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They Are The Leading Residential Solar And Energy Stored Service Provider With Coverage In More Than 20 States And Territories.

With Using Industry-Leading Technology From Top Brands Like Tesla Generac And Solar Edge Sunnova Batteries Are Built For The Future. They Are Trusted By Over A Hundred Thousand Homeowners. And They Are Committed To Trying To Get You Started With Zero Money Down. The Services They Provide Include Maintenance Monitoring, Repairs And Replacements, Equipment Upgrades, On-Site Power Optimization For Their Customers, And The Ability To Switch Power Sources Among The Solar Grid.

With Over 270 Dealers And Sub Dealers, By 2025 They Want To Have A Fully Optimal Sunnova Network With The Battery, Generator, Ev Charger All Hooked Up Wirelessly to The Sunnova Network. By Doing This Their Plans Are To Create Each House As Their Own Independent Power Company Producing Enough Power To Be Self-Sustainable.

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On The Snake River In Idaho Ida Corp Has A Total Of 17 Hydropower Projects, Idacorp Believes They Are Positioned To Have A Great Advantage For The Influx Of New People Moving To Idaho. With Them Stating Idaho Has Been The Fastest Growing State In The United States For 3 Years. 

Idacorp Is A Holding Company With A Few Notable Subsidiaries Such As Idaho Power Company And Idaho Energy Resources And Idacorp Financial Services.

 With Idacorp Financial Services They Invest In Affordable Homes They Obtain Tax Credits From Historic Rehabilitation Development Projects. They Also Have A Small Hydroelectric Project With Over A Half A Million General Business Customers In Southern Idaho And Eastern Oregon, Spanning Over A 24,000 Square Mile Serviceable Area. 

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Middlesex Water Company:

They Provide Regulated And Non-Regulated Water Related Services In New Jersey And Delaware. They Are One Of The Few Publicly Traded Water Utilities In The United States. The Company Is Divided Into Two Segments Regulated And Non-Regulated.


 In This Segment They Operate In Collecting Treating And Distributing Water On A Retail And Wholesale Basis To Residential Commercial Industrial And Fire Departments In New Jersey Delaware And Pennsylvania.


 In This Segment Of The Company They Provide Maintenance Of Municipal Private And Wastewater In New Jersey And Delaware. 

Over 48 Years They Provided A Consistent Dividend. The Company Has Numerous Affiliates Around New Jersey And Delaware To Name A Few.

 New Jersey:

 In Northern New Jersey They Are Affiliated With Perth Amboy, In Central New Jersey Their Affiliate Is Pinelands Water And Waste Company In Southern New Jersey Avalon Service And Bayview System.


 In Delaware Their Affiliates Are Tidewater Utilities, Tidewater Environmental Services, And White Marsh Environmental Systems

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NRG Energy Inc:

Nrg Energy, Is Involved In Energy Generation And Retail Energy. Their Uninterrupted Clean Power ( Nuclear), Their Scalable Sustainability ( Renewable), Their Greatest Domestic Asset In Natural Gas And Their Modern Approach To Coal, Gives Nrg Energy Great Profit Potential. 

Natural Gas:

With 14 Plants And Representing 43% Of Their Portfolio With Near 10,000 Mw Capacity Nrg Energy Believes Natural Gas Is The Future Of Powering The United States. Natural Gas Being Traditionally Cheaper And It Being The Cleanest Burning Fossil Fuel On The Market Nrg Is Actively Transitioning From Coal To Natural Gas. 


Representing 34 Percent Of Their Portfolio With The Mw Capacity Of Nearly 8000 And 7 Plants. Nrg Has Consistently Been Making Healthy Profits Through Coal, However They Have Been Experimenting On How To Reduce The Co2 Coal Releases Into The Atmosphere. At Their Petra Nova Project They Showed 92% Of Co2 Could Be Captured And Prevented From Entering The Atmosphere. 


A Single Wind Turbine Can Produce Energy For Nearly 500 Homes, Although Renewable Energy Only Represents 2% Of Their Portfolio Nrg Energy Believes Renewables Are The Fastest-Growing Energy Markets In The United States. With Unparalleled Benefits Such As Cost-Saving Zero-Carbon Generation And Being Environmentally Friendly. 


Nuclear Power Is Carbon-Free And Provides One And Five Homes And Businesses Across America With Electricity Nuclear Power Plants Produce Emission Free Energy And Safely And Securely Store Used Fuel On Site With The Abundance Of Uranium It Helps Stabilize The Market, Nuclear Reactors Also Have A Lifespan Of 40 To 60 Years And Only Need Refueling Every 18 Months 

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Brookfield Renewable Partners LP:

One Of The World’s Largest Publicly Traded Renewable Energy Platforms, With A Portfolio Consisting Of 19,000 Megawatts Of Capacity And 5,000 Generating Facilities In North America, South America, Asia, And Europe. Brookfield Renewable Partners Has An Objective To Deliver Long-Term Annualized Returns Of 12 To 15% Including A 5% Distribution Increase. Hydroelectric Power Comprises The Majority Of Brookfield Renewable Partners Business Operations At Nearly 64% Of Their Portfolio. Renewable Power Has 52 Billion Dollars Assets Under Management 3,000 Operating Employees. 


With A Capacity Of Close To 9,000 Megawatts Operating On 82 River Systems And An Impressive 219 Hydro Generation Facilities, They’ve Been Able To Create A Consistent And Healthy Cash Flow And Notable Acquisition Was In 2016 When They Acquired Colombia’s Third Largest Power Generation Portfolio, Producing Nearly 20% Of The Country’s Generation. 


 In 2014 They Established Their First European Wind Farm By Acquiring The Portfolio From The Government Of Ireland Since The Acquisition They Have Developed Approximately 200 Megawatts Of Wind Farms And Efficiently Added 55 Megawatts Through Acquisitions, Through All Of Their Wind Operations They Have 4700 Megawatts Installed Capacity 


Through Their Solar Business They Have 2600 Megawatts Installed Capacity On Four Different Continents, And In 2020 They Acquired The Remaining Shares Of Terraform Power Which Has High Quality Assets With Sustainable Cash Flows Through Long-Term Contracts.

Distributed Power:

 They Utilize Their Commercial Industrial Buildings To Put Solar Panels In Optimal Spaces To Produce 800 Megawatts Of Power. 


 Their Hydro And Battery Storage Facilities In The United States In The United Kingdom Help Stabilize The Electric Grid Installed Capacity They Have 2,700 Mw

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Is One Of The World’s Largest Leading Power Companies, Aes Distributes Power In 15 Different Countries And Employs Over 10,000 People Worldwide. The Company Is Organized Into Four Different Units. The United States (El Salvador And Puerto Rico), South America (Chile Colombia, Argentina, And Brazil) Mcac ) (Mexico And The Caribbean) And Eurasia( Europe In Asia).

Aes Products Include: New Clean Energy, Advanced Energy Networks, Cleaner Reliability, And Scalable Ecosystems.

With New Clean Energy They Help To Develop And Scale Renewable Energy Supply With Solar And Wind. A Case Study Of Their New Clean Energy Was Partaken On Kauai’s Island. Hawaii Having The Highest Electricity Rates In The United States, Aes Wants To Generate 70% Of Electricity Needed In Hawaii Through Renewable Sources Opposed To Fossil Fuels. 

Advanced Energy Networks:

Aes Is Committed To Help Develop Advanced Energy Networks With The Help Of Google Cloud They’re Both Looking To Solve The Carbon Footprint And Operate Its Data Centers On Carbon-Free Energy. 

Cleaner Reliability:

With The Help Of Aes Energas Has Completely Changed The Dominican Republic Dependence On Fossil Fuels Over 20 Years Of Aes Introducing Natural Gas To The Dominican Republic They Have Saved Customers Over A Half A Billion Dollars And Avoiding 4 Million Tons Of Co2 Emissions Per Year.

Scalable Ecosystems.:

Through Great Partnerships Aes Has Been Able To Deploy Two Times More Solar Energy Three Times Faster While Using 50% Less Land Then Their Nearest Competitor They’ve Been Able To Achieve This With The Company 5B.

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DTE Energy:

Operating In The United States And Canada DTE Energy Serves Over 2.2 Million Customers Electricity And Over 1.3 Million Customers In Their Natural Gas Utility Services. Their Non Services Departments Focuses On Power And Industrial Projects, Natural Gas Pipelines, Energy Marketing And Trading, And Gathering And Storage. Nearly Half A DTS Energy Is Generated From Coal While 23% Is Generated From Nuclear. Less Than 10% Of DTE Electricity Comes From Natural Gas And Renewable Energies Including; Wind, Solar, And Hydroelectric.

DTE Energy’s Non-Utilities Company DTE Power And Industrial Has Numerous Projects Across The United States In The Development Of Renewable Energy. Whether It’s Bio Gas Or Waste Wood They’re At The Front Of Some Very Interesting Renewable Energy Possibilities 

DTE Energy Trading Has Been Doing Business In Ann Arbor Since 1988 And It’s An Active Physical And Financial Gas, Power And Environmental Marketing Company With 24.2 Billion Dollars In Assets. They Provide Energy Sourcing And Management For Municipalities, Gas Producers, Independent Power Producers, To Name A Few. 

Through Their Affiliated Business DT Energy Has Multiple Subsidiaries In Gas Laboratory Services Supply And The Transportation Of Coal By Rail Vessel And Truck Across The Great Lakes. Through Citizens Gas In Lenawee County, They Provide Natural Gas To Over 17,000 Homes And Businesses 

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Republic Services:

They Offer Three Different Services Dumpster Rental, The Business Solutions, And Home Solutions. Measured By Revenue Republic Services Is The Second Largest Garbage Company. They Have Over 16000 Garbage Trucks In Service They Operate In 40 States Including Puerto Rico 343 Collections Operations, 204 Transfer Stations, 195 Landfills, 90 Recycling Centers, 7 Treatment Locations, And 11 Saltwater Disposal Wells. Landfills Produce A Lot Of Gas, Republic Services Has Operated 68 Landfill Gas And Renewable Energy Projects And Has Had The Responsibility To Close 124 Landfills. 

Republic Service Is Taking Their Landfill Gas-To-Energy Quite Serious In Texas At Their Longview Site They Generate 404 Million Cubic Feet Of Renewable Natural Gas Per Year. They Have Developed Over 73 Landfill Gas 2 Energy Projects Including 52 Electric Generating Plants 13 Btu Plants That Provide Landfill Gas Industrial Users 6 High Btu Plants That Produce Pipeline Quality Gas. The 52 Electric Projects Generate 323 Megawatts Of Electricity Enough To Power Over 250,000 Homes. Although Republic Service Is A Waste Management Company Their Solar Energy Is Capable Of Producing 80 Megawatts Of Electricity Enough To Power 208,000 Homes, As Of 2017 Republic Operate Over 236,000 Solar Panels.

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American Water Works Company:

A Water And Water Waste Company Who Provide Water And Waste Services To Municipalities And To Homeowners Alike They Also Provide Homeowner Services With Various Warranties. 

In 2003 American Water Established Government Contracts To Provide Water And Waste Services To Several Military Bases In The United States Today They Service To Over 11 Military Establishments. Most Notably Would Be The Us Army Garrison West Point Which They Were Awarded In September 2019 A 50-Year Contract To Privatize The Water And Wastewater.

 Although Based Out Of Camden New Jersey With Over 7,000 Employees American Water Company Provides Service To Over 14 Million People In 46 States. The Company Has 5 Contracts With Municipal Customers To Operate And Manage Water And Waste Facilities . Their Regulated Businesses Include Ownership Of Utilities That Provide Water And Wastewater Services To Residential Commercial Industrial Public At The Fire Service And For Sale To Other Customers. As Water Is An Essential Element To Life American Water Works Has Been Seen As A Stable Investment With A High Institutional Ownership. 

The Most Notable Institutional Investors Are Vanguard Group, Black Rock, State Street Corporation, T Rowe Price, And Oak Hill Capital.

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Duke Energy Corp:

The Company Operates In Three Different Segments Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, And Commercial Renewables. They Service The Southeast And The Midwest With Approximately 7.5 Million Customers. To Be More Exact The States They Provide Service To Are; Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, And South Carolina. 

Electric Utilities:

They Sell Electricity Through Wholesale To Municipals, Electric Cooperatives And Other Load Serving Entities. Their Service Covers 104,000 Square Miles With 250,000 Miles Of Distribution Lines. Coal Still Plays A Major Part In Duke Energy’s Operations, However They Also Produce Energy Through Natural Gas, Through Multiple Subsidiaries And Through Oil. Their Most Recent Acquisition Of Power Generating Substances Was Building A Nuclear Power Plant, The Nuclear Power Plant Serves As The Power Source For The Carolinas.

Gas Utilities:

A Large Subsidiary Of Duke Energy Is Piedmont Natural Gas With Over A Million Residential Commercial And Industrial Customers Piedmont Natural Gas Provides The Gas To North Carolina, South Carolina, And Tennessee. Duke Energy Acquired Piedmont Natural Gas In 2016.

Renewable Energy:

Duke Energy Is At The Forefront Of Offering Their Clients A New And More Efficient Way Of Producing Energy Through One Of Their Programs. They Will Help Their Clients With Educational Programs Of Renewable Energy So Their Customers Can Install Solar Panels On Their Homes And Have Two Choices To Either Sell The Electricity To Duke Energy Or To Offset The Power Bill.