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Let’s talk about a different crypto coin or currency, however you’d like to, uh, phrase it again. We’re on Coinbase. Uh, that’s what, that’s the program I’m using at the moment to trade let’s check with the portfolio. It’s going up down all around. Not too concerned about it. Let’s go into, we’ve done ether. Um, we’ve done decentral land. We’ve learned a little bit about sushi swap Coinbase. And what is a stable coin? Let’s go into let’s. Let’s try this light coin. What is this? No, I bought some of this. It’s a number fourth, uh, popularity on Coinbase, the market cap of 13 billion. Look at that 83% or 83 day hold. That’s pretty decent. I means that, well, you can kind of do it for yourself. That’s they’re almost holding this coin for three months. So they’re looking at it more as an investment, instead of opposed to just trading a look at the buying activity, 54% buying 46% selling. Um, let’s see if they have Nope, they don’t really have any, anything special. Uh, this is February 2nd, so that’s, that’s really, uh, that’s really old. Uh, March 2nd, the digital look at that gray scale by 80% of all, like when mind in February.

So whoever, uh, we’d have to do some, some interesting, uh, more or less have to, uh, do some research on gray scale. See who gray scale is and see why did they buy 80% of all the mine coins at that point in time? Um, they might be thinking or, Oh, no, it’s a good investment maybe, which you have to see exactly why they bought that much. All right. Let’s check out their website.

Okay. Cryptocurrency for payments based on blockchain technology. Okay. That’s great. What is it? That’s what we want to know. Right? What is it is a peer to peer internet currency that enables instant near zero cost payments to anywhere anyone in the world like corn is open source global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities in mathematics, secure the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. Like corn features, faster transaction confirmation times and improve storage efficiency. Then the leading math based currency, which essential, substantial indices support, trade volume volunteered. It’s like corn is proven medium of commerce complimentary to Bitcoin. All right. So it’s literally, uh, just a way to make payments online. Um, I am a little confused on why they have so many different ways to just make a payment. I mean, what came in and so they’re like, okay, let’s all do it.

Okay. Here’s a nice little look at this. So minors are currently awarded with 12 and a half new light horns per block and amount, which gets half roughly every four years.

So they’re trying to look at that. They’re trying to produce 84 million, uh, light coins, which is four times as many as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. That’s, that’s interesting to know. Even when I look out their community, they got there, they have a form, they have their Reddit, Twitter, uh, blockchain. I don’t want to go too much in blockchain on this, just for the simple fact that we’re not talking about blockchain. We are talking about cryptocurrency. What is source code for Ledcor and related projects are available? All right. So if you’re a programmer and you just, you want to like take some of their court, is there a code, excuse me, you can go to get hub and you can pull and push again. That’s if you’re not a programmer, I don’t want to go into that because that’s confusing. Um, if you seen yesterday on, on, um, either of them, either arm did the same thing. When you go to their white papers, it just takes it to a get hub. Now again, if you don’t understand get hub, that means absolutely nothing to you. So don’t worry about


Um, let’s check out their foundation.

Their foundation looks more kind of like a store. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong About us. Let’s see what they’re doing.

Well, um, Hopefully this is not a indicator of how they are, right? Because this is a terrible website. Their S their CSS is completely jacked up on this part. So let’s, let’s pretend that we never looked at that. All right. So let’s see, let’s see what their most expensive, So you can get a neon sign and you can also get some cuff links that are like coined for extremely expensive. I wonder, I’m really curious on, I doubt that they have, let’s see, I want to just see No match. Okay. Let’s just, This is their foundation. There’s no match. So this particular see we’re trying to All right. Well, they so far this, it might be brand new, but as of February, similar web has not registered like coin shop dot, like Um, no, that’s, that’s the shop. This is the foundation. This is a news. This is learn. Let’s get back to their official website. Let’s see how many people are coming here.

So we’re getting a 300,000 people going to like corn per month. That’s that’s the website. We just looked at 18% of it’s coming from the United States. A lot of it’s coming from Russia and China. Ooh, that’s very interesting. Uh, Russia and China as being the number two and number three, um, take that however you want, but just understand that if you’re dealing with this, you’re gonna be dealing with Chinese and Russians. Um, that’s, I’m not saying that as a negative thing, because it may be, if you’re in Russia at that, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of Americans, or if you’re Chinese, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of Russians and Americans, right? So it goes both ways. I’m just in America. So I’m pointing that out. Uh, what I what’s concerning about this is that it’s only 38 seconds and there’s a 74% bounce rate. So that means that a lot of people that they’re coming to that, and then they’re just bouncing off. So they’re searching it because let’s not forget, this is the number four most held, but they’re not, they’re just buying the coin. I don’t think they’re very,

So yeah, if you look at it where they’re going, 30% went to the, the foundation. So if you kind of see where they’re going after this Electrum light coin wallet is Ukrainian. The light is Russian and that’s United States. That’s United States. So that’s, and then, and this is India. So, uh, after going to lick to light coin, then they’re going to different, different light, or I guess, different wallets across the world. Um, that’s interesting. Uh, they get their most, their social from YouTube.

Yeah. Um, let’s go back to their open source. What is like horn download? No, let’s go to content or contact. Nope, not really what I was looking for. So here’s the light coin forum.

Let’s go to the latest. Um, so yeah, this is, this is a little concerning. If this is the re the latest article, I will says the latest activity was one hour ago. Okay. So you have to sign up. No, I don’t want to do that. Oh, now I’m stuck in here. Nevermind. Let’s get out of there. Um, I have to do a little bit more investigation as they don’t really have much. I understand why now, why they, why people would just bounce right off of this web, this, this right here. Cause there’s not really much of anything on this site. It’s on this page right here. It’s literally just nothing, not very clickable. You can read on it, whatever, but then their light coin shop. It kind of just seems like they’re kind of selling you stuff so that, um, Again, that’s a little concerning because it, and then when it’s like donate,

What am I donating for? Right. So that’s a, I don’t, I’m, I’m confused with this one. Um, I’m not really convinced let’s, let’s check this. Who is gray scale for one

So they’re, I mean, they’ve, they’re in, they’ve been in business for seven or eight years now. We’re in 2021. Uh, it’s a Disney digital currency group. So Where is their company? Just give me the

There was nothing really clickable. There it goes. Okay. All right. So the, so this is there, I guess the gray scales more for high net wealth people, if they want to get into investing in crypto or in, in digital currencies. Uh, cause it, it says right here, uh, you’re only available to invest, uh, accredited investors. So the normal people, you’re not going to be able to get into this. Uh, so that means basically there, when it’s only open to sophisticated investors, it’s, it’s usually because it’s really, really risky. I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s huge potential to make a lot of money was gray scale, but there’s also a huge potential that you might lose everything. So that’s why it’s only open to accredited investors. Um, but how much did they buy purchase? 174,000 like corns last month and currently sits at worth of Bitcoin

So they have 248 million and it’s uh, Hmm.

I wondered, is this a, okay, so this is just

L T C N now. Um, now I’m, I’m going all over the place. So bear with me

So here it is right here. Um, I don’t know if it’s traded it doesn’t look like it’s traded, but it is right here. Oh yeah. It is over the counter Q X. Ooh, Q a be careful. Just be careful. I mean, if you, I don’t know. I mean, this is all brand new it’s. I mean, it’s not really brand new. They’ve been in the game for what, eight years with gray scale I’m referring to. Um, but

Is not very, I went, okay, so look at this. Um, this is not what you want to see. They, they had a valuation of like $500 is gray scale. I know we’re going a little bit off of, uh, off of blight coin, but however, this is the gray scale light coin trust, where they bought 80% of the coins that were mined in February. So it was kind of good to kind of know what’s going on with the bigger company, right? Why are they buying so much? And then it’s, this is very concerning. Let’s look at the price of the price over one year. So why the price of this is steady increased, right? Which in, so they, they literally bought light coin at the high, right? So they bought 800,000 or whatever shares when it was way up here. And now it’s down here. So that’s, that’s millions of dollars. They’ve lost millions of dollars. Right. But let’s look at this. Just one more, another quick glance. Cause this is, this is over a year. Their top price was in November at $500.


Light coin was at 58. It’s almost it’s tripled since that give or take. Right. And their prices plummeted. So that would be a red flag for me. Be careful. Um, be careful, be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Yeah. Now if we want to play with light coin over here, because that’s the last amount of news, right. And that was March 2nd and that’s absolutely terrible news. Cause they’re like they bought it at the high. So they bought it like there in order for them to even start breaking, even like coin has to go up to, I would say, give or take two 26 for them, unless they bought it in the beginning of February and then sold it by like right here. But they’re saying that they’re accumulating and just accumulating as much as they can. So maybe they know what they’re doing. Maybe they don’t we’ll find out.