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Creating A List In Clickfunnels

So today, I’m going to show you how to create a quick list, which is very important. It’s it’s your email list, right? So then after you can send up here, they call them follow up funnels, but just think of it as a email, right? You see, I have lots of different lists. Um, this is a new one I just created yesterday or no, it’s the sixth of four days ago, uh, trying to open up, trying to help a buddy in Africa. See how that goes over in Africa. So that’s why there’s nothing we haven’t well, nevermind, no matter. All right. Out of new list. So we go right here,

Name of the list, fitness, right?

Remember, always create a group task.

Smart list is no, don’t create a smart list until you have like, um, so what a smart list we’ll do is like, when you’re first starting off getting, like building your list, you don’t need it because you don’t have anyone, you you’re building the list. Right? But once you have an established list of let’s say 10, 20,000 people, maybe even a thousand people, doesn’t like the size doesn’t quite matter as much. It’s how many different products you have, right? So you’re a smart list. What that will do is let’s say you have a product and you have two upsells, right? So a smart list will be able to tell you, okay, if they bought this first product, but they didn’t buy the upsell, they didn’t buy the down, sell rather than earn like the upsell or the other upsell or the down sell, whatever it doesn’t matter.

Well, what a smart list will do is it will categorize each ones that they did not buy. And so you can re target those individual people per product. Does that make sense? I mean, that’s kind of farfetched, it’s, it’s more complicated than just building a quick list, but just remember a smart list is dynamic, right? Uh, automatically adds or amuse customers that meet filters. So exactly what I said. So if they buy this or they buy this or they buy this or they don’t buy this, then it will automatically filter it. But right now we’re just building a list. That’s another reason why we want a group tag. Right? Cause we’re dynamically. It can add on and add and remove from each list. But we want to organize everything from ha the group tag. All right. Create the list. Well, uh, it’s done now.

Well over here,

Since then we go to integrations. Remember this page, this is the last little, last little video. We just mine. I’m not going to change everything at the moment, but what I am going to do, this is a, the Facebook thing. Remember change your footers and your headers after all your pages are basically done. So then if you need to make corrections, you can just make the corrections once and then finished in a pop-out pal and add them on, right. Same with the top. So right here we are. So this right here, we’ll take what we’re going to, we’re going to add, give people an opportunity to upgrade, uh, from this page and from the little blog or whatever. So this is where that will be. So that’s just a link. The, in what we just did was created this list, right? So here’s the other thing.

So the people let’s say right here, this goes to a different page just to kind of make it more, make more sense. This goes to another page, right? This is the sales page to where, if you, uh, want to watch me work out, then click this button right here. And it will bring you to a completely different page. Now on that page will be like a sales product, right? So if people buy it, then that’s a whole nother list of people. Then now what you can do is you can target this list right here, right? Remember this is a different list. This takes you to a different page. So that would be a completely different list. Well, everyone that signs up on this list, then you can retarget them to sign up on this list. And then you can take them once they buy this product, then they will be removed from this list, right? So then you can send them other products or other, other email lists that are more catered to the people that have bought this product. I hope that wouldn’t made sense without me confusing everybody. All right. So let’s integrate the email.

I didn’t know it was gonna take this long. I would’ve just went on back in our watch. We’re going to go out and we’re going to come back in.

Well, we can do the intro too. I’m sure

So 10 minutes a day, blah, blah, blah, blah. Change your life. Here’s the little description like here, this, this is the page number one. Right? Daily training videos coming soon. Make sure you sign up today. Remember that would be taking the people to the other list, right? The sitting room. Right? If you remember where I was just talking about, so here have a, a newsletter. Now we have the description of me day two, three, four. Now, if I want to, I can continue to see add five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, all the way up to day 30. Right? Cause this is the, I’m just going to, to 30 different pages. 30 different days on, on this. Right? So what I can do is we subscribe? Oh no, no, no. Sorry. First let’s go to integrations.

And then you’ll see it’s at the bottom and connected. How do you know it’s connected? You’ll see this nice little check Mark right there.


So now that it’s nice and integrated

Now we already have you see that’s literally all you have to do now. Let’s go. Let’s save it. So you were to save is save right here Again. I’ll do all this after. Go back out.

Excuse me. Let me just show you this real quick. When you’re putting your links. Now, mind you, you’re going to have to do this multiple times. However, so you see day two. This is day two, right? Right here. Now, if you double click here, there is a space, right? That space will screw everything up. All right. So either you have two choices, you can erase this. Like let me show you copy. Let me, let me, yeah, I’ll just show you both. It will take 30 seconds.

So since this is a button to set the action, you know, double click it and then go to the website URL. You see how there’s this big space. Now I’ve done this before multiple times. And is it fun? No, it’s not. Because if you are doing a lot of different links, you need to pay attention to every little thing that you’re doing because you you’ll think everything’s fine, but that one mistake can, can screw everything up. Let me show you

To what I’m saying. It takes you back there.


It takes you back to like click funnels. Let me, let me, cause I’m signed into click funnels. Let me, let me show you that where it doesn’t take you to my account.

And unless you want people to be going to this page, Then make sure or are we

All right here? 

Do you see that little itty bitty thing, right? That one space changed everything. All right. So it’s lucky. I actually I’m. I’m pretty surprised that it didn’t send you straight to an error page. Cause that’s, it’s done that numerous times or it’s done that a few times on when, when I’m having someone just click the buttons for me. So what you want to do

Oh, cool. I got it. What is this? All right. Yeah. That is just a crew quick about me. What? You what’s the fastest, easiest thing to do, right? It’s on all your pages. Cause then you have a re like where you want them. It’s just go and post them all here. And then what Google will do, or this is Google docs. It was, you know, once you have all your links. So let’s say we had, this is day two, then day three, four, five. Then you have the intro right here. Have it all on one page, name it, what you want to name it. So it’s nice and easy for you to find. Then you have your reference. And it’s so much faster because I don’t know if you’ve noticed clicking back and forth over here takes it. I mean, I I’m impatient. It literally doesn’t take that long, but for me, and if you’re building numerous, like hundreds of pages, every second counts, right? So if you have to keep on going back and forth, it takes forever. But if you have just one page, right. With all your links right here, then you don’t have to worry about any spaces or anything because you just copy the link right here. Right now. Let’s go back in here.

We’ll do the same thing right here. So action. Remember I raised the, but boom. You see how there’s no space, anything, nothing. So it’s just, just to like, double-check your work? Because the last thing you want to do is spend 20 hours building something and then a link doesn’t work that you don’t know. And you’re spending a lot of money advertising and you have no idea that you had an extra space there on one little link, right? So just count how many links there could be on this page. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 2021. All right. So that’s a minimum and this isn’t even a very big page. So that’s 21 different links. So make sure that you just build your page, your, your link page on like a Google docs. So when you’re, when you’re copying your links to add them on your page, right? You have no spaces. They’re very easy, right over here, you just, you know, copy. And now it’s copied exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s very, it just saves time and it’s cleaner that way. Trust me. Cause if your reference coming back and forth, it will take you forever. If you don’t do it that way. All right. So that was mostly building a list and problems with links.