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Utilities May 16 (NOVA, BEP, AES, DTE, AWK, MSEX, NRG, DUK, IDA)

Go over today is the utilities list. Now last week was a fun, very challenging for me week knots, because it was challenging for sake. Cause it was pretty easy. I told you guys watch out for the short, not last week. I just did not listen to myself all the way and Wednesday. And I went along, going into Wednesday and got hammered. However, I, I was pretty correct on, I just, I was over, over competent, I guess you can say. All right. So here we go with Sonova.

SoNova might be done with its downward trend, as you see right here. Right? So it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So this is the market going down Tuesday and Wednesday, right? And Tuesday, Wednesday, it held up relatively, relatively nice. Right. And then Thursday, Friday when the market started turning, so did it. Now we bounced or we got rejected right here on this teal line or a blue light blue, whatever you want to call. So I would like to look to see what happens when it hits this line. Does it break it and continue to kind of move to the green line up to the red line and continue to kind of it’s upward trajectory as in this is it’s done. Don’t forget. We have this line right here

To the right.

So to support all the way, going back to April 12th and April 21st, we broke through it May 4th and then retested on May 7th got rejected and then that’s where we’ve gone. So it’ll be nice to see kind of what happens as you can see. The first, automatically starts first all the way back in March. So this is a, well, it goes back even further. However, we started paying attention to it in March. So this line right here, the 33 89 give or take is really the line in the sand for Sonova. If it can get above that and stay above that, then I like to look to get back in. I look for a position, but if it can’t get above 34, I’m kind of cool. And I’d be like, well, that’s $7 away. Yeah. Got Burton this stock. And it can move as it went from seven 43 to 33 to 41 to 25. And this is all within what, two months. So yes, it looks like it’s it’s low. But if this is the kind of, it looks like that’s in the center right there. Let’s check this out.

Yeah. So it’s almost even the 50% retracement of that move. All right. Let’s see the bigger this right here. And it is literally right here. I mean it’s a little off, don’t get me wrong. Do you guys see what I’m saying? We’re doing a retracement from this high to this low and it’s basically, it’s pretty symmetrical as this, the line that I was talking about is basically in the middle. So that’s the 50% retracement give or take. Right. So yeah, again, I would like to see above the 50% as opposed to being below. I mean, if you can see what the numbers there, Brookfield, renewable partners partnership, this is kind of just like sunova.

Oh, I get you think about,

I will like this. I mean, obviously it didn’t give us what we wanted. It broke down would have been in lovely short. It would give us some 33 to make $3. Not very much.

Yeah, this is the same. I would like to see it above the 37 74, then we’ll start talking about it again. But I mean, it, it broke through retested and then can just kept going down one Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday. So, I mean, it would have been a beautiful short going into the week just being like, yeah, it’s below the line looking into it and then we could have caught a beautiful short and basically four days, Friday, Friday, we would’ve gotten hammered, but for four days you would have caught a beautiful short. Yeah, but I, again, I’m not really looking for shorts at the moment. Maybe we’ll kind of transition to look for shorts as well, but right now I’m mostly just looking long and I don’t like it until it gets above the 37 74, A E S kind of seems like all these utilities are saying,

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