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Boeing Is Broken Into Four Different Segments: Commercial, Defense, Space, & Services.


In Their Commercial Fleet They Have Nine Different Airliners. Including Their Business Jets And Freighters.


In This Segment They Manufacture Fighter Jets, Rotorcraft, With Embedded Product Support, Cybersecurity Products, Surveillance Suites, Missile Defense, Advanced Weapons,These Machines Are Sold Around The Globe, To Different Nations. To Name A Few Of These Machines They Manufacture The Advanced F-15, The Chinook Block 2, And The Ah-64 Apache


Boeing Has Supported Every Major Us Endeavor To Escape Earth’s Gravity Into Space And With This Extra Knowledge They Feel That They Are In The Forefront Of Creating Products And Machines To Assure Safe Space Exploration. To Simplify They Build Satellites For The Military And For Other Communication Devices Around The World. 


Boeings Worldwide Presents Is In 300 Different Locations Across 70 Countries And Approximately 24,000 Employees. With Those Different Locations And Employees They Feel They Are The Forefront In Customer Support And Creating Cost-Competitive Solutions.