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Making A Couple Dollars On Coinbase

So let’s discuss the rewards that Coinbase allows you to generate little money, right? So they call it rewards. But, um, for thousands of years we’ve called it money, right? So they even use the dunk, the money sign. Right? Um, so what you do, you can see, so the, this coin, the graph, if you want to generate some money off of this corn, I mean, they’re not offering much, they’re offering you $3, which is what you do. You come in here, you click here. Some of them, you got to watch a little video. So, okay. Right here, decentralized protocols, revive, reliable, natural, or neutral access to software and information. The graph has de-central protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains. It makes this data easily assessable for all. Okay. Just as Google indexes, the web, the graph index is blockchain data from networks like Ethereum and foul coin. Very interesting. The data is grouped into the API is called sub graphs that anyone can query, okay.

Sub graphs, make it possible to build decentralized apps that can change how humans cooperate on the internet. What information is the X by the graph block data. And look at that. Look at that. You see that I’m rich now made a dollar. So if you guys wanted to see how easy it is to, you know, it was pretty easy, right? It didn’t take me very long. I didn’t even really know that I was showing you, um, how to do it, but whatever it works. So the graph is basically, um, Google for blockchain. Very interesting. Let’s make some more Monday. All right. Let’s make some more my night. Look at this. They’re gonna pay us. They’re gonna pay us $2 to watch this, this video. All right, let’s do it. What is stellar? Okay.

Today’s global financial infrastructure has a big communication problem. There are a lot of different currencies and a lot of different payment systems. Each one speaks a different language. So they have a hard time understanding each other, which makes moving money slow and expensive and a lot gets lost in translation. Stellar’s vision is to unite the world’s financial infrastructure. So money can flow quickly. And she believed between banks, businesses and people, the internet connected the world’s computer. So information could be shared globally. Stellar is doing the same money to accomplish this vision and ensure integrity and neutrality. Stellar is not a bank or a business. Instead, it’s a decentralized open network supported by a non-profit foundation that handles every currency and speaks to every payment system in its native language. And that means businesses can move money globally in seconds, no matter what bank they use back home and people all over the world can use stellar to send money to family overseas, to convert one currency to another, or to make payments that are too small to cover fees, traditionally charged by today’s institutions in the future. Stellar hopes that you won’t have to use traditional infrastructure to get your money where you want it to go. Instead. You’ll just use stellar.

All right. Look at that. We just watched the, a nice little commercial. Is it over? Yep. It’s over. Um, so, so the quiz, what is stellar? Select an answer and get $2. It is a decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financials. Did I win? Look at that, look at that. See, see it look how easy it is to make some money. I had already made a dollar down there, so that doesn’t count. So we’ve made a dollar on the graph. We’ve made, uh, $2 of stellar. Um, okay. We got two more, right. And this is, I mean, it’s fun. It, what is what basically what we’re doing is just learning about what these companies are, are, are right. And they’re paying us to do it. That’s so great. That’s why we’re having this video right now. So you can come in and you can do the same thing for yourself.

Like even if you don’t even want to start off with, with coin, like with, with any money, you can come in here and look how much money. I mean, it’s, it’s, you’re not going to get rich off of it, but if you want to get in the game for free, then you can get in the game for free. Right? The graph $3 is going to pay you $3 right here. So that’s $6. It’s $10. So 16 total then plus nine, you know what I’m saying? That’s 25. We got $25 plus six. We’re looking at $31 that we can make. All right. That’s not that bad again. If you see, if you watched my last video, it’s, it’s steady rising. So here over here, we have our, our different coins. We talked about last time. So it’s all under the reward system. So let’s go ahead and make a little bit more money, right? Earn interest with

Lesson. Number one, earn interest with compound. This is Maya. She’s a sophisticated crypto investor with assets on exchanges and in private wallets. However, these assets are effectively idle because she’s not earning interest on any of them. Her cash savings account pays interest. Why can’t her crypto? This is why compound was created with compound. Maya can earn interest on her crypto assets by supplying them to the protocol. Other users can then borrow her crypto, and then they pay interest on the borrowed assets. All of the suppliers and borrowers who use compound combined to form a series of blockchain based interest rate markets. When Maya supplies an asset to compound, it gets added to a global liquidity pool, which other users can borrow from, by providing collateral upfront. When borrowers in a specific market accrue interest, the compound protocol automatically distributes it to suppliers like Maya. This idea is already well established in the traditional finance world where a $5.5 trillion short-term borrowing and lending industry exists.

And what are called money markets compound allows its users to participate in a decentralized money market for crypto assets, where individuals like Maya can supply their assets to compound and immediately begin earning interest compound has no fixed terms, meaning that Maya can supply and borrow when she pleases, whether that’s for 30 minutes or 30 years, once a crypto asset is supplied to compound. Interest is automatically calculated and distributed with each new, with theory and block every 15 seconds. On average, this allows Maya to start earning interest on her idol, crypto assets in a trustless economy that doesn’t rely on a central authority to manually calculate and distribute her supply interest. But compound wasn’t just built for individuals like Maya, because compound is a decentralized protocol running on Ethereum. It works for everyone anywhere in the world and can also be integrated with all kinds of financial services and applications.

Any application that holds crypto assets can integrate compounds, interest rate markets, unlocking the power of compound interest to offer brand new features and services already. There’s a quickly growing ecosystem of apps built on top of compound that do this compound makes this possible by providing the infrastructure for developers to launch future-proof decentralized financial services and applications that can pass down compounds benefits to their users, enabling every user to simultaneously begin earning interest. The compound protocol is a collection of Ethereum smart contracts, meaning it’s both decentralized and completely autonomous. It allows Maya as well as developers using compound to stop relying on and paying fees to third parties. That gives it a big advantage over traditional finance

Boom. What’s the key benefit of using compound, uh, select it. And we make $3 drum roll, please earning on crypto. Look at that. Look at that. We made not $3. All right. Let’s, let’s look at these. Let’s listen to open platform for digital payments and we’ll make another $2. So just why you watching this video with me. I’d already done that one. So we’ve been making money there. So we made $1, $3, $6, and we’re about to make two more dollars, which is $8. So watching this video, if you go to Coinbase and just sign up with the link, whatever it should be a link somewhere around on this page, then you can make $8 in what, 10 minutes

Lesson number one, what is the Cielo platform needs? Zoe she’s tech savvy always connected and gets everything done on her mobile phone, like shopping for groceries, hailing a ride or catching up with friends. If money could be this convenient, accessible, and borderless, what could it do for Zoe her community in the world? This is cello’s mission to empower Zoe and the 6 billion smartphone users worldwide with accessible financial tools that allow them to unlock the benefits of blockchain technology and stable coins, right from their mobile devices, no bank account or additional hardware required using the Cielo platform and the first stable coin supported on the platform. Cielo dollars. Zoe can send funds to a friend or family member globally, as easily as sending a text message. She can also contribute to causes. She cares about, or even provide a micro loan to her favorite small business to support them.

Since Ella was mobile friendly, Zoe can send funds straight to a mobile number. Even if the recipient doesn’t have a crypto wallet, yet Cielo makes this possible through a number of technical innovations. First, an on chain, public key infrastructure links, phone numbers to public keys. So there are no long complicated crypto wallet addresses to manage, although he needs his her phone. Number second, the Cielo platform is fast. Blockchains are known for slow speeds, requiring nodes to download gigabytes of transaction history data before exchanging funds. Cielo eliminates the need to verify all previous transactions and allows instantaneous verification of the blockchain using advanced ZK Snarks cryptography. This gives the Cielo platform a 17,000 X reduction in the amount of data needed to sync with the network, allowing Zoe to easily make a payment or send funds within seconds. Third Cielo dollars. The first stable coin that can be sent directly using just a mobile phone number allows Zoe to make fast, low cost transactions on the go.

They can even be used to pay for transaction fees. Unlike on other platforms, finally, Cielo also works across different carriers and countries enabling access to financial services from almost any mobile phone in the world. And since Cielo is an open platform, any organization can use, contribute to and build on top of the technology to create mobile first financial solutions that can be accessed any mobile phone user likes that way by making cryptocurrencies easy to use Cielo aims, to support greater access to financial tools and services, helping to create new opportunities for individuals and communities worldwide.

All right. That was actually pretty interesting. All right. No, no, no making encryptable assessable on mobile phones. Look at that. So there we’ve made $8 not bad. Um, I’m steady making a little bit of money right here. I have yet to buy any of my coins, my stabilized coins, but I will start gaining some interest on those. Uh, again, this video was just to show you how easy it was for us. Oh, there’s a decent amount of money you can make on stellar. That’s nice. All right. So all together, there’s a little bit of money you can make. Uh, it’s not going to change your world amount of money. You’re going to put in there. However, what it is going to do is, Oh, we can’t, these aren’t clickable. So, oops. Um, yeah, that stellar is, uh, 41 cents. Let’s see if we can find some of them 41 cents was stellar. If you remember that one. Um, the graph a dollar and 75 Cielo is $4 and compound is $5 and 52 cents. So throughout all those, they look pretty decent and yeah, I’m going to end right there. So they’re, if you remember there, the graph compound, Cielo, Cielo, um, there we go. Stella and, um, not new cipher, but new cipher I’d already watched before and yeah, Stella.