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Brookfield Renewable Partners LP:

One Of The World’s Largest Publicly Traded Renewable Energy Platforms, With A Portfolio Consisting Of 19,000 Megawatts Of Capacity And 5,000 Generating Facilities In North America, South America, Asia, And Europe. Brookfield Renewable Partners Has An Objective To Deliver Long-Term Annualized Returns Of 12 To 15% Including A 5% Distribution Increase. Hydroelectric Power Comprises The Majority Of Brookfield Renewable Partners Business Operations At Nearly 64% Of Their Portfolio. Renewable Power Has 52 Billion Dollars Assets Under Management 3,000 Operating Employees. 


With A Capacity Of Close To 9,000 Megawatts Operating On 82 River Systems And An Impressive 219 Hydro Generation Facilities, They’ve Been Able To Create A Consistent And Healthy Cash Flow And Notable Acquisition Was In 2016 When They Acquired Colombia’s Third Largest Power Generation Portfolio, Producing Nearly 20% Of The Country’s Generation. 


 In 2014 They Established Their First European Wind Farm By Acquiring The Portfolio From The Government Of Ireland Since The Acquisition They Have Developed Approximately 200 Megawatts Of Wind Farms And Efficiently Added 55 Megawatts Through Acquisitions, Through All Of Their Wind Operations They Have 4700 Megawatts Installed Capacity 


Through Their Solar Business They Have 2600 Megawatts Installed Capacity On Four Different Continents, And In 2020 They Acquired The Remaining Shares Of Terraform Power Which Has High Quality Assets With Sustainable Cash Flows Through Long-Term Contracts.

Distributed Power:

 They Utilize Their Commercial Industrial Buildings To Put Solar Panels In Optimal Spaces To Produce 800 Megawatts Of Power. 


 Their Hydro And Battery Storage Facilities In The United States In The United Kingdom Help Stabilize The Electric Grid Installed Capacity They Have 2,700 Mw