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Duke Energy Corp:

The Company Operates In Three Different Segments Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, And Commercial Renewables. They Service The Southeast And The Midwest With Approximately 7.5 Million Customers. To Be More Exact The States They Provide Service To Are; Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, And South Carolina. 

Electric Utilities:

They Sell Electricity Through Wholesale To Municipals, Electric Cooperatives And Other Load Serving Entities. Their Service Covers 104,000 Square Miles With 250,000 Miles Of Distribution Lines. Coal Still Plays A Major Part In Duke Energy’s Operations, However They Also Produce Energy Through Natural Gas, Through Multiple Subsidiaries And Through Oil. Their Most Recent Acquisition Of Power Generating Substances Was Building A Nuclear Power Plant, The Nuclear Power Plant Serves As The Power Source For The Carolinas.

Gas Utilities:

A Large Subsidiary Of Duke Energy Is Piedmont Natural Gas With Over A Million Residential Commercial And Industrial Customers Piedmont Natural Gas Provides The Gas To North Carolina, South Carolina, And Tennessee. Duke Energy Acquired Piedmont Natural Gas In 2016.

Renewable Energy:

Duke Energy Is At The Forefront Of Offering Their Clients A New And More Efficient Way Of Producing Energy Through One Of Their Programs. They Will Help Their Clients With Educational Programs Of Renewable Energy So Their Customers Can Install Solar Panels On Their Homes And Have Two Choices To Either Sell The Electricity To Duke Energy Or To Offset The Power Bill.