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Chevron Corp (CVX) or Algorand (ALGO )or DAI what is the most profitable investment

This Coinbase is offering me another $3 just to watch three minutes of video. So I figured why not let’s do it. I figured you guys would like to maybe

What is this?

Oh, they got me on this one. Look at this. This is ridiculous.

Well, that’s just a bummer.

I don’t feel like doing that right now. So we’re going to watch the videos later. So what we’re going to do instead of earning free money, we’re going to look over here at our rewards, what we have already done.

So this is how much money were we’re made. We’ve made five. It’s kind of not even worth it. Honestly. It’s $5. Yay. But I mean, I guess it’s not too bad. Cause what’s the Dai, we got $480. We’ve made almost $2, right? So us dollar coin, $242. We made 10 cents. I mean, it’s better than nothing. I guess a Tesco’s 107 for $63. We’ve made 94 cents. Algorithm is our best one. So far with $274 made $2. Okay. I can deal with that. That’s not that that’s not that shabby. So if we had maybe $500 in there, we made $5. So you might’ve been able to buy some Starbucks.

I’m confused on what’s going on over here. I thought I staked the thing for them to automatically earn it. But obviously I did not because I’m still on this ether room and ether, him too, who knows where it is right here. And I don’t have any of it, but I thought the whole point on Coinbase asking me to stake for wait on the wait list was that I was going to be making some money. So I’m confused on where that money is. Cause I wouldn’t have bought so much of this. All right. I know you’re well, it’s ether a man’s going to go to a million. Yeah. I thought I was getting something for holding it. Right? Cause if you look at the, my portfolio, everything is basically it’s either you need to figure out no, no, no. How you can push this button and then it rings it.

However, I was because if you look at things, look at, look at the price prices. They’re all two to $400. Having a $1,200 is just like, why would I have a $1,200? I thought I was getting something. I thought I was like splitting something off and getting some ether room two or something. And joining Bo basically, that’s not what happened. They hold my money. They, this is what happened. At least that’s what it looked like happened. They were like here, push this button. So you can’t access your money. And we’re going to give you a bonus by sending you on a wait list.

So I’m like, all right, that’s great. I get something but so far. What do I didn’t get anything because either I’m too or whatever is over here and I don’t have anything. And now it’s telling me, oh, I can buy some either. I’m two for a 6% AP. Why? But I don’t want to buy any ether. I’m too. I don’t want to buy any of this stuff. You know what I’m saying? I, I just want my money. I want to see what happened. Any which way? I’m a little frustrated. They won’t give me my free gift without uploading my identification, but that’s okay. So this video is basically about done. I’ve made $5 off of doing absolutely nothing. So again, if I was to be investing seriously heavy in crypto, which I am not, I’d rather just invest in the stock market. Makes more sense. Cause I mean, lifetime rewards, $5, $5 off of let’s see how much money algorithm, 200. So we’re looking at $600 and we’ve made $5. Let me see. Let me see something.

Here’s a different account. I just want to show you something. So that’s $3. No, let’s go somewhere where it’s a little bit more Dividend. Okay. So Chevron has paid me $2 and 68 cents. All right.

Now let’s go over to Coinbase because now let’s see, you know, everyone’s talking, oh man, the crypto currency, you can make so much money. Mow it. Okay. Let’s just check it out. $5. How much invested? $600 invested. Right. And what we’ve invested it’s for about six months. So that’s that? We’ll say actually, we’ll just look. When did I first buy this?

Okay. So April 1st, April, may, June. So three months. So in three months I’ve made a dollar and 90 cents, three months, dollar 90 cents. How much money do I have in here? $480 Exxon or Chevron. Right? Remember this Exxon number to remember all actually we’re going to go like this. How much I make off a DIA? Was it like a dollar and where did it go? I made lifetime or $2. Lifetime rewards. So far was Chevron $2 and 68 cents. Now let’s go back over here. We’ll go to the oil will energy and we will look at Chevron. No, we got to go over here. Cause we’re going to see how much is invested to make the $2. Right. And then this is going to tell us, All right, where were we? Chevron cost basis. Is everyone looking at this Chevron cost basis? A dollar and 6 cents or $106. And they have paid me.

The $2 and 68 cents so far. So you do the math, which one? And what is that better investment DIA. Yeah. It’s fun watching this go up and down. Woo. Right. And, but it never appreciates. It’s still worth a dollar I can go up. So I’ve made and remember this, remember this, remember how much money? There’s 500 off $480. How much is in the other one? Let’s see.

Hold on 106. So if I had put the same amount of money into this one, I would’ve got like $8 opposed to what? My whopping nothing. $2 so far stock market. Okay.

Better on the next one. Let’s look at Algorithm. Okay. $272. Now I’ve made $2 on an algorithm to I don’t even need to look because we, we just looked over the numbers. $100. I made $2, $272. I’ve made $2. So which is a better investment. So far Chevron $100 in Chevron has paid me more than basic. So we’ve made $4 on a w w w yeah. We’ve made $4 from T from Algren and D a I D I a, whatever it is made $4, but we’ve invested almost 700. Right? Does this make sense to everybody is $700 invested and we’ve made $4. If I had made, spent $700 on Chevron, the same investment, I would have netted what that seven times to $14 as opposed to four. Right? So when you’re thinking of cryptocurrency or a stock market, which one’s better, I just showed you and then here’s the other catch it. And this is a huge catch. What the is algorithm and what the is DIA or D I a D AI, whatever it is, what is that? Would you really bank your whole house on that? No, this is fun money to me. It’s fun. Right? But as much as everyone wants to pump this stuff up, I just showed you, which is a better investment. Chevron would have paid me better, a better percentage than all this little, 6% a pay. Why? Whoo. Well, let’s go CNBC now.

So when they’re talking to AP, why look at the dividend yield is 5%. So they want, they, they basically saying that but this is 5%. Louis is 5% look at the dividend. You’re making $5 a year, but well, no, probably little bit more. Well, yeah, you’re making $5 a year. Cause I have two, two shares per share. Right? For every $100, you’re making $5 a year,

I guess. But this means that this has like, your money on algorithm would mean the algorithm has to jump higher. Right. Does that make sense? I mean, it’s changing. I’m going to, so it’s like 4 cents a day at the end, at the end. It’s just better to invest in the stock market because just like algorithm, like your percentage is based off of the movement of algorithm, Al grants at a dollar. Now the algorithm gets up to a hundred then. Yeah. My staking is going to be great. But then look, I’ve already doubled my amount in algorithm. So you cut that into the same amount as the Chevron $100. Right. And you’re making $5 a year, which is the same amount that w I mean, it’s basically the same, right. I don’t know if I’m articulating this very well, but you’re making more money by investing in something that you know, what it is, right. Algorithm, what is it? How are they paying you? 6%? What kind of funny math are they doing? All right. Because I know guarantee, I know what, what Chevron, how they’re paying me. I know where their money’s coming from. You know, we probably went to their gas station yesterday. Right. I know where that money’s coming from, but are you a hundred percent sure. How in the world are they paying you 6%? If they don’t create anything? Does that make sense? All right. I’m doing stock market cryptocurrency, which one’s better. I would say stock market.



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