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Chevron Corp (CVX) or Algorand (ALGO )or DAI what is the most profitable investment

This Coinbase is offering me another $3 just to watch three minutes of video. So I figured why not let’s do it. I figured you guys would like to maybe

What is this?

Oh, they got me on this one. Look at this. This is ridiculous.

Well, that’s just a bummer.

I don’t feel like doing that right now. So we’re going to watch the videos later. So what we’re going to do instead of earning free money, we’re going to look over here at our rewards, what we have already done.

So this is how much money were we’re made. We’ve made five. It’s kind of not even worth it. Honestly. It’s $5. Yay. But I mean, I guess it’s not too bad. Cause what’s the Dai, we got $480. We’ve made almost $2, right? So us dollar coin, $242. We made 10 cents. I mean, it’s better than nothing. I guess a Tesco’s 107 for $63. We’ve made 94 cents. Algorithm is our best one. So far with $274 made $2. Okay. I can deal with that. That’s not that that’s not that shabby. So if we had maybe $500 in there, we made $5. So you might’ve been able to buy some Starbucks.

I’m confused on what’s going on over here. I thought I staked the thing for them to automatically earn it. But obviously I did not because I’m still on this ether room and ether, him too, who knows where it is right here. And I don’t have any of it, but I thought the whole point on Coinbase asking me to stake for wait on the wait list was that I was going to be making some money. So I’m confused on where that money is. Cause I wouldn’t have bought so much of this. All right. I know you’re well, it’s ether a man’s going to go to a million. Yeah. I thought I was getting something for holding it. Right? Cause if you look at the, my portfolio, everything is basically it’s either you need to figure out no, no, no. How you can push this button and then it rings it.

However, I was because if you look at things, look at, look at the price prices. They’re all two to $400. Having a $1,200 is just like, why would I have a $1,200? I thought I was getting something. I thought I was like splitting something off and getting some ether room two or something. And joining Bo basically, that’s not what happened. They hold my money. They, this is what happened. At least that’s what it looked like happened. They were like here, push this button. So you can’t access your money. And we’re going to give you a bonus by sending you on a wait list.

So I’m like, all right, that’s great. I get something but so far. What do I didn’t get anything because either I’m too or whatever is over here and I don’t have anything. And now it’s telling me, oh, I can buy some either. I’m two for a 6% AP. Why? But I don’t want to buy any ether. I’m too. I don’t want to buy any of this stuff. You know what I’m saying? I, I just want my money. I want to see what happened. Any which way? I’m a little frustrated. They won’t give me my free gift without uploading my identification, but that’s okay. So this video is basically about done. I’ve made $5 off of doing absolutely nothing. So again, if I was to be investing seriously heavy in crypto, which I am not, I’d rather just invest in the stock market. Makes more sense. Cause I mean, lifetime rewards, $5, $5 off of let’s see how much money algorithm, 200. So we’re looking at $600 and we’ve made $5. Let me see. Let me see something.

Here’s a different account. I just want to show you something. So that’s $3. No, let’s go somewhere where it’s a little bit more Dividend. Okay. So Chevron has paid me $2 and 68 cents. All right.

Now let’s go over to Coinbase because now let’s see, you know, everyone’s talking, oh man, the crypto currency, you can make so much money. Mow it. Okay. Let’s just check it out. $5. How much invested? $600 invested. Right. And what we’ve invested it’s for about six months. So that’s that? We’ll say actually, we’ll just look. When did I first buy this?

Okay. So April 1st, April, may, June. So three months. So in three months I’ve made a dollar and 90 cents, three months, dollar 90 cents. How much money do I have in here? $480 Exxon or Chevron. Right? Remember this Exxon number to remember all actually we’re going to go like this. How much I make off a DIA? Was it like a dollar and where did it go? I made lifetime or $2. Lifetime rewards. So far was Chevron $2 and 68 cents. Now let’s go back over here. We’ll go to the oil will energy and we will look at Chevron. No, we got to go over here. Cause we’re going to see how much is invested to make the $2. Right. And then this is going to tell us, All right, where were we? Chevron cost basis. Is everyone looking at this Chevron cost basis? A dollar and 6 cents or $106. And they have paid me.

The $2 and 68 cents so far. So you do the math, which one? And what is that better investment DIA. Yeah. It’s fun watching this go up and down. Woo. Right. And, but it never appreciates. It’s still worth a dollar I can go up. So I’ve made and remember this, remember this, remember how much money? There’s 500 off $480. How much is in the other one? Let’s see.

Hold on 106. So if I had put the same amount of money into this one, I would’ve got like $8 opposed to what? My whopping nothing. $2 so far stock market. Okay.

Better on the next one. Let’s look at Algorithm. Okay. $272. Now I’ve made $2 on an algorithm to I don’t even need to look because we, we just looked over the numbers. $100. I made $2, $272. I’ve made $2. So which is a better investment. So far Chevron $100 in Chevron has paid me more than basic. So we’ve made $4 on a w w w yeah. We’ve made $4 from T from Algren and D a I D I a, whatever it is made $4, but we’ve invested almost 700. Right? Does this make sense to everybody is $700 invested and we’ve made $4. If I had made, spent $700 on Chevron, the same investment, I would have netted what that seven times to $14 as opposed to four. Right? So when you’re thinking of cryptocurrency or a stock market, which one’s better, I just showed you and then here’s the other catch it. And this is a huge catch. What the is algorithm and what the is DIA or D I a D AI, whatever it is, what is that? Would you really bank your whole house on that? No, this is fun money to me. It’s fun. Right? But as much as everyone wants to pump this stuff up, I just showed you, which is a better investment. Chevron would have paid me better, a better percentage than all this little, 6% a pay. Why? Whoo. Well, let’s go CNBC now.

So when they’re talking to AP, why look at the dividend yield is 5%. So they want, they, they basically saying that but this is 5%. Louis is 5% look at the dividend. You’re making $5 a year, but well, no, probably little bit more. Well, yeah, you’re making $5 a year. Cause I have two, two shares per share. Right? For every $100, you’re making $5 a year,

I guess. But this means that this has like, your money on algorithm would mean the algorithm has to jump higher. Right. Does that make sense? I mean, it’s changing. I’m going to, so it’s like 4 cents a day at the end, at the end. It’s just better to invest in the stock market because just like algorithm, like your percentage is based off of the movement of algorithm, Al grants at a dollar. Now the algorithm gets up to a hundred then. Yeah. My staking is going to be great. But then look, I’ve already doubled my amount in algorithm. So you cut that into the same amount as the Chevron $100. Right. And you’re making $5 a year, which is the same amount that w I mean, it’s basically the same, right. I don’t know if I’m articulating this very well, but you’re making more money by investing in something that you know, what it is, right. Algorithm, what is it? How are they paying you? 6%? What kind of funny math are they doing? All right. Because I know guarantee, I know what, what Chevron, how they’re paying me. I know where their money’s coming from. You know, we probably went to their gas station yesterday. Right. I know where that money’s coming from, but are you a hundred percent sure. How in the world are they paying you 6%? If they don’t create anything? Does that make sense? All right. I’m doing stock market cryptocurrency, which one’s better. I would say stock market.



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Coinbase Gave Me 6$ For Watching A Video

Yes, earn some compound by just watching the video. So hopefully after this, if you watch the video with me, you already know the answers. So you can just, you know, click the answers real quick without having to watch them again.

The number two borrowing crypto with compound, typically an order to take out a loan. Maya would have to fill out an application with a centralized financial service provider. It’s a long process with a host of requirements and opportunities for bias to avoid this. Myra could borrow crypto assets directly from compound instead using assets. She has supplied to the protocol as collateral and traditional finance. This process of borrowing against supplied assets is called over collateralized lending compound is different from a typical money market though, because it’s decentralized and operates completely autonomously. The only central authority is the code itself with compound Maya or any financial application or service can instantly access borrowed crypto assets and then make use of them. However they see fit. For example, Maya’s goal might be to put an advanced trading strategy into place like leveraging her borrowed crypto to invest in other assets to borrow crypto.

The first thing Maya does is supply an asset to compound supplied assets immediately start generating interest and can also be used as collateral to borrow any other supported asset of Maya’s choice. The more she supplies, the higher her borrowing limit increases to limit risk across the protocol compound gives each asset its own unique collateral factor. This means that each supplied asset will affect the borrowing limit differently. For example, for every $1 of Ethan Maya supplies, she can borrow up to 75 cents worth of USD coin. This is because Edith’s collateral factor is 75%. My earns interest on any assets she supplies even while they are being used as collateral. This helps to lower the cost of borrowing as the net cost of borrow can be seen as the borrow rate minus the interest being earned on supplied assets. The interest rate for each compound market is dynamic and based purely on supply and demand.

These rates determine the interest Maia pays for borrowing and asset and are calculated per block. Just like when earning interest, this has done to ensure the rates always reflect current market conditions over time markets with fewer suppliers and lots of borrowers will become more expensive to borrow from and more rewarding to supply to all markets with lots of suppliers and fewer borrowers or become cheaper to borrow from and less rewarding to supply to. In essence, the more an asset is borrowed. The higher the interest rate will rise and vice versa with compound. Maya can save time and borrow crypto instantly without having to liquidate her other crypto assets, provide her credit score, fill out an application or wait for an underwriter’s decision. Okay. Okay. That was interesting. Boom. Look at that. We just made $3.

All right, hold on. Just the competition compound’s goal is to create a protocol that can run forever and evolve an entirely new ways in order to achieve this goal. The protocol was decentralized by creating and distributing comp compounds, native Ethereum token, all changes to compound originate from comp token holders who can propose and vote on changes to the protocol. Any user or application interacting with compound can earn comp the more crypto assets, a participant supplies or borrows with compound, the more comps they will earn and return similar to how interest is earned with compound comp distribution is calculated dynamically on a per block basis and distributed to suppliers and borrowers in each market with a release of comp. Every compound user will earn a say in the future of the compound protocol without involving the compound team. This has because simply holding comp tokens will allow users to vote on proposed changes and upgrades delegate their vote to a trusted person or group to act on their behalf and submit their own proposals for improvements to the protocol.

Each proposal is executable code, meaning that there is no space for different interpretations and doesn’t require a centralized team to implement. What seen within a proposal is exactly what will get deployed. If it’s voted in by the community, when a proposal succeeds, it directly upgrades the protocol, allowing for new assets, revised interest rate models and new functionality to be added over time. This puts the power of governance into the community’s hands. It creates a global protocol that is upgradable and can grow alongside the ever-changing needs of its users in new and unique ways. When this video was created, about 2,880 comp was being distributed per day across all eligible markets as market conditions evolve. So to have the allocation of distributed comp between users, the amount of interest paid by borrowers in each market affects how much comp is awarded to participants of that market.

The more interest paid, the more comp is earned. While some markets will earn more common than others, suppliers and borrowers of any specific market will always earn an equal share 100 years from now compound hopes for the protocol and its interest rates to be integrated into many applications around the globe, enabling entirely new products to come to life across a wide range of industries and use cases. This will allow financial and end users to make use of idle crypto assets and gain instant access to borrowed funds all while supporting the ongoing development of unique financial applications and services worldwide, collectively, it is up to comp holders like Maya to decide the future of the protocol with Maya’s help and with the support of compounds, community of developers and users compound hopes to continue to evolve over time, adding new integrations and supported assets to grow the reach and capabilities of the protocol for many years to come. Okay.

So who gets to decide the future of compound protocol, the comp token olders what’d you made six bucks to do what? Tell me what we did. Nothing is that I, well, I ate some peanuts, so I guess I was doing something and we learned different ways to make money. So what’s next. We did this I guys, when you do this and polygon, Ooh, look at that polygon. We haven’t even started probably gone yet. We’ll see. What else did they got for us? Beijing going to give away 6 million tokens. Makes sense. Let’s see, let’s push this button again. I’m already done. I’m already done. All right. So I guess the next one is the graph in polygon. Let’s give polygon to try. All right. See you in a minute.



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Still Don’t Know What They Are Talking About Matic But Was Given A Couple of Dollars To Be Confused

Polygon where’s that? Oh, we actually have to work for this. They’re not gonna, we got pay attention on issues where whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That enables instant, low cost and secure transaction on the Ethan. We’ve probably gone either in pricing scale by utilizing multiple of side chains for secure off-chain computation. This is terrible, man. They don’t have a video, a polygon chains come in several flavors with the what

Well, that was stupid. Cause I don’t, wouldn’t be able to tell you any of this the Centrum built on Ethan room. Okay. The MADEC token is polygons native asset and I fuels these incentives. So Mack, you see the little diagram with a whole bunch of stuff going out. Maddock can be stacked by polygon validators who keep the network running in exchange for rewards. No idea. What you’re talking about. Token holders can contribute to security without running any software by delegating their stake to trusted validators. Exactly. Don’t know what you’re talking about. All MADEC token holders that stake on the polygon network also get the right to participate in the governance of the network. So I guess you get to control you’re the boss. In other words, I don’t like how they do this. They’re like, this is more work and they’re only paying us a dollar for it. This is terrible. And they’re not explaining it. I don’t understand what they’re talking about. Who runs the polygon network? The validators maybe, and see that made another dollar.

Alright. Another one polygon goal is to create a scalable internet of block bans on ether net. Okay. Today over 80 D apps have been deployed with polygon security and funds. So 200,000 people in the future polygon aims to support even more architects types, allowing developers to create more powerful Diaz, where else as probably gone, continues to grow and expand and support as capabilities are added to the Ethereum network. Okay. it was turned into the internet blockchains and the magical play and appreciated port. You know, it just makes absolutely no sense. Are you building internet blockchains? Okay.

Well we did it guys. We made $3. We did it. I would not be able to tell you anymore about that matter. I know, absolutely know more now than I did before it was used as video. She had lady starts talking to us. Nope. This is not a video man. That’s why. Okay. Well I hope you guys are just as disappointed as I am, so I want him to learn something, but I really didn’t learn anything. I don’t know what the hell or what they were talking about, but I guess maybe I’m just stupid. I don’t know. Let me know if you guys learned anything or I’m just stupid. That’s all right. If I’m just stupid, you can let me know that too. All right. Onto the next one, we can make two more dollars with the graph so far I kinda liked stellar. I mean, I don’t really understand how like if, how they’re going to implement this on a massive scale, but they were kind of organized comp was a good idea. Well, they payments $6. So I’m happy with that to listen to. I mean, they made a decent little video, so I can’t complain. Right. It was interesting stellar, interesting videos. No polygon. Terrible. So what’s next the graph. All right. See you in a minute.



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Make 3$ In 3 Minutes Learning About The Graph With Coinbase

I’m almost done with my peanuts kind of. Nope. That was an empty shell. Was a food gazey, just like the last time when we were watching videos and there was a food gazing we had to read the entire time. All right, let’s move on to step two. What are indexers? Please be a video. Nope. Data on the graph is processed by de-central net decentralized network of computer operators has caught and rapture inductors compete to provide the best injection. The inquiry process. You have to lowest price, no idea. What they’re talking about. Anyone who holds GRP can help secure the network by delegating their GRT to indexers. Okay. Right. Sounds good. By gala gating, G R T you can earn rewards and help inductors process, more data for a new crypto economy.

Let me know if that meant anything to you. Cause it meant naturally nothing to me. You get tokens. I think. Oh man. GRT tokens. Okay. That we got a dollar that was hard. One next lesson. Okay. As more data gets added to the graph while I was shipped back. And this is where curators come in. All right. Curators deposit, DRT to signal with sub graph, I think are the most useful and highest quality. What are they talking about? Curators, then get a portion of fees for these sub graphs. I don’t know. Ma’am I’m so lost by accurately assessing with so graphs are most likely or most valuable and likely to bruise query fees. Creators Are able To efficiently allocate resources on the network. No idea what you’re talking about. Great jibberish. I mean, was it, I mean, I earned a dollar for what? I don’t know. I mean, their questions were pretty straight forward, but again, I just cause like polygon, I know just, I probably know less now than I did before. Right. And this is the reason, at least before we watched these videos, I could just look at the pictures and guess what it was about. And I could tell you a lie. Now I know what it’s about, but you wouldn’t believe anything I’m saying. Cause I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you. I be like, I don’t know. I watched the videos. I don’t know any more now than I did before. So there you go. Hey, paid me $2 for it. So what do I care doctor later?



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Coinbase Paid me 8 Dollars Worth Of XLM For Watching Videos

We have energy If we look at oil, if you’ve heard me talk since the beginning of this 66 77 is the main target. It is Monday, the market is closed. However futures were open and the Monday settle is 66 91 with being up 59 cents. As you can see Right here.

So let’s zoom in just a little bit. I think this, what was it? One, two, three, no, this might be Saturday. Nope. Nope. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Yeah. So two weeks ago, do you remember? I was talking about, watch out, came down and we are right back at the level, which has haunted oil for years. I’m not going to go in a long depth and reshow the chart. Cause you can go back to the last four weeks and you can see the chart. Cause we’ve been talking about it extensively that this is the line in the sand for oil.

I want to start accumulating small

Right now because I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it yet. When it comes up, brakes are 67 98 and then comes down back to 66, 78 and holds it. That’s what I want to see, but be careful because this, I mean now, excuse me. It could just skyrocket from here. Like goodbye. Sianora see you later up to 73 before it does anything before he even thinks of coming down. So just be careful, you might miss it. Just think about it. It’s gone five points from here. This is a lot of people are going to short this or been short here, shorted here, shorted. Here’s where to here, shorted here for to here. You get the point. So with this right here, it could squeeze, it could squeeze up to 70 S like really 73 easy. So just be careful Chev run, which is, this is all extremely frustrating is at the best highs it’s had. But this looks more like how the markets are like how basic materials we’re looking. One, two, three, four, five, one two, three, four, five. So two weeks ago we were Monday. We were at one 10 and we have basically been destroyed seven points. Oil’s looking amazing, but Chevron is not. We are below the 50, which I wait till it gets above the 50, at least at least M M P. This is just, I love this play. I love them. They pay great dividends.

The higher oil goes the better for them. The more like it’s a partnership. I think if I’m correct, there it’s all pipelines. So it’s mostly all working interest capital. So as long as the oil goes up, this company is for sure to profit. Well, I love it. Get some more, get some more we’re going 52 Sunoco is another one. I really like, just because of their distribution channel there and this, they don’t look too great. You know, one, two, three, four, basically we were on our way to break out and reached new highs right on Monday. And then we had four straight days of disgustingness. So am I concerned about this?

No, not at all.

Oil is about to break oil. Looks amazing. All of these stocks right here, they are finally going to do something after a hundred years. It feels like obviously not a hundred years, but you know what I mean? A Good little break

Closer to the 50. If you pay attention to what it really did, the 50 was down at 33,

And this is Sunoco. Then it, Ray came all the way. The stock rose all the way to 36 and now the 50, as it broken above May 11th low. Right. Does that make sense above the 34 oh nine? Where if you really think Sunoco’s gone almost nowhere since that point. However, because if you think, look, Sunoco closed basically at the high of right here. You see what I’m saying? So all it did was bring the moving averages, higher kinder Morgan. This needs a break. I’m not gonna say that. I’m not one to be like, man, take a break. However, this has been massive moves. It’s doing amazing. And I really don’t see that it’s going to stop anytime soon. It looks okay, look at it. This is, this is, this is how I said, how I feel. It’s very powerful. Came all the way down, touched our twins Almost, and then Really closed below our a hundred percent moving average, like 1832 for not Fibonacci close we’ll load on Thursday, Friday, dips below a little bit more. And then zooms back up a button closes above it. Not by much but closes above it. I believe that’s a very strong stock and looking for 1955, total quite frustrated

With you make a move, man, make a move. And when I say, make a move, make a move up.

Last week was a nasty week four total. We were at 58 or 48 down to 46. So not a very good move. However, we were above the 50, which is good to see, which is this right here. 50 has climbed or it’s climbing a little bit. We closed the book. We touched it, look below for a hot second and then closed above it. I’m looking to see if we can get a little bit momentum going higher with total, just not from total itself, but from the oil market included. So now let’s go to BP, which is, these are just ridiculous, how they’re having bad days in oil. Is that doing amazing? We hit it where I pretty much was probably guessing it’s 27 oh six is exactly where I was talking to be careful. And it got rejected. I would want to see this 50, get above a 25 79 kind of looks like that’s what they’re trying to do. Cause if you look at this or I just look the first entrance, like really above entrance, this was way down to 24. Then the second time it dropped below 25, then now if we can get it, we’re at 25, 63 closer and closer to above

The level E kind of like this we’re, we’re holding the 50 pretty strong.

The only I gonna to stay as far away from this as possible for this one reason, we are in a range, it’s a tight range. And I don’t even want to guess which way it’s going to go because we have a lot of resistance right there. We’re at support, but the support and resistance are basically about the converge. So it’s, who’s going to win the bears with the bulls Exxon mobile man. And two years, this is going to be like 120 and room be thinking like, wow, she just bought it regardless. As long as oil stays up, right, we basically been two weeks

Hovering this 50 while waiting For the last little go round. We hit the 50 bounced This week, this For the last two weeks, we’ve been hovering this 50, letting them move in averages, come up. I think everyone was just watching oil honestly. And basic materials is almost the same thing. It looked the same Royal Dutch shell. Yeah, I know goodbye. I don’t like it again. I don’t understand why we’re looking so horrible. However yeah, I don’t like it. It looks horrible. V L O I like it looking for 84 39 had some decent Snus. This is a whole little wool walk that we’re talking about. This kind of looks like a can’t remember now Sherwin Williams, maybe where it just pops before everybody else and then kinda got rejected on Friday. I don’t see that. It’s going to be, anything’s going to hold this back. I see. We’re gonna, we’re going to break and head for the 84 39. All right. Have a great Memorial day weekend.



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the only reason I’m looking at this is I’m making an purely speculative play. Right? I don’t know anything about this. I, I just looked at this and I figured it’s the cheapest coin that Coinbase has to offer. So since it’s the cheapest, a hundred dollars in this, if it goes to a dollar I’m banking, right. And then if, if other people start paying attention to it, then I’m making more money. So I did this with decentral land. I bought it for 25 cents. Now it’s a dollar and 40, so might as well try it again. Right. So instead of just Willy nilly in it, what most people are, do I want to go in to this coin? Right. Okay. It’s ether, net token. All right. That’s good to know powers and core at web three infrastructure and cross chain staking diet by platform that aims to make it easier and affordable for anyone to participate in blocks chain ecosystem by building dApps, hosting nodes are staking. I know it staking is. I’m not quite sure what building dApps are. I’m guessing that’s apps within this world that the crypto world hosting nodes. Not sure what a node is either, but let’s, let’s see if we can, we’ll see what their website shows us.

Okay. So here you go. So they’re ether, net two staking solutions has, has launched. This is going to be big that Ethan that to either net coming out with ether, net too, should be around next year. What Coinbase lets you do as well? I already did it with with my either net ones or ether nets. I guess you just call them is I can’t sell them. I can’t do anything with them, but they’re paying me to make ether net to have liquidity or value. I’m not quite sure, but I’m staking it there and they’re paying me extra to do that. All right. So let’s look at this. We support more than 40 blockchain protocol first staking for or developing purposes. Okay. Okay. So I’ve seen a, like, I don’t know why these are dark. You can’t see anything. Okay. Staking nodes

Did something freeze. Oh no. Here we go. Run your own staking nodes. Okay. Easily put for easy to deploy and manage a node on your blockchain and earn stake and rewards without any technical knowledge required. Okay. Right. This is max or maximum reward or is passive and going from your token, holding and delegations without paying any commission fees. That’s nice instant access for anyone. One click deployment, launch a node on your favorite, blockchain and minutes, automate, monitoring, and upgrade. So it, see, this is, I mean, let me put my theory behind investing in coins or something. I want to invest in something that I can make money off of. Does that make sense? So with this company, I can make money with this company, right. It’s kind of like storage and a few other of them like ethernets great ether nets, the, the, the sauce that puts it all together. Right. But this right here, it’s, it’s basically telling you, I mean, I have to do a lot more research. I gotta dive much more into it, but just for 10 cents, 16 cents, let’s see. What, what are there enclosed carpet with buildings and communities? MADEC one of the highest priorities with our staking mechanism, providing seamless validator, onboarding and cars. One-Click deployment makes it possible for non-techies to participate in our staking as a validator. Oh, that’s beautiful. So these are the comp. Okay.

So these are the different things that you can stake. So I’m pretty sure. I mean, it sounds like it’s all about just making money. I mean, it’s probably not making a lot, but well, in the beginning you probably want automatic deployment and management of L Ron powder nodes via an incident proof interface provided a powerful experience for non-technical supporters it a chance to directly engage with blockchain infrastructure layer, gain useful knowledge. Not very interesting. Okay, here we go. 300 notes and core has built great tools for everyone to become harmony validator, which is all in 300 nodes on our Testnet, as they don’t rely on centralized providers is decentralized. So again, if you notice decentralization is, is a huge, we’re really excited to see Ingrid’s one touch solution action. It makes it super easy for any token holder technical or not to spin up a node and start staking immediately. All right, well, let’s do this over here. Find on crypto block folio coin gecko coin. Okay. Wow.

That’s a little bit about their story paving. A way to open internet in the future. The, the, what is their mission. We have three easy to use for everyone. And the next phase is based on this distributed networks, which make the new generation of platform, application servers, more private, secure, right. Essentially resistant by cutting out intermediaries and gatekeepers builders and users gain back control over their applications and data technical achievements in 20 you’re introducing onto enterprise service, integrated 50 plus protocols. All right. Yeah. I’d have to do this a whole bunch more, like just do a lot more and who

This is interesting. So far I enjoy it. I, the reason why I enjoy it okay. Oh, is this the video? Let’s watch the video

Taking the theory and presents many barriers. The amount of ETH the technical demands and continual node management, stinker removes all of these barriers, instantly visit, click launch app button, select wallet. We support the most commonly used wallets like mask for desktop and trust wallet for mobile. Make sure you’ve selected the main network. A slider lets you select anything from 0.5 to however much Ethereum you have in your wallet, click stake and Staker will stake urothelium automatically to the nodes with the highest reputation, all decentralized, unlike other services, your original state, and never be slashed. Stay safe with Staker. Once state, you will automatically receive eight ETH tokens, which represent your state ETH plus rewards and are immediately liquid. You can trade them on unit swap, use them in defined protocols and more visit our dashboard daily to see how much rewards you earned stinker, stanking, simplify

What I’m kind of getting out of this. So I don’t know if you catch it before they had like 400. Now they have 2,600. You had to really see it fast. It was in the video. Okay, here we go. Calculate your earnings. So if you had two of these, so man, yeah. If you had gotten about a while ago and you had to, you’d be making 400 a year okay. Accessing course-taking services here, UC Schwab. We, you know, we talked about that one. This is a completely, it’s kind of a confusing world, but this I’m enjoying a little bit. So look, if you have a half of a token Ethereum coin and you can make a hundred dollars a year, so what you’re making like nine bucks a month, but then you’re also, it’s literally, this is all right to translate it into investment people terms, right? This is all, they’re just using new terms for things. So here’s your stock, here’s your dividend, right? So you buy this stock and you stake it, which means that you basically ask them the coin to pay you a dividend, but then you can’t use, you can’t touch coin. Right? So it’s just like maybe, maybe this is more of a bond and this is your coupon rate, right? So each year you invest more into your bond over here and you make more off your coupon rate.

That’s where I see off of it. I mean, I enjoy this. I’m not, I’m still not a hundred percent sure. I understand what it is. However, for 16 cents, let’s look at it over a year. Yeah. Look at that. This is at 22 cents in March. When we dropped back down April, I would love to get it at 12 cents. We’re only 4 cents away, which isn’t that much of a difference. But even at the beginning of the year, it was one penny. So yeah, no, I honestly I don’t see anything wrong with looking at this. Even at 60% by I would say it’s a buy, if you can get this, anything below this 22 cents and in between basically seven and 22 cents, I would say it’s decent one, anything above 22 cents, we’d have to relook and then do some more research instead of just looking at their website and crying to understand what it is that they do. But anywhere between maybe like eight and 22 cents. Cause that’s not a lot of money. Right. And I’m not saying invest the house on it. I’m just saying invest a little bit and see what happens now. If it continues, if you buy it in those parts and then it continues to rise and you can add a little bit more to your position, right. But obviously do more research. The more You buy.




All In

underwriting shorthand for all included referring to an issuer’s interest…

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Making Compound interest With Algorand

Yo yeah, if this is added money, this right here, and like the huge bops are added money. And if you see when I added money, I, if you watched the videos, then, you know, once I, I added to, I had a couple like little blips went down really bad around April 7th. What I added money, basically, April 2nd, I was really low. I mean, it wasn’t really low, but it was low April 7th. And now we are sky’s limit, I guess. Now the reason I’m making this video, this is a follow-up video. If you want to earn rewards or interest. Right. So if you notice, I love this. I truly do. I love the fact that this is consistently movingForward,

Increasing in value. Every second, I could literally sit here all day and watch this just move forward. It’s amazing. All day long, I’m making money, right? It’s not very much because I don’t have very much invested. So let’s look at something, right? Let’s look at algorithms and da da, da. Yeah. Cause they pay every day. All right. So Dai, I got $400 and all grant, I got a hundred dollars, right? So DIA, which is a $400, which is just sitting there. It’s not very much, it’s not going to talk, going to go down. It’s not going to go higher because remember, if you were paying attention, that class, they’re trying to Mark the $1. All right, Mark. The Mark. $1 corn. So if you want to pay attention to something, let’s look at this.

This is fine.

I have $478 in D a I and the United States coin $242. Now hold on, hold on. Let’s go. Let’s check out the price. Us dollar coin, $1 D I a $1. Right? So when you need to understand what, what it is, if you’re like gain, if you watch that video, it would make sense. What I’m trying to say. They’re trying to market at $1. So D a I is never going to change from a dollar. No matter how many people buy into it. They’re that’s, they’re trying to, to create this as it being a United States dollar coin, right? Mark, Mark. $1. Why does that matter? Let’s go over here.

Look how slow this goes. All right. Don’t look at any of these. Just look at this one. And this one look how slow it goes. First off, look at the percentage, right? 2% 0.1, 5% that in it of itself tells you, you know, if it’s, if they’re trying to Mark the dollar and you’re not making anything over here, but you’re making something over here, 2% to hold your money. Why you decide what you want to do with your money? Just makes more sense to do this. Now, the last three, this one, this one and this one. Well, no, first off, let me let’s do this real quick. Hold on, hold on.

Let’s look at the chart. So you see what I’m saying?

Okay. So this is the entire I clicked. All right. So we’re, we’re over here. 99 cents at peak peak to a dollar and 1 cent. It dropped all the way down to 72 cents. But this is in 2018. So three years ago. And since it has been marked basically

To the dollar, Right? There’s a reason why I’m saying this now.

Where was I?

Okay. Now let’s look at algo. Rand. All right, here we go. We’re going to go all again. Now. What’s interesting is that this was it. I, man, I wish I bought this at 14 cents, man. Oh man, this would be great because what it’s doing, it’s paying you 6% per year, but they’re paying every day. So it’s compounding every day. So whatever they’re paying you, whatever, 6% divided by 365. And then that’s what they’re paying you every day. But what happens is when you compound something, that way it compounds a hell of a lot faster. Now, the reason why I’m saying this is, this is how da AI was pegged at the dollar. This however is not the high of this was a dollar and 86 cents. So the reason I’m saying this is because when, when other people start understanding the value of this, it has the capability to increase in value as DIA does not.

Right? So let’s put it into perspective. It’s going to pay you 6% compounded this, but no, you don’t want to. I already know. So it’s, it’s going to pay you 6%, right? 6% every day at 14 cents and 6% every day at a dollar and 48 or two completely six different 6%. However, like I said, this where I wish I had got it at 10 cents off, man. If I got at 10 cents, the same amount of volume that I bought, right? I think I have, look, I got 71 of them. That same hundred dollars I’d have what a thousand of them give or take. So I’d be making 6% basically every day. Now let’s go back to, I hope you’re understanding what I’m saying. If you don’t it’s okay. The reason I’m saying is look, how fast is this moving? And this is a hundred dollar investment. So I’m almost made 1% back. And I haven’t held this for very long. Let’s look when I bought it. Right.

If you read that, that’s great. Let’s see. When did I buy? No, that’s DIA.

Sorry. Do you need to do, to do, to do, to do there it goes.

So right here, I bought on April 2nd at 94, $96. Right? My investment is worth 105 right now, but if you pay attention to this April 3rd, I’ve been paid April 4th. I’ve been paid April 5th, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. It’s the 14th right now. But let’s look at, I mean, it looks all the same. All right, blue, we’ll look at this big bump. That was a big bump. It looks all the same, right? But it’s not. It’s steady grading. You see this 11 four 27, 11 four 29. Now let’s go back to day one, no date, April 4th, 11, four 11. Do you see how every day it’s slowly but surely increasing in value? The amount that they’re paying me, right?

What I’m talking about is slowly but surely the compounded daily is what’s going to make my money with the upward to objectory of this being able to rise in price. So if they were, if this is able, I mean, if they were to go to 2%, that’s still fine. It’s better than sitting in the bank, but at 6%, if you get in now why to time it finally, everyone understands how well they’re paying. If it gets to $10, then your money has almost basic Orlistat sake. It’s this $15 and your money is 10 X, but you’re still gaining every single day. All right. Does that make sense?

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Non-Believer To A Believer

I get into my review for stocks, as opposed to just sitting here, looking at these coins and I’m being as transparent as possible with this crypto, just because I was a non-believer in the beginning. Right. And now I’m kind of like, Hmm, this looks like just they’re giving money away. Right. So, I mean, just look now, these big EK, these big jumps are our money coming in. Right. So right here, right here, right here, right there and right there. But it’s a steady from the bottom left to the top. Right. That’s why I don’t, I don’t know how much money I’ve made. That’s the only problem on here. It doesn’t, but then I’m pretty sure here in the future, they’re going to fix this problem. So it’s not a big problem. It’s just, I know it’s at the moment. All right. So we look at, there are prices. The one I want to go down to this right here. Now this was at three 80, whatever. I just want to just think about this.

I literally paid nothing for this at all. I took like all these right here, this one, this one and this one. All right. In our video class, we watched the videos. You guys literally watched the videos with me, right? We’re at 56 cents. I don’t know if we watched two videos with this one or two, but if we watch one for a dollar, then I’m over here, mad at myself for not buying more. It’s almost doubled, but we might’ve watched it. Might’ve been in $2. So we might be down just a little bit. And then this one for a dollar up 20%. Right? So on each, On each one of these, we have generated a decent profit on everything, right. And it was for free. Now, look at this, we’re up a dollar and 10 cents every day, it just gets larger and larger and larger. All right. Check in with you later on.

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Tezos Better Buy Than Algorand

The quick video. I mean, nothing too exciting. However, the only reason I’m making this video is if you were paying attention before I was all excited about algorithms, right? But now now D I a don’t get me wrong. But when we look at let’s look at how much money we have invested. So DIA makes a lot of sense that I’d have the most or gained the most amount of pennies off of DIA, right? Cause I have almost $500 invested. Now we also know that this is never really going to change. I mean, it’s going to go up from the 37 cents or whatever, but they’re always going to try to Mark this at one. So it doesn’t really have the greatest potential of, of appreciated and value. Now Tesco’s, let’s go, let’s go out grant, because I just made that last video a couple of days ago, Al grant, I was all excited. You’ve seen it moving. It looks to be moving faster than this, which it is right? Because you look at Tescos and it’s a hundred, I have 130, $2 invested an algorithm. I have 106. Right? So Al grant is making more money with less invested. However, Tescos is really close. Right? I understand. Tesla’s has more money. So on this. Yes. The deal is still the, it seems like the best bet would be algorithm. Right? However, let’s look at the chart because I’m curious on something, not the wallet, the overview

Bottom close to a month. All right. This is the one thing that I wish that it was a little easier when they just showed you how much you’re up per coin. Right. Instead of like having a guesstimate, cause I don’t want to do the math. I just want to just show me right. When you look at the stock, it shows you exactly how, when you bought it and whatever, over here, you gotta, you gotta investigate and no one has time for all that. Well let’s say we bought it. No. Now I, I really do have to see how much did I spent

Oh yeah. We got to go to the wallet. All right. Oh wow. Look at this. Look at this. This is very interesting because this is what I was this, this is literally what I was, I was thinking. All right. So I spent $96, right?

What day? Hold on

On April 2nd. So April, April. Oh, I got it on. No

So I got it in a $5 range, right? So what’s happening is I’m going, I’ve made 80% of my money. So when you go over to the portfolio, let’s go over here. And Tessa, now I’m up 34, $32. So in the beginning, right. Tescos was not making very much money. Right. But now the higher end price that it’s going, that API is paying me more because I have more coins. So that’s, what’s so interesting about this is that if you grasp that concept, great. But if not, I apologize, but let’s see how much money did I invest in Algren cause I only invested $96. This shot up like extremely fast because what, a couple days ago, there was no way. These were almost neck and neck. So it has everything to do with the price. I don’t know if they pay me every day. Cause I don’t see their little reward every day. I got to do a little bit more research on that, but I want to check this out.

Exactly. So I spent the same amount of money on Al Grande. As I did with Tescos. Now I’ve made 15 cents on Tescos or an algorithm let’s look at, but on the pure let’s go back to where we were on the better investment, which is going to end up paying. Like if, if Tesla continues to rise, then Tescos will end up being a better investment. Even though they’re not paying every day. Now, if I, if you see now this is tricky because I’m up quite a bit more because what that’s 26, $26. I mean, I know that’s not a lot. Right. But if this was a bigger account, just, I mean, you got to just think whatever how much you want, but just knowing, like playing around with this with a couple of hundred dollars is, is fun. Well also I’m trying to think what I’m going to do. Someone invested a thousand dollars in one of these next month, but I’m not quite sure. I was really excited about algorithm, but now like Teso seems like, Hmm. I mean this, this investment to central line did well, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re only talking about the amount of money being paid. Now, let me see now their reward

So it says, I mean, I don’t know. I see 22 cents, they’re saying 3 cents, 15 cents Lisa’s or maybe it hasn’t clocked in. Well very interesting. Which one is, which is the better investment so far right now Tesco’s was better than algorithm eating the algorithm is paying a higher AP. Why? Just because of the appreciation in the Teslas price.

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Coinbase Web Overview

Good since I’m just now getting started in cryptocurrency, that eyes will make a video for everyone else that might also be getting started in cryptocurrency. The exchange that I’m using, as you can see, look, this is one year. This is zero. We know this is what is this March 2nd, 2021. I had some illnesses, zero all the way up until March 2nd. And then I put in on March 3rd, put in some money. And then if we look at right now,

The bounce is right around $2,200. So it’s fluctuated as you see down here. Well, if you even look 24, let’s say a week, a week ago, it was down to 1900 and now it’s back up to 20, 2200. I haven’t, uh, I remember the last time I put money in here, maybe like a week and a half ago, I’ve just been busy doing other projects. So this dip is not me trading. This is just regular market fluctuations. Um, let’s kind of explore their, their, their app, um, or really their, their, their webpage. And then they have their app, which is nice. Um, I haven’t, this is, uh, this is probably the second time I’ve been on their webpage. I started on their, their mobile app, but for me, I just like seeing things big. Right? So let’s kind of explore. It looks like right here.

So what they do have, you can buy and you can sell different Bitcoins. Let’s just look so you can buy Bitcoin big CAS, eat the rum ether, classic light coin O X U S USD, dollar coin, basic attention token decentral land. I actually made some money on this one. I’ll show you, uh, Kyber network chain link district. Oh, X maker civic. Oh my God. Network die. Z cash app galore, stellar lumens, EOS. And I mean, you can see them. There’s quite a few. Um, I think last I checked, there was 46 of them. Uh, but they’re adding them daily and then let’s go back to up your shopping street and then you can buy it with, uh, I think you, yes. See there’s a $750 a week limit on your, like a regular debit card. But if you want to wire the money in, I think there, I don’t think there’s a limit if on a credit card is, cause this is my debit card. Um, well they just have different limits. Okay. So right. I mean, obviously you can deposit as cash.

Okay. That makes sense while you have your, so here’s my account. Right. So I don’t have, so the, the, so yeah, again, we’re literally just going through this as I talk with you. I’ve never, I’ve, haven’t done this before, so that’s why it probably seems like I’m all over the place kind of bouncing, uh, yeah. Cause on the mobile app it’s different, it’s difficult to see how much money you have invested. Uh, the one thing I don’t like about this, I don’t know. I don’t remember. And I’m, I, this is for fun, right? I, I’m not taking it as a day trader yet. I’m just trying to understand these coins and everything. But I would like to see if I’m up or if I’m down, like these are just numbers. That’s great that I have $358 and decentral or something. How much am I up? It’s difficult. Like if I were to trade, I’d have to know that number. Like I I’d have to know, but since this is more long-term at the moment, I’m not really concerned with how much I’m up or down. I’m just getting my feet wet. All right. Let’s see. So convert. Okay. So yeah, selling so selling, you can sell whatever corn you have and then put it into the cash converting. You can convert your coins into other coins, which is nice. Um, let’s see, send and receive.

Yeah, it looks like you just need someone’s phone number, email address, or actual or actual address and which you could do

Wow. Wow. Look at this. Be sure to select the right cryptocurrency. If you send crypto to the wrong address, ESG Bitcoin to a Bitcoin cash address, your crypto will be lost. So, um, hold on a second. Um, let me call you right back. I’m in the middle of a filming session.


This is one thing that I don’t like. This is what scares me about cryptocurrency, which why I’m playing with it, but I’m not taking it serious. Is this statement right here when you’re sending money, now there’s QR code that you can send. So it kinda stops this. However, I don’t like the fact that if I were to send a Bitcoin to a bit coin cash, I won’t get my money. It’s just gone. That isn’t, it that’s inefficient because it don’t have two names that both say Bitcoin in it and expect people are not going to get confused. So there’s, so there’s a, quite a few, like I understand everyone’s coming out with a new name and so, you know, uh, probably 15 years from now, uh, there’ll be something new going on. And then all the established names will be established and I’ll probably start trading a little bit, you know, once I understand more about crypto, but that, that part I don’t like, uh, transfer crypto fascia and Coinbase transferring crypto on, on the blockchain can be expensive. However, if you bowl it, both you and on the part use Chromebooks, we do the transfer offer for free. Okay.


Okay. All right. That’s nice. That’s so there you go. This is what I’m talking about. So here’s your QR code or the address, so, okay, so you have to individually come in here and if you want to receive some decentral land coins, I mean the crypto let’s let’s look at the address. So we’ve got zero X, B zero seven.


Yes. See, so the address changes as well. Let’s go back then. Okay. So each one of, if you notice each one of your coins has a specific like wallet, I guess is the best way to say it. So when you’re sending money, um, you just type in this code right here To right there. Now we know that it’s not Bitcoin. We know that this is a decentral coin, right? W what happened? Okay. Look, it even tells you this is a Manor address. Right. So, okay. That’s good. So what it’s doing is it’s trying to dummy-proof you, right? So if you accidentally make a mistake, it’s trying to re correct your mistake and give you a warning before you do something bad. Um, let’s see what this is. All right. So

All right. So here’s on this little section right here. It’s pretty cool. Uh, I’ve I’ve actually earned $1. I didn’t know. There was so many different ones, too, like different classes to take, to earn money. See right here, I’ve earned a whopping 2 cents from, uh, taking, or I don’t even know what it is, but you can look, you can earn money on diag rewards. Tezos, uh, Cosmo and the coin. Uh, this is more just, uh, over overview of everything. So if you want to make, I think with new cipher, yet you can earn up to $3 with the graph. You can earn up to $3, Uma, $6. So this is just different, different opportunities too, for you to make a little bit of extra money and to learn a little bit, what is for you. Okay. Um, Okay. So I guess these are the blogs, I guess. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause you can hear, let me move this down a little bit. You see, see where it says blog, Coinbase. So this is their, their, their Coinbase blog. Uh, yeah, they, I mean, it looks like they have a lot of different stuff. What is this?

Okay. Um, all interesting stuff. Not for this one video right here. Cause I’ll, I’ll end up talking for two hours and we won’t get anywhere and the video won’t have any purpose. So as a quick overview, we have home, which is this, and then you have your watch list down and then you can, yeah. Your recent transactions are over here, your total bound. Okay. This is nice. I like this. Um,


See, now this doesn’t make any sense. Okay. I bought it for a hundred dollars. It’s worth $355 right now. But then it says, what is this number? Right here is a 15%, right. That doesn’t make any sense if I’m up way more than 15% of them for like 300%. So that doesn’t make, I don’t understand what, what they’re talking about over there. Um, so yeah, you have your watch list, you have your education and then you have your little portfolio over here and then your recent transactions then when you click the portfolio. Yeah. It’s just everything a little bit bigger.

Not at

All. Uh, it just has all the assets that are tradable on, uh, we’re recording base.

Mm, okay. Okay. Here it is. This is what these numbers are. It’s Alec it’s how much of your assets are in each? So this is 27% of my assets are in Bitcoin. 15% of my assets are in decentral land over here. Spend crypto get reward. Was this okay? Look at this coming soon, introducing the Coinbase card. So if you want to go and be in debt, then this is great. It’s a debit card. Lets you spend your assets, any asset in your Coinbase portfolio and ORM rewards for your purchase. So this will be fun and interesting to kind of understand that when they have it come out, borrow cash, you can, You can borrow money at a pretty high percentage. Um,

Prices. Uh, this is nice. This in the last 24 hours, market’s up 3.3 and a half or basically three, three points, 75%, the little stars or your watch list will easy touchable by buttons. Over here, you can see you have your tradable assets, the top gainers and the top losers, all assets. If you just click all assets, let me show you. So some of these you can’t trade. So either net ether, M two is not a tradable asset through Coinbase buy Binance coin is not either tip tether or teether, uh, polka dot XRP, feta. So Coinbase is very diverse. It has has a vast array of different products that you can invest in. I don’t know exactly how, like again, there’s, I think there’s like 45 to 46. I get updates. Uh, every few days that they’re adding a new coin or uh, something else is going on, which is nice.

Um, what got me or what deterred me from investing in Bitcoin for awhile is I’m, uh, I work in a stock market, so there’s a futures department and then they also, you can trade Bitcoin on there, but you have to buy the entire Bitcoin. Right? And now that’s like 50 grand, 60 grand, which is a little high. I don’t have 50 grand that just sit laying around to invest in Bitcoin for one share and do nothing with it. But with Coinbase you can buy portions of, of these, right? So you don’t have to buy the whole coin, like with Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s at 60, about 56,000. And you know, it’s changing every day. Uh, but I only have $600 in Bitcoin. So it’s allowed me to buy what

One, 1%, 100th of a percent, right. Of Bitcoin, of a single Bitcoin. So that’s nice. So if Bitcoin continues to rise then, or when I say Bitcoin, I’m more or less talking about all coins. When all coins decided to rise, that’s just giving me a brand or larger opportunity to make more money because I’m not having to put so much money in. So if all you have is $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $10. Well, there’s plenty of different currencies out there that can fit your need for that. Now the trading fees there, they’re kind of expensive, right? They’re they’re like, what was it like four and a half to 5% per transaction fee, which is expensive, but this is kind of new. And so it’s not that bad back in the olden days, trading on the stock market used to be $10 in $10 out, give or take.

So it was, it was quite expensive. This, this seems at, at, uh, it could be a little bit cheaper. So with that said, um, we kind of went over, around and above their internet website. Um, what we’ll do now on the next one, we’ll kind of do a crash course on what is all these coins? So we’ll go through no, not persons. There we go. Cause what they’ll do they have this lovely thing right here. When you go to each coin, you can go down and then there’s the official website and then the white paper, which I don’t know what that is. Okay. The white paper is basically your big explanation. So if you want to read, uh, like a research paper, you can click the white paper, but if you just want to go to the, um,

Uh, the official website, I was just reading this right here. So the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as the blockchain, Bitcoins are divisible into smaller units, known as Seto, Satoshi eats. The Toshi is worth like a 0.0 point a lot of zeros and then one Bitcoin. So remember I was talking about how you can, so here you go. Here’s my Bitcoin balance. Here’s my Satoshi. Right? So I have quite a bit of Satoshis. All right, well, in this video here.