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Let’s check in a little bit more on cryptocurrency. That’s this from here on out, what we’re going to do, we’re going to go through each coin and kind of look at their website and just so we have a better understanding of each coin. Cause all right. So like right here, sushi swap. Yeah, I own some of it, but what is sushi swap or orchard or kid? Whatever. I don’t know. District. Oh, X decentral land. Like their names. Don’t really tell you what they are like Coca Cola on the stock market. Even if you don’t read anything about Coca Cola, you kind of know what Coca-Cola is. It’s a household name, Nike, it’s a household name de central land. Nope. Sushi swap. Not even close. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna pick sushi swap just cause it sounds crazy. Let’s go to their official website And let’s kind of see what it’s about. Uh, everyone can be a chef with sushi, the sushi swap protocol. Realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and forum driven network efforts to the popular AAM model. What? See that didn’t um, even I’m just as confused as I was before

Okay. So it looks like, um,

I don’t know what this is, honestly.

Whereas in some kind of analytical, what is this?

It’s is some type of, I don’t even, I don’t even know. I couldn’t even

I I’m in a, it has something to do with what they are. See view more assets.


Okay. So if you want to be confused, Let’s go, let’s start back from the beginning. Let’s enter the app. Okay. This is the app.

What the?

Oh, excuse me. Didn’t mean to swear. Um, Hmm. Yeah. I don’t know what what’s going on here. Let’s let’s just Google. You know, Google is always a good thing. All right, here we go. What is sushi? Swap. Thank you. Is a software running on, on ethernet. You throw them. Okay. So it’s a software on Ethereum, which is a coin that seeks to incentivize a network of users to operate a platform where users can buy and sell crypto acids users. First lock up assets into small contracts and traders and buy and sell cryptocurrencies from pools, swamping out. Oh, okay. All right. That makes sense.

So in a sentence, in a sense it’s like Paris trading. So what they’re doing is they’re

Is this kind of confusing and I’m kind of also kind of, so they’re, they ha they have to be making money from fees. Cause all it’s like a huge forum, right. Where everyone gets together and we basically go out there and we try to find as many people to trade in, like to exchange cryptocurrencies, like all different types of cryptocurrencies. So it’s not just a Bitcoin or shushie Schwab. So it’s an, it’s a, wow, that’s intricate. That’s super intricate. How the hell they’re figuring out, man. That’s like, so they’re creating swap is, and this is a very complex derivative because it’s not, it’s not backed by anything. So the coin is backed by the exchange, their own created exchange, which the exchange is


A bunch of people, it was just a map. Okay. Put it like this, imagine a video game. Right? You get what you go online. There’s lots of different places that you can join together. Right. And play other people online. Right. So when you’re in that little group playing, you guys are shooting each other, right. Passing bullets, right. One you’re shooting somebody, the other person shooting you. Right. You die, you come back and you could play for hours in there. Right. Well now take that same concept and put it into sushi swap. And that’s what all these numbers are. Right. So in this, whereas, So here are your pools, wherever the, I guess these are your pools, right? Each one of these. And so right here, I don’t know how to get to. Okay. There we go. Now we’re starting to move.


Okay. So each one of these are pools and it’s, I’m guessing I could be wrong, but this is what I got out of. It is you’re going to get


So sushi, like, so sushi is you put all these people together to play in cryptocurrency, they’re shooting back and forth trading. Uh, sushi is collecting a fee. And then I’m guessing for every thousand dollars that you’re, you’re getting you get nine sushi’s per day, give or take. I’m not exactly sure how I’d have to play a little around. So we like, I, I’m probably going to create an account and just to try to create a group, which would be cool. So somewhere around here, I’ll have a link for that once I finally get to it. But first we’re going to get through the 50 different currencies. Cause I’m very curious if all these currencies are basically based the same thing, cause this is, it’s just a really complex derivative. It doesn’t have it. It doesn’t, it makes sense what they’re doing, but it doesn’t make any sense, but it does because obviously a lot of people are shooting each other back and forth through cryptocurrencies and all different types of cryptocurrencies in these pools. So is it


A lot of people are buying their coin. Uh, is this sustainable? I don’t know. I’d have to. I need to though. So there’s 361 million of these little sushi swaps traded every day. Uh,


Okay. So I mean it’s $2 billion as their, their, their market cap. People usually hold it for 10 days. Um, so there’s 127 million in, in supply. Would I say that? I mean, like I said, I already owned some, so I own four of them. I invested, I might’ve, I think I’m down a little bit, whatever. I’m not too worried about it. Um, now I wanna, I do want to go onto the sushi side and set things up and see what I can do on that side of things. And I’ll make some videos. I’m straight up sushi swap, but on this, I’m pretty much talked to my way out of it. We can look at it, what it’s done for the year. We’ll go all, all the time. So all time. So this is a relatively new stock or new? Nope. Just give me right here. Okay. Well let me go over there. Uh, it’s a relatively new, um, coin, I guess it’s less than two years. Uh, the lo went all the way. It was down to 67 cents. The high was very recently at $22. Um, yeah, so we’re looking at this. We’ll keep the, keep an eye on this. Uh, I’m very interested as the one learn more. So that’s the reason we’ll keep an eye, not as an great investment portfolio or whatever. It’s more just because I’m curious of how this thing works. So onto the next one.