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the only reason I’m looking at this is I’m making an purely speculative play. Right? I don’t know anything about this. I, I just looked at this and I figured it’s the cheapest coin that Coinbase has to offer. So since it’s the cheapest, a hundred dollars in this, if it goes to a dollar I’m banking, right. And then if, if other people start paying attention to it, then I’m making more money. So I did this with decentral land. I bought it for 25 cents. Now it’s a dollar and 40, so might as well try it again. Right. So instead of just Willy nilly in it, what most people are, do I want to go in to this coin? Right. Okay. It’s ether, net token. All right. That’s good to know powers and core at web three infrastructure and cross chain staking diet by platform that aims to make it easier and affordable for anyone to participate in blocks chain ecosystem by building dApps, hosting nodes are staking. I know it staking is. I’m not quite sure what building dApps are. I’m guessing that’s apps within this world that the crypto world hosting nodes. Not sure what a node is either, but let’s, let’s see if we can, we’ll see what their website shows us.

Okay. So here you go. So they’re ether, net two staking solutions has, has launched. This is going to be big that Ethan that to either net coming out with ether, net too, should be around next year. What Coinbase lets you do as well? I already did it with with my either net ones or ether nets. I guess you just call them is I can’t sell them. I can’t do anything with them, but they’re paying me to make ether net to have liquidity or value. I’m not quite sure, but I’m staking it there and they’re paying me extra to do that. All right. So let’s look at this. We support more than 40 blockchain protocol first staking for or developing purposes. Okay. Okay. So I’ve seen a, like, I don’t know why these are dark. You can’t see anything. Okay. Staking nodes

Did something freeze. Oh no. Here we go. Run your own staking nodes. Okay. Easily put for easy to deploy and manage a node on your blockchain and earn stake and rewards without any technical knowledge required. Okay. Right. This is max or maximum reward or is passive and going from your token, holding and delegations without paying any commission fees. That’s nice instant access for anyone. One click deployment, launch a node on your favorite, blockchain and minutes, automate, monitoring, and upgrade. So it, see, this is, I mean, let me put my theory behind investing in coins or something. I want to invest in something that I can make money off of. Does that make sense? So with this company, I can make money with this company, right. It’s kind of like storage and a few other of them like ethernets great ether nets, the, the, the sauce that puts it all together. Right. But this right here, it’s, it’s basically telling you, I mean, I have to do a lot more research. I gotta dive much more into it, but just for 10 cents, 16 cents, let’s see. What, what are there enclosed carpet with buildings and communities? MADEC one of the highest priorities with our staking mechanism, providing seamless validator, onboarding and cars. One-Click deployment makes it possible for non-techies to participate in our staking as a validator. Oh, that’s beautiful. So these are the comp. Okay.

So these are the different things that you can stake. So I’m pretty sure. I mean, it sounds like it’s all about just making money. I mean, it’s probably not making a lot, but well, in the beginning you probably want automatic deployment and management of L Ron powder nodes via an incident proof interface provided a powerful experience for non-technical supporters it a chance to directly engage with blockchain infrastructure layer, gain useful knowledge. Not very interesting. Okay, here we go. 300 notes and core has built great tools for everyone to become harmony validator, which is all in 300 nodes on our Testnet, as they don’t rely on centralized providers is decentralized. So again, if you notice decentralization is, is a huge, we’re really excited to see Ingrid’s one touch solution action. It makes it super easy for any token holder technical or not to spin up a node and start staking immediately. All right, well, let’s do this over here. Find on crypto block folio coin gecko coin. Okay. Wow.

That’s a little bit about their story paving. A way to open internet in the future. The, the, what is their mission. We have three easy to use for everyone. And the next phase is based on this distributed networks, which make the new generation of platform, application servers, more private, secure, right. Essentially resistant by cutting out intermediaries and gatekeepers builders and users gain back control over their applications and data technical achievements in 20 you’re introducing onto enterprise service, integrated 50 plus protocols. All right. Yeah. I’d have to do this a whole bunch more, like just do a lot more and who

This is interesting. So far I enjoy it. I, the reason why I enjoy it okay. Oh, is this the video? Let’s watch the video

Taking the theory and presents many barriers. The amount of ETH the technical demands and continual node management, stinker removes all of these barriers, instantly visit, click launch app button, select wallet. We support the most commonly used wallets like mask for desktop and trust wallet for mobile. Make sure you’ve selected the main network. A slider lets you select anything from 0.5 to however much Ethereum you have in your wallet, click stake and Staker will stake urothelium automatically to the nodes with the highest reputation, all decentralized, unlike other services, your original state, and never be slashed. Stay safe with Staker. Once state, you will automatically receive eight ETH tokens, which represent your state ETH plus rewards and are immediately liquid. You can trade them on unit swap, use them in defined protocols and more visit our dashboard daily to see how much rewards you earned stinker, stanking, simplify

What I’m kind of getting out of this. So I don’t know if you catch it before they had like 400. Now they have 2,600. You had to really see it fast. It was in the video. Okay, here we go. Calculate your earnings. So if you had two of these, so man, yeah. If you had gotten about a while ago and you had to, you’d be making 400 a year okay. Accessing course-taking services here, UC Schwab. We, you know, we talked about that one. This is a completely, it’s kind of a confusing world, but this I’m enjoying a little bit. So look, if you have a half of a token Ethereum coin and you can make a hundred dollars a year, so what you’re making like nine bucks a month, but then you’re also, it’s literally, this is all right to translate it into investment people terms, right? This is all, they’re just using new terms for things. So here’s your stock, here’s your dividend, right? So you buy this stock and you stake it, which means that you basically ask them the coin to pay you a dividend, but then you can’t use, you can’t touch coin. Right? So it’s just like maybe, maybe this is more of a bond and this is your coupon rate, right? So each year you invest more into your bond over here and you make more off your coupon rate.

That’s where I see off of it. I mean, I enjoy this. I’m not, I’m still not a hundred percent sure. I understand what it is. However, for 16 cents, let’s look at it over a year. Yeah. Look at that. This is at 22 cents in March. When we dropped back down April, I would love to get it at 12 cents. We’re only 4 cents away, which isn’t that much of a difference. But even at the beginning of the year, it was one penny. So yeah, no, I honestly I don’t see anything wrong with looking at this. Even at 60% by I would say it’s a buy, if you can get this, anything below this 22 cents and in between basically seven and 22 cents, I would say it’s decent one, anything above 22 cents, we’d have to relook and then do some more research instead of just looking at their website and crying to understand what it is that they do. But anywhere between maybe like eight and 22 cents. Cause that’s not a lot of money. Right. And I’m not saying invest the house on it. I’m just saying invest a little bit and see what happens now. If it continues, if you buy it in those parts and then it continues to rise and you can add a little bit more to your position, right. But obviously do more research. The more You buy.



Agricultural Land

Whether we’re talking about our forefathers or we’re talking about today, agricultural land is one of the most important aspects…

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Making Compound interest With Algorand

Yo yeah, if this is added money, this right here, and like the huge bops are added money. And if you see when I added money, I, if you watched the videos, then, you know, once I, I added to, I had a couple like little blips went down really bad around April 7th. What I added money, basically, April 2nd, I was really low. I mean, it wasn’t really low, but it was low April 7th. And now we are sky’s limit, I guess. Now the reason I’m making this video, this is a follow-up video. If you want to earn rewards or interest. Right. So if you notice, I love this. I truly do. I love the fact that this is consistently movingForward,

Increasing in value. Every second, I could literally sit here all day and watch this just move forward. It’s amazing. All day long, I’m making money, right? It’s not very much because I don’t have very much invested. So let’s look at something, right? Let’s look at algorithms and da da, da. Yeah. Cause they pay every day. All right. So Dai, I got $400 and all grant, I got a hundred dollars, right? So DIA, which is a $400, which is just sitting there. It’s not very much, it’s not going to talk, going to go down. It’s not going to go higher because remember, if you were paying attention, that class, they’re trying to Mark the $1. All right, Mark. The Mark. $1 corn. So if you want to pay attention to something, let’s look at this.

This is fine.

I have $478 in D a I and the United States coin $242. Now hold on, hold on. Let’s go. Let’s check out the price. Us dollar coin, $1 D I a $1. Right? So when you need to understand what, what it is, if you’re like gain, if you watch that video, it would make sense. What I’m trying to say. They’re trying to market at $1. So D a I is never going to change from a dollar. No matter how many people buy into it. They’re that’s, they’re trying to, to create this as it being a United States dollar coin, right? Mark, Mark. $1. Why does that matter? Let’s go over here.

Look how slow this goes. All right. Don’t look at any of these. Just look at this one. And this one look how slow it goes. First off, look at the percentage, right? 2% 0.1, 5% that in it of itself tells you, you know, if it’s, if they’re trying to Mark the dollar and you’re not making anything over here, but you’re making something over here, 2% to hold your money. Why you decide what you want to do with your money? Just makes more sense to do this. Now, the last three, this one, this one and this one. Well, no, first off, let me let’s do this real quick. Hold on, hold on.

Let’s look at the chart. So you see what I’m saying?

Okay. So this is the entire I clicked. All right. So we’re, we’re over here. 99 cents at peak peak to a dollar and 1 cent. It dropped all the way down to 72 cents. But this is in 2018. So three years ago. And since it has been marked basically

To the dollar, Right? There’s a reason why I’m saying this now.

Where was I?

Okay. Now let’s look at algo. Rand. All right, here we go. We’re going to go all again. Now. What’s interesting is that this was it. I, man, I wish I bought this at 14 cents, man. Oh man, this would be great because what it’s doing, it’s paying you 6% per year, but they’re paying every day. So it’s compounding every day. So whatever they’re paying you, whatever, 6% divided by 365. And then that’s what they’re paying you every day. But what happens is when you compound something, that way it compounds a hell of a lot faster. Now, the reason why I’m saying this is, this is how da AI was pegged at the dollar. This however is not the high of this was a dollar and 86 cents. So the reason I’m saying this is because when, when other people start understanding the value of this, it has the capability to increase in value as DIA does not.

Right? So let’s put it into perspective. It’s going to pay you 6% compounded this, but no, you don’t want to. I already know. So it’s, it’s going to pay you 6%, right? 6% every day at 14 cents and 6% every day at a dollar and 48 or two completely six different 6%. However, like I said, this where I wish I had got it at 10 cents off, man. If I got at 10 cents, the same amount of volume that I bought, right? I think I have, look, I got 71 of them. That same hundred dollars I’d have what a thousand of them give or take. So I’d be making 6% basically every day. Now let’s go back to, I hope you’re understanding what I’m saying. If you don’t it’s okay. The reason I’m saying is look, how fast is this moving? And this is a hundred dollar investment. So I’m almost made 1% back. And I haven’t held this for very long. Let’s look when I bought it. Right.

If you read that, that’s great. Let’s see. When did I buy? No, that’s DIA.

Sorry. Do you need to do, to do, to do, to do there it goes.

So right here, I bought on April 2nd at 94, $96. Right? My investment is worth 105 right now, but if you pay attention to this April 3rd, I’ve been paid April 4th. I’ve been paid April 5th, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. It’s the 14th right now. But let’s look at, I mean, it looks all the same. All right, blue, we’ll look at this big bump. That was a big bump. It looks all the same, right? But it’s not. It’s steady grading. You see this 11 four 27, 11 four 29. Now let’s go back to day one, no date, April 4th, 11, four 11. Do you see how every day it’s slowly but surely increasing in value? The amount that they’re paying me, right?

What I’m talking about is slowly but surely the compounded daily is what’s going to make my money with the upward to objectory of this being able to rise in price. So if they were, if this is able, I mean, if they were to go to 2%, that’s still fine. It’s better than sitting in the bank, but at 6%, if you get in now why to time it finally, everyone understands how well they’re paying. If it gets to $10, then your money has almost basic Orlistat sake. It’s this $15 and your money is 10 X, but you’re still gaining every single day. All right. Does that make sense?

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Non-Believer To A Believer

I get into my review for stocks, as opposed to just sitting here, looking at these coins and I’m being as transparent as possible with this crypto, just because I was a non-believer in the beginning. Right. And now I’m kind of like, Hmm, this looks like just they’re giving money away. Right. So, I mean, just look now, these big EK, these big jumps are our money coming in. Right. So right here, right here, right here, right there and right there. But it’s a steady from the bottom left to the top. Right. That’s why I don’t, I don’t know how much money I’ve made. That’s the only problem on here. It doesn’t, but then I’m pretty sure here in the future, they’re going to fix this problem. So it’s not a big problem. It’s just, I know it’s at the moment. All right. So we look at, there are prices. The one I want to go down to this right here. Now this was at three 80, whatever. I just want to just think about this.

I literally paid nothing for this at all. I took like all these right here, this one, this one and this one. All right. In our video class, we watched the videos. You guys literally watched the videos with me, right? We’re at 56 cents. I don’t know if we watched two videos with this one or two, but if we watch one for a dollar, then I’m over here, mad at myself for not buying more. It’s almost doubled, but we might’ve watched it. Might’ve been in $2. So we might be down just a little bit. And then this one for a dollar up 20%. Right? So on each, On each one of these, we have generated a decent profit on everything, right. And it was for free. Now, look at this, we’re up a dollar and 10 cents every day, it just gets larger and larger and larger. All right. Check in with you later on.

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Tezos Better Buy Than Algorand

The quick video. I mean, nothing too exciting. However, the only reason I’m making this video is if you were paying attention before I was all excited about algorithms, right? But now now D I a don’t get me wrong. But when we look at let’s look at how much money we have invested. So DIA makes a lot of sense that I’d have the most or gained the most amount of pennies off of DIA, right? Cause I have almost $500 invested. Now we also know that this is never really going to change. I mean, it’s going to go up from the 37 cents or whatever, but they’re always going to try to Mark this at one. So it doesn’t really have the greatest potential of, of appreciated and value. Now Tesco’s, let’s go, let’s go out grant, because I just made that last video a couple of days ago, Al grant, I was all excited. You’ve seen it moving. It looks to be moving faster than this, which it is right? Because you look at Tescos and it’s a hundred, I have 130, $2 invested an algorithm. I have 106. Right? So Al grant is making more money with less invested. However, Tescos is really close. Right? I understand. Tesla’s has more money. So on this. Yes. The deal is still the, it seems like the best bet would be algorithm. Right? However, let’s look at the chart because I’m curious on something, not the wallet, the overview

Bottom close to a month. All right. This is the one thing that I wish that it was a little easier when they just showed you how much you’re up per coin. Right. Instead of like having a guesstimate, cause I don’t want to do the math. I just want to just show me right. When you look at the stock, it shows you exactly how, when you bought it and whatever, over here, you gotta, you gotta investigate and no one has time for all that. Well let’s say we bought it. No. Now I, I really do have to see how much did I spent

Oh yeah. We got to go to the wallet. All right. Oh wow. Look at this. Look at this. This is very interesting because this is what I was this, this is literally what I was, I was thinking. All right. So I spent $96, right?

What day? Hold on

On April 2nd. So April, April. Oh, I got it on. No

So I got it in a $5 range, right? So what’s happening is I’m going, I’ve made 80% of my money. So when you go over to the portfolio, let’s go over here. And Tessa, now I’m up 34, $32. So in the beginning, right. Tescos was not making very much money. Right. But now the higher end price that it’s going, that API is paying me more because I have more coins. So that’s, what’s so interesting about this is that if you grasp that concept, great. But if not, I apologize, but let’s see how much money did I invest in Algren cause I only invested $96. This shot up like extremely fast because what, a couple days ago, there was no way. These were almost neck and neck. So it has everything to do with the price. I don’t know if they pay me every day. Cause I don’t see their little reward every day. I got to do a little bit more research on that, but I want to check this out.

Exactly. So I spent the same amount of money on Al Grande. As I did with Tescos. Now I’ve made 15 cents on Tescos or an algorithm let’s look at, but on the pure let’s go back to where we were on the better investment, which is going to end up paying. Like if, if Tesla continues to rise, then Tescos will end up being a better investment. Even though they’re not paying every day. Now, if I, if you see now this is tricky because I’m up quite a bit more because what that’s 26, $26. I mean, I know that’s not a lot. Right. But if this was a bigger account, just, I mean, you got to just think whatever how much you want, but just knowing, like playing around with this with a couple of hundred dollars is, is fun. Well also I’m trying to think what I’m going to do. Someone invested a thousand dollars in one of these next month, but I’m not quite sure. I was really excited about algorithm, but now like Teso seems like, Hmm. I mean this, this investment to central line did well, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re only talking about the amount of money being paid. Now, let me see now their reward

So it says, I mean, I don’t know. I see 22 cents, they’re saying 3 cents, 15 cents Lisa’s or maybe it hasn’t clocked in. Well very interesting. Which one is, which is the better investment so far right now Tesco’s was better than algorithm eating the algorithm is paying a higher AP. Why? Just because of the appreciation in the Teslas price.

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Coinbase Web Overview

Good since I’m just now getting started in cryptocurrency, that eyes will make a video for everyone else that might also be getting started in cryptocurrency. The exchange that I’m using, as you can see, look, this is one year. This is zero. We know this is what is this March 2nd, 2021. I had some illnesses, zero all the way up until March 2nd. And then I put in on March 3rd, put in some money. And then if we look at right now,

The bounce is right around $2,200. So it’s fluctuated as you see down here. Well, if you even look 24, let’s say a week, a week ago, it was down to 1900 and now it’s back up to 20, 2200. I haven’t, uh, I remember the last time I put money in here, maybe like a week and a half ago, I’ve just been busy doing other projects. So this dip is not me trading. This is just regular market fluctuations. Um, let’s kind of explore their, their, their app, um, or really their, their, their webpage. And then they have their app, which is nice. Um, I haven’t, this is, uh, this is probably the second time I’ve been on their webpage. I started on their, their mobile app, but for me, I just like seeing things big. Right? So let’s kind of explore. It looks like right here.

So what they do have, you can buy and you can sell different Bitcoins. Let’s just look so you can buy Bitcoin big CAS, eat the rum ether, classic light coin O X U S USD, dollar coin, basic attention token decentral land. I actually made some money on this one. I’ll show you, uh, Kyber network chain link district. Oh, X maker civic. Oh my God. Network die. Z cash app galore, stellar lumens, EOS. And I mean, you can see them. There’s quite a few. Um, I think last I checked, there was 46 of them. Uh, but they’re adding them daily and then let’s go back to up your shopping street and then you can buy it with, uh, I think you, yes. See there’s a $750 a week limit on your, like a regular debit card. But if you want to wire the money in, I think there, I don’t think there’s a limit if on a credit card is, cause this is my debit card. Um, well they just have different limits. Okay. So right. I mean, obviously you can deposit as cash.

Okay. That makes sense while you have your, so here’s my account. Right. So I don’t have, so the, the, so yeah, again, we’re literally just going through this as I talk with you. I’ve never, I’ve, haven’t done this before, so that’s why it probably seems like I’m all over the place kind of bouncing, uh, yeah. Cause on the mobile app it’s different, it’s difficult to see how much money you have invested. Uh, the one thing I don’t like about this, I don’t know. I don’t remember. And I’m, I, this is for fun, right? I, I’m not taking it as a day trader yet. I’m just trying to understand these coins and everything. But I would like to see if I’m up or if I’m down, like these are just numbers. That’s great that I have $358 and decentral or something. How much am I up? It’s difficult. Like if I were to trade, I’d have to know that number. Like I I’d have to know, but since this is more long-term at the moment, I’m not really concerned with how much I’m up or down. I’m just getting my feet wet. All right. Let’s see. So convert. Okay. So yeah, selling so selling, you can sell whatever corn you have and then put it into the cash converting. You can convert your coins into other coins, which is nice. Um, let’s see, send and receive.

Yeah, it looks like you just need someone’s phone number, email address, or actual or actual address and which you could do

Wow. Wow. Look at this. Be sure to select the right cryptocurrency. If you send crypto to the wrong address, ESG Bitcoin to a Bitcoin cash address, your crypto will be lost. So, um, hold on a second. Um, let me call you right back. I’m in the middle of a filming session.


This is one thing that I don’t like. This is what scares me about cryptocurrency, which why I’m playing with it, but I’m not taking it serious. Is this statement right here when you’re sending money, now there’s QR code that you can send. So it kinda stops this. However, I don’t like the fact that if I were to send a Bitcoin to a bit coin cash, I won’t get my money. It’s just gone. That isn’t, it that’s inefficient because it don’t have two names that both say Bitcoin in it and expect people are not going to get confused. So there’s, so there’s a, quite a few, like I understand everyone’s coming out with a new name and so, you know, uh, probably 15 years from now, uh, there’ll be something new going on. And then all the established names will be established and I’ll probably start trading a little bit, you know, once I understand more about crypto, but that, that part I don’t like, uh, transfer crypto fascia and Coinbase transferring crypto on, on the blockchain can be expensive. However, if you bowl it, both you and on the part use Chromebooks, we do the transfer offer for free. Okay.


Okay. All right. That’s nice. That’s so there you go. This is what I’m talking about. So here’s your QR code or the address, so, okay, so you have to individually come in here and if you want to receive some decentral land coins, I mean the crypto let’s let’s look at the address. So we’ve got zero X, B zero seven.


Yes. See, so the address changes as well. Let’s go back then. Okay. So each one of, if you notice each one of your coins has a specific like wallet, I guess is the best way to say it. So when you’re sending money, um, you just type in this code right here To right there. Now we know that it’s not Bitcoin. We know that this is a decentral coin, right? W what happened? Okay. Look, it even tells you this is a Manor address. Right. So, okay. That’s good. So what it’s doing is it’s trying to dummy-proof you, right? So if you accidentally make a mistake, it’s trying to re correct your mistake and give you a warning before you do something bad. Um, let’s see what this is. All right. So

All right. So here’s on this little section right here. It’s pretty cool. Uh, I’ve I’ve actually earned $1. I didn’t know. There was so many different ones, too, like different classes to take, to earn money. See right here, I’ve earned a whopping 2 cents from, uh, taking, or I don’t even know what it is, but you can look, you can earn money on diag rewards. Tezos, uh, Cosmo and the coin. Uh, this is more just, uh, over overview of everything. So if you want to make, I think with new cipher, yet you can earn up to $3 with the graph. You can earn up to $3, Uma, $6. So this is just different, different opportunities too, for you to make a little bit of extra money and to learn a little bit, what is for you. Okay. Um, Okay. So I guess these are the blogs, I guess. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause you can hear, let me move this down a little bit. You see, see where it says blog, Coinbase. So this is their, their, their Coinbase blog. Uh, yeah, they, I mean, it looks like they have a lot of different stuff. What is this?

Okay. Um, all interesting stuff. Not for this one video right here. Cause I’ll, I’ll end up talking for two hours and we won’t get anywhere and the video won’t have any purpose. So as a quick overview, we have home, which is this, and then you have your watch list down and then you can, yeah. Your recent transactions are over here, your total bound. Okay. This is nice. I like this. Um,


See, now this doesn’t make any sense. Okay. I bought it for a hundred dollars. It’s worth $355 right now. But then it says, what is this number? Right here is a 15%, right. That doesn’t make any sense if I’m up way more than 15% of them for like 300%. So that doesn’t make, I don’t understand what, what they’re talking about over there. Um, so yeah, you have your watch list, you have your education and then you have your little portfolio over here and then your recent transactions then when you click the portfolio. Yeah. It’s just everything a little bit bigger.

Not at

All. Uh, it just has all the assets that are tradable on, uh, we’re recording base.

Mm, okay. Okay. Here it is. This is what these numbers are. It’s Alec it’s how much of your assets are in each? So this is 27% of my assets are in Bitcoin. 15% of my assets are in decentral land over here. Spend crypto get reward. Was this okay? Look at this coming soon, introducing the Coinbase card. So if you want to go and be in debt, then this is great. It’s a debit card. Lets you spend your assets, any asset in your Coinbase portfolio and ORM rewards for your purchase. So this will be fun and interesting to kind of understand that when they have it come out, borrow cash, you can, You can borrow money at a pretty high percentage. Um,

Prices. Uh, this is nice. This in the last 24 hours, market’s up 3.3 and a half or basically three, three points, 75%, the little stars or your watch list will easy touchable by buttons. Over here, you can see you have your tradable assets, the top gainers and the top losers, all assets. If you just click all assets, let me show you. So some of these you can’t trade. So either net ether, M two is not a tradable asset through Coinbase buy Binance coin is not either tip tether or teether, uh, polka dot XRP, feta. So Coinbase is very diverse. It has has a vast array of different products that you can invest in. I don’t know exactly how, like again, there’s, I think there’s like 45 to 46. I get updates. Uh, every few days that they’re adding a new coin or uh, something else is going on, which is nice.

Um, what got me or what deterred me from investing in Bitcoin for awhile is I’m, uh, I work in a stock market, so there’s a futures department and then they also, you can trade Bitcoin on there, but you have to buy the entire Bitcoin. Right? And now that’s like 50 grand, 60 grand, which is a little high. I don’t have 50 grand that just sit laying around to invest in Bitcoin for one share and do nothing with it. But with Coinbase you can buy portions of, of these, right? So you don’t have to buy the whole coin, like with Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s at 60, about 56,000. And you know, it’s changing every day. Uh, but I only have $600 in Bitcoin. So it’s allowed me to buy what

One, 1%, 100th of a percent, right. Of Bitcoin, of a single Bitcoin. So that’s nice. So if Bitcoin continues to rise then, or when I say Bitcoin, I’m more or less talking about all coins. When all coins decided to rise, that’s just giving me a brand or larger opportunity to make more money because I’m not having to put so much money in. So if all you have is $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $10. Well, there’s plenty of different currencies out there that can fit your need for that. Now the trading fees there, they’re kind of expensive, right? They’re they’re like, what was it like four and a half to 5% per transaction fee, which is expensive, but this is kind of new. And so it’s not that bad back in the olden days, trading on the stock market used to be $10 in $10 out, give or take.

So it was, it was quite expensive. This, this seems at, at, uh, it could be a little bit cheaper. So with that said, um, we kind of went over, around and above their internet website. Um, what we’ll do now on the next one, we’ll kind of do a crash course on what is all these coins? So we’ll go through no, not persons. There we go. Cause what they’ll do they have this lovely thing right here. When you go to each coin, you can go down and then there’s the official website and then the white paper, which I don’t know what that is. Okay. The white paper is basically your big explanation. So if you want to read, uh, like a research paper, you can click the white paper, but if you just want to go to the, um,

Uh, the official website, I was just reading this right here. So the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as the blockchain, Bitcoins are divisible into smaller units, known as Seto, Satoshi eats. The Toshi is worth like a 0.0 point a lot of zeros and then one Bitcoin. So remember I was talking about how you can, so here you go. Here’s my Bitcoin balance. Here’s my Satoshi. Right? So I have quite a bit of Satoshis. All right, well, in this video here.

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All right, let’s jump into this. That’s fine. Another coin to talk about, we talked about shoe sheet sushi swap the last time. Um, excuse me. Let’s go to do, do, do, do, do, do, let’s go decentral land. I bought a few of these. Uh, let’s see. I don’t know a wallet.

Yeah, so I bought a hundred dollars they’re worth, or about 324 of them. They’re worth, uh, $300 now. So what I’ve tripled my money. Give or take, um, the white paper. No, that’s not what I wanted. So get the white paper. So it’s a blockchain versus virtual world. Um, let’s see how many pages they have of this.

So yeah, if you want to learn more about it, like, uh, go in depth, Al, I’m going to read this later, but I’m not going to bore you guys with 14 pages of me reading. Now that’s just successive, but, uh, I will make another video of, of just basically the synopsis of that, but let’s go check out their website. So what first let’s look at this. Their market cap is 1.6 billion circulating circulating supplies. 1.6 billion, uh, their 24th most held on Coinbase. People usually hold it for 13 days. Uh, trading activity presented of corn Coinbase customers who increase or decrease their net position over the last 24 hours. So it is, uh, basically 50, 50. Welcome to de-central land. Explore, lose yourself in amazing evolving world. Okay. Test limits of your own imagination.


You want to win some prizes over here? Um, for virtual destinations, for digital assets, buy, sell, land estates, avatar, wearables, and names, and de-central marketplace stocking the very best digital goods. So what is it? The NFTs or whatever. What else is this? Uh, can decide where to start more events

Hmm. All right. It looks kinda like it got it’s like Asian. The only reason I say that is just because I see like a lot of Asian letters or characters, Sierras, the NFTs, but this is a yesterday. This is last year. Cause this is Oh, no, no, no, this is coming up. So this is coming up. All right. So yeah, they have a lot of everything

Yeah. So, uh, as it says, right here, welcome to the virtual worlds. One stop shop for the very best digital assets. Um, yeah. So NFTs, if you want to buy and like basically, uh, it’s a huge market now it’s getting bigger and bigger. So if you want to buy an MTS is the place to go. I’m not understand. I don’t understand why this hat what’s so important. I don’t get it. It’s 300 of little coins, I guess what what’s so what’s so great about this hat. I don’t understand why. Um, I, I don’t get it. Um, I don’t understand. I mean, what do you do with it when you have it, but there it’s big money, I guess like this, I don’t know what, what this is. This means absolutely nothing to me. However, it means might mean something to you. If you’re watching this video, you know what I’m what it is. Uh, hopefully it’s important to you, but this literally means, um, means love you with my mobile life in Chinese.


Um, I sure. Great. I exactly. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that. So I, um, see what builder it looks like you don’t have any scenes. Oh, okay. So I can A new description test a name or task named scription test. What is what, okay. Yeah, that’s fine. All right. So look, we get to, so, okay, so you get to make some stuff and then you get to sell it.

Maybe wash what’s going on.

You see I’m over here. Pushing buttons. Nothing seems to be working

Search assets.

So I it’s an Ethereum network. This is, I don’t know what’s going on. However, let’s, let’s do this one thing. Let’s check this because I have a feeling I’m going to have to, it’s just a weird world. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but let’s go

To similar web so we can Kind of get an estimation of how many people

Okay. Decentral finance, uh, getting over a half a million people for, uh, four minutes. Most everyone. Okay. Well, I was wrong with the Asia idea. Most everyone’s coming from America or 31% their search. Okay. Okay. So yeah. So 23%. Yes. Makes sense. So over here you can kind of see what what’s going on. The corn market cap, Coinbase coin, gecko, product hunt, and get hub. Are there most referring sites? And then they’re going to Reddit, YouTube, uh, and a couple of different ones. Well, either scan and discord. Those are both other coins and this is decentral land something. I don’t know what that says, but you to make sense. And then right. It makes sense also because they’re going to just basically try to figure out what this place, what, what it is. Um, as you can see, they’re social, they’re big on Twitter And then just basically all their competitors. So, I mean, I, like I said, I I’m already invested in this. Um, I got 300 coins. Um, I’m not really quite sure what you, what, what you’re supposed to do on this website. Um,

I mean, yeah, you can create scenes and everything. I just, I’m not good enough to do it. I’d have to practice and then create a video on how to do this, but I, I’m still wondering, like, what do you do with the, so here we go, buy and sell land a stock in the very best digital goods and paraphernalia backed by Ethereum back, uh, blockchain. So ether, um, is switches a coin, um, is backing this, like I said, so, I mean, there’s a lot you can explore on. I’m not really, again, I don’t know where or why you would do this. Um, maybe I still don’t know, but


Let’s click this. What is this? Oh, we’ve already been here. So this is, this is nothing. This is okay. So, okay. Look at this. So here’s my test. So I mean, you have to sign in to it’s the same as the iCloud, but here’s a dog part, a new scene, the moon, the path of awakening.

Let’s see what this is.

So it says six parcel, 127 items. Um, okay. Wow. So look at where you can build.

Yeah. I mean, it’s nifty. I mean, it’s cool. Uh, again, I’m gonna reiterate, I don’t know why you would build this. What is it for? But it is a scene for something and I mean, you can go all the way around. So it was like graphic designs and things, but why, what, or who’s going to use this. So I’m confused on like, what’s the big purpose, but that’s what the white pages are. So give me a little bit, it’s going to take me a minute, but once I’m done reading the white pages, then I’ll make a video and explain to you guys what their white pages is, what, what this is all about. All right. Talk to y’all later on. And again, let’s go back here. So you know where we are, so you can go to Coinbase and this is decentral land.

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Let’s talk about a different crypto coin or currency, however you’d like to, uh, phrase it again. We’re on Coinbase. Uh, that’s what, that’s the program I’m using at the moment to trade let’s check with the portfolio. It’s going up down all around. Not too concerned about it. Let’s go into, we’ve done ether. Um, we’ve done decentral land. We’ve learned a little bit about sushi swap Coinbase. And what is a stable coin? Let’s go into let’s. Let’s try this light coin. What is this? No, I bought some of this. It’s a number fourth, uh, popularity on Coinbase, the market cap of 13 billion. Look at that 83% or 83 day hold. That’s pretty decent. I means that, well, you can kind of do it for yourself. That’s they’re almost holding this coin for three months. So they’re looking at it more as an investment, instead of opposed to just trading a look at the buying activity, 54% buying 46% selling. Um, let’s see if they have Nope, they don’t really have any, anything special. Uh, this is February 2nd, so that’s, that’s really, uh, that’s really old. Uh, March 2nd, the digital look at that gray scale by 80% of all, like when mind in February.

So whoever, uh, we’d have to do some, some interesting, uh, more or less have to, uh, do some research on gray scale. See who gray scale is and see why did they buy 80% of all the mine coins at that point in time? Um, they might be thinking or, Oh, no, it’s a good investment maybe, which you have to see exactly why they bought that much. All right. Let’s check out their website.

Okay. Cryptocurrency for payments based on blockchain technology. Okay. That’s great. What is it? That’s what we want to know. Right? What is it is a peer to peer internet currency that enables instant near zero cost payments to anywhere anyone in the world like corn is open source global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities in mathematics, secure the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. Like corn features, faster transaction confirmation times and improve storage efficiency. Then the leading math based currency, which essential, substantial indices support, trade volume volunteered. It’s like corn is proven medium of commerce complimentary to Bitcoin. All right. So it’s literally, uh, just a way to make payments online. Um, I am a little confused on why they have so many different ways to just make a payment. I mean, what came in and so they’re like, okay, let’s all do it.

Okay. Here’s a nice little look at this. So minors are currently awarded with 12 and a half new light horns per block and amount, which gets half roughly every four years.

So they’re trying to look at that. They’re trying to produce 84 million, uh, light coins, which is four times as many as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. That’s, that’s interesting to know. Even when I look out their community, they got there, they have a form, they have their Reddit, Twitter, uh, blockchain. I don’t want to go too much in blockchain on this, just for the simple fact that we’re not talking about blockchain. We are talking about cryptocurrency. What is source code for Ledcor and related projects are available? All right. So if you’re a programmer and you just, you want to like take some of their court, is there a code, excuse me, you can go to get hub and you can pull and push again. That’s if you’re not a programmer, I don’t want to go into that because that’s confusing. Um, if you seen yesterday on, on, um, either of them, either arm did the same thing. When you go to their white papers, it just takes it to a get hub. Now again, if you don’t understand get hub, that means absolutely nothing to you. So don’t worry about


Um, let’s check out their foundation.

Their foundation looks more kind of like a store. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong About us. Let’s see what they’re doing.

Well, um, Hopefully this is not a indicator of how they are, right? Because this is a terrible website. Their S their CSS is completely jacked up on this part. So let’s, let’s pretend that we never looked at that. All right. So let’s see, let’s see what their most expensive, So you can get a neon sign and you can also get some cuff links that are like coined for extremely expensive. I wonder, I’m really curious on, I doubt that they have, let’s see, I want to just see No match. Okay. Let’s just, This is their foundation. There’s no match. So this particular see we’re trying to All right. Well, they so far this, it might be brand new, but as of February, similar web has not registered like coin shop dot, like Um, no, that’s, that’s the shop. This is the foundation. This is a news. This is learn. Let’s get back to their official website. Let’s see how many people are coming here.

So we’re getting a 300,000 people going to like corn per month. That’s that’s the website. We just looked at 18% of it’s coming from the United States. A lot of it’s coming from Russia and China. Ooh, that’s very interesting. Uh, Russia and China as being the number two and number three, um, take that however you want, but just understand that if you’re dealing with this, you’re gonna be dealing with Chinese and Russians. Um, that’s, I’m not saying that as a negative thing, because it may be, if you’re in Russia at that, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of Americans, or if you’re Chinese, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of Russians and Americans, right? So it goes both ways. I’m just in America. So I’m pointing that out. Uh, what I what’s concerning about this is that it’s only 38 seconds and there’s a 74% bounce rate. So that means that a lot of people that they’re coming to that, and then they’re just bouncing off. So they’re searching it because let’s not forget, this is the number four most held, but they’re not, they’re just buying the coin. I don’t think they’re very,

So yeah, if you look at it where they’re going, 30% went to the, the foundation. So if you kind of see where they’re going after this Electrum light coin wallet is Ukrainian. The light is Russian and that’s United States. That’s United States. So that’s, and then, and this is India. So, uh, after going to lick to light coin, then they’re going to different, different light, or I guess, different wallets across the world. Um, that’s interesting. Uh, they get their most, their social from YouTube.

Yeah. Um, let’s go back to their open source. What is like horn download? No, let’s go to content or contact. Nope, not really what I was looking for. So here’s the light coin forum.

Let’s go to the latest. Um, so yeah, this is, this is a little concerning. If this is the re the latest article, I will says the latest activity was one hour ago. Okay. So you have to sign up. No, I don’t want to do that. Oh, now I’m stuck in here. Nevermind. Let’s get out of there. Um, I have to do a little bit more investigation as they don’t really have much. I understand why now, why they, why people would just bounce right off of this web, this, this right here. Cause there’s not really much of anything on this site. It’s on this page right here. It’s literally just nothing, not very clickable. You can read on it, whatever, but then their light coin shop. It kind of just seems like they’re kind of selling you stuff so that, um, Again, that’s a little concerning because it, and then when it’s like donate,

What am I donating for? Right. So that’s a, I don’t, I’m, I’m confused with this one. Um, I’m not really convinced let’s, let’s check this. Who is gray scale for one

So they’re, I mean, they’ve, they’re in, they’ve been in business for seven or eight years now. We’re in 2021. Uh, it’s a Disney digital currency group. So Where is their company? Just give me the

There was nothing really clickable. There it goes. Okay. All right. So the, so this is there, I guess the gray scales more for high net wealth people, if they want to get into investing in crypto or in, in digital currencies. Uh, cause it, it says right here, uh, you’re only available to invest, uh, accredited investors. So the normal people, you’re not going to be able to get into this. Uh, so that means basically there, when it’s only open to sophisticated investors, it’s, it’s usually because it’s really, really risky. I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s huge potential to make a lot of money was gray scale, but there’s also a huge potential that you might lose everything. So that’s why it’s only open to accredited investors. Um, but how much did they buy purchase? 174,000 like corns last month and currently sits at worth of Bitcoin

So they have 248 million and it’s uh, Hmm.

I wondered, is this a, okay, so this is just

L T C N now. Um, now I’m, I’m going all over the place. So bear with me

So here it is right here. Um, I don’t know if it’s traded it doesn’t look like it’s traded, but it is right here. Oh yeah. It is over the counter Q X. Ooh, Q a be careful. Just be careful. I mean, if you, I don’t know. I mean, this is all brand new it’s. I mean, it’s not really brand new. They’ve been in the game for what, eight years with gray scale I’m referring to. Um, but

Is not very, I went, okay, so look at this. Um, this is not what you want to see. They, they had a valuation of like $500 is gray scale. I know we’re going a little bit off of, uh, off of blight coin, but however, this is the gray scale light coin trust, where they bought 80% of the coins that were mined in February. So it was kind of good to kind of know what’s going on with the bigger company, right? Why are they buying so much? And then it’s, this is very concerning. Let’s look at the price of the price over one year. So why the price of this is steady increased, right? Which in, so they, they literally bought light coin at the high, right? So they bought 800,000 or whatever shares when it was way up here. And now it’s down here. So that’s, that’s millions of dollars. They’ve lost millions of dollars. Right. But let’s look at this. Just one more, another quick glance. Cause this is, this is over a year. Their top price was in November at $500.


Light coin was at 58. It’s almost it’s tripled since that give or take. Right. And their prices plummeted. So that would be a red flag for me. Be careful. Um, be careful, be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Yeah. Now if we want to play with light coin over here, because that’s the last amount of news, right. And that was March 2nd and that’s absolutely terrible news. Cause they’re like they bought it at the high. So they bought it like there in order for them to even start breaking, even like coin has to go up to, I would say, give or take two 26 for them, unless they bought it in the beginning of February and then sold it by like right here. But they’re saying that they’re accumulating and just accumulating as much as they can. So maybe they know what they’re doing. Maybe they don’t we’ll find out.

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Door storage. Yeah, I guess. Right. Um, they just offered this on to Coinbase not too long ago. Uh, this is April 3rd, 2021. Uh, I think they they’ve offered it maybe a week. So that’s why I wanted to talk about it. I have yet to buy any of this, the market cap on this is less than a billion, it’s only 769 or 61 59% of the people are buying it, which makes a lot of sense, because I just told you it’s it’s new. Uh, the population is popularity and Coinbase is the 40th most hold most held. Excuse me. Uh, like I said, they, March 22nd could have been when they initially opened it onto the Coinbase. And that’s what would explain more or less explain that pop right there. Let’s go a week. As you can see, it was down to earth. Let’s call it a month. When was started basically. Yeah, I would say right about there March 23rd, 83 cents or 87 cents popped up to three or basically $4. Uh, now it’s $3. Ooh, it’s rising.

Uh huh.

I don’t know if I have any money in my bank account when I get it. When we’re done with this account, when we’re done with this video, I’ll probably buy a little bit just to kind of track it. If I don’t have any money in, I don’t really pay attention. So it’s always, I liked having a little bit of money in almost everything just so I, I track it. Okay, here we go. So if you remember the last video where we were discussing Tezos and how Tezos was trying to create,

Uh, an invite

Mint where it’s similar to ether room, where it has different coins on it. This is storage, which is right here. An Ethereum token that powers, uh, a decentralized cloud storage network called tardigrade. After a user uploads, a file to tardigrade pieces of each file are distributed to a global network of independent nodes. When someone requests a file is then required compiled, securely, and made available for download. This means that anyone can file store files on Tara grid without having to trust a centralized data center. You can also earn so tokens in return for providing resources to the network, including an used hard drive space and bandwidth.

That is interesting. So I don’t know if, if that last little part is what makes the most sense. So if, if you pay attention, well, you wouldn’t know. I have, uh, a stock class, which is, goes through different stocks. And what, one of the investments that I have is all about data storage in what this, what, what it sounds like, what they’re doing is, is revolutionary. And just for the simple fact of that, I will buy some. So if let’s say you have, I never have extra storage. So this makes a lot of sense because I mean, me personally, I just buy an external hard drive. But when you have like the cloud and cloud computing data is going to be enormous now for us as Americans it’s we have, we have like really secure networks, right? So it’s a little bit different for us.

Well, I don’t know. You might not be American when you’re listening to this, but we have like Amazon’s cloud base. We have Microsoft, we have apples. However, other countries might not be able to have the security that we have. So if you can have a network where it’s not a government based network, as in other countries, um, I can’t name anyone particular, but I’m just using this as examples, then your storage, or being able to ex like extract information from your computer and then store it somewhere else on the law online is immaculate because what it’s doing is it’s, it’s going, it would be very difficult for you to, unless you understand, unless you could break the algorithm, it’d be very difficult for other people to hack your, your information. So it could be very important documents. It could be whatever, uh, code, whatever, uh, secret you’re trying to, to get from one point to another, what they’re doing is they they’re breaking your, your, your, your files or whatever, into a billion little pieces, and then renting little EDBD space on my server, on someone else’s server on someone else’s server.

So that’s what it’s saying right here. You can earn tokens, but by providing unused hard drive space and bandwidth. So what they’re doing, they’re just, they’re a big storage company there. And they’re trying to unite all the storage from all over the world that people are not using. And then they’re going to store your, your document there. And then whenever you go somewhere else, you can download your document there, recompile your document, and then it’s ready there for you, which again, would in America, it’s going to be helpful. It won’t be as useful for maybe your everyday things because you already have a cloud, but for more Secure documents, this would be great for Storing. Let’s say you are doing paperwork and you want to you’re in a different country and it needs to be secure paperwork and it needs to be on your server in America. Then this is a way that you could do that because it’s always going to be wherever you want it to be. If that makes sense. Now, let’s check out there. White paper. Yup. Decentralized cloud storage network framework. There are two years old, again, get hub.

This is a nice, I enjoy the way that they did this. This is Okay. So again, with the other white papers, it’s going to take me, I’m not gonna read all this to you right now. However, I will eventually go through to go, wow, this is a whole novel. Yeah. There’s like 90 pages of this wall, the bibliographies and everything.

How many books are in here?

So it was 81 pages. I’m not going to read 81 pages. However, this is very interesting and I want to learn more. Cause I bet you through reading these white papers, I’ll find like six or seven different opportunities or get my little mouse in my brain, writing to our look at the world different. So that’s the whole reason I want to read that let’s go onto their website. So I enjoy, I like there so far. I’m already enjoying, Ooh, let’s see. Get paid. Yep. So here’s uh, put your extra disc space to work. So this is exactly what I was explaining.


Uh, hosting node, upgrade your storage layer.

Encrypt and upload split files and distribute store and retrieve files. So that’s exactly what I was saying. So you, you upload the file. They encrypted, they split it and distributed to millions of different places. They split it into smaller fragments. I, when I computer break something up, it could brew, broken up a million small fragments. They stored on a random, uh, storage places. And then when you need it, you

Um, yeah, I I’m enjoying, I like what this would, it would, it looks like, uh, Your storage nodes that’s So get paid to build the future of cloud.

Is that the same? Oh yeah. Node performance. Stay up to date on your node. Satisfy modern, rip your reputation, storage capacity, uptime, and audit checks, measure, uh, payouts. And, okay, so literally, um, this is, this is what it sounds like. So I have some Apple computers that I don’t use anymore. They’re there. Cause you know, I upgrade and everything, but they do have hard drive. They do have disc space. Right. So, and I could, okay. So look, a mining Bitcoin expensive requires a lot of extra power is not that profitable and is much more difficult than become a storage node operator. So literally what we would do is this is for example, I have a, I’m looking at two different spare Apple computers, what I would clear their data, right? So clear their existing hard drive, uh, sign up over here.

All you need is a solid internet connection enough hard drive space and bandwidth solely. Exactly all you need is what they said, solid internet enough disc drive and bands bandwidth. So it’s literally just renting or opening up my computers and then become a node operator. You’re storing data for actual customers all while getting paid, become a decentralized cloud and distribute the cloud storage giants. So again, this is I’m, I’m in love with this. This is amazing. I it’s a grand idea. And um, I can’t wait to read their white pages cause they’re giving me more and more information of different ideas. So again, they’re going to let’s go over how it works for the eighth time. So check your specs. And if you qualify, we’ll send you an author, author date, an authorization code, uh, yeah. Basically read it or instructions. Number two, stores data. Once you notice that it up, it will receive pieces of encrypted files later. You’ll share the prior pieces with client requests and then three every month you’ll receive a payout and storage token for the storage of bandwidth you’ve provided on your network. Okay, here we go. It’s just, this is where it matters.

A demand for our network from is constantly increasing from what the waitlist of over 12,000 developers, uh, and senior leaders that are de we want to grow even larger, but we need your help. Remember as a man grows, so will your potential profits. So you’re not making very much. All right. So disk base, a dollar per tether bite audit bandwidth, $10 per tethered by repair, whatever bandwidth. So you’re really not making much, however, how, excuse me. However, it’s not costing. It’s costing the internet and electricity. So internet and electricity, and you can become your own storage. Like a, just think of like your self storage, right? How it’s a business that a lot of entrepreneur like real estate developers and real estate people get into because it’s an easy business, right? You build a building, you build a whole bunch of garages next to each other, and then you’re rented out.

This is the same exact thing, but it’s online. You have your, your space, you rent your space out, you get paid per month. And this is a lot cheaper to be able to do it this way than it is to be able to like, then what do you call it then? The storage units. So am I, am I excited about this? Yes. Would I, would I do this most? Definitely. So I’m gonna make a couple side notes and then we’ll go from there. But so far I’m enjoying, I enjoy it. So that’s just being a note operator. Let’s see what else. So that’s, that’s a host hosting note. That’s a note operator, uh, store data, upgrade your storage later towards finance. What is this? George Hardy. What is this? All right. See how it works. So they’re going to show us a quick video. That would be awesome.

When you think of cloud storage, do you think of a few data centers or do you a mountain something more like this with title grade files are encrypted into smaller pieces, then distributed on a massive global network of these centralized nodes, which is why tardigrade is secure by default with more consistent performance, all at a fraction of the cost of the centralized cloud storage providers, free the cloud and upgrade your storage Clara to tardigrade the future of cloud storage.

All right. Well kind of, I just explained that I didn’t really do us any good. Did it? However,

Straight forward pricing. All right. Let’s look at this. Oh, okay. All right. This is why I’m over here. Like, wait a minute. That’s what it just explained because I forgot this. I explained it from us making money, right? This is for spending money. So I’m sorry. I’m only, I usually only think about the making money part, but, uh, this is just as important is the actual the program. So this is how much the people are paying in order to pay you in storage. So there, if you look at the different gigabytes and everything like that, Amazon S3 100.


So that, that kind of gives you an idea how much people are paying for storage. And then on the last page or the last few pages, uh, it showed exactly how much money we would be making. So one tether byte they’re charging $55. We would be making what, 10 to $15, something like that. So it’s, we’re making maybe 20%, which isn’t that bad for free. Uh, again, I wish I had, uh, I’m not sure. I don’t think I have the $71 on the, the, the crypto account that I buy crypto. Just for the simple fact, I spent like a thousand dollars last night on buying, um, a different coin. So I just got to check that or I would just buy it right now. Um, yeah, all I gotta do is just transfer some money over and I’m, I’m excited why we’ve talked. It went from like, you know, not very much like $2 and 94 cents to $3, but that’s a profit, it’s still a profit. So, and after learning a little bit, what this is about, I’m, I’m pretty, I’m intrigued. I would like to, I’m a buyer a little bit right now, but if I can set up my computers and just get paid for renting storage, why not? Especially if I can, what fully optimize my house and, and get some solar panels which I’m going to do anyways. And the reason we do that just for the electricity. Um, and other than that, no, I, it sounds like a great idea. Uh, so yeah, I’ll talk to you later.

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Um, you see the accounts getting a little bit bigger. I bought some ether him yesterday. And then let me show you real quick. I also

I had a bias, some cosmos, some algorithm and some tezo. I think you guys were with me when I bought some DIA, but this is what I really enjoy. I’m not going to lie. I like watching this, right. So every day it’s just like, every time I come on on, on, come on here, I get to watch this move and I get to see what I’m up 9 cents. It’s not enough to write home about, but it’s still fun to look at. All right. Let’s get into it. Let’s go into

Let’s go into no, we already did like light corn. Let’s see what Tezos is. See, I bought about a hundred dollars worth of Tezos

It’s not very expensive. It’s a $5 coin or five and a half dollar coin, five and a quarter. The market caps, 4 billion, um, trading activity, 48% or 40, uh, 48 cell. I got it for this. Remember if you remember, uh, making money or interest, uh, board rewards, whatever they want to call, call them on the stocks. Then that’s why I bought this one. Uh, this is though, if you just looked at the things moving, like the money moving, this is Tesco’s one of those companies. So, uh, again, it’s I enjoy the 5% or 4.6% that I’m getting from this from holding this coin. Excuse me. So I think I bought this yesterday and so far, it’s given me, I mean, it’s not, it’s not like it’s a lot, but it’s given me almost a penny. All right. All right. So Tezos is a cryptocurrency and decentralized computing platform. It features is features include proof of stake, conscious formula verification, which lets developers verify the correctness of their code. That that is nice. If you’ve ever been a coder, then just give me having it, being able to verify everything before you put it up. Live is awesome. Um,

Okay. I stakeholders folks on changes to the protocol, I guess stake owners and shareholders would be the same. I keep reading the name steak and steak and steak, but I’m guessing it’s just, I don’t know why they use different language. If it’s still like investment world Tesla’s block creation process is called bat baking Teslas holders who stake their tokens can receive Teso tokens as a reward for creating and verifying


Okay. That part doesn’t make any sense to me because you see I’m making rewards, but I didn’t know I bought any,

Um, I might have. Okay.

See, this is interesting. Join the waitlist for either of them too, but why is Tesco’s in this story? Uh, gray scale has incorporated six more trusts, including one for chain links and Tescos. Okay. If you remember gray scale,


We talked about them for a quick bit in a different, in a different coin.


Let’s see what this is. This is about four months old.


Let’s see where in a brief stable tech Tesla’s development group launched wrapped Ethereum tokens this week allow in the value of the ETH to be transferred to test hosts. Blockchain Teslas is targeting fi users frustrated with high fees and slow transactions on the Ethereum network, stable tech raise seed funding October. Okay. Wrap tokens have already brought millions in worth the value to either in blockchain. Now Tescos is trying a similar strategy to booking rapt Ethereum on Tesla’s blockchain to get into DPI action.

Okay. Wow.

No, this is a little bit above my pay grade on understanding what the hell is going on in this. I guess I just need to know more. I need to become more familiar with all these different lingo. Well, chain is one of the busiest that make up stapled. So a group of developers that is advancing by and Tesla’s blockchain with wallets, block, explorers and exchanges already up and running. The addition of ETS is the latest effort from Teslas to draw type activity away from Ethereum network and onto its own block chain as a lower fee alternative.

All right, this is important. Um,

Tescos is another one who’s combating

So as we know [inaudible] is, is like the head honcho at the moment. Well, Bitcoin is, but tests or either of them is, uh, like an open source platform where everyone can know source and you have a couple of people that are out trying to get them again for coming on, get hub. So if you don’t know, get hub, uh, if you want to be a, uh, producer, or do you call it a developer developer, right? Then you need to understand get hub and how that works. Again. I’ll probably make a video on, um, if I need to, um, here we go. Security focused upgradable built to last test is an open source platform for assets and applications backed by global community for validators researchers and builders. Okay.

Uh, if you want a job, they’re offering you multiple different jobs. It looks like they’re in, well, that’s not bad and you can have remote and development and engineering. You can basically work remotely or there’s, uh, in Paris, London, uh, your communications and marketing. Yeah. Singapore in New York and then operations is New York. Let’s see development here we are.

Spruce systems and TQ Tesco’s really sit. Your house was in initially. Nope. Not important. Well, it is probably really important, but not for where I’m looking at right now.


Group casino. What is that Discover Luton at reliable year old peg digital asset for your transaction, a hybrid asset for world’s main world today. There’s a little Teso sign, I guess. What is this?

Okay. So I just blocked him have become resources, uh, opportunities and digital has to becoming the best way to keep pace with it. Like other digital projects or observe objects and through their use of internet and blockchain tetany digital assets. It says as this one can be traded easily and safer. Okay. So it’s basically just

So it’s almost like they all say the same, same thing. It’s not even like a product though. I don’t, that doesn’t make any sense. So why doesn’t this? Didn’t what a terrible news story. You know what I’m saying? You’re supposed to bring it to the news and it didn’t, it just brought us to some random random site [inaudible] Um, yeah, I, this is difficult for me to say kind of what more this is, because it’s more or less, if you’re a developer, then this is great. But if so, even right here, like look at Sony, what kind of language it’s talking, it’s, it’s running, uh, this is all for developers, Right? Developer portal. Um, it’s really interesting for developers, but for normal people that don’t understand coding, this is as absolutely worthless for you. You’re not going to understand what I’m talking about and it’s going to be difficult for me to even understand what I’m talking about. Um, for example, let’s just go here. Oh, so we’re relieving the site

So it is really they’re, they’re basing everything exactly like Ethereum, in a sense, if you remember ether and Ethereum was more or less kind of like a development portal, as well as a little bit more advanced than this one is, but however, it’s basically the same, uh, what they’re doing right here. What are these,

What they’re doing is they’re just, it’s just creating an open network for developers and creative people to create and then use their system. So right now there’s 93 people aren’t lying. This is their telegram. Uh

I’m trying to figure out what all these, these things are. Cause you know, sometimes a little thing will pop up, but they don’t Teso stack exchange.


All right. All right. All right. I don’t know why they, they pop that up. You’re just going to click it and don’t read it anyway. So it’s just, it’s the same as having a pop-up advertisement. It’s a popup non advertisement, which is just as annoying as an advertisement. Okay. So this is the forum. Um, yeah, the stack exchange forum. I don’t, I guess there’s to me, this doesn’t like, there’s nothing like out here that’s really grabbing my attention. It’s more so like okay. Questions, answers. Um, yeah,


Again, this is completely developer jargon. That’s not going to do anyone any good, unless that’s what you’re getting yourself into is trying to develop. Ah, man, I just erased it. Uh, if you’re trying to develop on the on Tesco’s then it’s great. But if not, then it’s this, isn’t the greatest thing for you because it is not very insightful. Right? So you can, it’s not, if you want to look at it as just an investment, as long as they they’re willing to pay the 4.6%, I’m willing to hold, right. Does this have the trajectory of going higher? Yes, it does. Right. But when, when investing my money, I have to decide, what am I looking this for a speculation or as a return, I’m looking at this as more of a return. I’m not going to make a lot of money, but 4.6% is great.

If they, again, like I said, as long as they can continuously pay this, I don’t have a hundred. I only have a hundred dollars in there. So it’s not like a huge amount. Um, as long as they, like I said, if they continuously pay me my, my small little percentage daily, then I’m fine with that. If on a speculative move, I would like to see what happens. Um, I’m, I’m not a developer. So it’s very difficult for me to develop things and to go into more depth on that and to really understand how powerful this network could be. But if you look at, from the beginning of March, we were basically, the low of March was three 44. Now we’re back basically up to five 26, um, about a month later. So that’s 60, 70% gain. So on a speculative side, it could work, but that’s not the reason why I’m I would be looking at this. I’m looking at it for APS. You’re 4.6% on my money.

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Let’s check in a little bit more on cryptocurrency. That’s this from here on out, what we’re going to do, we’re going to go through each coin and kind of look at their website and just so we have a better understanding of each coin. Cause all right. So like right here, sushi swap. Yeah, I own some of it, but what is sushi swap or orchard or kid? Whatever. I don’t know. District. Oh, X decentral land. Like their names. Don’t really tell you what they are like Coca Cola on the stock market. Even if you don’t read anything about Coca Cola, you kind of know what Coca-Cola is. It’s a household name, Nike, it’s a household name de central land. Nope. Sushi swap. Not even close. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna pick sushi swap just cause it sounds crazy. Let’s go to their official website And let’s kind of see what it’s about. Uh, everyone can be a chef with sushi, the sushi swap protocol. Realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and forum driven network efforts to the popular AAM model. What? See that didn’t um, even I’m just as confused as I was before

Okay. So it looks like, um,

I don’t know what this is, honestly.

Whereas in some kind of analytical, what is this?

It’s is some type of, I don’t even, I don’t even know. I couldn’t even

I I’m in a, it has something to do with what they are. See view more assets.


Okay. So if you want to be confused, Let’s go, let’s start back from the beginning. Let’s enter the app. Okay. This is the app.

What the?

Oh, excuse me. Didn’t mean to swear. Um, Hmm. Yeah. I don’t know what what’s going on here. Let’s let’s just Google. You know, Google is always a good thing. All right, here we go. What is sushi? Swap. Thank you. Is a software running on, on ethernet. You throw them. Okay. So it’s a software on Ethereum, which is a coin that seeks to incentivize a network of users to operate a platform where users can buy and sell crypto acids users. First lock up assets into small contracts and traders and buy and sell cryptocurrencies from pools, swamping out. Oh, okay. All right. That makes sense.

So in a sentence, in a sense it’s like Paris trading. So what they’re doing is they’re

Is this kind of confusing and I’m kind of also kind of, so they’re, they ha they have to be making money from fees. Cause all it’s like a huge forum, right. Where everyone gets together and we basically go out there and we try to find as many people to trade in, like to exchange cryptocurrencies, like all different types of cryptocurrencies. So it’s not just a Bitcoin or shushie Schwab. So it’s an, it’s a, wow, that’s intricate. That’s super intricate. How the hell they’re figuring out, man. That’s like, so they’re creating swap is, and this is a very complex derivative because it’s not, it’s not backed by anything. So the coin is backed by the exchange, their own created exchange, which the exchange is


A bunch of people, it was just a map. Okay. Put it like this, imagine a video game. Right? You get what you go online. There’s lots of different places that you can join together. Right. And play other people online. Right. So when you’re in that little group playing, you guys are shooting each other, right. Passing bullets, right. One you’re shooting somebody, the other person shooting you. Right. You die, you come back and you could play for hours in there. Right. Well now take that same concept and put it into sushi swap. And that’s what all these numbers are. Right. So in this, whereas, So here are your pools, wherever the, I guess these are your pools, right? Each one of these. And so right here, I don’t know how to get to. Okay. There we go. Now we’re starting to move.


Okay. So each one of these are pools and it’s, I’m guessing I could be wrong, but this is what I got out of. It is you’re going to get


So sushi, like, so sushi is you put all these people together to play in cryptocurrency, they’re shooting back and forth trading. Uh, sushi is collecting a fee. And then I’m guessing for every thousand dollars that you’re, you’re getting you get nine sushi’s per day, give or take. I’m not exactly sure how I’d have to play a little around. So we like, I, I’m probably going to create an account and just to try to create a group, which would be cool. So somewhere around here, I’ll have a link for that once I finally get to it. But first we’re going to get through the 50 different currencies. Cause I’m very curious if all these currencies are basically based the same thing, cause this is, it’s just a really complex derivative. It doesn’t have it. It doesn’t, it makes sense what they’re doing, but it doesn’t make any sense, but it does because obviously a lot of people are shooting each other back and forth through cryptocurrencies and all different types of cryptocurrencies in these pools. So is it


A lot of people are buying their coin. Uh, is this sustainable? I don’t know. I’d have to. I need to though. So there’s 361 million of these little sushi swaps traded every day. Uh,


Okay. So I mean it’s $2 billion as their, their, their market cap. People usually hold it for 10 days. Um, so there’s 127 million in, in supply. Would I say that? I mean, like I said, I already owned some, so I own four of them. I invested, I might’ve, I think I’m down a little bit, whatever. I’m not too worried about it. Um, now I wanna, I do want to go onto the sushi side and set things up and see what I can do on that side of things. And I’ll make some videos. I’m straight up sushi swap, but on this, I’m pretty much talked to my way out of it. We can look at it, what it’s done for the year. We’ll go all, all the time. So all time. So this is a relatively new stock or new? Nope. Just give me right here. Okay. Well let me go over there. Uh, it’s a relatively new, um, coin, I guess it’s less than two years. Uh, the lo went all the way. It was down to 67 cents. The high was very recently at $22. Um, yeah, so we’re looking at this. We’ll keep the, keep an eye on this. Uh, I’m very interested as the one learn more. So that’s the reason we’ll keep an eye, not as an great investment portfolio or whatever. It’s more just because I’m curious of how this thing works. So onto the next one.