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Funnel Scripts Headlines

So before I forget to make this video, what we’re going to be doing to right here, because I want to change this. I want a better headline. Then, then obviously mother funnel secrets. And I was going to put an image, but an image is nice, but I feel like having a headline right here would be more descriptive since I’m not just selling one product, I’m selling three together. So we come over to funnel scripts, right? Come down here. Titles had lines and or titles, headlines, subject lines. We’ll go Killer headlines, Glip scripts, million dollar sales, headlines, scripts, uh, dirty little secret scripts. Um, Let’s try to profitable profit two bull scripts. All right. So what are we kind of selling make more money or profits funnel hacking weight loss. So the reason why we kind of want to do this, uh, while we look through here and I’ll show you just a second. So we’ll find something that kinda, Okay. What is your main key topic? Stock market research? No, ours is because it’s we have a stock market class, well, more of a reform buyer’s guide. There’s the workout. And then there’s the accomplishing goals. So what is the key topic?

Full body development,

Target audience, more or less kind of middle-aged man or a middle-aged person who wants to change. He wants to start, you know, he’s tired of being in life, so are tired of going to the factory. All right. You see how fast that was? I mean, I, I literally changed every little part of it, but it’s fun having something there to give you an idea, right? So then you hit the button and here we go. We have random profitable titles. All right. We got so variables, essential topic, full body development, a main keyword life learn life skills. I mean, I’m not going to read all. You can read it for yourself. So here we got one right here, full body development, survival checklist for people yearning for a transition. I kind of liked that one. W what clicked the title load a new one. Aha. Look at that one quick and easy, full developed body development, tips, tricks, and tools for people yearning for a transition. I kinda liked that one better, uh, profitable, quick picks. I mean, you, you can see right here. There are a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

Let’s see what else we have. I like that one right there. No, no, no, no. Put that one in there. Uh, insider learn, insider, learn skills, secrets for people yearning. I could see how this could work insider let’s let’s we could do insider life, skill secrets for people yearning for a transition. What else we got top X questions. No Tips, tricks and tools to three ways. Yeah. I like that. One tips, tricks and tools. Three ways to transform your life. All right. So then we come in here. We see which ones we have. We got the full body development. Survival checklist.


We’re going to download the selected. We can open it up and it sends it right here then let’s I mean, cause we want to, I don’t know exactly which one I want. So we go here since this is an image we can come right here. We go to headlines.


Boom. We can erase this one Right there. Let’s kind of make this

The full body development, survival checklist for people yearning for a transition. I like it. I like it. Let’s see what the different one looks like.

Quick and easy. Full body development, tips, tricks, and tools for people yearning for yearning, for a transition. I liked that one too. Tips. Let’s see. Tips, tricks and tools. Three ways to transform your life. Yeah, I kind of liked that because then what we can do is we can add in It’s not a new element. We need a new row and we need three. So then what we do, we’re going to do three pictures. If I can find it, here we go. One, Two, Three. Then what we’re going to add. We’re going to add each individual, one of these pictures. Right? And then I’ll let you see how that is. Let me, because I got to have to find out where I put these pictures. Let me see if I can.

All right. We are. Yeah, here we are. Here’s here to go. Well, they’re not very big. Are they? So what I’ll probably have to do as a pro, I have to make the actual picture bigger. Um, cause these are tiny. Well then, I mean, since that’s not exactly how I wanted them, cause they’re really little, But instead of wasting your guys’s time and while I figured out how to make these a little bit bigger, I will talk to you later on.