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Financials May 16 (BLK, GS, FAS, SCHW, TROW, BX, KKR, NTRS, BAC)

It’s finances, well banking either which way you want to call it? Look at BlackRock. I mean, I was basically right on, on most of these to get out on Friday. However, I was not on

Getting in on time,

So you’ll, you’ll see something that is pretty much uniform through all these stocks as well is, I mean, well, it was basically uniform with the market. They all crashed and now they’re starting to come back in. I would say yes, on every last one of these let’s do it. However, I do not have that much liquid cash and we are already in a few positions, so we need to manage these positions because last week, like I said, they’re all great to be in right now. Last week kind of hurt us a little bit. So BlackRock, we had got out last week of black rock, we got out of T Rowe price and we got an N T R S all with profits. I would literally say BlackRock looks amazing. If you can get back in, get back in for the push to nine 26.


Goldman Sachs did it to us as well. I’m which we could if you have the cash, get in, get in, don’t go heavy, get in and kind of watch yourself because it could break out then come back down a little bit and then go. I’m not exactly sure how the market’s going to react. However, they’re the best time to get in would have been right here. I was not there cause it’s, I mean, if you think about it, it is, that was at 52. It’s already 68, two days later. So it’s already had a massive move FAS, same thing. Hi,

Massive move down. Like one 25. I mean, it hit to the T exactly where we’re supposed to and then found support exactly where we’re supposed to so that the market being extremely red and terrible. If you’re looking at these, it was almost a completely structured sell off because they, it was supposed to retrace their right. If you looked at almost all of these, they all hit, like they almost all hit target. Maybe I was, I was like, I w I will say this. I was off a day. Right? I went long on Tuesday. All excited. Cause I was right. Well, Monday I was a little wrong, Tuesday, everything I got paid, I got paid well, and then I got a little too excited and I went long on Tuesday and Wednesday. We see what happened was the massive long day. But if I had just stuck with what it was in, cause if you remember last week I bought the S P wise, short on Friday. If I had just held those till Wednesday, it would have been massive gains and then reverse on Wednesday. Then it would have been great, but I screwed myself on Tuesday. Okay. Now we’re getting in or almost where we were getting some, we got, we picked up some Swin last week. This is looks amazing. We didn’t screw ourselves all the way. Let’s check out.

It’s. I mean, Schwab it’s talk to swab. We have the June 18 ease. We picked them up for 46 cents. They’re 55 cents right now. I don’t see anything out of our way. Remember where we basically paid 40 cents to hit closer to here. I don’t again, up in a way T Rowe price. We got out last week for profits and now I’m like, man, cause it, we got out. What is this? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We got out here. All right. It popped to 92. So I was frustrated. Then we crashed and it’s right back up to 92.

Yeah. Okay.

It might pull back a little bit, but I, I don’t see it having too much of a problem. I would like to see it come. Let’s say next week, if we are above 91, 31 and kind of closer to it, we kind of like do one of these pop up, come back down, then I’ll be looking to buy it on the, come back down right here, looking to go and catch the 20 points up to two Oh nine Blackstone. We are in Blackstone, which we have this week. It’s not looking good. We’re down pretty hefty on this one.

Of all the stocks, this got hit really bad. One, two, three, four, five on Monday, it took it’s dump. Cause we were at 92 50 was in, we had got into this over here. So Friday we were looking great Monday. We’re looking even like, just as good at 91 42, cause we’re a dollar out of the money with the week to go looking straight to hit that 92 50 and then the mortgage dumped. So we’re both basically at max loss on these, we bought them for 60 cents with a Mark of 80 cents, which expire on Friday.

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