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Door storage. Yeah, I guess. Right. Um, they just offered this on to Coinbase not too long ago. Uh, this is April 3rd, 2021. Uh, I think they they’ve offered it maybe a week. So that’s why I wanted to talk about it. I have yet to buy any of this, the market cap on this is less than a billion, it’s only 769 or 61 59% of the people are buying it, which makes a lot of sense, because I just told you it’s it’s new. Uh, the population is popularity and Coinbase is the 40th most hold most held. Excuse me. Uh, like I said, they, March 22nd could have been when they initially opened it onto the Coinbase. And that’s what would explain more or less explain that pop right there. Let’s go a week. As you can see, it was down to earth. Let’s call it a month. When was started basically. Yeah, I would say right about there March 23rd, 83 cents or 87 cents popped up to three or basically $4. Uh, now it’s $3. Ooh, it’s rising.

Uh huh.

I don’t know if I have any money in my bank account when I get it. When we’re done with this account, when we’re done with this video, I’ll probably buy a little bit just to kind of track it. If I don’t have any money in, I don’t really pay attention. So it’s always, I liked having a little bit of money in almost everything just so I, I track it. Okay, here we go. So if you remember the last video where we were discussing Tezos and how Tezos was trying to create,

Uh, an invite

Mint where it’s similar to ether room, where it has different coins on it. This is storage, which is right here. An Ethereum token that powers, uh, a decentralized cloud storage network called tardigrade. After a user uploads, a file to tardigrade pieces of each file are distributed to a global network of independent nodes. When someone requests a file is then required compiled, securely, and made available for download. This means that anyone can file store files on Tara grid without having to trust a centralized data center. You can also earn so tokens in return for providing resources to the network, including an used hard drive space and bandwidth.

That is interesting. So I don’t know if, if that last little part is what makes the most sense. So if, if you pay attention, well, you wouldn’t know. I have, uh, a stock class, which is, goes through different stocks. And what, one of the investments that I have is all about data storage in what this, what, what it sounds like, what they’re doing is, is revolutionary. And just for the simple fact of that, I will buy some. So if let’s say you have, I never have extra storage. So this makes a lot of sense because I mean, me personally, I just buy an external hard drive. But when you have like the cloud and cloud computing data is going to be enormous now for us as Americans it’s we have, we have like really secure networks, right? So it’s a little bit different for us.

Well, I don’t know. You might not be American when you’re listening to this, but we have like Amazon’s cloud base. We have Microsoft, we have apples. However, other countries might not be able to have the security that we have. So if you can have a network where it’s not a government based network, as in other countries, um, I can’t name anyone particular, but I’m just using this as examples, then your storage, or being able to ex like extract information from your computer and then store it somewhere else on the law online is immaculate because what it’s doing is it’s, it’s going, it would be very difficult for you to, unless you understand, unless you could break the algorithm, it’d be very difficult for other people to hack your, your information. So it could be very important documents. It could be whatever, uh, code, whatever, uh, secret you’re trying to, to get from one point to another, what they’re doing is they they’re breaking your, your, your, your files or whatever, into a billion little pieces, and then renting little EDBD space on my server, on someone else’s server on someone else’s server.

So that’s what it’s saying right here. You can earn tokens, but by providing unused hard drive space and bandwidth. So what they’re doing, they’re just, they’re a big storage company there. And they’re trying to unite all the storage from all over the world that people are not using. And then they’re going to store your, your document there. And then whenever you go somewhere else, you can download your document there, recompile your document, and then it’s ready there for you, which again, would in America, it’s going to be helpful. It won’t be as useful for maybe your everyday things because you already have a cloud, but for more Secure documents, this would be great for Storing. Let’s say you are doing paperwork and you want to you’re in a different country and it needs to be secure paperwork and it needs to be on your server in America. Then this is a way that you could do that because it’s always going to be wherever you want it to be. If that makes sense. Now, let’s check out there. White paper. Yup. Decentralized cloud storage network framework. There are two years old, again, get hub.

This is a nice, I enjoy the way that they did this. This is Okay. So again, with the other white papers, it’s going to take me, I’m not gonna read all this to you right now. However, I will eventually go through to go, wow, this is a whole novel. Yeah. There’s like 90 pages of this wall, the bibliographies and everything.

How many books are in here?

So it was 81 pages. I’m not going to read 81 pages. However, this is very interesting and I want to learn more. Cause I bet you through reading these white papers, I’ll find like six or seven different opportunities or get my little mouse in my brain, writing to our look at the world different. So that’s the whole reason I want to read that let’s go onto their website. So I enjoy, I like there so far. I’m already enjoying, Ooh, let’s see. Get paid. Yep. So here’s uh, put your extra disc space to work. So this is exactly what I was explaining.


Uh, hosting node, upgrade your storage layer.

Encrypt and upload split files and distribute store and retrieve files. So that’s exactly what I was saying. So you, you upload the file. They encrypted, they split it and distributed to millions of different places. They split it into smaller fragments. I, when I computer break something up, it could brew, broken up a million small fragments. They stored on a random, uh, storage places. And then when you need it, you

Um, yeah, I I’m enjoying, I like what this would, it would, it looks like, uh, Your storage nodes that’s So get paid to build the future of cloud.

Is that the same? Oh yeah. Node performance. Stay up to date on your node. Satisfy modern, rip your reputation, storage capacity, uptime, and audit checks, measure, uh, payouts. And, okay, so literally, um, this is, this is what it sounds like. So I have some Apple computers that I don’t use anymore. They’re there. Cause you know, I upgrade and everything, but they do have hard drive. They do have disc space. Right. So, and I could, okay. So look, a mining Bitcoin expensive requires a lot of extra power is not that profitable and is much more difficult than become a storage node operator. So literally what we would do is this is for example, I have a, I’m looking at two different spare Apple computers, what I would clear their data, right? So clear their existing hard drive, uh, sign up over here.

All you need is a solid internet connection enough hard drive space and bandwidth solely. Exactly all you need is what they said, solid internet enough disc drive and bands bandwidth. So it’s literally just renting or opening up my computers and then become a node operator. You’re storing data for actual customers all while getting paid, become a decentralized cloud and distribute the cloud storage giants. So again, this is I’m, I’m in love with this. This is amazing. I it’s a grand idea. And um, I can’t wait to read their white pages cause they’re giving me more and more information of different ideas. So again, they’re going to let’s go over how it works for the eighth time. So check your specs. And if you qualify, we’ll send you an author, author date, an authorization code, uh, yeah. Basically read it or instructions. Number two, stores data. Once you notice that it up, it will receive pieces of encrypted files later. You’ll share the prior pieces with client requests and then three every month you’ll receive a payout and storage token for the storage of bandwidth you’ve provided on your network. Okay, here we go. It’s just, this is where it matters.

A demand for our network from is constantly increasing from what the waitlist of over 12,000 developers, uh, and senior leaders that are de we want to grow even larger, but we need your help. Remember as a man grows, so will your potential profits. So you’re not making very much. All right. So disk base, a dollar per tether bite audit bandwidth, $10 per tethered by repair, whatever bandwidth. So you’re really not making much, however, how, excuse me. However, it’s not costing. It’s costing the internet and electricity. So internet and electricity, and you can become your own storage. Like a, just think of like your self storage, right? How it’s a business that a lot of entrepreneur like real estate developers and real estate people get into because it’s an easy business, right? You build a building, you build a whole bunch of garages next to each other, and then you’re rented out.

This is the same exact thing, but it’s online. You have your, your space, you rent your space out, you get paid per month. And this is a lot cheaper to be able to do it this way than it is to be able to like, then what do you call it then? The storage units. So am I, am I excited about this? Yes. Would I, would I do this most? Definitely. So I’m gonna make a couple side notes and then we’ll go from there. But so far I’m enjoying, I enjoy it. So that’s just being a note operator. Let’s see what else. So that’s, that’s a host hosting note. That’s a note operator, uh, store data, upgrade your storage later towards finance. What is this? George Hardy. What is this? All right. See how it works. So they’re going to show us a quick video. That would be awesome.

When you think of cloud storage, do you think of a few data centers or do you a mountain something more like this with title grade files are encrypted into smaller pieces, then distributed on a massive global network of these centralized nodes, which is why tardigrade is secure by default with more consistent performance, all at a fraction of the cost of the centralized cloud storage providers, free the cloud and upgrade your storage Clara to tardigrade the future of cloud storage.

All right. Well kind of, I just explained that I didn’t really do us any good. Did it? However,

Straight forward pricing. All right. Let’s look at this. Oh, okay. All right. This is why I’m over here. Like, wait a minute. That’s what it just explained because I forgot this. I explained it from us making money, right? This is for spending money. So I’m sorry. I’m only, I usually only think about the making money part, but, uh, this is just as important is the actual the program. So this is how much the people are paying in order to pay you in storage. So there, if you look at the different gigabytes and everything like that, Amazon S3 100.


So that, that kind of gives you an idea how much people are paying for storage. And then on the last page or the last few pages, uh, it showed exactly how much money we would be making. So one tether byte they’re charging $55. We would be making what, 10 to $15, something like that. So it’s, we’re making maybe 20%, which isn’t that bad for free. Uh, again, I wish I had, uh, I’m not sure. I don’t think I have the $71 on the, the, the crypto account that I buy crypto. Just for the simple fact, I spent like a thousand dollars last night on buying, um, a different coin. So I just got to check that or I would just buy it right now. Um, yeah, all I gotta do is just transfer some money over and I’m, I’m excited why we’ve talked. It went from like, you know, not very much like $2 and 94 cents to $3, but that’s a profit, it’s still a profit. So, and after learning a little bit, what this is about, I’m, I’m pretty, I’m intrigued. I would like to, I’m a buyer a little bit right now, but if I can set up my computers and just get paid for renting storage, why not? Especially if I can, what fully optimize my house and, and get some solar panels which I’m going to do anyways. And the reason we do that just for the electricity. Um, and other than that, no, I, it sounds like a great idea. Uh, so yeah, I’ll talk to you later.