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Video, we’ll go over utilities. This is  AWK American water. One, two, three, four, five. This is worked out. This is beautiful. This is, I mean, watch out right here. I which it did it hit, it bounced off. Basically. Let me just show you, there we go. That’s our new, so we, we came down. If you remember last couple of weeks, we’ve been saying it’s coming down. Watch this line right here. The one 53 53, it got rejected. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So last Friday we came up here. We got rejected, came back down and now we’re coming back up. Got rejected at this line right here. I would say just cause we were really close to, I mean, this is a nice run, 50 and 55, five point run. I need to start watching this stuff in the middle of the week and I’m missing grid stuff. I’ll say watch the one 53 53 just for it to touch it. Right. Just to cause it broke out. I wouldn’t be surprised it comes back down and then you’ll build momentum and then pops out on our way to one 60 and then one 65 and yeah, duke energy. What is going on here?

So this is twice. What is this? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday the 17th. We had another weird day. We’re getting ready. It’s weird. Earnings came out blue pass up to 108. And again, it got like destroyed at the end of the day. So same thing happened on Monday. Went all the way up here and then got destroyed. Maybe it’s a funny take rating, but if there’s a lot of shorts at that level and they’re getting like eight and up right here, then watch yourself because the second if passed right here. Right. Does that make sense? What I’m saying? So you have a lot of shorts, a lot of shorts. So like right when it got up to this, I guess one oh eight level, right? All the shorts in their mamas. Great.

Boom comes down. Does it again comes down breaks a little bit. So you’re, you know, you just broke your, your weekends right here because nine out of 10 people that had it, like a stock bought it in. They, their stop was right around here at below here. They drop it like barely. So it’s like a look below and fail to get, just get people out and on our way to the races. Again, I, 100% we’re still on. We’re still in this position. I see one oh six to one oh eight. No problem. I’m not really. I mean, it’s already hit one oh eight twice. It just got rejected terribly. Okay. D T E and last week we had our crash. We were looking for, it. Came down, hit the red line. Basically. Obviously it didn’t hit it. It’s close enough though. And it looks like a w if we can. So mind you, you’re going to have to watch this for yourself unless I start making videos on Wednesday. Watch for the 40 to 65, the one 41 42 65. Watch for the breakout of that. If it can break out of that and it breaks out with volume

Or what we water sheet right here with the volume, excuse me.

If it can break out of here with volume, then it should break out this one 45, relatively easy. It’s already kind of had a liquidation break, which was this right here, basically this right here, all the way down to the, does it like the relation break all the way down to here? So that’s a decent move. That’s one 40 what? Basically 42, one 42 all the way down to one 36. So we’re looking at like what a six point move six, seven point move in relatively short time, basically liquidation break. The same thing that we saw over here made it high. And then it broke two days in a row. Today’s higher, two days in a row. Now the kind of broke that two and two and two right here. And so, I mean, it got to this level, the two, one, three, or present out. But I would say watch again for at the 42 72, but as long as it stays above the 41, 29, I would say don’t worry and watch yourself running. Let’s see. I should have been reading what we are positioned in. Apologize for that. Okay.

So yeah, the duke, this is DTE, but duke or June 18, one oh five, call a D T E. I think they expired worthless. Now I just to point out a lot of these, like a lot of the positions, there’s not very much money invested in any of these. It’s like we’re we’re, if you’ve noticed we’re investing like 50 bucks, maybe a hundred bucks on a, on a big day, but none of nothing is extremely large. If that makes sense. We’re not, we’re not investing heavy on anything who healthcare at you know, we’re sorry. We are in utilities, stay focused. Alright. On utilities. Let’s we DTE don’t don’t see anything. BEP Brookfield, renewable partners. Wow, wow. Too bad. I missed this. Missed this all the way. This is wait for a pull, wait for some type of fullback and then go for it.

I don’t, I’d have to look and see what happened in the news. This is just out of nowhere. Cause one, two, three, four, five. So this is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So Friday, last Friday, I guess we had a decent day. I remember saying watch out for this line that did exactly what I thought I was going to do. Then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, pub Blough 36 to $44 move. We probably could have got something for like 60 cents and turned into $3. That’s frustrating. I really do think I’m going to have to start looking in the middle of the week and analyzing, because I’m losing money too, by not looking in the week. Not by just missing opportunity, but just losing money. Ida

Ida. It looks like it could be poised for us to finally do something for sure. We got in like right around here the last time and it got in and fizzled out on us. Like super fast. I think we’ve lost money on that. [inaudible]

It’s building, you were in a squeeze. We were just in a squeeze which fired and then got rejected in instantaneously. But again, I’m thinking, let’s try to take this out. Let’s see. Yeah, it’s a reversion to the mean we have this huge move March, right from 86 to one oh three and all it’s done is now check it out. It can revert back to the meaning and drop down and go back to this red line or it can do what it has done and just do nothing and waiting for this red line to come up. You see how literally, since it popped up to here, it has done nothing but allow the red line and the yellow line to creep higher and higher, higher up. Right? So now our, what is this? This is the 50 and this is the a hundred. So within 50 days now we’re at an average of 50 days. So I would say pay attention to this upcoming week.

Look, worse position or go higher Pass it’s one oh four R S G. So this one has not been, I haven’t talked about this one thus far. The reason is I feel kind of stupid. It was in my portfolio, but I couldn’t see it. I was wondering what was wrong. Cause I was like, man, something doesn’t look right. There’s something missing or missing. And I was right. It was revoke services. What a beautiful move. This was basically two weeks straight up from one oh four to one 13. We’re kind of in the middle kind of catching ourselves. Yeah, this looks, I mean, it doesn’t look ugly. I would go out just a little bit. Let’s see. What did they do on the earnings? Yeah, they broke or they beat on earnings. I mean, no top line, bottom line, but They’re holding the Twitter relatively. Well

This is the nine, their whole, I mean they’re, they’re above the nine. So this is kind of like an all cylinders. Yes, let’s go. Depending on what the news is, right. They, the last couple of weeks have been quite volatile, but this looks like a half day one looking to poise to go and break out the one 13. Let me see kind of what the let’s do an extension [inaudible] So this is the game that they’re playing ladies and gentlemen. So our 50 is right at the top of this, this red bar. So we have a little bit of resistance, the one 10 and the one 11, but then once we’re past the one 11, we’re pretty quick to the high of the Republic services, eight E S [inaudible]

And telecom pass this yellow line. I don’t like it when, when it passes the yellow line and it can hold the yellow line, then I’ll be like, okay, but as of this right now, it looks like a lot of chop, like down and up and down and up. Now, if it didn’t, it didn’t make a higher, low, and it is above the a hundred percent mark or the zero mark. So if you want it to be, if you wanted to jump the gun, then yes, I buy in looking for like another $2. It’s just a really cheap stock. So I mean, you could probably get in for like 20 bucks and give you, give yourself the gift of time and well, let’s just look at it. It’s just easier to do that. So like I said, yeah, giving yourself the gift of time. The 26 we’re already at 25, 36 is 50 cents. So you’re paying basically 26 80. Well, no, I mean, you got to basically gain 80 cents within the next 26 days and you break even.

So, like I said, you could literally even the 27. So if it were to move $2, oh, this is what they did. You can see, they just bought a spread because it’s a 25 cent spread. Right? And for it’s it’s the, the price is 25 cents, but it’s a dollar. So if we were to spend $25 and it were to get up to 27, then we just made like three times our money Nova, very frustrated with this stock, hate this dog. Don’t want nothing to do with this right now. Don’t even want to talk about it. And it’s my own personal form fault. Right? It’s my own fault I bought in here and I did not get out here. Had another chance to get out of here, did not an washed Washington. Just don’t want to talk about it. Still love the company. Still loved the company. Loved the idea. Obviously go over it again, come December. I’m going to go over every last one of these, make sure that it’s, there’s still fitting the criteria that I want. But as of right now, I mean, it looks terrible. Don’t get me wrong. This stock looks absolutely redness. We basically wouldn’t drop 50%. So I’m not saying that this is a great whew, cause this is absolutely horrendous. In one year we went from 13 to 57 to 28. So this is a quite volatile stock. But wait a minute, wait just a second here. [inaudible]

Guessing that’s the low give or take? No, that’s 10, 13, 16. That’s cool.

Close enough. I don’t know. I’m dyslexic. I picked 20 instead of 13. Yeah, so we’re holding the 50% mark we crashed. Yeah. So that gives a better, a better line on which I draw these lines before, because that’s an awesome, like just short. That just makes perfect sense in a double short, not the line that I drew. Right. However, I didn’t didn’t draw these lines and it makes a lot of sense. Cause it’s literally, I mean my drum off a couple cents, but yeah, it’s, this might be a turn it’s doing a little bit different than what it has before. You kind of noticed that they’ve been sharp just a little bit, but it’s still kind of it’s sharper than this. This is more of a rounding right. Kind of a bull. So we’ll see. I still don’t like it. I got burned. I don’t like it.

Middlesex water. We’ve literally gone nowhere. So this is Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday had a great day Monday and got from what 70, or basically 79 to 80 and having one hell of a time trying to get above this 80, 70. So I would not deal with this until it can gain 20 cents and stay there. Then once it’s can stay above the 80 70, then I’m looking forward to basically retest the 85 on its way higher to 85 95, which is the high. So we’re getting there, it’s holding its pressure, but we’re getting there. It’s just not doing it very fast and our GE energy. Wow. Okay. Yeah, holding the line that we drew last week and it’s holding it for dear. Well, no, it broke it and it stayed in our range though. The range we drew last week, it’s still there.

It’s hasn’t gone. Well, it’s gone up and down one, two, three, four, five, Monday had a great day and then got destroyed. So again, but again, it’s higher than the touch right here. So just give it some time. If it can hold this red line right here, then let’s look for it to try to touch this right here, the 36, but it has to hold this, this red line right here. And this is 100% downward trend. It is not. It’s like literally going to our lines and getting rejected. So this could be our bar double bottom though. So just be careful pay attention and look out. All right. Have a great one.



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