it lets you know right here, advertiser disclosure. This means that when you click, these are here, they get a commission. Now I personally want to know which financial companies give you a commission, just because, okay, what they’re doing. So there’s two different things that you have to understand what’s going on in this page. So they’re collecting ad money. And then right here, this is not ad money, right? They’re not going to collect ad money from that. They’re going to collect an affiliate fee. Right? So as in, let’s just count how many on this page? One, two,

Three, four,

Five, six, seven, eight, eight. But I’m not really sure. Cause there’s no little button that says this is an ad. Right? You see I’m clicking. I’m not trying to click. Yeah, I did it.


All right. Did not mean to do that. But what happens here is part of what I wanted to see is over here and over here, they’re affiliate links. They’re not ads, which means that I want to take a picture of this, Which means that you click here. They’re getting a per they’re getting however much. I mean, it all depends on the program, but I just wanted to point that out now let’s

Let’s see something.

I liked how that ad kind of came down on, you know? Nevermind. It’s come down and then it goes back up. It’s it’s kind of in the way. Yup. It’s a Google ad. It was just this. All right. July 14th. Well, let’s remember is now the most important key to this is, remember how the page is set up. Right? Because eat if each and every one of these pages it’s the same, then it’s telling us something about ad arbitrage. Now remember we got one, two, one, add two, add three, Four, five, six, seven. Okay. You see the difference. This is a Google ad, right? This E-Trade ad right here is a Google ad. It says, add on top fidelity. This is also a Google ad, right? There’s a, there’s a reason why I’m gonna show you that

These are not ads. Okay?

So like I said, I’m, I don’t think these are ads. They’re the same ones over and over and over again per page. And there’s no, no speculation saying it’s an ad. So I’m guessing that is a,

The affiliate link

In a different little tutorial class, whatever you want to call this, we’ll go over other affiliate links and then we’ll go over. Why they’re doing this or why, why a company would not, would advertise the products, but then also try to sell the products themselves because they’re getting a double whammy. So Merrill Lynch or Verizon, or where is it? Merrill Lynch has pain to have. They’re like, all right, let me let’s explain this. No idea how much Merrill Lynch pays. However, alright fine. We’ll just do this. I’ll show you

Remember. They’re over 10 million. Like they’re getting paid $3 million a year. Great. If you don’t, it’s over 10 million people. So this, I don’t know. Let’s just guesstimate. How many? Let’s just say a million people

See that one particular. Let’s just say this, this ad right here, this Merrill Lynch, right? Or this E-Trade account right there. So let’s just say hypothetically speaking every month, because they’re on a lot of different pages, 890,000 people. See those two ads know mind you, this is all kind of, you got to grasp the concept. Don’t take my words, literal, grasp the concept of what I’m saying. So off of those two ads, they’re getting paid, let’s say $300,000 a year, right? Because a million people see these, this page and they’re there. So they’re making $300,000 by fidelity by E trade or I buy Merrill Lynch. Right? So they’re getting paid to put those advertisements on the page, but then they’re also getting paid because if you pay attention, if you’re reading an article, right, this is kind of like subliminal messaging. Right. So you see that, right?

You’re reading, you’re reading, reading, reading, see the Merrill Lynch ad. You’re like, okay. Yeah, that’s great. Oh, okay. Now we got E-Trade and we had fidelity. Right? All while you’re reading this article and you’re paying attention, you’re supplementally seeing these things, but not paying attention to remember this is at, I paid, there’s a reason why they’re doing it this way. They didn’t just do it this way just because it think, I thought it was a good idea. Sounded good. There’s a reason why they’re doing this. So they’re warming up your mind on different brokerages. And then at the very end, they got you, your brokerages with the name and the description of what it is. You click that they get paid. So they’re getting paid from the, these exact companies to basically warm you up throughout the article. And then when you click their ad, because if you notice the ads stopped right here. So you still have a decent amount of articles to read before you’re hit with the final advertisement. So it’s kind of like a funnel. It’s a sales page. There’s a reason why they’re doing it. They’re trying to get you to read page. So the top of the page pays for this. Right. They’re generating capital. And then on the side, they get a little bit more. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Cause let’s see if there’s any more. Okay.

What is a key currency now again, let’s look at our advertisements here all the way here and then we’ll see how they break their affiliate offers. Oh. And uh, we see. So every last one was, I mean, besides Verizon, if you’re paying attention to this, right, you, you can kind of start seeing what I’m talking about. So getting paid, getting paid, I don’t even know what this is. Nurses, families, whatever that is. They’re getting paid the bettering your up and then boom. You click these, they get paid again. And then here’s a bottom one. All right. Only to see this advertised, what does, what do they talk about to die? All right. What, what is this? [inaudible] Okay. This is great. Um, but what is it?

All right for everybody out there. Just a quick little thing. This is all great information. Great. I have no idea what this company is. Ha, there we go. There’s was a publisher. I’ve never heard of him.

They weren’t publisher of the year. I have never even heard of them. And I’ve heard of one of the companies, but anyways, if you are publishing your visual view of content, here’s another little, little company I got to pay attention to. If we’re going to focus on cocktails, you know, I don’t organic traffic

I’m not going to lie. I don’t like this website very much. Um, it doesn’t

It’s actually a pretty sh Oh, excuse my. Friend’s a pretty website. Cause I still, I mean, I understand there are publishing website, but there’s just a whole bunch of just noise on here. It’s just, doesn’t just tell me what the hell to do. I don’t care about your brands. Cause all this is going to do is literally bring me to their websites, which is not going to help me do anything. Let me show you

How did this help me? I still do not know what this company can do for you. The only thing I know is that it works with a whole bunch of different companies, our work. See again, it doesn’t tell your anyways.

I mean, they’re great with numbers and all that, but um,

Where do you sign up? So I guess if you want to have inquiries, you have to go really, really stupid old school and send an inquiry. Like that’s just stupid. It cannot be making that much money on this place. You got to do something that old school let’s see how many people come to this website a month.

So 200,000 people come to that site per month. I guess it’s an ad network. I’m still not. I have no idea what this is. Let’s go back to invest it. So it is, it’s saying that if you want to advertise with them, go there, but then you go to this site and who knows what this is. It’s not very helpful. Like at all,

Uh, do some more research, but we’re getting off the topic on doc dash. So we’re going right back over here. So we’re going to summit this little sector up. Let’s go to in the news today. See if we find a different ad network. We know this one right here is a Google ad in the market news. This is an advertisement ad preferences. What is this ad from? All right. We know what ad market is, is from local doc. I don’t know. Cause that’s just the ad. Is this the same thing? Okay. And there it is. So I guess is, I don’t know what that is weird. Any who? Cause I don’t understand how you click this. You’re at this. And then it brings you to It’s just weird how they’re doing that. But there you go. And then you got your affiliate links Lite there. Okay.

Just click this and see one more because after a while it gets kind of interesting to see where they place their ads. So I’m surprised on this one, they only have two ads on this page. It must have not been a very popular page. No, I, I need you guys to understand this. So what Google’s going to do, which is this is, this is absolutely ingenious. So they have these brokerage companies that they collect and affiliate, right? So if you click on any of those by accident, then Google is going to track what you are looking for. So it’s going to throw you their ads. So this personal capital or an empower company, uh, I don’t know which one, this is personal capital, same one.

What was this? I’ve never even seen an Instagram ad. That’s crazy. So yeah, that is how that’s the last one we did on CNBC. This one’s Investopedia ad arbitrage. Now remember we found, we talked a little bit about affiliate marketing and how they are warming the traffic up to present the offer at the bottom, which they get paid for. Um, we found, uh, some different ad network that don’t dot dash, which you got to have to do a little bit more of your own due diligence. Because when I, this video is not for that, I will do it later, uh, on a different video. But this one was surely just trying to look at what type of ad arbitrage they had on here. Like the type of ads get paid. And then like what they’re doing is a whole bunch of advertisements. And then they’re warming you up by seeing this things. [inaudible] whatever that is warming you up to at the bottom, selling you on each and every one of these pages. So it’s let me put that in.

I did a rough count. Now you see this little thing right here. It says, see complete list. I did not do the complete list. I did a rough count of just these right here. And I think it was something like 640 different ones, 640 different pages. So 640 different opportunities for people to see the sequence of ads and be warmed up to, uh, sign up for one of the brokerage accounts that they are offering for you. Now again, dot dash have to kind of understand like what that is. I’m not quite sure what, how, how dot dash helps them out, but figure it out later on. All right. Have a good one.

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What I Learned From Tai Lopez

Good morning. Good night. Good evening, whatever time it is for you. Uh, before I started reading a book, I just finished the class, um, with Tai Tai Lopez. I don’t know if you know who he is. Um, I’m doing this video right now, but if you’re watching this video, I’ll probably put a little picture so you can, you know, cause sometimes it helps when you see picture to remember. Right. Cause I don’t, I, me personally, I can’t remember anybody’s name. Right. But if I see a picture that I remember a picture or, but the reason I’m making this video is I really want to express like what I learned and like for maybe a lot of people see the ad and think it’s full of a whole bunch of like, just crap. Well, that’s at least that’s what I thought a few years ago. Right.

I seen his juice is about what three, four years ago I seen one of his videos and it was him with a Ferrari or Lamborghini or something like that, some fancy car or whatever. And I just thought it was like the biggest hoax, the biggest scam. And then I seen through, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this other thing, click banks. And I was like, Whoa, no, I guess at least he has it up there and let me see if I can promote load it. But then it was like, he won’t, he couldn’t promote, unless you bought one of his programs. I was like, Oh, that’s even more of a scam. Like there’s no way he has his stuff has to be crap. Right. But then I don’t know what it was. It was, it was like last year. Cause I had been taking classes like on the stock market over and over and over again. And I haven’t had very much of any success. The only successful thing that I’ve had on the stock market isn’t successfully at losing money. Right.

But then, so I was looking for a different app and I was like, man, I have been doing this consistently over and over and over it’s to the point where it’s insane. All right. So I had to find something different and what I did was like, I was like, you know what, I’m going to take a chance. All right. And just by chance, like maybe, maybe Ty heard me say it in my mind or whatever, because it just so happened. I got an email from him and he was throwing an unbelievable sale discount on one of his courses. I was like, you know what? It’s so unbelievably cheap. I cannot pass this up. So I went ahead and bought it and it was the e-commerce and I started listening to a little bit and, but I’m not going to lie like on a lot of his courses, what he does is he’s a marketer, so he’ll do the beginning course.

And then the rest of it will be somebody else. Right. And I didn’t enjoy that as much. Like yes, it was, it was great to listen to, but not all of them had the same voices tie, if that makes sense. Like some people are really easy to listen to and some people are not right. Some like some of the people on there were real salesy or whatever, but the, that I attained was amazing. Right. But it was, it’s a lot, all at one time, if that makes any sense as well. Like it is a lot of information it’s like BombBomb, like you’re bombarded with without course upon hours upon hours information. And is it all relevant? Is it all yes. But it’s also a learning process. Like if you think that you’re going to jump into the program and watch all the videos in an hour, it’s impossible.

Right. It is literally impossible. It’s set up for you to take time. All right. So it’s, it’s broken down into steps. Right. But that’s the e-commerce right, right. I mean, you can also search for that, but then later I took, uh, another one of his courses, you know, on, on the e-commerce I just kind of picked and chose. Right. I kinda, cause I like it, it was a great introduction, but my mind, like I wasn’t ready for all the information they were giving. All right. Is it, like I said, it was, it was a whole bunch, but it was worth every penny that I spent because it got me to open a store. Right. I’m in the e-commerce, uh, world now. Right. And it, you know, I sell books online and then I took another one of his little courses where it was a little bit more, uh, they had more like on Amazon and it, cause I hadn’t the easiest way for me to start was through Amazon.

Right. And so like, uh, I started through Amazon right now. I have, uh, an Amazon bookstore. All right. I started with all different types of products, but for me, you know, books worked and uh, for, you know, more than just one reason, it’s easy for, I, I have a, like a supply, right. So when everything you need supply, because if you don’t have a consistent supply, then you know, no matter how much demand do you have your product, it’s not gonna work for you. Right. Because you’re just going to run out of supply. So I have a consistent supply. And then through Amazon I have a consistent demand. So it works perfect for me. Right. I’m not saying it’s going to work perfect for you, but it like books work for me. But, uh, so that was in the mid summer. So, you know, after six months give or take, right.

I started trusting and trusting his, his, his ideology and the way he kind of carries himself and, and you know, I was like, all right, you know what, the next time there’s a sale. I’m just going to get as much as I can. All right. Cause like, this is just, it’s just too good. All right. And I really wanted to get like more of his programs, like the programs like his flagship programs, I guess you could say like the five minute mentor, which you’ll see, there’s a link to that on, on this. And there was a reason for that. And I’ll get to that in just a minute. But the other classes, like the 67 steps and the 12 foundations and things like that and like the credit mentor. But you know, I gotten to that, I’m in the middle of 67 steps. I’m on step 60, which, uh, he kind of forces me to slow down.

Right. Because he will not unlock the next video for the next day. So I I’m waiting for step 61, which on that’s consistently 67 days or 61 days that I’ve been watching it. So is it, is it good? I mean, proof is in the pudding, right? Like I just told you, I would have already finished it. But if he’s putting me on a restriction for one a day, right. So that’s why I haven’t finished because I am not allowed to yet. But if he would have allowed me, I would have finished it already because I mean, it’s that good? But what, like, it’s, let me just put it like this. Like the information that I’m getting is, is so good that I’m not, since he restricting me on the 67 steps and I was like, well, you know what, Ty, you know, screw you and then I’ll figure something else out.

So I started watching the 12 foundations. Now I’m almost done with the 12 foundations. I think I got like two more classes left. But so now my mind is kind of mixed up in both of them, but they’re both unbelievable relevant and they work, right. Like my mentality has as like, is his gimmick on, I was not really gimmick, but he expresses his is, um, through your 67 steps, the reason why it’s for 67 days and the reason other reasons he doesn’t want you to do all in one day is the simple fact that it’s transforming your mind. Right now, I’ve read a lot of books. Like he discussed discusses books, which is great, you know, you know, like I already told you I have a, I own a bookstore. So I also have a love for books. Right. And I mean, he probably has more books than I do, but I can get up there.

All right. And just for simple fact, like, you know, I own a bookstore, but like, so I’ve read a lot, a lot of books on, on personality and like changing. Like if you want to change yourself, like the Kaizen way, like different like personalities, I have a class myself, if you want to go to that on the Kaizen and like through, well, through the kite, me taking reading the CA like taking some, uh, excuse me, taking some ties classes in the beginning of the year, I got me to the point of like reading more books. Right. Cause he always talking about books and then, you know, obviously starting my bookstore. And then through that, I found some great books on like, uh, the Kaiser. I don’t know if you’re, you’re aware of that, but it’s kinda, it’s kind of, it runs with like the 67 steps in a sense.

Cause it like the 67 steps it’s cause in, in change you have two different types of change. You have the innovative way and you have the Kaizen way. Right. And through my class, I kind of talk about that, but I just like the Kaizen way and how you can progress and, and like the, to accomplish any kind of challenge you have in life. Right. And so like, one of the challenges is having, is just going ahead and jumping in and starting the courses. But through reading the different books that I have in my bookstore, obviously like I, and then creating a class actually helped me. So if you want to, if you want information on that, right. You can somewhere around here, there’s a link to that as well. But back to what I’m talking about with Tai, so I’m taking two of his courses right now, the 67 steps and the 12 foundations.

Now those are a little bit more advanced. Like I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say, start with those and that’s why I’m not, I’m off person. I personally am not telling you to start with those because one they’re more expensive. Right. So more expensive means that you have to put more down. Right. And so you might not have that. Right. And it’s all about like changing your mentality and things. And so right now, if you’re looking at this, you probably are in a situation where you don’t have everything that you want. Right. So with the program below, right, the five minute mentor is and, and promoting like the Kaizen way, right? The 67 steps is huge, right? They’re they’re, they’re longer courses. They’re hour 30 minutes. Right? Well the five minute mentor, you know? And so that’s more innovative, right? It’s bigger. It’s longer, it’s more expensive.

Right. But the easier way, the slower way, the, the way where it’s so easy, it’s almost impossible to fail. All right. Is, is basically the 67 or excuse me, the five minute mentor, because all Thai saying is like, look, give me five minutes a day. That’s it. And you’re like, okay, we all have five minutes. Right. Stuck in traffic. All right. You got five minutes taking a shower, you know, going to the bathroom to other kind of bathroom. You know what I mean? Five minutes. So you all have five minutes in the day while you’re cooking, you know what I mean? Yeah. Five minutes while you even, I mean, is, is so relevant. Like you could even listen to the five minutes over dinner with your family. Right. It’s it’s that relevant. So it’s things that even your kids should listen to. Right? So while you’re having lunch or breakfast or whatever, you can pop it on, listen to your five minutes, get your five minute motivation and you’re done for the day.

Right. Don’t even do anymore. Right. And that’s part of like the Kaizen do it, do, do start so small that it’s impossible for you to fail. So what I’m asking you to do and what I mean with ties, I’ll ask him in the program, but what I’m saying is do this and start with $5 or no, excuse me. Start with five minutes a day. And then the price is so unbelievably cheap. It’s again, impossible to fail. It’s literally $1 for, I think it’s $1 a day for the first three days, you know, as, as in, uh, like your introductory and then if you want it, it’s $7 a month. So literally $7 a month could change. Right? Could change your, your, your, your mind frame, your change of thought everything. I mean, cause it has, for me, I wouldn’t even be talking about this. It, if it wasn’t such information that, that I’m over here, like gotta wait till tomorrow.

Right? For the next video, because I’m on the 67 steps. But with this, like this, this, this course is such a great introductory course. That of course you gotta, uh, you gotta start from the beginning, right. A thousand mile journey begins with one step. And this is the beginning step that I think like all everybody should take and it’s so unbelievably cheap, right? For you to start off, that’s impossible to fail. All right. It’s if you smoke cigarettes, it’s less than a pack a day. All right. If you’re in New York and you smoke cigarettes, my goodness, it’s like $10 for a pack is $7 for a whole month. Right. That’s 30, you know, whatever classes. So let’s just look at it like that. Gas, how much is milk, a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Like we’re talking about like even Netflix, what Netflix is seven, 10, $10 a month or something like that.

$8 a month. So it’s cheaper than all those other services. But those services don’t really like enhance your brain, right? With this, you can enhance your brain. And the next thing you know, you know, that Starbucks will be, will be even less, right. It won’t be taken as much money out of, out of your monthly income. Right. Because there’s, this whole thing is to change your mentality, to like give you the life that you want and more freedom. Right. And, and, and more income and more financial freedom or more happiness, more wealth. Right. And so if you have that, then that same cup of Starbucks every morning is costs you less money. Right. Cause it’s less money out of your overall income that you’re making. Right. So sacrifice one day of Starbucks to pay for this whole month and see what happens in the next six months. And then come back, find me and be like, you know what, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for turning me onto this. It changed my life. And also, you know, tell Ty, but you know, tell me first, you know what I mean? Alright. Have a good one.

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Creating A List In Clickfunnels

So today, I’m going to show you how to create a quick list, which is very important. It’s it’s your email list, right? So then after you can send up here, they call them follow up funnels, but just think of it as a email, right? You see, I have lots of different lists. Um, this is a new one I just created yesterday or no, it’s the sixth of four days ago, uh, trying to open up, trying to help a buddy in Africa. See how that goes over in Africa. So that’s why there’s nothing we haven’t well, nevermind, no matter. All right. Out of new list. So we go right here,

Name of the list, fitness, right?

Remember, always create a group task.

Smart list is no, don’t create a smart list until you have like, um, so what a smart list we’ll do is like, when you’re first starting off getting, like building your list, you don’t need it because you don’t have anyone, you you’re building the list. Right? But once you have an established list of let’s say 10, 20,000 people, maybe even a thousand people, doesn’t like the size doesn’t quite matter as much. It’s how many different products you have, right? So you’re a smart list. What that will do is let’s say you have a product and you have two upsells, right? So a smart list will be able to tell you, okay, if they bought this first product, but they didn’t buy the upsell, they didn’t buy the down, sell rather than earn like the upsell or the other upsell or the down sell, whatever it doesn’t matter.

Well, what a smart list will do is it will categorize each ones that they did not buy. And so you can re target those individual people per product. Does that make sense? I mean, that’s kind of farfetched, it’s, it’s more complicated than just building a quick list, but just remember a smart list is dynamic, right? Uh, automatically adds or amuse customers that meet filters. So exactly what I said. So if they buy this or they buy this or they buy this or they don’t buy this, then it will automatically filter it. But right now we’re just building a list. That’s another reason why we want a group tag. Right? Cause we’re dynamically. It can add on and add and remove from each list. But we want to organize everything from ha the group tag. All right. Create the list. Well, uh, it’s done now.

Well over here,

Since then we go to integrations. Remember this page, this is the last little, last little video. We just mine. I’m not going to change everything at the moment, but what I am going to do, this is a, the Facebook thing. Remember change your footers and your headers after all your pages are basically done. So then if you need to make corrections, you can just make the corrections once and then finished in a pop-out pal and add them on, right. Same with the top. So right here we are. So this right here, we’ll take what we’re going to, we’re going to add, give people an opportunity to upgrade, uh, from this page and from the little blog or whatever. So this is where that will be. So that’s just a link. The, in what we just did was created this list, right? So here’s the other thing.

So the people let’s say right here, this goes to a different page just to kind of make it more, make more sense. This goes to another page, right? This is the sales page to where, if you, uh, want to watch me work out, then click this button right here. And it will bring you to a completely different page. Now on that page will be like a sales product, right? So if people buy it, then that’s a whole nother list of people. Then now what you can do is you can target this list right here, right? Remember this is a different list. This takes you to a different page. So that would be a completely different list. Well, everyone that signs up on this list, then you can retarget them to sign up on this list. And then you can take them once they buy this product, then they will be removed from this list, right? So then you can send them other products or other, other email lists that are more catered to the people that have bought this product. I hope that wouldn’t made sense without me confusing everybody. All right. So let’s integrate the email.

I didn’t know it was gonna take this long. I would’ve just went on back in our watch. We’re going to go out and we’re going to come back in.

Well, we can do the intro too. I’m sure

So 10 minutes a day, blah, blah, blah, blah. Change your life. Here’s the little description like here, this, this is the page number one. Right? Daily training videos coming soon. Make sure you sign up today. Remember that would be taking the people to the other list, right? The sitting room. Right? If you remember where I was just talking about, so here have a, a newsletter. Now we have the description of me day two, three, four. Now, if I want to, I can continue to see add five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, all the way up to day 30. Right? Cause this is the, I’m just going to, to 30 different pages. 30 different days on, on this. Right? So what I can do is we subscribe? Oh no, no, no. Sorry. First let’s go to integrations.

And then you’ll see it’s at the bottom and connected. How do you know it’s connected? You’ll see this nice little check Mark right there.


So now that it’s nice and integrated

Now we already have you see that’s literally all you have to do now. Let’s go. Let’s save it. So you were to save is save right here Again. I’ll do all this after. Go back out.

Excuse me. Let me just show you this real quick. When you’re putting your links. Now, mind you, you’re going to have to do this multiple times. However, so you see day two. This is day two, right? Right here. Now, if you double click here, there is a space, right? That space will screw everything up. All right. So either you have two choices, you can erase this. Like let me show you copy. Let me, let me, yeah, I’ll just show you both. It will take 30 seconds.

So since this is a button to set the action, you know, double click it and then go to the website URL. You see how there’s this big space. Now I’ve done this before multiple times. And is it fun? No, it’s not. Because if you are doing a lot of different links, you need to pay attention to every little thing that you’re doing because you you’ll think everything’s fine, but that one mistake can, can screw everything up. Let me show you

To what I’m saying. It takes you back there.


It takes you back to like click funnels. Let me, let me, cause I’m signed into click funnels. Let me, let me show you that where it doesn’t take you to my account.

And unless you want people to be going to this page, Then make sure or are we

All right here? 

Do you see that little itty bitty thing, right? That one space changed everything. All right. So it’s lucky. I actually I’m. I’m pretty surprised that it didn’t send you straight to an error page. Cause that’s, it’s done that numerous times or it’s done that a few times on when, when I’m having someone just click the buttons for me. So what you want to do

Oh, cool. I got it. What is this? All right. Yeah. That is just a crew quick about me. What? You what’s the fastest, easiest thing to do, right? It’s on all your pages. Cause then you have a re like where you want them. It’s just go and post them all here. And then what Google will do, or this is Google docs. It was, you know, once you have all your links. So let’s say we had, this is day two, then day three, four, five. Then you have the intro right here. Have it all on one page, name it, what you want to name it. So it’s nice and easy for you to find. Then you have your reference. And it’s so much faster because I don’t know if you’ve noticed clicking back and forth over here takes it. I mean, I I’m impatient. It literally doesn’t take that long, but for me, and if you’re building numerous, like hundreds of pages, every second counts, right? So if you have to keep on going back and forth, it takes forever. But if you have just one page, right. With all your links right here, then you don’t have to worry about any spaces or anything because you just copy the link right here. Right now. Let’s go back in here.

We’ll do the same thing right here. So action. Remember I raised the, but boom. You see how there’s no space, anything, nothing. So it’s just, just to like, double-check your work? Because the last thing you want to do is spend 20 hours building something and then a link doesn’t work that you don’t know. And you’re spending a lot of money advertising and you have no idea that you had an extra space there on one little link, right? So just count how many links there could be on this page. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 2021. All right. So that’s a minimum and this isn’t even a very big page. So that’s 21 different links. So make sure that you just build your page, your, your link page on like a Google docs. So when you’re, when you’re copying your links to add them on your page, right? You have no spaces. They’re very easy, right over here, you just, you know, copy. And now it’s copied exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s very, it just saves time and it’s cleaner that way. Trust me. Cause if your reference coming back and forth, it will take you forever. If you don’t do it that way. All right. So that was mostly building a list and problems with links.

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Funnel Scripts Headlines

So before I forget to make this video, what we’re going to be doing to right here, because I want to change this. I want a better headline. Then, then obviously mother funnel secrets. And I was going to put an image, but an image is nice, but I feel like having a headline right here would be more descriptive since I’m not just selling one product, I’m selling three together. So we come over to funnel scripts, right? Come down here. Titles had lines and or titles, headlines, subject lines. We’ll go Killer headlines, Glip scripts, million dollar sales, headlines, scripts, uh, dirty little secret scripts. Um, Let’s try to profitable profit two bull scripts. All right. So what are we kind of selling make more money or profits funnel hacking weight loss. So the reason why we kind of want to do this, uh, while we look through here and I’ll show you just a second. So we’ll find something that kinda, Okay. What is your main key topic? Stock market research? No, ours is because it’s we have a stock market class, well, more of a reform buyer’s guide. There’s the workout. And then there’s the accomplishing goals. So what is the key topic?

Full body development,

Target audience, more or less kind of middle-aged man or a middle-aged person who wants to change. He wants to start, you know, he’s tired of being in life, so are tired of going to the factory. All right. You see how fast that was? I mean, I, I literally changed every little part of it, but it’s fun having something there to give you an idea, right? So then you hit the button and here we go. We have random profitable titles. All right. We got so variables, essential topic, full body development, a main keyword life learn life skills. I mean, I’m not going to read all. You can read it for yourself. So here we got one right here, full body development, survival checklist for people yearning for a transition. I kind of liked that one. W what clicked the title load a new one. Aha. Look at that one quick and easy, full developed body development, tips, tricks, and tools for people yearning for a transition. I kinda liked that one better, uh, profitable, quick picks. I mean, you, you can see right here. There are a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

Let’s see what else we have. I like that one right there. No, no, no, no. Put that one in there. Uh, insider learn, insider, learn skills, secrets for people yearning. I could see how this could work insider let’s let’s we could do insider life, skill secrets for people yearning for a transition. What else we got top X questions. No Tips, tricks and tools to three ways. Yeah. I like that. One tips, tricks and tools. Three ways to transform your life. All right. So then we come in here. We see which ones we have. We got the full body development. Survival checklist.


We’re going to download the selected. We can open it up and it sends it right here then let’s I mean, cause we want to, I don’t know exactly which one I want. So we go here since this is an image we can come right here. We go to headlines.


Boom. We can erase this one Right there. Let’s kind of make this

The full body development, survival checklist for people yearning for a transition. I like it. I like it. Let’s see what the different one looks like.

Quick and easy. Full body development, tips, tricks, and tools for people yearning for yearning, for a transition. I liked that one too. Tips. Let’s see. Tips, tricks and tools. Three ways to transform your life. Yeah, I kind of liked that because then what we can do is we can add in It’s not a new element. We need a new row and we need three. So then what we do, we’re going to do three pictures. If I can find it, here we go. One, Two, Three. Then what we’re going to add. We’re going to add each individual, one of these pictures. Right? And then I’ll let you see how that is. Let me, because I got to have to find out where I put these pictures. Let me see if I can.

All right. We are. Yeah, here we are. Here’s here to go. Well, they’re not very big. Are they? So what I’ll probably have to do as a pro, I have to make the actual picture bigger. Um, cause these are tiny. Well then, I mean, since that’s not exactly how I wanted them, cause they’re really little, But instead of wasting your guys’s time and while I figured out how to make these a little bit bigger, I will talk to you later on.

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Funnelflix Why Clickfunnels Is Worth 300$ A Month

Bit about funnel flicks, because when you, when you think about, you know, $300 a month for, for, uh, uh, uh, software that just makes, you know, your webpages and an email, I mean, that’s extremely expensive. You could just go to lead pages and lead pages is $99. Or you could go to teachable or you could go to Kajabi, or you can go to all the, or you could build a, uh, a WordPress page or a flux page, or there’s so many different options out there. So why would I say, spend extra money then all the other little free little bells and whistles to go through click funnels, right? And this is the reason is right here. You have to be a member. See what I’m saying? Click funnels a funnel flicks. You must be a ClickFunnels monomer user to log in. All right. I’m already a member member. So I’ll just click the login. Now, if you’re just the cheap version. All right. There’s, there’s still stuff in here for you, right? This gray. One of them’s [inaudible] I don’t remember. I think it’s the, the color one is for free or like for the basic membership, but the gray is for no, it could be other way around.

No. Yeah. The gray is for the upgraded version, right? The $300 a month. And with the $300 a month, you really want that don’t get me wrong. The, the, the cheaper version is great. I’m not paying for the, the extra extroversion, which is the, this one right here, the red version yet. Uh, right. Here’s another one. Now, when, when I, when I’m upgraded, I’ll make sure I make a video and I’ll show you, but what’s so great about here is even at the beginning, you know, I think it’s a hundred dollars a month. You get your 30 days, your affiliate. Now, let me break into here just a little bit. So I could show you, we’re not going to watch any videos. I’m going to show you the content that’s there, right? 30 modulars, 60 different episodes,

Right? What would you do in that?

I don’t want to, I’m not going to go through all that stuff for you, but just remember 30 modules, 60 episodes right now. Let’s look at the affiliate. Just, just want to show you the extent that they do. This is why you’re paying what’s going on,


1733, right? I mean, I have 97

Julian bootcamp. I’m so excited to have you here. Right?

So, um, I’m S I’m taking these classes. It’s, it’s, they’re, they’re not short, right? It is so much information. It’s ridiculous, right? It will literally take you a year. I mean, I, I would like to say that, um, I can sit down and knock things out, but there’s so much content here that you can’t watch it in one month. It’s impossible. I literally tried. I watched this one and this one, and it took me. I did not get up from the computer for like three weeks. No, no, no. It was, this took me like five days and this one took me. One of them took me five days. One of them took me basically a week. And, um, and I’m, I’m talking about every single day. Just put it like here, this one right here to even get the, to even get into the 21 day challenge. They give you like six hours of amazing content to get you into the program. Right. So that just kind of gives you on scale. Now these are great little documentaries. Just, just kind of get into the world, you know, understand like where their perspective, you know, they got funnel, building copywriting, sales, traffic, product development, business strategy. And then they even have like the Tony Robbins private collection. There’s some really good stuff in here. Really good stuff. It’s I mean, it’s, there’s so much stuff. Let’s just, let me show you what I’m talking about.

Dan Kennedy collection, right? It doesn’t seem like it’s that much until you click

And then you’re like, Oh my goodness, you see it. Okay. This is what I’m talking about. An hour and 34 minutes, an hour and 39 minutes an hour and 39 minutes, hour 41 hour 38. This is just talking to see how long this 39 minutes. So what are you paying for when you’re paying $300? You’re not paying $300 for the software, which mind you, that is amazing. The software. If you’re taking, if you’re watching some of the other videos, thank you. And I hope you enjoy them and you’re learning something. But the main thing that you’re buying are all at least in my eyes. Right? Cause you can, I mean, click funnels is it’s not letting me go back. Oh, here it is. That’s why Now ClickFunnels is amazing because it’s great software, but this is, what’s truly amazing. Right? It’s all the programs right here to teach you. So if you have any questions, just find a class. If you’re bored, watching on an airplane board, uh, instead of watching a movie, watch one of these documentaries, very injured. I’ve watched most all of them. Um, yeah. Oh, let me go here. This is very important.

No, I try to make good videos, uh, explaining things. But if you really want like an in depth, two and a half hour class on application funnels, book and cart funnels, summit funnels, challenge, and membership funnels, product launch funnels this like every day, five days a week, they have a class for you, right? For starting at 10 o’clock Eastern time for five days a week. Right? And then they have the archives, right. It right here. All right. The archives right here. Now the stuff I’m teaching you is in addition to this, if that makes sense. So a lot of this stuff that I’m teaching is the things that I’ve, I’ve learned that they forget to say, right? Which I mean, there’s millions of different. If trust me, if you go through one of these things, then you’re going to be like, if all you need is good, one, one to two weeks, you don’t need to go in there every single day, but one to two weeks, and you’re going to, you’re going to, you can go out there and you can, you can build these things very well. And then you can come back and have ask questions, right? Uh, if you need, need to set up your email, your custom domains, I might make videos on that, but it’s right here. And they go in, they go, step-by-step like this one, I think it’s a 30 minute video. Right? It give you two things. If you purchase your domain through click funnels, if you didn’t do click funnels to see how long this is.


Oh, it’s quick 17 minutes. So, I mean, there’s just a plethora of information. Now let’s go back to right here. So remember $300 a month. Yes. It sounds like a lot. But when you come here and you try to get your, let me put it like this. When you try to convince yourself that that $300 isn’t worth it, I challenge you to do this one thing. Watch every one of these videos in one month. And if you watch every last video in one month, then pay for the next month, pay for $300 every single month and tell you can watch every one of these videos. Then what’s the point of pain anymore. But I guarantee that once you pay $300, once you watch every last one of these videos, you’re going to want to watch them again. One and two, you’re going to continuously pay the $300 a month because of all the information that you’re getting.

And that has nothing to, even if you don’t want to build a funnel, right? Even if you don’t want to be a marketer, even if anything, even if all you want to do is be an affiliate, then everything you learn here is going to help you be an affiliate. If you just want to, you know, get, you know, change your life, learn new stuff right here. Tony Robbins, that’s worth $300 a month easily. Right? The business strategy. Again, a traffic, all of it right here. It’s right here for you. I don’t want to take up too much more time, but for $300 a month, there’s you can’t really go wrong when you’re investing such small amount of money in comparatively speaking. Right. So just think about it. One of these classes alone could be a $5,000 course, but you’re only paying $300 a month for all of them. Right. So, all right. Talk to you guys later on.

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Why Make A List For Your Page Links For Clickfunnels

Because after I created all the pages, and if you remember correctly, I said, make sure you make a page with all your links. Right? So here’s my page. It’s all my links. Here’s my front page. Basically like the resource or the reference, whatever. So when people come right here, they can click on these links right here and it’ll take them to the desired page that they go to. I’m going to just show you real quick, how you do it. Uh, and then I’ll, I’ll preview. I’m not going to, there’s a lot. There’s 30. So I’m not going to go through with 30, but I will give a couple just so you can kind of see what I’m talking about. See how much easier that was. And then you come over here. When you’re doing this, you click make sure the whole thing is highlighted, like the whole word and click the little, uh, whatever that thing is. And then click off. Then here, you have to set the action. I think I showed you in the last one. There’s a lot that you can do. You can submit the form, opening up, open the pop-up Facebook, opt in a URL. Um, scroll to which part of the thing, show high to action. We’re just doing that.


Now you can change the color right of this right here. You can change it to being like black or this or this color or that color what it is. It’s it’s uh, I don’t know. I forgot what color is. Uh, w it’s just, you see how the difference color and this that’s what you’re changing, but let me go back. And if you did what I did, and you forget the color, the very, if you see what I did, come click this little thing right here, click this number right here. Copy paste it. Double-click your little thing and paste right there. And then boom, you have the same color. You can do that pretty much throughout the entire, uh, application. So if you ever have, if you ever forget, or you can’t get your colors right, then just do that.

That will solve your problem.

I don’t know if you noticed what happened. The D I’m gonna show you right here, because it’s right here to see. I have to. So if someone were to click just on the D, then it’s not gonna, then it won’t go anywhere. But since it was double-clicked, it would’ve, it would’ve worked. But I just trying to clean it all up. Now I will. I mean, you kind of get the picture, right? I don’t need to keep doing that. Hopefully I’m Gonna make sure that this is set. No, it’s not. So let’s go over to eight

Again. I have not saved anything. I haven’t redone this or the bottom. Um, I’m just building the page out. Honestly. I’m building everything out and then I’ll decide. Cause I don’t know. I’ll show you another part in a second. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to have on here. I mean the body evaluations, I’m thinking I might have those right there. Um, I might go source the area for some links or just make some articles, create some articles real quick. I got, um, multiple books here, uh, kinda make yourself healthy and things. So I’m, I’m debating. That’s why I haven’t done it. Well, let’s say like the name too. I’ve I haven’t changed that. Let’s take a look at it. So our, all you need is 10 minutes change, blah, blah, blah. Here’s your, the video. And I haven’t even done this part yet.

So they can read through, they read the full article, Boom, hit some right here And they can read. That’s what I say, like over here. I’m not sure what to put in there. I’m not sure what I’m put over here. Uh, there’s more that needs to go to it. Let me go back.

Just cause one, I don’t have anywhere for them to get back to that, this page right here. So that’s one thing I’m going to have to create. Uh, so what I did do towards the, Oh, well, I’m not there yet. Well, let me just show you

So later on I put this right here. So what’s going to like, okay, if you click this one, I haven’t, you can see, I have not changed them right there. Fall are far apart, all that kind of good stuff. But what you can do is you can click this one and then it’ll take you to day 22. And I have yet to do this one. So it won’t take anywhere, but then click this and it goes to the next day 23.Sure. It’s just creating a button. And uh, like I said, I’ll try to, I’ll probably scoot them closer together. Uh, I just put them there just so I can have some userability when I’m kind of, uh, building things. Um, but other than that, yeah. Uh, keep this video shorter than longer. So I hope you learned something from this. We’ll basically.

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Building A Page Intro In Clickfunnels

So today I already made two of them, but, um, I gotta make more, a whole lot more. So it doesn’t really matter. I’ll show you so first. So this is inside of ClickFunnels. And what today we’re going to do is build a couple pages. Cause it’s, I have to build, I think, 30 of them. So it’s kind of repeat over and over and over and over again. So I’m not going to show you me doing all of them, but let’s first go into the top settings. So this is the settings for the funnel, right? Not for your pages for the entire funnel. So at the time, the name of the entire funnel, FYI fitness right here, right. Group tag. It, which makes it really easy in when you have hundreds of different funnels. If you don’t have a group tag, it is a pain in the to have to scroll up and down and trying to find something, your domain name like there.

You see what I’m saying? So you see what I’m saying? There’s a lot of different names under here. So if I just have a whole bunch of funnels, because you can have more than one funnel or per name. All right. So right here, the stock market, there’s what, 12 different funnels all going under 12 or 13, something like that. All going under here. So if you don’t group them have fun. All right. Your email integration right here. If you, you know, the favicon is little, uh, I don’t have it. Well, y’all just scrolling here. The fabric on is here. That’s what that is.

All right. And you can set up your Stripe. This is your head tracking. So if you want to put in Google analytics, you put it right here. Uh, or Google ads, sentence. You put it right here. Um, you know your Stripe right here. You do all that. Then all the other like integrations that you can have

All right. Save an update. Okay.

All right. So now your funnel, right? So you’re just thinking of it. Like your, your website is ready now you can build your pages. So you just click over to your pages.

Now on your pages, you have your overview automation publishing. So let’s go to the publishing on the page, right? Cause the page and the website are different

Funnel step name, which is right here. And then the path, which if I’m going to show you something just a second, pay attention to this right here. Right? Cause that’s, that’s the little part at the end of, you know, this is FYM and, then backslash fitness. Right? So make sure you pay attention to this because if you do not and you just go through and you go clone funnel, right? You see how this is FYI and intro blah, blah, blah. So I’m changing. So I’m not using this fitness one. I’m using this. This is going to be like one of the days, right? So this is the intro. So you, like, as I said, you go to the publishing, you click in the intro and then here’s your path right now when you clone The reason I made this mistake and it costs me hours and hours of hours of recrafting this mistake. So I’m telling you this now. Cause I didn’t, I thought it automatically did this, but it did not. So what happens? You see how you literally cloned the path. So now the second one’s name is intro as well. So let’s go to the publishing of this one.

You see how you cloned it? So now the intro path is right here. So what happens is it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal in the beginning, but when you’re building 20, 30, 40 pages and you just copy, copy, copy, copy, copy. Or you’re going to have all the pages that say intro, right? And then a number, intro, a number, intro, a number, intro a number, intro a number. So if you’re ever trying to find that page quickly year and a half to remember all this. And so user ability score is going to drop significantly. If you don’t simply change your path every single time. Now what I’m going to do right here is I’m

I am going to erase this

Because I do not want to use it, but I just wanted to give that as an example of what not to do. Like if you’re going to copy, which is great saves time, but make sure that when you copy, you change the path then to what you want it to be. Another thing that is very important to before you build out an entire website, make sure that you have your domain name, right. And it’s already linked up. It works good. All that. Do that on like your first two pages. First, first I say first, why do you say first Eric? Because if you do not, it does not automatically change. Right? So if you come in and you add up, edit one of your pages and you spend two hours and you know, you have 500 different links on your page and you did not link this first, you will have to go back and change every link again, does that make sense?

Because this will not say FYI I’m in fitness. It will be Eric Johnson, whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah fitness, you know, cause this is the name of, of, cause the backslash is right there. Right. And will it still link you to where you want to go? Yes. And that’s what gets it all screwed. So you will think, right? Because it will work. So if you do not change it, that Eric Johnson, blah, blah, blah, blah link for each page that you use on a grand, like on your main page, they will link and they will work perfectly. However, if someone copies that link, it will not say F I’m in fitness. It will be Eric Johnson, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Does that make sense? So if you want user user participation, if you want people to like link your webpage, then you need to make sure that you have this set up first, right?

If you go to S F Y M M stock market, and you go through that page, every single link on there, I did not do this first. All right. So later I had to go through and change every single link that’s on that entire webpage. So to save yourself a whole day worth of work, near do this small little thing. First don’t even start until you get your domain name. All right. So let’s add a step, See how right here. It’s way easier. I mean, if you want to copy and paste, that’s great. Like if you just want a copy of, uh, uh, a funnel or a step in the funnel, that’s great, but you can easily just name it right here and then the path. And there’s lots of different ways that you can do this, but


All right. Part of the reason I wanted to just make the funnel for you and start it from fresh. So I could show you all the different types of pages that you can make, right? So this is your opt-in page. So if you’re trying to collect email addresses, this is all the different ones that they have for you, right?

Like just templates, right? You can, you got to change them. If you’re trying to sell you see all the look, Oh, excuse me. So if you have a sales page, product launch order form, one-click upsell down, sell order confirmation, uh, we’ll briefly go through. So here’s like a sales page. If you, I mean, I hope you’ve noticed there is a lot of different pages. So this is a product launch, which is different than the sales page.

I don’t know if they changed, uh, your order form, which is right here. So I, another quick point that needs to be like told each one of these pages has different. Uh userability right. So if you are trying to collect someone’s credit card information and you are on a affiliates or a click pop, it’s not going to, or a webinar, it’s not going to work quite as well. You need to have a sales page in order to collect sales. Right. It doesn’t matter which one of these, it just needs to be. Now I’m using the miscellaneous. So if you want more of like a stress, you know, if you’re looking for a home page or contact page about the blog, a blog page, if you’re going to start selling pictures, like this is more just like miscellaneous and just kind of random. But there, if you’re trying to, cause this is all more catered around like making sales and affiliates and memberships and webinars.

If you’re just trying to do like a, a blog or just like regular website, it’s, it’s almost easier just to come over here and build it. I’ll give you trying to do something in size. Now, if you’re trying to build like five different funnels, obviously do one of these. But if you’re trying to build a huge website, like w like a large one, and over here, I’ve noticed that they have better, uh, templates for you. Uh, let’s do this real quick post, or is this the one that I wanted? Or is it, yeah, I wanted this three, three things. So we select this one. My computer’s about to die. So I’m gonna show you pretty fast. FYM fitness, You see how we remember when we changed the things. So it just comes out to, you might change that the day two, but whatever

So right here, this is like writing a, what did I do you see how I just did that? You can go backward and forward. Um, we’re not gonna mess with this all the way, but we’ll, I’m just going to show you briefly what you can do. So right here, out of element, I already have, I mean, you could change it as it is, but I have a picture already. So I just put the picture right here, coming here, and you just kind of delete then over here, there’s top margin. Make that a little bit. You can make it like, if you want to, you just, zero’s not the most, it can go. It can go zero 10, zero negative 30, negative 40 or 50. Excuse me, CCR and chopped tomorrow.

Negative 20. That looks good. All right. It’s up there now up here, we can. There’s a lot of userability. You can do. I have what? All right. There’s a lot. Uh, and if you continuously watching videos, then you’ll learn more and more and more and more. So in this one video, it’s a lot it’s jam packed. But the fastest thing to do is see all this stuff down here, build it all once. And then you can come over here. You’ll say button, you can save it. And this is a section. All right. So when you’re building a web, like 10 pages, 20 pages, 30 pages, whatever, then build one, make it as exactly how you want it. Make sure you make it exactly how you want it. It’s almost build these last, right? Because another, another thing, when you continuously build, you have to go back and change each page.

So if you built everything, then in the end, you can add this on because you already know what you want, and it’s easier and faster doing it. That way you save it. And then you just, boom, boom, boom. Go to each and down and upload it. Same thing, kind of with your header. Now I could change all these real quick and, and have my idea. But the more that I build the web, the page out my mind is going to be like, Oh, I forgot, Oh, let me do this. Oh, let me do that. You see what I’m saying? So what is your end up doing is you’re be changing these like six, seven times. So it’s easier. Build your pages, get everything done, check it, and then do your headers and footers. Does that make sense? Like, don’t do your headers and footers first.

That’s that doesn’t make any sense. Cause this contact page, unless you, you have one central contact page for every single thing, then build it and build it. But if you’re you have a contact page for FYM fitness, right. Then wait until the very end. Cause you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do. So just bear with me on that. So what we’re going to do, I’m going to show you real quick, how you can take it from a book. So we got, so this is they to erase that real quick. Then over here, got it from the book. You know my book, I wrote what I transcribed. I’ll explain that later. How I did it in a different video. So we take that, come back over here.

Now I’m deciding no, I haven’t decided yet whether I like it like this or like this, but right now just cause I have 5% left. I’m going to keep it like this. Cause I’m trying to show you boom. Now your Facebook thing it’s well, I’ll just show you in a second. So then what you want to do. Cause I have a video ad, the video click right here. It’s on YouTube right now. Let’s go back over here and got you to day two. Where is it? Day two. We come right here, get the shareable link. Come over here, go like that. Now we have now just because I don’t, I’m running out of time. I’m gonna, we can, cause these are easy. These are just, you know, just cut and paste and all that kind of stuff, uh, right here, integrations. So you have to create a list first before you can integrate it. But right here, I’ll show you how to make than just a second, because I got to build a list for this. But uh, this video is gonna run out fast. So you’re in, well, I’ll just show you on this

Next one. We save it. Let me show you what that was.

So this is the SEO metadata. So your title, your page description, uh, the image, the social image. So on Facebook, when, you know, when you send somebody a link, they’ll be a little description of what you sent and then a little picture. That’s what all this stuff is, right? And then the name of the page. I I’ll do that later because I like to have everything lined up and I don’t know exactly what I want to name all the pages yet. And that’s, what’s the name of the page is what you see right here.

I don’t know what I want it to be named yet. So I’ll do that at the end. I kind of like the headers and footers. So let’s go to the preview. Mind you, there goes our little guy running. Here’s a YouTube video. You can play it. Well, that sucks. I just recorded. But I just realized that that wasn’t even recorded. It was just talking to a camera. Number two. It doesn’t really want to see how that is. And uh, Google automatically does this. Um, that’s my personal email. Thank you for showing everybody Google

The comments.

This is what I was talking about now.

What is this?

I don’t know what this is. This is somebody else. Right? So if you want to add you or your Facebook stuff, your, your comments plugin, you can add it right here, which is great. So like I said, here’s your footer. Wait until you’re done with all that. But I just wanted to show you that you can, let’s go back to here

At the bottom

Facebook comments. So Facebook comment URL, you put it right here and then it’ll show you and you can put how many posts you want right there with the color theme. And so they can, I mean, it just brings more social interaction onto your page. I’m going to go now. Hope you guys learned something from this quick little tutorial.

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Adding Mock In Canva

I apologize. I forgot to push record and pay attention to you guys. I was watching a TV show while I was doing this. So what we’re doing today is we’re going to build out a two step tripwire, right? So right here, we have our order form. We have the one-time offer your upsell, your down, sell then, uh, your offer wall. So what we’re going to go, we’ll go through each of these while I make them. But first let me show you a couple of the templates. So let me go to this one. So we have this template right here. I like this template. Don’t get me wrong.

And if I was selling just one, one product, which you’re going to see in just a second, why I say, I like this one particular one, which is great. Right? However, I also like this one, the reason I like this one is because you hop on an offer stack. Right. But then what we’re most people run into a problem is creating these images right here. Right? Where it’s the book image or the book image, right? At least I know I struggled with that. And it was one of the big issues I had in the beginning. It’s like, well, where do they make these things? Right. I don’t want to pay $75 for every time. I want to come up with an idea. Right? So that brings us to come over to Canva. Now, when you come over to Canva, all right, Let me show you.

I can’t even show you. It won’t go down arrogance, There you go. So you can take your picture or whatever would you want to do. Um, where was I? There you go. We come down to elements, right? And let me just erase that. And so you can see what, what it is. All right. So under elements, you have a lot of different, different things that you can use charts grids, but what you really want to get to, you want to get to some frames. All right. And then through here you have all these different frames, the little computer screen, the laptop, the book, right? See, there’s the book. So then what you do is you create the design that you want. Like, here’s me just kind of practicing, having fun. Now, once you create the image that you want, um, Yeah. Uh, I, I don’t have any blank images on your already cleaned it up. But once you have the image that you want, then you come over to your uploads, you download it, you can download it on your computer. So you go right here. So you create, you create an image that you want. Um, we’ll just, no, I don’t want to. And then you can go to print page, whatever, wherever your image is, then you come over here, upload it, hers, you see.


All of these. Um, and what I noticed, I’m not gonna lie. Uh, I went to because these books are available on And I saved the image from Amazon because I was having a problem on how wow was the bloody image, not fitting. Right. That’s why, when you look over here, you have to have them. All right. So when I was trying to use this one, great, you see, you see how the, it wasn’t, it didn’t fit. All right. But then when I used, when I copied it from Amazon, it fit perfectly. Let me put the, let me go back to where it was. So for some odd reason, the, when you just copy it from Amazon, it fits, um, if it’s the scale, right? So once you have your, your images that you want, not, like I said, I’m not using this one right here, but I might, uh, might put it in. I might put it somewhere. Well, once you get your images, you know, one, two, three, then what you do is these are all, you know, these are different books that I have for sale to three, right? That’s why I liked this, this template better. Cause I have a, an order stack, right? So in order to make this, you just kind of stick them. And then there’s a, this thing right here of moves them back and forth.

And you just kind of literally lay them all together. Now with, uh, the CDs, all right. You just go under elements, scroll down. And it’s this one right here. It’s for free. Then you know the computer screen. So what you want to do to how to get them on the computer screen. Right? That, so once you literally, you have your pictures, you’ve already downloaded your pictures, right? They’re already here. Or we already saved them from Amazon and upload them here. Then you take your, your element. All right. You can pick any of these elements. It’s up to you. Which ones you want, bring it over here.

Take your picture. You know, whichever one you want, slide it on over there, double click, and then you can adjust it how you want. So you can have it look like that. You’d have it look like this. It’s up to you. Right? And then you do that on how many of the, however many want you stick them all together. Just like what you did with the books. And then when you come to download, make sure you trans a transparent background, always click that, right? If you’re doing this, if you don’t want, if you want the whole entire background and back here, then do not do that. But if you just want the image that you created, like these three books right here, make sure you do the transparent background. Now, when you’re putting in, once you have your image right here, you can stick it in the middle. Cause all that, all that is is just an image. I can move it around. Right? Same thing with the book, with the laptop, with the phone. Right? So you literally can get creative and just stick them wherever you want and just practice that’s. That’s like making the image. Now let’s come back over here. Now our two step we’ll come here. We opened the, serves up.

See the stack right here. We put it right here. Now we can get whatever image that we want, but that I just picked this one right here. And that’s you just upload and, and that’s what you do. All right. So the reason I, again, why I pick this so I can give an order stack and put all the different items that I want, then give a little description and then I’m ready to go. Right? So I’m not going to have the video for all that. I will. Um, because we’ve already, we already know how to set up, make a list. Right. So I don’t need to film making a list, but you’re gonna, you’re going to need a list here. Right. So that when they complete the, the order, they’re putting their information right here. Right. So they’re going to need a, you’re gonna need a list. All right. So we already went over that, changing these, we already went over, changing the page and just, just so just changing the colors, you know how to change the colors. Right. You click here,

Click the little attorney thing.

If it will stop bouncing around.

 all right. And you can change the color right here.

Um, already showed you that. Yeah. So hope you learned something on this video. Um, yeah. I will see you on the next one where most of this stuff’s already done. All right, bye.

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Canva introduction

The things that it can do and help you with. So, I mean, I mean, everyone can read social media events, marketing documents, prints, video, school, personal. So let’s kind of break into that little bit, so right here, like if you want to do Instagram

And then you see over here, how it gives you all the templates. So it’s kind of, it makes it so you don’t have to really think very much. Right. And when you have a lot to do, unless you’re trying to outsource everything, it’s, it’s fast and it’s easy when you already have templates that are there waiting for you. All right. So let’s just, just for example, let’s pick this template.

Right. So then all you have to, do you have your background, think of everything in 3d, right? It’s just on its side. Right? So if you were to look at, um, if you were look at this on its side, imagine there’s different layers. Right. But then when you’re taking a picture of it from the top, it just looks like everything’s on one page. Right. So right here, you have your background, which is your first layer then right here is the second layer. And then within the second layer, you have a third layer, which is like the, this, the, the, the dotted line. All right. And then in the dotted line, then you have different elements as that make sense. So you have this and then you’ve wanna like move all, like, as you said, what I’m saying, so you can move this. So it’s all pieces on top of each other, right?

So if you want to write so I can move this element, like, or like on this little block on top of a different block, if I want to. So if I want to change the color of this background, you see you come up here, you can change the color to whatever you want, right? Because that’s a dif, that’s just talking about this square. You can double the square, you can duplicate this square. You can make it smaller because I’m just dealing with this piece right now. If I want to change the different pieces of it, then like you put this element and you can change it. You see what I’m saying? Then if you want to do a different background, obviously you can come here. Here’s a different photo image. But then here, here, here within, if you want, you can also go to like photos. So what did they, they had watered. So apples. No, they had oranges, but what would you


So you can throw an Apple.

It clicks in there. Just be careful when you’re doing it. You can throw apples in the background, right? You can pick which Apple picture you want. You can pick this one right here. Now what’s great with this is they already have thousands upon thousands of pictures for you. So you can, you see the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. You can kind of, you can get creative and boom,

Right there. So this was some strawberries, CSS, lemon squeeze. So, uh, go strawberry. You can change that strawberry juice, fresh, organic, and then change your name right here. You can change the color of this. Like I said, let’s sing the white. You can change it back to red. If you don’t want the color there. Now you can always erase that. So now you just have this in a nice little border. You can change the border. If you want to change these, this color. All right. Go in here. Okay.

And you can change the what, what the font color right here. The size right here, spacings are right here. And then you can also, we can go to elements on this side right here. Then you can put in whatever elements that you can think of. So right here. So how you had pictures, you just, you easily just, um, you know, think of whatever picture you might want in the background. We’ll same thing with element. So if you want apples, so then it gives you like, just a little elements of an Apple, opposed to a, a picture. So then you can do the same thing. You can drag put a little Apple tree right there. I know this isn’t, this isn’t something that you’d want to sell or anything, but I’m just showing you all the different things that you can do. So the text, if you want to add text over here, so you have your, your heading, you just literally drag and drop. All right. If you need some other suggestions, right. Just drag and drop and it gives you like a whole paragraph section, opposed to just one little thing, uh, right here got the styles.

Honestly, I’ll never, I never used, like, there’s a style it’s just takes awhile. The things that like I’ll get to more or less what I use, because right now, again, I’m just showing you what you, all the things that you can do, you got music, you got what you can do with the video,

Right? So it’s 15 second video,

Ten second video. So you can add, you know, if you need to make a little video advertisements, I haven’t played with that quite yet, which is really cool, which I’ll probably make some more videos on how to do that. But this video, Arlene had 5% of this battery. So I’m going to cut it, cut it right there. But then to, to end it, if you remember, this is just like a Facebook post, right? So then if you need to change it for a different size, you just go resize and then you can literally pick what size you want it. Right? If it needs a, you need a presentation, you need it. As opposed to you need a Facebook cover an animated. Well, animated, not too much, cause we didn’t put any animation, but you get the point. Like you can literally play or excuse me, you can choose, pick and choose which size right here that you want to use.

So what that does is it saves you like mountains of time. So instead of having to redo something and like over and over and over and over again, you can pick some, just click all these for the sizings that you want cop and then pick this button, copy and resize. And then what’s going to do, when you do that, you see this five right here was going to do just so you know, so you don’t just be like, wow, what just happened? It’s going to open up five different pages, right? So it’s not going to just be a list of five. No, it’s going to be five complete pages that you then have to go over and then just resize it a little bit because taking a square picture like this and making it a rink is going to like distort it, right? So you have to just come back and re get your, your, your, you know, your effects, right. Your, your distortions, right. But then once you do that, then you come over


It gives you, or allows you to, you know, download it as a PNG or JPEG PDF, blah, blah, blah, blah.


So you can, I mean, you can make your Gibbs here. You can make your videos, your PDFs and whatever in a different little lesson I’m going to teach you. I’m gonna show you how to make a quick PDF book. Right. What’s like a magazine, but you can use it as a, as a quick manner, a little quick book to, to just to sell. So then after you pick your file,

Let’s go P and G. Cause that’s just what it is. Then you can choose whether you want a transparent background or not. Right. So if you’re just trying to have an image like right here, we have a background. So we don’t want to do a transparent background cause we created our own background. Right. But if you’re just trying to have your elements, then you want to have a transparent background. So then you don’t have this, a backbone like a back, excuse me, a black space. So if you’re trying to put something like you were just trying to use this element, then put it on white things on black things, on yellow things, and you don’t want this square of white or black around it. Then that’s when you do a transparent background. And then what it does is you click transparent or you don’t download. And while LA you’ll have your file and your downloads, and then you can use that file wherever. And on the next videos, like I said, is I’ll break it down.