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Um, you see the accounts getting a little bit bigger. I bought some ether him yesterday. And then let me show you real quick. I also

I had a bias, some cosmos, some algorithm and some tezo. I think you guys were with me when I bought some DIA, but this is what I really enjoy. I’m not going to lie. I like watching this, right. So every day it’s just like, every time I come on on, on, come on here, I get to watch this move and I get to see what I’m up 9 cents. It’s not enough to write home about, but it’s still fun to look at. All right. Let’s get into it. Let’s go into

Let’s go into no, we already did like light corn. Let’s see what Tezos is. See, I bought about a hundred dollars worth of Tezos

It’s not very expensive. It’s a $5 coin or five and a half dollar coin, five and a quarter. The market caps, 4 billion, um, trading activity, 48% or 40, uh, 48 cell. I got it for this. Remember if you remember, uh, making money or interest, uh, board rewards, whatever they want to call, call them on the stocks. Then that’s why I bought this one. Uh, this is though, if you just looked at the things moving, like the money moving, this is Tesco’s one of those companies. So, uh, again, it’s I enjoy the 5% or 4.6% that I’m getting from this from holding this coin. Excuse me. So I think I bought this yesterday and so far, it’s given me, I mean, it’s not, it’s not like it’s a lot, but it’s given me almost a penny. All right. All right. So Tezos is a cryptocurrency and decentralized computing platform. It features is features include proof of stake, conscious formula verification, which lets developers verify the correctness of their code. That that is nice. If you’ve ever been a coder, then just give me having it, being able to verify everything before you put it up. Live is awesome. Um,

Okay. I stakeholders folks on changes to the protocol, I guess stake owners and shareholders would be the same. I keep reading the name steak and steak and steak, but I’m guessing it’s just, I don’t know why they use different language. If it’s still like investment world Tesla’s block creation process is called bat baking Teslas holders who stake their tokens can receive Teso tokens as a reward for creating and verifying


Okay. That part doesn’t make any sense to me because you see I’m making rewards, but I didn’t know I bought any,

Um, I might have. Okay.

See, this is interesting. Join the waitlist for either of them too, but why is Tesco’s in this story? Uh, gray scale has incorporated six more trusts, including one for chain links and Tescos. Okay. If you remember gray scale,


We talked about them for a quick bit in a different, in a different coin.


Let’s see what this is. This is about four months old.


Let’s see where in a brief stable tech Tesla’s development group launched wrapped Ethereum tokens this week allow in the value of the ETH to be transferred to test hosts. Blockchain Teslas is targeting fi users frustrated with high fees and slow transactions on the Ethereum network, stable tech raise seed funding October. Okay. Wrap tokens have already brought millions in worth the value to either in blockchain. Now Tescos is trying a similar strategy to booking rapt Ethereum on Tesla’s blockchain to get into DPI action.

Okay. Wow.

No, this is a little bit above my pay grade on understanding what the hell is going on in this. I guess I just need to know more. I need to become more familiar with all these different lingo. Well, chain is one of the busiest that make up stapled. So a group of developers that is advancing by and Tesla’s blockchain with wallets, block, explorers and exchanges already up and running. The addition of ETS is the latest effort from Teslas to draw type activity away from Ethereum network and onto its own block chain as a lower fee alternative.

All right, this is important. Um,

Tescos is another one who’s combating

So as we know [inaudible] is, is like the head honcho at the moment. Well, Bitcoin is, but tests or either of them is, uh, like an open source platform where everyone can know source and you have a couple of people that are out trying to get them again for coming on, get hub. So if you don’t know, get hub, uh, if you want to be a, uh, producer, or do you call it a developer developer, right? Then you need to understand get hub and how that works. Again. I’ll probably make a video on, um, if I need to, um, here we go. Security focused upgradable built to last test is an open source platform for assets and applications backed by global community for validators researchers and builders. Okay.

Uh, if you want a job, they’re offering you multiple different jobs. It looks like they’re in, well, that’s not bad and you can have remote and development and engineering. You can basically work remotely or there’s, uh, in Paris, London, uh, your communications and marketing. Yeah. Singapore in New York and then operations is New York. Let’s see development here we are.

Spruce systems and TQ Tesco’s really sit. Your house was in initially. Nope. Not important. Well, it is probably really important, but not for where I’m looking at right now.


Group casino. What is that Discover Luton at reliable year old peg digital asset for your transaction, a hybrid asset for world’s main world today. There’s a little Teso sign, I guess. What is this?

Okay. So I just blocked him have become resources, uh, opportunities and digital has to becoming the best way to keep pace with it. Like other digital projects or observe objects and through their use of internet and blockchain tetany digital assets. It says as this one can be traded easily and safer. Okay. So it’s basically just

So it’s almost like they all say the same, same thing. It’s not even like a product though. I don’t, that doesn’t make any sense. So why doesn’t this? Didn’t what a terrible news story. You know what I’m saying? You’re supposed to bring it to the news and it didn’t, it just brought us to some random random site [inaudible] Um, yeah, I, this is difficult for me to say kind of what more this is, because it’s more or less, if you’re a developer, then this is great. But if so, even right here, like look at Sony, what kind of language it’s talking, it’s, it’s running, uh, this is all for developers, Right? Developer portal. Um, it’s really interesting for developers, but for normal people that don’t understand coding, this is as absolutely worthless for you. You’re not going to understand what I’m talking about and it’s going to be difficult for me to even understand what I’m talking about. Um, for example, let’s just go here. Oh, so we’re relieving the site

So it is really they’re, they’re basing everything exactly like Ethereum, in a sense, if you remember ether and Ethereum was more or less kind of like a development portal, as well as a little bit more advanced than this one is, but however, it’s basically the same, uh, what they’re doing right here. What are these,

What they’re doing is they’re just, it’s just creating an open network for developers and creative people to create and then use their system. So right now there’s 93 people aren’t lying. This is their telegram. Uh

I’m trying to figure out what all these, these things are. Cause you know, sometimes a little thing will pop up, but they don’t Teso stack exchange.


All right. All right. All right. I don’t know why they, they pop that up. You’re just going to click it and don’t read it anyway. So it’s just, it’s the same as having a pop-up advertisement. It’s a popup non advertisement, which is just as annoying as an advertisement. Okay. So this is the forum. Um, yeah, the stack exchange forum. I don’t, I guess there’s to me, this doesn’t like, there’s nothing like out here that’s really grabbing my attention. It’s more so like okay. Questions, answers. Um, yeah,


Again, this is completely developer jargon. That’s not going to do anyone any good, unless that’s what you’re getting yourself into is trying to develop. Ah, man, I just erased it. Uh, if you’re trying to develop on the on Tesco’s then it’s great. But if not, then it’s this, isn’t the greatest thing for you because it is not very insightful. Right? So you can, it’s not, if you want to look at it as just an investment, as long as they they’re willing to pay the 4.6%, I’m willing to hold, right. Does this have the trajectory of going higher? Yes, it does. Right. But when, when investing my money, I have to decide, what am I looking this for a speculation or as a return, I’m looking at this as more of a return. I’m not going to make a lot of money, but 4.6% is great.

If they, again, like I said, as long as they can continuously pay this, I don’t have a hundred. I only have a hundred dollars in there. So it’s not like a huge amount. Um, as long as they, like I said, if they continuously pay me my, my small little percentage daily, then I’m fine with that. If on a speculative move, I would like to see what happens. Um, I’m, I’m not a developer. So it’s very difficult for me to develop things and to go into more depth on that and to really understand how powerful this network could be. But if you look at, from the beginning of March, we were basically, the low of March was three 44. Now we’re back basically up to five 26, um, about a month later. So that’s 60, 70% gain. So on a speculative side, it could work, but that’s not the reason why I’m I would be looking at this. I’m looking at it for APS. You’re 4.6% on my money.