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NRG Energy Inc:

Nrg Energy, Is Involved In Energy Generation And Retail Energy. Their Uninterrupted Clean Power ( Nuclear), Their Scalable Sustainability ( Renewable), Their Greatest Domestic Asset In Natural Gas And Their Modern Approach To Coal, Gives Nrg Energy Great Profit Potential. 

Natural Gas:

With 14 Plants And Representing 43% Of Their Portfolio With Near 10,000 Mw Capacity Nrg Energy Believes Natural Gas Is The Future Of Powering The United States. Natural Gas Being Traditionally Cheaper And It Being The Cleanest Burning Fossil Fuel On The Market Nrg Is Actively Transitioning From Coal To Natural Gas. 


Representing 34 Percent Of Their Portfolio With The Mw Capacity Of Nearly 8000 And 7 Plants. Nrg Has Consistently Been Making Healthy Profits Through Coal, However They Have Been Experimenting On How To Reduce The Co2 Coal Releases Into The Atmosphere. At Their Petra Nova Project They Showed 92% Of Co2 Could Be Captured And Prevented From Entering The Atmosphere. 


A Single Wind Turbine Can Produce Energy For Nearly 500 Homes, Although Renewable Energy Only Represents 2% Of Their Portfolio Nrg Energy Believes Renewables Are The Fastest-Growing Energy Markets In The United States. With Unparalleled Benefits Such As Cost-Saving Zero-Carbon Generation And Being Environmentally Friendly. 


Nuclear Power Is Carbon-Free And Provides One And Five Homes And Businesses Across America With Electricity Nuclear Power Plants Produce Emission Free Energy And Safely And Securely Store Used Fuel On Site With The Abundance Of Uranium It Helps Stabilize The Market, Nuclear Reactors Also Have A Lifespan Of 40 To 60 Years And Only Need Refueling Every 18 Months