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So we got NRG, which is, I mean, if remember we, we drew these lines as pressure points and out of nowhere, boom took off. Let’s look at the options on this one, the 40 coming up this week. Yeah. Yeah. I see it. Cause if we break out of the 39, well, first off let’s count five days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So we’re at 34. So it’s a three,

9% gain.

A diaper set gate gets us to 40, 62. So is it in the works? Yes. Per to pay 22 cents for it? You’re better off paying 25 cents for a 39.

It’s just cheaper For a dollar you’re saving or you’re spending 3 cents. Well, two and a half cents really, but you’re gaining a whole dollar. It’s that, that one makes more sense right there. If you believe NRG is about to take off a little bit higher, if you don’t then don’t, but again, for the little quick gamble, $20, it’s more expensive than oil, but it’s still not really expensive for a potential turning into a, a dollar 25. If that makes sense. Hope you caught me. So that’s five X give or take duke energy frustrated me a little bit, but if you see it, it looks poised to break above that. One-On-One 91. So let’s come over here. Let’s see. Yes. He look at this, the 1 10, 1 10.

So people are banking that it’s going to break to here and beat the breakout of this number that it did twice. That would be what that is a lot for two and a half pennies. That’s a lot, that’s a big number right there for duke energy. That’s I mean, that’s, I mean, it’s not, it’s not costing a lot, but for someone to just put 13,000 contracts on something, let’s see. Well, that, that is a lot because each of that’s $2 per contract and there’s 13,000 of them. So if someone’s betting $26,000 on that and the one right above, we’re looking at 5,000 times seven, so that’s even more money. So it doesn’t look like a lot, but in all actuality, that’s let’s bank on that’s 5,000 times seven. Yeah. $35,000 banking on that. So 35 plus what did I say? 26. So there’s like 50, $60,000 banking. Then it’s about the break out break above, even in the, in the July option exploration, the 1 0 5 has a little bit of money in it. I mean, I gotta try it. It’s it’s $2 and 50 cents, maybe $5. Somewhat. If people are going to put that much money behind it, I don’t see why not. You might as well go for the 1 0 5 because it’s only 7 cents. I mean, well, it’s three times more. So that’s why I understand why they put a lot of the thirteens out there, but duke that’s a lot of contracts, a whole heap load of them.

I liked him. Is this fun? Isn’t enjoyable. All right. Let’s check out D T E. Okay.

All of our utility and oil stocks should be going higher just for the simple fact. It’s mostly commodity based M D T E 1 38. Looks like we found some support right at right at right before bounce or, you know the break right here. We have 1, 2, 3, 4 touches right there. That’s that is, it had the opportunity to go down, but then shot up $2 at the end. Ended on a high that looks pretty promising. There is absolutely no option action at all. Nothing. yeah. And you’re going to pay pretty much for 40 fives. You’re paying extrinsic value, 40 cents $40 for that. The risk reward. Isn’t really there. I don’t see it. I like it. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. I just don’t see. It’s difficult to, to profit right there. Middlesex is another one bounced. Perfect. Let’s see. Do we see any,

Okay. Yeah, there is nothing, no volume. Yeah. No. It looks great, but there’s there’s as you see, there’s nothing. I actually, this makes a lot of sense too, because I keep having, I have Middlesex, I bought an auction, which was pretty stupid for this one reason. You see how the extrinsic values at $2 and 50 cents? Well, that’s obviously fake because I have been trying to sell my option for Middlesex water for what about a week and a half at 5 cents. And it will not sell. There is nobody here. Nobody wants there’s no one interested. So buyer beware,

Brookfield energy or renewing we’re partners. This looks pretty good. Went from 30. Let’s see as 18% gain. Wow. How many days let’s go back. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Let’s just check these five days. What can they do in a, in a week, 15% in a week? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So let’s see the bottom to the top. That was a 3%. So a 4% gain, 4% gets us to 41. I see. At least we got a little bit of action in here. Not much, but a little bit of action for the forties and for the look at it’s the 40 fives, we got 5 cents out there. I don’t really, I see 41. That’s what we looked at all. Like I said, this is, this is a week two. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It has the potential to pop up 15%. So 15% Brings us to 45 give or take. So 45. It has the potential. It’s kind of like money away. I’m not gonna lie. You’re better off just spending 12 more dollars and go for the 40 fives one month out. If that’s what you want to do, which would make more sense, honestly trying to play it like that to 40 fives. Give it a whole month. And then if you catch this, you’re good. But 18% in four days, I don’t see it. Eh. Hmm. Well, let’s look next week. There’s always next week, right?

Sorry about that. That was probably dizzy supernova or Senova yeah, it looks, yeah. I mean, it’s changed direction. It’s on it’s upward trajectory. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 whoa. That’s 22%.


Ladies and gentlemen,

And it is really cheap. The implied volatility is, is way up there. No, that’s not cheap at all. You’re spending a lot. You’re spending a lot, but look at the deal. They’re starting. The July’s are starting to kind of cake in, but there’s no, like there’s nothing out there. That’s like, whoa, you know what I mean? Like the forties. Yeah. It’s just nice. Cause it’s cheap, but I don’t see any huge, huge money there. A E S I like it. I like it a lot. Let’s check out the options. See, see what I’m saying? See what I’m saying. This is a little bit different. Now we got 7,000. We got 15,000 contracts all within best banking on the 27th. That’s some numbers I like to see right up to here to 27. I like those numbers. There’s a lot of money out there that’s doing for that even 700 all the way up to the 28. That’s a little bit more interesting. All right. That’s that is $14,000 Invested on 27. I don’t know. Maybe $14,000 is nothing to you, but $14,000 is a good amount of money for me, just to bet on something. Right. Then we got another one right here, which would be $1,400 on a 28. But then the big numbers right here, 7,000 contracts, right? So six, well, 600, 908, 7 times 25 cents. Oops, not 25 cents. It’s $25, 6, 9, 8, 7 times 25. So there’s 147,000, a hundred thousand little over 150, $40,000 banking. That is going to go past the 26th. That’s some decent money, right? Sure. Beats the Sonova where’s like maybe five, $300. Right? So that sparks my interest. A E S Of course, I’m going to go for the $2, right? I should go for the, the 25 cents. Right.

Kind of both. What? Pay $30. You get one of both and it’s almost impossible. It’s, it’s hard to argue. It’s not like it’s very expensive, right? So again, mind you, you don’t have to put up all the money. I’m just looking through it. This is just fun. Money. I D oh my goodness. Look at this. This is on a tear. 1, 2, 3, 4. Look at this in the last five days or four days, looking at 4% gain in four days. But no, but no, you guys see what I’m saying? There is nothing. There are no contracts, no one is trading Ida. Not at all. Nothing, nothing interesting. So that is very disappointing. Very disappointing because it looks beautiful. But no, I don’t think we have an edge, a Merican water. All right. Let’s see. We’re looking at the breakout over 1 62. Ah, yeah. Look at this. We got some action. Way more than a, the one we were just looking at, you know, Ida, Idaho court, whatever it is, had nothing. Here we go.

What? The 200? Yeah. This makes absolutely no sense. Why Would someone be banking, $1,200 on that? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not enough to, for me to want to chase way that far. Right. That’s extremely far 200,

The one sec. Cause you’re talking way up here. There gotta be. They’d have to know something that nobody else knows. I don’t really see it. I see. Maybe in for that much money, why would you spend, okay. You’re spending $3 when you F you could just, you know, buy the seventies for 7 cents. So it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Right? So I, I would say this for 7 cents, right? 7 cents. That’s, that’s a decent little gamble, but that’s not there. I don’t know. I’m I’m not, I’m not convinced on that one Republic services. I enjoy this one. This looks great for me. Maybe not for options, but for, for stock or to buy, you know, credit spreads, you know, put credit spreads. That would probably work on the other ones as well. Yeah. See, you’re not getting any kind of action. There’s no action over here.

This is like sleep good night. Go to bed. It has no action. So again, follow the money. And we done, we found NRG duke and H E S R our winners today on speculative, whatever you want to call it. Erik, we’ll just call it Erik. Johnson’s looking for crazy interest or crazy volume or open interest. There we go. Now that sounded absolutely horrible. We have to work on that. If you have any suggestions on what we call this and let me know, but I hope you understand what I’m looking at right now. I’m gonna show you there is nothing right? Bore rain. Now let’s go to something that’s not boring, not boring. Right? Let’s go to another, not boring. One, not boring. Does that make sense? Go to a boring one. So you know what I’m saying? Boring. We’re looking at the open interest. Nothing snooze, no volume, nothing go to one. That’s not that a we’ll go to AEs. Boom. See? Interesting. All right. Have a great one.



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basic materials. Scott’s miracle grow. This has been in the dump in the garbage for quite some time. It would have been a beautiful short way back at 2 49. As you can see, that’s

Right around right here.

The big question is this, as you see last, what was it about two weeks ago? We had drone, we drew these lines to blue and right here as our crash point and it flew through at the 2 0 9 bound to the two. I mean, it’s only 10 points, so it’s not like that much, but we are getting to the point where we should get a nice little pop, which is right around this line right here, the 88 85 area. Might’ve already done it right here. So let’s keep an eye on Scott’s miracle grow as for a reversal to at least come back up to the 200, to even the 2 0 9. Since we know that was a pressure point, eco lab, not the sexiest of charts. We filled the gap back, you know, this, this downward gap right here, back on the 28th, had an opportunity for us to, to try to push to the tool seven, but it looks like the bulls decided to pick back up, because if you look right here we basically had a triple bottom. They had the opportunity to drop it right here. They did not. They had another opportunity to drop it right here and the bulls pretty much bought it up at the end of the day. Let’s Track it, looking out to maybe take out the two 30 it’s 15 points away. Well, 16 points away. Do I think it could do it in one week? No, I don’t think it’s going to do in one week, but our breakout of right here, the two 17 is within our scope. So if we break out of the two 17, let’s look for the 2 22, let me see something. Okay. We see anything extreme, open interest on the downside. Nothing. We have little right here, open interest on the upside. Look at that. The 2 30, 2400 contracts open at the two 30. They’re going for 5 cents right now.

Isn’t that kind of funny? So do I 110% think this is going to happen? Not at all, but the option market says there’s a lot of people out there that think that it could. There’s 2,400 contracts out there at the two 30 mark. So does it look like we could break out at, at the two 17? It does if this week, if it would be any other week, I would say maybe no, let’s see our open interests. You see, even our two or two 30 open interest just goes to nothing. Open interest is streamlined high right here. Even 300 contracts at the two 50. That’s higher than over here. I know this is exploration. Oh, this is, oh, they only trade monthly options. So that, that monthly expert that makes it even more interesting.

That makes it even more interesting money play. Okay. Sorry about that. Let’s get back to this. Hopefully that was interesting to you guys, as much as it was interesting to me that you have 2,400 contracts saying that it’s going to be right here for this open-ended for this con for this series, right? That is a massive amount. Since there’s even on the July expiration, there’s nowhere near close to 2,400. So could it pump the 15 points? Yes, it could. Del Bussau. Ooh, look at it. It is right at the number 1 0 9. Let’s see what the autonomic got me curious. Anything enormous that just doesn’t make any sense. See? No. See, see how the difference is. You see how there’s so many contracts on the downside. Like they’re hedging. The downside. There’s downside risk in here. It’s pretty much, I don’t see anything. That’s just ridiculous.

Now let’s go back to ECL and then you’ll see what I’m talking about. Do you see any downside? There’s there is like nothing over here. We got 600 contracts total. Oh, you know, maybe 700 and maybe 800 contracts total on that side right here. We got six. We’ve got 3000 contracts on the, on the, the bull side. You see how to see the difference? It’s like, there’s, I mean, there’s nothing, it tapers off there too, but there’s just a big, massive boom, 2,400 that eats up all the selling. And it’s just random. It’s all the way random, because we only have our two hundreds over here and we have a little bit more over there. I’m reading a book right now. I’m sorry. It’s a unusual option activity. All right. So that’s why I’m over here. Like, Ooh, Ooh. Let’s see if we can find something. So I’m sorry about that. Linden bus out. I would say, I mean, it’s kind of, I would say it’s that support, Right? Be careful There is no huge option, anything. So I wouldn’t just be careful, but it looks decent. It looks like a, it looks like it could it doesn’t look like it’s going to go to any lower. Of course it could. It’s had 1, 2, 3, 4 times that it’s been at this point it’s gone lower. So it could be knocking on the door, rolling over the 1 0 4. But to me, I would say, we’re going to try to test the, the one 18 deployment. Oh, I get, do you not like it? I don’t want to go through the options on every single one because I want to test it first. For the next few weeks I would probably test and I’ll go through a couple of them. Just anything that’s just like, no, see now, whatever, man. I’m just going to, this is weird. Look at all the how it’s all sporadic over here and sporadic over here. Nothing too.

I see. That’s that? I don’t see anything too, too specific. I mean there’s 3,700 contracts right there. And the nineties for this week, there are a thousand hours, but no Dell chemical. Yeah, it doesn’t look very good. However, that could be absolutely perfect. Let’s take out the 70 ones. Whoa. Look at this. So we have, let’s see 1, 2, 5, 9, 11,000 contracts give or take on the, on, up to here. I don’t see it going to 55 but 11,000 contracts compared to this one. Massive 14,000 contracts. I would say somebody, somebody probably is a button pretty big on that right now. 14,000 contracts at the 70 level of Dow chemical. That’s interesting. Let’s look at the, what is that? That is the Dow 70. The highest is 70 ones. Let’s look at the twos.

800 contracts. Then look, we’re getting an, even that we got 3,400 contracts at 75. I don’t see it going to 75. That’s massive, but 14,000 contracts at 70. So raise a little bit of, of a suspicion, I guess, at least at Ray Rosa enough suspicion in my book, Dow seventies, money and play. See it happened because they’re literally not even bidding us up for nothing. The seventies are what? 18 cents, 20 cents, you know, they’re right here. That’s absolutely nothing because all we need, we’re $2 out of the money. So we for, if we buy that, it needs to go to 72 20 and we were broke. We broke even, right. There’s only 19 cents of extrinsic value. That’s what I’m saying. It’s super cheap.

VASF we know it doesn’t train our options. It looks like crap. This is, this is a gapper all over the place. This, I don’t know. I don’t know why this is in here. Well, I do know because I liked the company, but I don’t like this. This is all over the place and we don’t even get any, do we don’t we don’t even have the opportunity for dividends or not dividends for options. Rio Tinto. Yeah. Be easy with this. This is an all the, as you see, look at this, we’re at 95, just a little bit ago and then went all the way to 94 or 84, 10 points. So 10 point like, and look at the gaps on here. You don’t want to be wrong, right? Just, just, you don’t want to be wrong with this cause that’s 11% drop in a day, but then look it over here. 3% gap in the morning. It’s all over the place. Let’s look for options. Yeah, man. I have no idea. Look at it. We got 11,000 on the downside. 6,000 upside that that’s just is too over all over the place for me. I want nothing to do with it. Although in the, the, the July expiration, we are tethered or skewed to the, to the long side, a little bit of 96.

Keep an eye on that for next week. Rio Tinto international paper.

Now this I like I do like it. Again, we can roll over to 61, but it looks to me like we want to beat or take out that 65. Let’s check out the options to see if it confirms cause the downside open injures anything over a thousand. No. So we got, I mean, this is, these are just way far out there. It was 20 points to the downside. I’m not going to count those even though a, it could go all the way there. It’s just not very much money bidding on that. So we’re looking at 1100, 1500, 2 grand by like 2,500, 6,000 contracts right here. That’s a decent amount. 1000 contracts. What are people betting on this 6,067 international paper this week 67. Let’s check it out.

That would bring us up to here. Let’s see. Does this dog have the capability to move 7%? Look at that three days it moves six and a half percent. So does it have the capability to get to this 6,000? And the answer is it does. So look at the craziness of the 6,000 with the breakout of the 65, 25. So the money play let’s see sell. My name was supposed to tell you, I was thinking I’m just supposed to look at the charts, but this is, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not interesting to you, but it’s interesting to me, the money play international paper, the money play, where was it?

67 50. Cause like these money plays. It’s just like, well, this is basically to me, it’s like gambling. So what for, if it’s, you know, I don’t know how it’s going to open in eight hours from now, but for 5 cents. So we’re talking $5 buy in 10 of them. You’re looking at a whopping 50 bucks. That’s that’s, that’s not huge money because literally you’re not. You’re risking. What is extrinsic value? Two and a half cents. So the Delta is 3 cents. So if every dollar this moves, you’re looking to make 3 cents. So if this Delta is changing, that’s weird over here.

All right. But okay. Where we are 3 cents per dollar movement. So if this goes, if this jumps let’s say look almost a dollar. So if it dumps a jumps, a dollar, let’s say a dollar and 20 cents or a dollar and 15 cents Monday. Cause don’t forget our, our data or our our theta. I don’t have it up here, but our Theta’s probably 3 cents too. So it’s going to have to move. It’s going to have to move. But the closer it gets to 67, which is only four points away, right? Four points away. We’re already in the money, right. 15 cents, which is more than what we’re paying for. We’re only paying five. So if it goes for $4 from here, we’re, we’re tripled our money. So I understand why they put 6,000 contracts because they can double their triple their money at 15 cents. That is, yeah.

I write mosaic. No, I don’t like it. I mean, for the, for the bull, eh, there could be a nice little argument for the bull. I’m not really quite sure. Let’s check out our numbers. Yeah. This is all over the place, man. Whoa. Look at that. 94,000 open interest at 40. Yeah. That trumps everything over here. Again, this is a gamble, but I know myself. I’m not going to remember this if, I mean, yeah, I’m going to pay attention, but it’s not that big of a deal unless I’m in it. And for 5 cents, it’s worth me going in it. It’s only $5. I mean, if you, if $5 is too much for you, then you know, maybe this isn’t for you, but for $5 to see what happens with 94th, 92,000 other people, why not money play.

And I need you guys to understand, I am not expecting these to work. That’s on the different videos on my, on the financials. Those were, are more apt to the, to, you know, go and these are money plays, which means that basically rolling the dice gambling.

Sherwin Williams. I like Sherwin Williams. This is a good, I feel this is a good entry place. Now it’s, it’s faked out Weiss here to roll back over here to roll back over. But at this point we actually stopped that some support. So instead of right here, this is kind of Willy nilly and the Nair, but we stopped at some support and we are within shooting range, 20 points, give or take of an, of a high, let me see something. Yeah. Basically have a three-year high. So that gives it a better example. So for 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks, we’d been paused for five weeks. We’ve been red, which is good because it needed, we needed some time to kind of cool off. So don’t forget because we have been on a massive tear since April, since three one where, you know, three for one split. So I mean, this is a beautiful stock. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. It’s just expensive. So be careful. See there’s no craziness.

Unsure it. Wouldn’t Williams. It’s all pretty basic. The 80 is a dollar 45. Yeah. If you were to bet on anything, I’d say that one. I would probably do the best for you right there. Sherwin 180 5. I mean, I mean, we’re basically have to break out this point right here in order for you to capitalize on that. And I want to do a calendar call. I’m sorry. We need to just solely look at the charts. Nothing else. I apologize. But yeah, if you, I like this one to come back and let’s test the high.


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All right with financials. We’ll start with CME. Now. Most all the financials are looking pretty good. This is the second time I’ve had to do this. You know, I went through all five of these sectors, made the videos, uploaded them to YouTube, was ready to do my secondary part with my writings and found out that nothing was recorded. So I have to do this again. So excuse me, if my enthusiasm is not at point or if I, I’m not as excited as maybe I was the first time when I did this, because I literally just looked at all these first thing in the morning yesterday. So I already know

Where all the socks are. So I apologize.

CMI looks good. We bounced off of a low right here. We did not even like here’s the two 11 was kind of the line in the sand. However, we didn’t even get to it. We’re when we dropped below a little bit right here, below right here. But that I I’ll see that as too much of a concern that more or less probably getting the last couple of people out right there before they decided to bring it higher. My only concern would be two 15, but as of this morning, see, this is where it’s kind of cheating. The market’s gapping up at least at one o’clock in the morning on Monday, if the market futures are up. So the market futures continuously stay up. Look for this to try and break out of the two to one. Okay. N T R S. Now majority of these banking stocks all look pretty good. However, on Thursday, Friday, we had some nastiness. Here we go. Here we go. One we’re six points out of the money with Northern trust. I’m not concerned at all. It looks like we’re headed to the 1658. However, depending on the market, we could, well, hold the support right here. If it holds the support at 1658, then start going wrong. Looking to take out the S the 1 23. Now, depending on how the market looks this morning and this upcoming week, it might not even get to the 1658. It might go past, or it might just start finding support right here,

Trying to take out the 1 24

As with always be very careful because it’s literally [inaudible], but the bar went the whole run, right? Do you see the hundred than the 1, 2, 7 extension than the 6 1 8 extension? It’s basically went the way up. However, you see what I’m saying? So it’s completed. It’s move. I don’t see this ruling over because the banking sector is so strong or financial sector is so strong, but just to remember, it has completed its move BX. This is very strong, very strong. we’re looking, headed to a hundred, just be careful like everything else is we might be late to the party just a little bit. So don’t just buy everything and put all your money going into one a hundred. However, if the market stays strong, then we’re headed to a hundred, but don’t forget. It can always roll over at about 92 to try to find some support.

Goldman Sachs. This is an ugly chart. However man, the other video is so much better. All right. So we have a potential of running about 8% on the financials. And let me show you what I’m talking about. So this quick run-up right here. This is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days with a 10% gain, right? 35 points. So where the 10% gain and the more we looked at these stocks, you’re going to see what I’m talking about. So with a 10% gain, even with Northern trust, let’s go back to Northern trust and this little pop over here. Where was it?

I think it’s, I think it’s like this one six. Well, no, there you go. 8% in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So basically a week in one day. So it all depends. You could choose other day then because it’s basically the same price. So we’re looking at like a 7% run, right? 7% from here. Okay. Brings us to the 1 26. Bricks is out. We’re not going to look at BX because BX is already at that place. Now what was this? 9%. 8%. So we could go up to here. This is a 10% gain, right? So a 10% gain in six days we had one. So what’s 10% from here.

Okay. Right here. Give or take around the four 14, almost the 4 28. So if banking can get going, watch for these prices to really spike. Cause again, here we go right here. So this was a 7% gain. 7% gain gets us basically to the 2 0 9 on T Rowe price. So what I’m saying with this, I’m not guaranteeing that the market’s about to shoot up or at least the financial is going to shoot up. Just everything is set up for it to have an 8%, eight to 10% gain. And that brings us right to almost exactly to resistance. I’m not saying it’s going to do it all in one day. I’m saying for the week we go BlackRock, same exact thing. How do I know? I already did these numbers yesterday percent gain right there. What does an 8% gain from right here? [inaudible]

Give or take right there. We’re looking at 9 58. That’s a huge move. Don’t forget. It’s only eat 80. So we’re looking at, that’s almost a, that’s what? Basically a 70, 80 point move right there. So, and that’s the 8%. It just doesn’t look. It doesn’t look very big right here, but it’s eight point, like basically the 9%. So what does that do that breaks us out to new high kisses is almost the one to seven. Talk to talk to Chuck. Let’s talk to Chuck. So what was it? It was over here. So we’re looking at 11% gain.

See what I’m saying. 11% gain. This brings us to resistance or basically completes the moves. As I say all I’m saying, I’m not saying it’s going to happen. All I’m saying is that coincidentally Eight and a half percent look where it eight and a half percent brings us right about like some decent numbers. Now I’m not saying it’s going to do that. Once again, here, we’re looking at bank of America. It’s been in a tight range basically since May 7th. So if it were to break out and hold the 41 91 or 95 and start finding momentum, right, then the momentum could push it past the 43 23, which I mean, it’s just a nice little break, which will break us up to the 45. Now on Thursday, we were really close. But what it, what the market really did was with banks did, is they flushed at the end of last week, which was good. But then Friday, they had a green day. So they flushed on Thursday to start bringing it back on Friday, which got everybody out. If you notice, like, okay, Blackstone didn’t get affected.

CME had not really at all. K K R you’ll see K K are starting to take off. And it didn’t get affected at off when I’m about to say, but it’s about to break out right here at the 56 73. So if it hits up the 56 73, look at what, look at this. This is a massive game. Once again, 8%, eight, 9%. We’ll go from the bottom eight, 9% from the bottom at the 54, it brings us up to the blue line. Right. But if we worked, I didn’t mean to have that line right there. But if we were to go 8% from, for this week at breaks us out decent, a nice, a nice, decent breakout from the high of 59 15. Does that make sense? So it breaks out of these lines. So either breaks us to a nice resistance point or breaks us out of an old high.

Now FAS is a little bit more dramatic. This is a three timer, right? But look at the move here. This is 18%, right? Which makes sense. Cause it’s three times. Well, not really. Cause it should be 27% if everything’s 9%, but three times, 6% is 18%. So it’s give or take we’re off a little bit. But if we were to go 18% from here, look where we are 1 39, literally almost to the point of where the 1, 2, 7 extension. So each one of these stocks at there at having a boom that has had before, if it has a decent week and we’re looking at, I mean, because financials can move. If they’re having a decent week, then we’re, we’re at basically what feed the ducks when they’re quacking on each one of these. So take up, take that into consideration and trade accordingly.


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All right. For our first energy stock, we have Valero now Valero was looking great. We got, I mean, it makes sense. We hit a resistance right here at the a hundred percent. We look basically if a breakout fake out kind of rolled over, attempted on Thursday to break out again. But then Friday basically got, got destroyed. But if you look over here on the 28th of May, we’re basically touching support, right? So it’s kind of like the breakout we break out of down here. We get stopped right here and that’s where we are right now. So let’s check out the open interest, see if the, Ooh, look at this a couple hedges, right? But look at this big, big money right here at 85, 17,000 contracts at 85. And again, I’m reading this new book that unusual option activity. So I’m all interested about it and just trying to spot different things and things that look interesting. So that’s what we’re going through this this week is just different opportunities. If I enjoy looking at it, if it’s still interesting to me after the new, it will be something that we’re going to just continuously do is look at that. See if we can find crazy option interest in the stocks that we go over. Now, if nothing comes to fruition of this and all of it’s just noise, then obviously we’ll just go back to analyzing

The stock. But the option market looks Very interesting. Plus it’s just, it’s kind of fun. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not to you, but it is to me. So we have 17,000 contracts saying 85. Let’s see, does this 85. It does. Cause 84 95 is the the high you see. Now if we have 92, 43, I don’t know what this one is, but if it’s anywhere close to 92, 43, it would make sense. That’s 90. So we have 10,000 contracts at the 90 and then w these, then it just kind of jumps 95, 100. Now I don’t see it going all the way to 92, but there’s people out there they’re saying it’s going to hit this 90 17,000 contracts say 85. So between the 85 and the 90, there are 7,000 excess contracts, right? There’s 27,000 contracts and told towel. However, there could be a, a decent spread, 85 to 90, although you’re only you’re it’s, I don’t really see why you would do that because you’re only, it’s not like you’re, you’re lowering your costs by a lot, but we’re also talking about 10,000 contracts. You know what I’m saying? So 4 cents on 10,000 contracts is quite a lot of money. But you know, buying one or two of them, what I’m going to do is in quite a hefty, but yeah, there’s look at this 15,000 people bought the eighties. Oh, okay. Look at this. Look at this.

So this looks like it’s a butterfly. I don’t know. It’s just interesting. Cause it’s, it’s five strikes basically in between the eighties, the 80 fives in the nineties, 15,000, 17,000, 10,000. So if you were to go, let’s say 7,000 at no 15, because then that would mean that there’s 30,000 at the 85 there’s they got something set up here. Let’s look at the next, the next week. If there, is there anything, you know, there is nothing option expiration, monthly expirations. Yes. So we, we look, look for the monthly opera obser Bo you know what I said, monthly ops option expiration. So we’re looking VA low Val, this is a money play the seventeens 85 slash 90. All right. Let’s I’m sorry, I didn’t do the oil so we can kind of check the oil. Now this is, I don’t know. So I made these videos.

Today’s Monday morning, I made these videos yesterday, made them all. It was all excited about them and realized that I had no sound. So I’m having to redo the videos at three, at first thing in the morning on Monday morning. So that’s why the oil market is moving. Now. The VLO going into Friday would probably not make any sense, but when we’re opening up almost 1% on the oil, which is just massive again, watch out for the 73 45 that’s looks like we’re, we’re going 73 45. Let’s go into the quarterly 20-year quarterly. Cause that’s where we kind of have to go back. Next resistance again, if we can, if we need to break out of October, 2018 high, which is 76, 90, 76 90 now, and it closed that same quarter. These are three months at 45. So that was a massive, massive drop. If you see it was from July 17, up to basically 18 April 18. So that’s 3, 6, 9, 12, almost a whole year, right? It was an upper trajectory kind of how it is right now hit that number and boom, then Corona happened. Boom. So this is enormous need sorry. I got a message.

There’s going to be enormous selling pressure at this number. Now of course, they’re going to say some, something stupid about the news and all this other kind of stuff, right? That, oh, the Iran, whatever that has nothing to do with it, it has everything to do is we’re getting close. I mean, it probably does a little bit, but we’re getting close to super resistance. All right. If we can break past that, then the next is literally top of this massive 2014 drop 2014 drop, which is the high of this was 92 96. So do we see this? We break this. Our next target is literally 88 to 93. So this is huge. I’m also expecting a pullback. This is let’s go back to days. So we have had pullbacks, so don’t get me wrong. I am expecting a pullback back to 66, 77 at some point eventually when w when will this come? I’m not sure, but just be careful and watch that after we hit the 73 in one day, it could drop back to 66 just to shake everybody out. And there are Iran news could do it right? Shake everybody out, get everyone’s scared, and then let’s go higher. But it looks to me that we’re positioned just to take out the 1800.

Alright, Exxon mobile. Now all of these are kind of be the same. We got destroyed. We kinda got hit hard, right? We, we got 50 percentile and then we got kind of rejected, which makes sense. They were going to, it needs, we’re going to need something powerful to break out of that 64. But see, this is what sucks. We already know oil is going to pop up 64, 3 cents on Monday morning. Cause it’s already up 63 cents on Monday morning. So it’s basically kind of cheating, right? I don’t like that. I cause I I’d much rather go into it without knowing what the oil market’s going to do on Monday morning. So because not this, what could easily easily happen is the market reverses. So everything that I say right now could be reversed. That’s you know what I mean? Does that make sense? That’s why I would have rather just done this before the market opens because it’s giving us a false sense. Cause it’s European opens opening right around now. Well, let’s take out our options. Ooh. See, I mean, this is weekly options or monthly options, 20,000 at the 60. And, but look at the big number over here. We got 33,000, 13,000, the 30th, excuse me. The 33,000 is interesting at 65 because it’s really not any money. It’s only $3 out. Let’s look at this. How much can this bad boy move in five days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. [inaudible]

Well, that’s a big difference in that one day, 8%, man. This is like the financials 8% [inaudible] So obviously that’s seven and a half percent, but a seven and a half percent pop from here brings us to 66, 8 still. Okay. Over here, 66, 66, 68. See that it’s right into that 65. So, whoa. There’s a Buku amount of money. And if it does hit the 8%, then those 10 cents turns into two or $3. That’s enormous money right there. Very interesting. We were only paying 10 cents 99 cents or nine 50. Right? That’s I mean, your deltas are, there’s a 10% chance for that. It’s gonna go into money, whatever. Yeah, the money play [inaudible]

65 and then 70. I don’t really see 70 seventies is kind of stretching it because 70 means we come all the way up to here. What is 70 from here? It’s a 12% gain, a 12% gain in. I literally you’re paying a penny for it. So it’s almost hard to say no, you know, $5, you got five contracts. You know, it’d be like six bucks dollars. That’s hard to say no, let’s see. Cause there’s 13,000 contracts that say that there that this could happen. All right. M M P I am in love with this doc. Keep going, keep going. Pays well, pays good dividends. It’s all cylinders. Let’s go. This is more of a long-term play. I’ll advise out I’ll turn out of money long-term options. Or if you want to capture your Delta at one, then go in the money. But if you see, since March, this has gone straight up, it is beautiful. Let’s but let’s see how much can we move in a week?

5%. What do we got over here? Oh yeah. There’s there’s very thinly traded options on this. Yeah, there are no one paying attention to this. Look at the 50 fives, right? The 50 fives, even the 50 to 52, you’re already in the money. Like you’re literally already in the money extrinsic 25 cents at the 50 twos. Right? That’s not actually, honestly, this isn’t. I mean the options kind of suck. Right? Don’t get me wrong. Cause they’re they they’re just weird. There’s nothing out there, but there is decent numbers at the 200 at this right here, the 55 also at the 47 to six point drop. But you re you’re not paying anything for this. You’re paying 7 cents for 55. What could this do? It moved five. The largest, it moves 5% gain. 5% here at 6 54 0.8% only basically a 5% gain is $2 and 69 cents 1656. So this could has potential to get to a dollar. If we have a massive move that’s 7 cents is hard to 7 cents turned into a dollar that’s you know, 13 times or money. That’s hard to say no to

The money. Play The money play. We’re looking at M M P money play. That was 55. Yeah. Basically 55 because you see there’s literally no volume anywhere. There’s, you’re paying more. There’s more extrinsic value. The further out you are. Right. Does that make sense? So you’re inverted and actually literally you’re negative in, well, right here, you’re paying 25 cents of extrinsic value at 52, but at, or at 55, you’re paying 7 cents. Now I know it’s but it’s almost like right in the middle. So you’re paying a lot of intrinsic value extrinsic value for the 50 twos when you’re paying 7 cents for the 55. You’re really not. You’re not, it’s just, again, my money plays are gambles straight up gambles. We’re just having so NOCO is another one. All cylinders. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful load up on your portfolio. They pay great dividends. That’s I made a different video today on which was better cryptocurrency or Chevron and Chevron destroyed them.

Right. For the amount of money I have in Chevron compared to the cryptos, Chevron destroyed it, but I should have done Sunoco. Cause Sunoco is even better. Sonoco is ridiculous. Yeah. I don’t know what else to say about Sunoco pull back so I can get more, right? Like your breakout right here of 36. All right. It’s only two points, but my goodness. I mean, it is just up, up and goodbye right up, up in goodbye, which is another one. If you want a smaller, less, less price one go here because this is up, up and goodbye. Just the same. And in energy transfer, they have, I would say they have, it’s basically the same company in a sense it’s very different company. So don’t think it’s the same company, but a lot of the same company, because he owns a lot of Sunoco. Right? So if Sunoco’s does well, he does well too. And it’s way less priced. It’s priced at $11 and 30 cents, opposed to what a Sunoco, 38 [inaudible].

So let’s do let’s look at Sunoco Sunoco. See the thing with these oil stocks is nobody’s paying him any attention. Right? And not at all. As you see, like there, they got a whole bunch of put interests. So I mean, they’re betting that this is that oil is about to get destroyed this upcoming week. But for cause there is nothing, nothing, you got three at 42, we’ll add, it’s also pretty far out of the money. We’re looking at $2 away and there’s 300 contracts, $2 away. And you’re, you’re literally paying 2 cents for it. Again, this is very difficult not to want to gamble the 2 cents. Okay.

Let’s see what it’s done in a week. 1, 2, 3, let’s go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So we ended up right here. 4.8%, 4%. We’re looking at 44.8. We’re looking at 5%, 5.6%. 40 57. So when you’re coming over here and you’re analyzing the forties, that’s why the 40 twos, there’s only three people there. It’s like, yeah, that’s not going to go. There that’s needs too much of a, of a bump. But when you’re looking at right here and imply to interest super low, my goodness, implied volatility, super low they’re banking, 60, 64 cents for the week. Yeah. These, I mean, this is a sure gamble, the forties pure gamble, but you got a high probability that this might do something. Look at your Delta 6 cents. So you’re dealt. Wow. What is going? This is making any sense.

I bet your gamble is pretty high too. So what w w basically what that means. There’s not very much volume on this, so it’s probably not in the vibe. And implied volatility is really low, so it’s not going to have the gamma spike. Won’t won’t gamma and Delta won’t really change too much. However, look at this per dollar movement in is 83 cents. This is 6 cents, man. Oh man. Yeah. There’s high, high probability that this, this 5 cents or two and a half cents, which is extrinsic right now, what’s that most. So probably 5 cents will come Monday morning and a couple hours. It’s going to be more, but just look at this. Cause if oil has a little bit of a crashing and comes back, these are going to be dirt cheap. Even the 37 fifties are probably going to be like dirt cheap, because what you’re paying 5 cents of extrinsic value in the money. Look at this. You’re you’re paying this. Doesn’t make any sense if you were to go well. Oh, that’s that makes sense. Cause it’s not, everything’s closed. So that’s why, but we have to look at these numbers again when they open up. But there’s there’s, I mean, there’s decent. You’re not paying any, and you’re not paying up on these options at all. That’s what I’m basically saying. Like your extrinsic values, nothing. Nothing. All right. Let’s see. That was Sunoco.

Rural Dutch. I like this is for like an iron condor. Now, if the rest of the oil kind of breaks, your iron condor might not work for this one. Cause you know, the rest of the market just broke on you. But I like selling. Yeah. Actually the iron condor I’d still go for it. It’s just kind of skew it to the bull side. So you might want to give yourself a little bit more extra space on the bulls, but let’s look at the numbers. We got 3,800 contracts at the 42. Yeah. So that’s like right around here. Yeah, I mean, we could get up to 43 again. I just don’t like this, this stock at the moment. It’s not in my favor, but a breakout could be coming in a, it could have be a massive breakout because well, not a massive breakout. The break. Well that’s well, yeah, that’s basically a 10% move that could be coming to 42 is a 3% move three to 10%. And that closes the gap a three to 10% move. Yeah. It could work.

There’s a decent amount of money on there saying that it could work. So as you see it, but there’s also a larger percentage saying that it’s not going to work at the 37. So that could be a strangle E I like it for a breakout. Look at this. We are steady climbing, looking for the breakout of the 25. Yeah. There’s nothing. This is nothing. There’s no one trades this in options, which is kind of disappointing. How many millions out there’s plenty of volume. It’s just no one trades the options there, option unfriendly, which is gold mines because there’s no one paying attention to them. So they’re really cheap. Really cheap. Cause look at it. Implied volatility is 26. So this isn’t even a higher implied volatility than Sunoco because Sunoco’s only 18, but there’s, I mean there’s 187 people. That’s not bad with a negative extrinsic value. Oh, well, yeah. That makes sense. Whoa, what is this dude? They got lasted 65 cents.

So you’re paying 7 cents, 6 cents of extrinsic value. That’s not that bad. Does this stock have the oppor can it move? Yeah. I mean in let’s just go for these three days. Look at this that’s 2%. Okay. 2% brings us to 26, 19. Nope, we’re under, but what is this foreign? 2, 3, 4, 5. Let’s see this. So it’s a 4%. So let’s see. What, what is 4% do? 4% gets us to 26, 73 and that’s still lower. So then the next one out. So that’s, that’s a no go. You see what I’m saying? 27 50 that’s 27 50 and there’s no volume. There’s no money there. The, the money’s right here at the 25, which is in the money, but it’s not demanding. It’s sucks. So, all right. Let’s move on to KMI, which is another one, which is like, whoa, this is just like Sunoco and MMP. Obviously we just hit a high, but let’s look where we were coming from 11 to 19 VAs and our bad.

This is a long-term play add up. As much as you can, let’s look at the quarterly kinda 20 year quarterly where this has a potential of getting up to 44. We break out of this 21, then really the 21 to 23 area. We’re moving. If we’re literally looking at this, the 21 is the six one or the 1 6 1 extension, the four to three is 33. So this has, I mean, it has every bit of potential. If oil continuously is climbed, is, is all the potential in the world to get to it’s 44 or at least 25.

So let’s look at the open interest on this one too. I’m interested. So we got 12,000 contracts for the 20, whoa, look at this. There is a lot of, a lot of money out there. I mean, there’s a decent amount on the downside as well. So don’t, don’t think because of what we got 10, 11 21, 28 31, but like 30 to 34,000 contracts on the downside on the upside, we got 20, 24, 25, 26, about 26. So there is more, more contracts on the downside than upside, relatively low implied volatility. So that means that like two standard deviations. It just we’re, it’s basically banking on two standard deviations to get a 20 kind of, yeah, two, two. Yeah.

Even the 1950s are cheap, man. They’re 8 cents, 10 cents for the 1950s. And these are ridiculously cheap, man.

Let’s see in three days, 4%. Yeah. Ah, they’re pricing it out like a 5% move because a 4% move only brings us to 1993. I forget how, how they’re really cheap, but kinder. Morgan’s not very, it’s only $19. That’s why it’s really cheap. I forgot 5% on a $19 stock is a quite a big move. Well, it’s not a big move at all. This means that you move in like 50 cents or you know what saying? So that makes sense why they’re really, really cheap, but Kamai another one I would, like I say, I quit. Okay.

Probably like the Septembers, if they’re that cheap. Cause look, even the September twenties, you can buy them for 50 cents. And there’s, I mean that that’s giving 90 days, the 20 ones are what? 30 cents. So the 21, like those are really cheap for, for giving yourself the gift of time. Cause you’re giving yourself a lot of time, BP. It’s I mean, you can’t say it’s not bullish because I mean, on Thursday it hit a high it’s just like every other stock. If oil continually goes higher, look at the potential they have, they have a potential of getting to 79. They were that in October oh seven 14 or no, this is 10. So they’ve, they’ve been out of, out of the graces for quite some time, but 52 make sense. What is this? This is 2000. Oh the 2018, there were $44 stock. So they’re, they’re 50 percentile.

They’re 50% under from the, I mean you got to remember what the oil market looked like, but we’re 50% basically to the 2018 oil and we’re almost there on the oil. So this has huge potential. I mean, you gotta to go a little bit more into exactly where they’re making the money, but it looks beautiful for like a more of a, long-term not, not daily total with total. They what day is this? Six. Nine. Oh, well they’re, they’re showing the chart today on Friday. They, you hadn’t been watching it. I don’t know. They didn’t. Cause this is six, 10 and Friday was not six 10. So I’m thinking they are changing the ticker cause they, they didn’t trade on Friday and last but not least Chevron several times just like BP. I do not see anything wrong with Chevron for the long haul. Beautiful. Look at the option. Interest on this, on the one tent 51,000. That is a lot of money. Gentlemen and ladies, we’ve got another 12,000, another 10,000. Whoa, with that 52 thousands kind of out in the middle of nowhere, right? One 10. Yeah, that’s right here there. So their pricing in break into one 13, cause this is the one 20. Whoa.

I want to see one 20 at all. Let’s see how much this can move. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, right here. 8%, 8% gets it to one 17. So as crazy as that sounds it has the potential to run 8%. Wow. Wow. And that’s this right here. There’s 10,000 contracts out there and that’s one penny. Yeah. Chevron Corp, man. Let’s see what happens. That’s that’s too. It’s too. It’s too juicy, too juicy way too juicy. For rolling dice, it’s difficult. I mean we’ve got 12,000 contracts and you got 22,000 contracts that are costing like a dollar to $4. So it’s kind of like pick your poison.

All right. And that’s it for our oil as you see, let’s check out how oil is running. Okay.So there we go. Last 30 minutes down, up, down up, it looks like we’re about to take off.


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Chevron Corp (CVX) or Algorand (ALGO )or DAI what is the most profitable investment

This Coinbase is offering me another $3 just to watch three minutes of video. So I figured why not let’s do it. I figured you guys would like to maybe

What is this?

Oh, they got me on this one. Look at this. This is ridiculous.

Well, that’s just a bummer.

I don’t feel like doing that right now. So we’re going to watch the videos later. So what we’re going to do instead of earning free money, we’re going to look over here at our rewards, what we have already done.

So this is how much money were we’re made. We’ve made five. It’s kind of not even worth it. Honestly. It’s $5. Yay. But I mean, I guess it’s not too bad. Cause what’s the Dai, we got $480. We’ve made almost $2, right? So us dollar coin, $242. We made 10 cents. I mean, it’s better than nothing. I guess a Tesco’s 107 for $63. We’ve made 94 cents. Algorithm is our best one. So far with $274 made $2. Okay. I can deal with that. That’s not that that’s not that shabby. So if we had maybe $500 in there, we made $5. So you might’ve been able to buy some Starbucks.

I’m confused on what’s going on over here. I thought I staked the thing for them to automatically earn it. But obviously I did not because I’m still on this ether room and ether, him too, who knows where it is right here. And I don’t have any of it, but I thought the whole point on Coinbase asking me to stake for wait on the wait list was that I was going to be making some money. So I’m confused on where that money is. Cause I wouldn’t have bought so much of this. All right. I know you’re well, it’s ether a man’s going to go to a million. Yeah. I thought I was getting something for holding it. Right? Cause if you look at the, my portfolio, everything is basically it’s either you need to figure out no, no, no. How you can push this button and then it rings it.

However, I was because if you look at things, look at, look at the price prices. They’re all two to $400. Having a $1,200 is just like, why would I have a $1,200? I thought I was getting something. I thought I was like splitting something off and getting some ether room two or something. And joining Bo basically, that’s not what happened. They hold my money. They, this is what happened. At least that’s what it looked like happened. They were like here, push this button. So you can’t access your money. And we’re going to give you a bonus by sending you on a wait list.

So I’m like, all right, that’s great. I get something but so far. What do I didn’t get anything because either I’m too or whatever is over here and I don’t have anything. And now it’s telling me, oh, I can buy some either. I’m two for a 6% AP. Why? But I don’t want to buy any ether. I’m too. I don’t want to buy any of this stuff. You know what I’m saying? I, I just want my money. I want to see what happened. Any which way? I’m a little frustrated. They won’t give me my free gift without uploading my identification, but that’s okay. So this video is basically about done. I’ve made $5 off of doing absolutely nothing. So again, if I was to be investing seriously heavy in crypto, which I am not, I’d rather just invest in the stock market. Makes more sense. Cause I mean, lifetime rewards, $5, $5 off of let’s see how much money algorithm, 200. So we’re looking at $600 and we’ve made $5. Let me see. Let me see something.

Here’s a different account. I just want to show you something. So that’s $3. No, let’s go somewhere where it’s a little bit more Dividend. Okay. So Chevron has paid me $2 and 68 cents. All right.

Now let’s go over to Coinbase because now let’s see, you know, everyone’s talking, oh man, the crypto currency, you can make so much money. Mow it. Okay. Let’s just check it out. $5. How much invested? $600 invested. Right. And what we’ve invested it’s for about six months. So that’s that? We’ll say actually, we’ll just look. When did I first buy this?

Okay. So April 1st, April, may, June. So three months. So in three months I’ve made a dollar and 90 cents, three months, dollar 90 cents. How much money do I have in here? $480 Exxon or Chevron. Right? Remember this Exxon number to remember all actually we’re going to go like this. How much I make off a DIA? Was it like a dollar and where did it go? I made lifetime or $2. Lifetime rewards. So far was Chevron $2 and 68 cents. Now let’s go back over here. We’ll go to the oil will energy and we will look at Chevron. No, we got to go over here. Cause we’re going to see how much is invested to make the $2. Right. And then this is going to tell us, All right, where were we? Chevron cost basis. Is everyone looking at this Chevron cost basis? A dollar and 6 cents or $106. And they have paid me.

The $2 and 68 cents so far. So you do the math, which one? And what is that better investment DIA. Yeah. It’s fun watching this go up and down. Woo. Right. And, but it never appreciates. It’s still worth a dollar I can go up. So I’ve made and remember this, remember this, remember how much money? There’s 500 off $480. How much is in the other one? Let’s see.

Hold on 106. So if I had put the same amount of money into this one, I would’ve got like $8 opposed to what? My whopping nothing. $2 so far stock market. Okay.

Better on the next one. Let’s look at Algorithm. Okay. $272. Now I’ve made $2 on an algorithm to I don’t even need to look because we, we just looked over the numbers. $100. I made $2, $272. I’ve made $2. So which is a better investment. So far Chevron $100 in Chevron has paid me more than basic. So we’ve made $4 on a w w w yeah. We’ve made $4 from T from Algren and D a I D I a, whatever it is made $4, but we’ve invested almost 700. Right? Does this make sense to everybody is $700 invested and we’ve made $4. If I had made, spent $700 on Chevron, the same investment, I would have netted what that seven times to $14 as opposed to four. Right? So when you’re thinking of cryptocurrency or a stock market, which one’s better, I just showed you and then here’s the other catch it. And this is a huge catch. What the is algorithm and what the is DIA or D I a D AI, whatever it is, what is that? Would you really bank your whole house on that? No, this is fun money to me. It’s fun. Right? But as much as everyone wants to pump this stuff up, I just showed you, which is a better investment. Chevron would have paid me better, a better percentage than all this little, 6% a pay. Why? Whoo. Well, let’s go CNBC now.

So when they’re talking to AP, why look at the dividend yield is 5%. So they want, they, they basically saying that but this is 5%. Louis is 5% look at the dividend. You’re making $5 a year, but well, no, probably little bit more. Well, yeah, you’re making $5 a year. Cause I have two, two shares per share. Right? For every $100, you’re making $5 a year,

I guess. But this means that this has like, your money on algorithm would mean the algorithm has to jump higher. Right. Does that make sense? I mean, it’s changing. I’m going to, so it’s like 4 cents a day at the end, at the end. It’s just better to invest in the stock market because just like algorithm, like your percentage is based off of the movement of algorithm, Al grants at a dollar. Now the algorithm gets up to a hundred then. Yeah. My staking is going to be great. But then look, I’ve already doubled my amount in algorithm. So you cut that into the same amount as the Chevron $100. Right. And you’re making $5 a year, which is the same amount that w I mean, it’s basically the same, right. I don’t know if I’m articulating this very well, but you’re making more money by investing in something that you know, what it is, right. Algorithm, what is it? How are they paying you? 6%? What kind of funny math are they doing? All right. Because I know guarantee, I know what, what Chevron, how they’re paying me. I know where their money’s coming from. You know, we probably went to their gas station yesterday. Right. I know where that money’s coming from, but are you a hundred percent sure. How in the world are they paying you 6%? If they don’t create anything? Does that make sense? All right. I’m doing stock market cryptocurrency, which one’s better. I would say stock market.


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Okay for utilities. Our first stock is a Nova, which I’m just disgusted with this dock, which is my own fault. I truly believe in their technology, what they’re doing. I see a huge potential in the future. However it looks absolutely horrendous and it doesn’t see like it’s going to subside anytime soon. Yeah, I mean, if it was a beautiful short from 40 to basically 20, so it’s a 50% haircut basically from the very high of it. It’s an over 50% haircut and it looks like it could just roll over even further. It doesn’t look like this is any where close to being over and done with. So it looks like a next target may be 2375.

We got a Barrack and water. Look at the momentum. The momentum is pushing this stock hopefully to break out at the one 62 I would’ve loved to see that it closed above. Hold on a second. Let me look at this. Where is this? This is one 56 36. Oh, did it closed above the line that we, we drew yesterday? It just doesn’t look like it. Because we closed at 43. This is, well, I don’t know it’s right at it. I mean, it’s literally right at it. It’s too close for me to be able to see. No, I’m just curious. Yup. There it goes. So we closed above it. Not by very much by three set. No, no, but like you have like 3 cents, but we closed above it, which is, I mean, we look 12 or 22 minutes before we were below it. So it barely closed above our resistance or resistance now turned into support, which is a beautiful thing, which means that next target would be the one 60. And I think that we could probably get there this week cause the squeeze. So I think we might blow like this squeeze my fire off and we were headed to one 60. No problem.

We’re republic services. I see. I mean, look the moment. I don’t see anything wrong with this stock. Parabolic moves. I mean, look from March, this has just gone straight up, straight up. So, and then it’s just in more or less consolidation period. The 50 has jumped higher than 100 closer and it looks like at what our main momentum has shifted as well. It looks like within the next week. So we should get the pop and at least test the one 11, if not the one 13, which is right here, Brookfield, renewable partners had a great run-up here, but yeah, it looks like we’re going to the 37. If it can hold this 37 for at least maybe a week, right. Then I’d want to get into it. But right here, if it comes crashing into this 37, I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it at all. We have a lot of single prints right here, most likely up into right here. So we could just fill those, those prints all the way down to here. And then I would want to see kind of like that a U shaped instead of a V shape.

I had a Corp. Well, our utilities just don’t look very good. The only other utility it looks good is Republic services. However, this, we might, this might have a little bit of promise just because of how it closed on Friday. So you see, this is, this is what I want to see with BEP, how it came with Brookfield, how it came down, it kind of rounded the bottom and now it’s starting to head back up. That’s what I want to see. Cause it’s, I mean, we hit the 50 or we, we blew past the 50. We hit the a hundred we’re on our way back up and it closed above the 98, 48 or 49. So far I would say this one Republic services looks to the best A E S

No, no. Yeah. We closed above and our momentum shifting. I actually like, if this would, if you were to get in at any given time, this would be the time. This would be the time for at least a test of a 26. I’m not saying do it. I’m just saying if this would be the time to do it, or if you were going to do it, this would be the time. And hopefully with a break above the hundred and then at least touching the 50, but be careful. Now we have duke Energy. Yeah, Man, not happy with you, duke. I’m not happy at all. What’s going on, man. Get back up to these levels. One oh five. So I got in right here or no, I think I got in my right here and it popped up the very next day. I did not take profits. And then I don’t know what happened on this day. I didn’t take profits. And so I’m quite frustrated. I want this to at least hit a one oh six so I can salvage and profit. But our momentum looks terrible. It’s shifting down, but if this can get up break, at least the one oh three, then this momentum is going to shift extremely fast. And I would say, we’re looking for a breakout of one oh six. It’s just taking a minute for it to get there. Middlesex, watch her looking good, looking real good. See, this is kind of what I figured. So we had a beautiful pop, right? This was the 25th. And you know, we, I mean, we it’s taken a minute to get higher, but look, all it’s done is wait for the nine to catch up to it. And the, and the the 20, so now that’s popped on the nine. I can see that it could continue its grind higher two 87 91,

DTE energy Just fired short on the squeeze. I’m not convinced this is a short cause. Look, it’s hard. One, two, three, four, five days, right? Of just basic, literally going anywhere. And yeah, we had a red day on Friday, which means, you know, inspired to squeeze, but not a convincing cause that, I mean, that is not, I can, it looks large, but it’s not a convincing red day. It does not look like they’re ready to, to get throw in the white towel. Cause we’re more, we’re close to, we’re pretty close to the one 45. And we’re re like, look, we’re at bounce last time, bounce. Last time on the 50, it hit the 50 it bounce and come back a little bit, but it didn’t touch yet. So I mean, Monday we’ll have to see, but I don’t see it going down to one 35.

I see the higher probability probably going to one 41. Now I could be completely wrong, but that’s, that’s kind of what I’m saying. Cause it’s also, it’s it’s has it’s it’s in converts. It’s like right in the middle hit the 50, but then also hit the nine on the downside. So that’s difficult for me to really say I kind of stay away from that. But if you were if you can tolerate more risk than I can, I would actually go long run NRG. Oh wow. Look at that. So in, so Thursday, it, if you remember last week out, this was just a dead duck. This was terrible. But in one day, I mean, it’s not that big of numbers. It’s like a dollar and 50 cents, but we, we re the bulls retook or took back over, right. They shorted it all the way down.

And then this is Monday, Tuesday or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday come Tuesday. They bounced it down a little bit. And then Wednesday, Thursday and or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Thursday, Friday, not bad. So energy, energy, it might be looking like it wants to start heading and going to the high side testing at 44, which makes sense because oil is extremely high. So this is one I’ll keep my eye on. Maybe by some, some out, some outdated or some further dated out of the money options at maybe like 38. Cause it’s not going to cost you very much, but if this starts really getting going, don’t forget. We still have a longterm gap back here at the 42, which is really not that long. It was just in March. So I mean it’s two months ago we were trading at $41. So it’s not like it’s, it’s a crazy for you to say that it could be close to the $41 sooner than later. All right. Have a great one.




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Basic materials. We have Ecolab Ecolab looks like we’re finally doing what we’re supposed to be doing, right? So this is, this was last Friday, Monday, Tuesday, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. This is well kind of, we still have the, the yellow line, which is in our way. So we, we got destroyed. Now. We found resistance at this are our shortest line, which is the nine. So I do like this, right. Don’t get me wrong. I do like it, but it also could very easily turn over and go down. I like it because it didn’t make a new look. Right. We had one, two, three, four, five days to make a new low and it didn’t right. It, it stayed pretty high and tight right here. And then the last day we had a nice, nice pop up. So that would be my reasoning behind liking eco lab. Let’s check it out a week.

So again, we’re in this weekly squeeze, we lost momentum. However, that does not really look like we’re losing momentum in a negative way. It kind of looks like we’re gaining it back. Right. And if you look at the weekly, the 50 weeks, we’re right there. We’re pretty, I mean, we’re 15 points away or five points away, but that’s pretty close. So we’re 15 points away from the high five points away from the 50. So you do the math eco lab looks pretty good. We’ve been in the squeeze for quite some time. We started on the squeeze negative. This is the weekly squeeze too. So this would last for eight to 10 weeks. We started negative. And then since then we’ve just had momentum, momentum, momentum. So that’s what I see with eco lab. Let’s go back to the day.

The weekly chart looks way better that we could be popping out and trying to break the two 31 going to the two 48. Just be careful as we previously discussed, it could, it’s looking at on the daily chart, it’s that resistance at the weekly chart, it looks like it’s almost that simple. Okay. Rio Tinto. This is a all over the place, man. I don’t even know what to say. It would have been beautiful if you would have been able to catch it right here. Right. But then just look at the gaps. It’s just ridiculous gapping. So, I mean, it would have been just dumb luck if you would have caught this, because look, this is, so this is Friday. It gaps from Friday from 87 to 91. Then by Thursday, it’s all the way back down to 87. Now we’re going to 89. So where it’s kinda like all over the place.

So I don’t, I mean, it’s just, it, I almost kind of want to say, this is the time to get in for the breakout of the 91 to the 95 and finally break to the 96 nineties. Cause it’s had one nasty one nasty pool back, but just be careful. Sherwin Williams, the paint momentum is going down. As you see with the schools, let me back that up those too much. However, we, it looks like we double bottomed. Yeah. Look at this. It’s almost right. Do you see it? You have to look very carefully. It almost reached the low, but it didn’t. And then where did it close a bit closed? Yeah, it closed liquid closed. It closed above this 82 69 at 83 20. To me that, that shows that the buyers are back in back interested in this stock because Thursday it had a nice little five point gain. Not huge. I would look for this one within the next couple of weeks to try to test it’s high of 93. So 10 points. Okay.

IP international paper. It’s looking beautiful on all cylinders on a why we’re still in the squeeze. Just be careful. We have to hold this 64 60 57, excuse me. 64 57. I was looking at the 65 to, we have to, if we hold that, then I would say up, up in a way look to the 68 22. Just be very careful because it could, it has to hold the 64 57 in order for it to go higher or it could just drop off. So just be careful. That’s what I’m saying. Just be careful. It looks perfect. That held above, but it also hit a high so that we don’t know how much resistance is there, DuPont.

Yeah. I mean, it’s riding, look, we hit perfectly and we’re riding the nine perfectly, basically about to break out. Well, we touched it on Friday, this little breakout right here, which was May 18th. If we can break that, let’s see where we are. Let’s draw it. Okay. So look, we doubled, we’ve doubled topped, right? You’re almost basically triple topped at the 87 27. This is the 85 57. If it breaks, I see that it breaks the 87 pretty convincingly just cause it’s had so much energy right here has been here for a minute. With that being said the 92, all the way to the 99 over a course of some time, obviously, because look how long it takes it to me, B a S F I mean, it looks like it’s going to pop, but again, this one doesn’t have options or anything. So it’s just a, more of a whole, the entire stock and just let it ride.

Yeah, I see. We’re going to hit, it looks perfect. They hit, the hundred is holding the 50. It’s holding everything. It looks like we’re going to pop up at least at least try to test the highs of 2177 of miracle grow. Yeah, this is ugly. So we had shorted one, two, three, four. We had shorted right here. Right. If you remember last week, I was like, I’m kind of nervous about that. We had shorted right there. It would have been great. Would have gotten 19 points so well in altogether, went down what? 23 points. So I was beautiful short, which is we weren’t paying attention to it right here would be a place that I would, I mean, on Friday you would have had to get it right. And it’s those just a short, short play. Look at this. This is just cause it’s a huge liquidation break. Not just as a liquidation break, but just the way that it kind of handled itself. If Monday we go up, we hit this two oh nine. We come back down, but we do not break this 97 47. Then I would say it’s a buy Dow chemicals.

It looks like it wants to break the 71 38. I don’t know what you guys are, what you guys look at this, but it’s holding the nine and the 20 really tight. I mean, we’ve had consolidation period. Quite some time. Our lines are going we’re in a squeeze. Okay. My only concern is that we have resistance at 72, which is like $2 or $2 and 40 cents a way. However, the breakouts right there too. So if there’s enough momentum, it could push us right through the 72 and then come back and use the 72 as support.

So get the last little, cause this was a long consolidation, right? Let’s look at the last kind of movement of consolidation. Okay. So at 12%, eight points, let’s check what it’s cause you know, hit on this line right here. 12%. So yeah, you can bring us right to the 86, 87 area around this area midway through here. That makes sense. Look how fast it did that. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, basically in seven days. So into, in basically two calendar weeks, it could do that. It already started a two. So it could be the five, which is straight five days. Boom. It gets us up to around the 76 Londale bus.

I mean, it’s looking good. My only concern. I mean, this is exactly what you wanted. It broke out well, not exactly what you wanted, 70% of what you want. I would have loved if this would have stayed on the 1692 above it, but since it broke down, it’s only 60 cents away or what? 70 cents away. It’s still below it though. So as you can see this as kind of knock, knock, knock on a door, broke out, got rejected. Let’s see, find some support. This, this dip, oh, this is a, it looks pretty good. Cause it dipped and it found support again at the high right here. You see what I’m saying? You can draw lines. You see what I’m talking about? Our squeeze just broke out long, which is another positive. You see what I’m saying? Like the resistance point resistance point has now basically turned into support point, right? A little bit higher, a little bit higher each diet. So if we’re using that as a good end point, then our target would be more to the one 25 because this it’s what should break this one 16 without a problem. Since that was our support or resistance, our troubleshooter, but it broke down and then found support at our old resistance. And we just broke out into squeeze mosaic. We’re literally at the same place we were on last week, last Friday. What, what did we close? We closed 36, 14 or 36 oh four. So yeah, it’s done absolutely nothing in the week. It showed us some promise and then got rejected. Friday was a nasty day for it. It was basically down three and almost 300, well, three and a half percent at the full day was probably down 4%. Could be a liquidation break because it was getting so close to the high, just the people, the shorts, the shorts had their stops right there. Or defended that part right there. As you see, we had a lot of momentum coming all the way till Friday. If it can get above the 36 oh nine and kind of hold it, then I’d be interested in looking for a massive breakout.


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About this further, last few weeks, Months, whatever it is. Well, it finally happened. Oil broke above

The 66 77. Let’s take it back two months, 10 years. So we have a better view now that we’ve broken our next big challenge, ladies and gentlemen is this green line right here, which will be we’ll come back to it and I’ll show you. I just wanted to see our biggest, our next hurdle is this area right here. We break above this area right here, most including the right here, which would be the 76 90. If we break that area, we have not seen above 76, 90 since 2014, which would be what? Seven years, years ago. Very long time ago. Very long time ago. All right, let’s bring it in.

Remember our lines right here. These are the most important ones that we’re looking at right now. If it breaks up up, like basically, you know, right around this area, then that is the highest it’s been 70 years. All right. So let’s not forget. There’s probably a lot of shorts that were short here since now. If you remember it was in a parabolically go up. Be careful. Watch the comeback. And then again, higher. I don’t know if that made sense. If you need more guidance, go back to the last few weeks of what I’ve been talking about. All right. CVX, Chevron. I mean, those [inaudible], excuse me, I’m sorry. Most all of these should be bullish. Just kind of like banking. I said when we were going over the banks, if you watched that video Chevron, not one of my favorites. However, if oil keeps going up, throw a dart, they’re all going higher, right? Yeah. I see. We’re going to try to test the one 13, as long as oil continues to go, I am a fan of M M P.

This is, this has been doing great. They, I am a big fan of this with oil going higher. There’s this is just a beautiful company. They’re going to pay great dividends. It’s a partnership. So it’s not just a like do your own resource on partnerships, tax advantages with this it’s beautiful. They pay high dividends and they’re very consistent. I would like to see it come down just a little bit to, to reenter, but if not, I mean, I’m already in this. So I’ve been in it for quite some time. I think we caught, this was like one of the first ones that I bought. So we’re bidding the money since 47. We’re in the money since like way over here. And we have what, two more weeks until expiration. I would love for it to get to 54. But around like this upcoming week, we have to watch it just because, you know, the depreciation factor of in the money out of the money intrinsic or extrinsic value is going to exp evaporate really fast coming into expiration week, Exxon mobile. This is like my Chevron. I like it. It’s just M P just looks way better for me. These is, I don’t know. These are, these kind of have like all, it’s all a lot of politics and like Chevron, Exxon, even like he right here, it looks good, all that, but for the way, oil is I’m surprised. These are not skyrocketed higher, right? Oil is the highest it’s been since 2000 what 18, almost 14. And our oil stocks are not keeping up. One that I do, another one I do enjoy is K M I, this has been on a massive tear. I don’t see it stopping where we had our 19 basically. And we came all the way down to the 20. And since that point in time Look out above Target would probably be 1955.

Let’s go to total little disappointed in them. I was expecting that they would be breaking out already. However, they’re not mean this is a beautiful run. Don’t get me wrong. 46 to 48. Again, this is kind of with Chevron, the Exxon and the E I don’t like it. I’m, I’m disappointed in my oil stocks. I would’ve thought that these would be looking outstanding, but they’re not. So it was a little disappointing, right world, that shell and another one of them is a psychic Chevron Exxon, all the other ones, all the oil stocks. They’re just, it doesn’t seem I have all of them. I liked this one just cause we’re in a squeeze. We changed the momentum, looking for the breakout of the 41. But to me, excuse me, let me drink some water. Okay. It’s almost like, like in the oil market, Sometimes I forget

Just because of the price of oil could be at, it could go to a hundred this week. That does not mean that these companies are making a hundred dollars per barrel because this is a highly, highly leveraged business. So there, they usually sell their oil three months in advance. So they’ve, they might’ve sold their oil of when oil was at 60. So above that, does it really do them much justice, right? Cause They’ve already sold all the oil. So at a price of 60. So it kind of takes three, six months for the company to really bank money off of a huge. Now, if it’s gradual and it’s different, but the, the price moving in oil so far has been pretty, not on gradual, like, look it’s, well, that’s not good. Can I help you? Sorry about that. That’s not going to help you. I look at the Exponential growth in oil, right? We’re looking at in less than a year, we went from 33 to 69. That’s over a hundred percent gain. There’s no oil companies that fast. Cause they’ve, I mean that you’ve sold so much oil. Like they’ve like in your hedging, right? The oil business is extremely hedged and leverage. So it’s going to take, this has to really maintain this for Mount six to eight more months. Like if we’re around, if we’re above this at this time, next year, June, next year, we’re above 69 and 69 is looking low. Then all these companies are going to have record record numbers, but it takes awhile. Right? Valero. I liked Valero. We got stopped off. We’re coming back down. I would like to see it.

She had 20 come up just a little bit or maybe up

To like right here where the nine is, but watch it this upcoming week. Cause this could just take off with a target of ounces getting all the way to 92. But I do see it maybe going to like 88 to 90, then coming back down to the 84, Sonoco is another very disappointing stock man. Doesn’t look disappoint. Right? You’re like Eric, how could it be disappointing? It just had a brand new high. Yeah. But it didn’t go very high when like what, 10 cents, 7 cents above and then came right back down. So I’m not the happiest with Sunoco. I do. I am a firm believer in this doc. I do like it. I, I think that they’re, they’re set up basically better than a Chevron or an Exxon. I know you could think I’m crazy on that, but I really enjoy this company. They’re another one. If you kind of want something that’s cheaper. It’s E T which is energy transfer, which owns a lot of this company. I have them in a different portfolio. Okay. Okay. That makes a lot of sense, but we ran it from here to the high, back, down to the low. And now this gives us our new numbers. We’re literally close to as resistance. It held the three eight two extension.

Excuse me. So look for, if you can break above this 37 12 look for 37 82 and last but not least British petroleum, BP, I’ll be P I can, I can go with BP. We just broke into the squeeze. We’re where this is. See, this is a much better looking chart, then Royal Dutch shell or Chevron or Exxon or E or even total. This looks like it’s about the breakout and it looks like it’s ready to climb at least at a 28 86 with a further target of 31 16. All right. I have a great one.




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Financials. Well, I call banking, but whatever financials are, first one, BlackRock, look where we are. This is beautiful.

We’re setting up perfectly for our nine 26. Now again, pending this upcoming week. I mean, this is exactly what we wanted to see comes up here. It breaks out not a very like forceful breakout, but enough. Right? And the most important part is it broke above this 80 it’s basically eight 71, right? It’s held at one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight days. Right. We got the higher above, which was the breakout, which I really enjoyed that. That’s I mean, we broke out here. We broke out again here, but we had a slamming down, which is what I want to see. I would need all those sellers, right, right here to basically be out of a position because once they’re done, then that gives us the ability to float up to the nine 26. The other key point that I really enjoy about this.

Now let’s look over here. You see how it went parabolic. Right? And then, I mean, we got rejected other line, but then it had to come back to our blue or teal and green line. Look, we are here. We’re already at the nine day moving average, right. We’re almost 20 days coming up. Like it’s it is what, eight 63. So we’re 20 points. It’s not, that’s really not that much. When we’re thinking about this as an 800 stock, 800 point stock. So mind you, this is everything has, this is a Sunday. I have no idea about the news or what’s gonna happen this upcoming week. I’m just looking at the chart specifically as long as nothing. And kind of, if we think about what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks, mostly look at the oil, right? For some reason, if you traced back to the 2008 financial crisis, there were two things that were just booming at that time, there were banks and there was oil.

So oil is rising at the same time that banks are rising. Right? So I won’t go too much into it because that’s not for this. However, I see that black rock. If we looking for nine 26, maybe not this week, but it’s coming, it’s coming pretty soon. We might make it up to like maybe 900, right? Get, get rejected at 900, find some more support right around, let’s say 82, you know, give or take the top of this. And we’re really the top of this. And then make it out to nine 26. As I, in other words, I might not just go straight up. It might come up 900, come back down and then go back up

TRowe price.

Beautiful, beautiful.I mean, there’s nothing else to say about it. It is beautiful. I same thing what I just said with BlackRock actually matter of fact, let’s and we just broke into a squeeze on two, three, four.

What is this? So last Friday we broke into that squeeze. If we look, this is when, oh yeah, yeah. I forget it was a shortened week. Last week. I apologize. So it is these four days. So Friday, we were broken down a week ago, Friday. Then these last four days it is tightened up and took off. So let’s give ourselves another, I mean, this is high and tight. Look at, look at this trend. This is gorgeous. It’s almost difficult to do an extension for the simple fact that it hasn’t, it’s had its ups and then trough and peaks and troughs. But at the same time, the troughs are landing directly where they’re supposed to let’s bring it to the week, see if we can get a different view.

You know, That’s even, it’s just as gorgeous on the weekly chart. It looks even better. So yeah. T Rowe price. I want to get some of those. I would get some long-term options because it looks like we’re going to two oh nine. Might take us two to three weeks. But look at this the nine week we just hit that broke or stayed above the 91 that isn’t gorgeous. Mr. Goldman Sachs. Okay.

Again, parabolic, look at this. This is see, this is Goldman Sachs for you. You will get chopped up, right? You see this range. All right. Let’s just, let’s start you. So it’s a 34 point range right now. When you, when you, when you’re like, okay, well that’s a lot. You would have had to catch this beautifully. One, two, three, four, because this is a gap. This is last Friday. It gapped

Three points. Give or take and went 10 points, right. Had a massive day on Monday. So if you remember last week we were talking and told him this and told him this, blah, blah, blah. Well, it held it and it took off it. Didn’t just break out a little bit. It broke all the way out. Cause 77 was its breakout. It opened above its breakout. So we’d call that a professional gap. What would I like to see hit the 95, maybe 400. Come down just a little bit on that one for 28, the next target Blackstone group. I mean all these are all gorgeous, man. They’re all right at levels. That well, key fact they’ve all broken in holding key levels, right? So this is Monday. It had was that 94 broke down. But now look what it’s doing. It’s coming right back and it’s holding the 92 52. Beautiful, just beautiful FAS. Remember this is the triple leveraged.

I’m more disappointed in this one just because it’s triple leverage. And when you looked at BlackRock T road, Goldman Sachs Blackstone, and then you look at this and it’s kind of like, it’s a little disappointing, right? It hasn’t had any parabolic moves as drastic. It’s kind of just about to burst. Honestly, look at the squeeze, the momentum bursting. If it can get through, we’re looking for this 39, it all depends this upcoming week. And I know you can be like, well, Eric, that just sounds ridiculous. I don’t see a good inner to one 39 anytime soon. However, if this upcoming week, I don’t know. But it’s kinda, if you, if you’re looking, it’s kind of set up that the financials are about to just explode because we’ve looked at what, four of them. Now this is our fifth one and every last one of these are just beautiful charts.

Even this, it looks like they closed a, what is it? 25, 29. Yeah. Eight even look at this line 25 18. Look at the, I mean this got sucked down three points and then had like at the end of the day, I guess just got bought up to close above the 25 18. You see how it closed below it yesterday or the day was a four. So that was the first close above the 25 18. Again, very bullish C M E. Yeah. This is another one. This is literally kind of what we want to see. It got a huge crash. It did exactly what we wanted it to do on Monday. Or I came up here, came, got destroyed and look where it landed like pretty much to the T on the 20. And then since then it’s been rising. So what do we look at this time? We look for a massive breakout depending on the market, but I don’t know. Maybe you’re seeing something completely different than I’m seeing, but it looks like the financials are about to explode. This one included. I see one or two to six. Not next week. It might take a little bit longer again. Come up, come back down to hold support right here and then gone a C bank of America. Yeah, Look, we’re in the squeeze. We’ve been in the squeeze for a few days. Squeeze is starting to build momentum up. This is literally just like all the other ones. Did it close above it? Yes, it did look close above this line too, man. These are all amazing. I like all of them. Now let’s go to the ones that I’m very disappointed in. K K R

This is a different, I mean, when you look at it, I’m starting to kind of fall in love with this. What I would like to see is the squeeze. I’m surprised we’re not in a squeeze because this has literally gone nowhere since May 12th. It is holding this 55 48. Well, it’s closed below it right there, but it’s holding it. Let’s look at the weekly chart.

Look, it’s holding the nine on the weekly. I, you know what? This looks, what it looks like to me is it it’s just holding, waiting. Cause it had a huge pair of balls. Move here. Even huge move from what? 43 to 59 hit target basically perfectly. All right, let me see it. Now. It just seems like it’s waiting for the moving averages to come up before it begins its upward trajectory again. Cause I mean, this can have a massive move, right? I mean it can really truly have a massive move. Look at this as the beginning of the year. This is January. We were at 37. Right? Then it had a massive boom boom boom, boom boom, two 49, 10 points. I mean that percentage is massive. So I guess I’m want to guess what 30% or whatever now I do see it. Well, no, let’s just look. I’m very curious. Yeah. 31%. So let’s say we have another 31% That brings us to 72, right? 72. Now I’m not saying this is happening anytime soon. All I’m saying is this little stretch to holding us that’s the third week. That’s I mean, if we get another one of those we’re golden, now let’s check this and get out of the way. Here we go.

Look at that 34%. Right? So this is a typical 34 percenter or a 30% move before it just pauses out. So the 60, 62 58 are, is low. So yeah, I do see once this hundred it’s close to the 50. Once a hundred probably gets a little bit higher. Look, it has the potential to move 30%. Now this seems like it’s a long time, but in retrospect it’s not, this is January and this is February. So it is moved a massive amount, basically almost a hundred percent. And we over 60% since the beginning of the year. Massive move. Let’s talk. What’s the, did you let’s talk to Chuck

All right. Chuck you’re squeezed. Broke. Yeah. All right. I can’t complain. It’s like every other chart I’m surprised this is in the negative because this does not look. I mean, it does make sense, but look, we bounce off of support and it had the high, so that was, oh, that was a liquidation break. Most likely 81. Here we come. And N T R S Northern trust. Yeah, I see nothing wrong with this. I see nothing at all. It’s right on the support. We look at how many red days I love this one, two, three, four, five, six red days in a row, right. Basically seven, seven out of eight days have been red. And does that look like a negative chart? Not to me. It looks like the buyers are sucking up all the sellers and up, up in a way. All right. Thank you very much. And I’ll see you next week.



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We’re talking healthcare right now. Madame took off look at this. So this is the two weeks, basically one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Yeah. That’s two weeks we started and we could go Monday when we bounced on a one 59, we have literally gone 50 points straight up, broke it late. Is that an all time high? Let’s check that out. Yes, it is. It broke out of his three basically triple top with a vengeance headed to two 2215 area. Just cause it blew through this area. I would be looking forward to come back down to the 91 area for some support at that point in time. I think it would be a safer bet if it can hold this to buy it. But this, I mean, you know, the Corona virus and all this other kind of stuff, they’re, they’re one of the first ones that were given the government contract to rapid release or whatever it was called last year by Donald Trump.

So it makes sense why this is blooming. Yeah, I don’t want to go too much else into the company because we’re just looking at the stock chart, but what a beautiful, beautiful explosion right there. Gilly ad sciences. Okay. We are getting to the point where it looking interesting. So this was a Monday, we got pounded into our line, which was great. And then since then I just like a quick $2 gain up into 67. I would watch out for the 67 77. Wait for it to come get rejected, then come back maybe to right around this area. Well, let’s draw a line so we can use for reference next week. I mean, obviously that’s not the most perfect place. I was going to go down maybe 33, four sentence, but it’s close enough. So I would, once it kind of pops here, maybe it looks above fails, comes back down to this line, it holds this line. Then I think it has a higher probability to break out and, and reach for the stars as your tenant, as drought Zeneca. Okay. Look at this.

We had our support. I’m coming down. This really hasn’t moved anywhere. It’s kind of boring. I, it looks like a lot, but it’s really gone. Absolutely Nowhere. So we’re with Him 2 cents or within a dollar. So 57 53 fit or $2 57 or 55 75. So it’s a pretty tight range. I would like to see that there, the moving averages move up, which probably what it’s doing. Cause we, we got, we had our parabolic move when actually we broke above. So this was negative. We broke a bug of 50 and a hundred came back down and touch the 50 while the 50 crossed the 100 and then just went parabolic. So I would say, give me a little bit, let it hold hover. The 55 75, maybe for like another week, week, week and a half. Let our lions can to come back up and then we’ll look for some more upward trajectory.

Yeah, no, I don’t like it. This at all, this is terrible. This is ugly. Completely ugly. I mean, yeah, whatever you had some support, it bounced off a support, two points had a horrible drop, no earnings or anything to it. Just drop out of nowhere. What does, I mean, this is Monday, Tuesday, or this is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So I mean, Wednesday, you had an update Thursday, you gapped down like $2. What’s going on with Merck. Any which way I don’t like it, but I wouldn’t for a quick, a couple of points. You could try to fade it up to the 78, 74, 99 before it goes back down. But I don’t know. That’d be really risky on that. Cause you know, it probably wants to fill the gap and it shot down so fast or reversion to the mean would mean that let’s draw this line. So reversion to the mean, see it hit the seven, seven, eight, six retracement perfectly. That’s where it got stopped out reversion to the mean would be all the way back up to 76, 62.

So two points away.

Not really big, but as you can see right here, it in a strong trend, it should hit here and then continue downwards. And the secondary strong trend look at a secondary strong trend before it even hits the 50% tall, six one eight is filling the gap, right? So it could fill the gap and roll back over and it still be bears Pfizer. So we fired short on our a squeeze, but I’m pretty sure the squeeze is going to reactivate, which means that these, these green dots are going to turn back to red dots. I would’ve seen anything negative right here. It basically hit on the 50 perfectly, literally perfectly. I like to see what it does next week. We had a kinda like shooting star on Friday on like this, however, given a little bit it’s kind of right in the middle.

That’s what I’m saying. If it was down here, I’d be like, yeah, it’s by if it’s up here, be like you’re short, but it’s like right in the middle. So I’m not really sure. A B, B V it looks great for a short come down, got up a little bit hitting the nine for the faster downward trend. We just fired long, honest or short on a squeeze. I’ll see. It kind of rolls back over to maybe down to the one oh eight BMY Bristol Myers Squibb. Ah, I don’t like this one looks terrible. However, it is in line with the 50 and we were just making all time highs. So we’re as, as much as it as, as much as I like to say, this looks terrible. We are really only what $3 away from the high is this an all time high.

Okay. From a even larger, this is weekly. Let’s go monthly. So monthly we’re pretty close. We’re 77. So we’re like 13 points away from all time high. We are gaining momentum on a monthly squeeze. This, this is all very positive because we’re in a double squeeze. We’re in the monthly squeeze. We’re also, oh, we just fired long on the weekly squeeze. This is last weekend, this week. So the momentum is telling me that it wants to break this 68 34 it’s four points away. The daily daily daily looks ugly. However, the weekly and the monthly look really bearish or bullish. Excuse me.

Okay. Johnson and Johnson. Yeah. Fired short. Looks like we’re headed to at least one 62, right? Unless it, if it can hold this line. I, which I’d be surprised. Cause it just got rejected. Have a low bar, a lot of resistance at the one 66. So I see us crashing down to at least a yellow line. Sarepta therapeutics. Yeah. This is terrible. How ugly can you get? This is just nasty. I don’t like anything about it. We just fired short. Right? So hopefully we can hold the 6,804, right? You’re knighted health group building momentum to squeeze downward. There’s just, I don’t know. It’s holding a four oh four if it holds a four oh four for another week. Right. Cause if that’s what it’s kind of looking like on Thursday, we broke below just recently, just barely. But again, it looks like we’re just holding for the, the moving averages to come and meet up to the price opposed to coming down or like having liquidation down. It looks like they’re just, they’re holding it as tight as possible to bring them the moving averages higher. If that’s the case, look for upward trajectory. All right. That’s healthcare.




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