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Middlesex Water Company:

They Provide Regulated And Non-Regulated Water Related Services In New Jersey And Delaware. They Are One Of The Few Publicly Traded Water Utilities In The United States. The Company Is Divided Into Two Segments Regulated And Non-Regulated.


 In This Segment They Operate In Collecting Treating And Distributing Water On A Retail And Wholesale Basis To Residential Commercial Industrial And Fire Departments In New Jersey Delaware And Pennsylvania.


 In This Segment Of The Company They Provide Maintenance Of Municipal Private And Wastewater In New Jersey And Delaware. 

Over 48 Years They Provided A Consistent Dividend. The Company Has Numerous Affiliates Around New Jersey And Delaware To Name A Few.

 New Jersey:

 In Northern New Jersey They Are Affiliated With Perth Amboy, In Central New Jersey Their Affiliate Is Pinelands Water And Waste Company In Southern New Jersey Avalon Service And Bayview System.


 In Delaware Their Affiliates Are Tidewater Utilities, Tidewater Environmental Services, And White Marsh Environmental Systems