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Gilead Sciences:

Over Five Years They Were Really Popular In 2015 But As Of Right Now They’re Kind Of Going Down Institutional Ownership 80% I Do Like That, They Are Making A Lot Of Money From Remdesivir, This Drug Was Approved As An Emergency Treatment In Hospitals. They Originally Created This Drug To Help Fight Against Ebola. Since This Is A Repurposed Drug The Costs Associated With Production Are Very Low. They Recommended A 5-Day Treatment With A Value Of 2300$ The Cost To The Company Per Five-Day Treatment Is 5$. These Numbers Are Rounded To The Nearest Whole Number, However As We See They Are Making Close To 2295$ Per Covid19 Hospital Treatment. Remdesivir Is Approved In Australia, Canada, The European Union, Japan, And The United States.

The Company Is At A Seven-Year Low, However, They Have Consistently Been Able To Pay About 4% Annual Dividend.

In Other News, They Signed An Agreement To Provide 200K Prescriptions Of Their Hiv Drug For 11 Years For Free To The Recipient But The Government Will Reimburse Them 200$ Per 30 Pills.