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Basic Materials May 16 (LYB, ECL, MOS, DOW, DD, SMG, SHW, IP, BASFY, RIO)

We got LyondellBasell this is, this looks pretty good. What is this? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday. It hit basically where we wanted it to retrace all the way back to one Oh nine. And you know, we’re at a 3% gain on Friday. Thursday would have been ideal to get into this. However, I would say it’s looking, I mean, it did exactly what we wanted. Came up here. Got rejected, came down. Now I’m looking for us to break out of that one 16, probably break above that. Well, it’s really a one 1692. If I saw correct for the next little bump up to one 25. Let’s see if we can find any options. One 25 given us 33 days for a dollar

It’s kind of look and see how long did it take us from get from here to here?

Because it’s 13, $13. So that would give us up to one 27 and it took nine days. So does it have the, the trajectory to get us there? Yes. Let’s check out. Hold on. Let’s look at, cause that’s what brought us there was Oh yeah. A huge earnings beat. So yeah, I like that. Where did I put my piece of paper?

So I would say, do you see where we are? We’re going, we’re looking at this one, the one 25 June. So given us 33 days, we’re probably be able to get it for about a dollar depending on how the month the market jumps. If it goes much more than a dollar, I don’t want it. Cause we’re only really looking at 13 points, 27. So $1 we’re trying for the price to get, it has to go above one 26 versus the profit. So if it any more than a dollar, I’m not really trying to get it just because we’re only looking for it to really go to one 27. Right. So I don’t know if that made sense to everybody. It made sense to me.

Oh, Y B one 25 June. Oh, We’re In 25 June. ECL. Where’s my phone. Here we go. Because look let’s first talk about the ones, the positions that we’re in. So under the basic materials we are in ECL. That’s why I wanted to, to point it out there we are, we got June 250 calls.


So giving us 30 days. Okay. They did not beat One, two, three, four, five. I’m guessing this was, why did I get this? I’m going to we’re we’re down six, wait a minute. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four or five. I’m not really quite sure what I saw. I’d have to go back and listen to what it is that I saw in this

Oh yeah, I do. I get it came down. It held then we’re buying from here. Cause we have the two 50 w I’m looking at yeah, there, there it is. I see, I see it. I see it. I see it. We’re looking, I mean, this is high and tight. It’s w it just hit the 50, it bounced right back up to the nine and the 20 unless the market’s gonna have a market, right? Like it did this last week. I do see. Cause even look, this is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So Tuesday when the market was going bonkers down, this actually went up now Wednesday, when the market really, you know, took a dump, it went back down. But if you look where we close, we close above where it was down. So I almost want to say if Wednesday did not happen to the market.

Cause if we look, it looks like it came down at a little hammer and then it looked like it was going to want to go back up. However, the Wednesday screwed everything up. But then we closed here the two 24, which is basically the high of Wednesday’s low. So I still am pretty positive that this by June, I, yeah, by June, I see it. Unless it decides to kind of turn over, like roll over. I kind of see that if the market continues to stay strong, we’re popping out of this probably next week or at least retesting the highest this upcoming week. And if we can get over the two 31, then I’ll be extremely happy. Mosaic. We are in the money with mosaic. Yeah, we’re, we’re a 50% gain so far on this

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