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Energy May 16 (VLO, CVX, TOT, XOM, RDS/A, BP MMP, E, KMI, SUN)

Let’s first start with oil. Now We’re going 10 years, right? Just because I want to this line right here, We have talked about this and we will continuously talk about this every single week until oil decides to break above the 66 77, which it is poised to do. Now, again, I need you to understand the importance of this number. We first broke into this number or below this 66, 77 And 1114, seven years ago is when we, we, I mean, we’ve violently. Oops.


Crashed blow this number. I mean, one, two, three, four, five straight months of huge oil drops, right? I’m talking, we went from one, basically one Oh eight to 42 without stopping. Right? So this number is very important. It’s the 50% from the last high to the very rote, literally from the high to the low, right? And this 50% Mark is from here to here. And for some reason it has been holding that Mark for a very long time. Now we’re about, we just hit it again. Last week we hit it. 66, 76. We’re one penny below, as you can see one penny below, but now let’s bring it in to the weeks.


Back in March, we hit it. And now we have had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight weeks, right. Basically two months to where it’s consolidated and it’s coming back, right. We, where is this? This is the week. So our, this is our hundred weeks, right? Our 50 weeks crossed around here. We just hit our nine weeks are 20 weeks. These are weeks, right. Is, is now at almost 60, right? Our 50 weeks is at 52, right? So this is these nine, 10 weeks that has been here. The only thing that it’s done is bringing our averages higher. Right. It kind of take a pause. It makes sense. Got rejected hard. But in retrospect, not really

Now, we’re onto our day.

I don’t want to predict when it’s going to break out. Cause this is the like spin the van line in the sand for seven years. So I don’t want to be like, Oh, it’s next week. It’s breaking. Right. I have no idea when this is going to break. But when it breaks in, it holds 66, 77. It has the potential to run almost to where it was. I’m going to, I’m not going all the way back where we were, but it has the potential to run to 80 really fast, right. 80, 90, 100 with the quickness because of how fast it felt. Now there’s a lot of resistance points on there. But again, we have not seen any of these numbers above 66, 77 for a long, long period of time for seven years. Now we, what, five years ago, four years ago, we’ll get our weeks in and then we’ll start jumping in. So yeah, this is 18, three years ago. We were above it for a few weeks and then we crashed and we’ve not been above it since we’ll go the month. So you can see what I’m talking about. So we had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven months above and then down in the last seven years.


So we’re looking for it to hold and break above and stay above. And remember that was 2018. So this is three years ago. Now let’s get into our companies. We have Valero. So kind of with all that being said, all these companies are going to be nine out of 10. Beautiful. we are in quite a few of these from last week and the weeks beyond. So some of them, no, we’re not going to just add more positions. We’re are pretty heavy in oil, which works for me. All right. Valero. They just paid out their dividend, paid a dollar per share. Yeah, we’re six points away from or what? We’re three points away from the high, right? We had a 4% gain on Friday. I, with all these oil stocks I’m are, we’re already in, cause we got in last week and the week before. So

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