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Healthcare May 16 (MRNA, SRPT, UNH, JNJ, AZN, PFE, BMY, ABBV, GILD, MRK)

All right. Healthcare starting off with Merck and co.


So yeah, last week really didn’t do anything. So Monday, Tuesday, we drop Wednesday, Thursday, we pop and then Friday we drop. However I do enjoy this. Everything’s real tight. We did just break out. You see, let me show you a little closer. You see our shorter rained, excuse me. Shorter range. Moving averages are starting to cross over to the upside, which is a bullous sign, which is able as trend. You see how when it was popping up, it was the, get back to where it was the sh the shorter range or the shorter timeframe moving averages. You see how they were below now. They’re starting like even right here, they were below, below, below base are above the 50, but below the hundred, now they’re starting to be above the hundred above the a hundred. So the nine and the 20 are about to be above the a hundred, which is exactly what we want to see. So with Merck, I would say, let’s check out,


If we can find a short term or not really short term, more of like a, they got the weeklies, see one month out the June’s. What is the price that we are at 77?

Let’s go,

We’ll do a retracement. See? Yeah, it lines up perfectly. I mean, maybe not a hundred percent perfect. And my lines. Aren’t always perfect. However, we look, we are holding that 50%, right? We got rejected. Now we’re came back up and we’re basically holding the 50%. We’re a little off a little bit, but I think my numbers are off

A little bit on drawing the line.

Yes. See, I’m off just a little bit. So 85.

See if I can just Oh, no. Well, there we go. That gives us a much,

My other

Line looked like it was a little bit more accurate, however, that’s fine. As you can see, the 50 is what we’re looking for. So as I was for looking forward to options, however, with this new information and seeing this 50% line as kind of our big deterrent in the way I am still bullish, however, I would like to see it close above the 78, 76 or 78 66. So I would like to see it come up here. All right. Maybe break out, hit the 80, come back down to the 78, show me that it was going to hold the 78 and then let’s go for it. Right. That just seems like a higher probability trade

for me. Something that will make a profit more because right now I do, I like this trade. Yes, I do. However, I do not like the fact that we have the 50% retracement right in the way.

And we got rejected there. Look above fail. Massive hard, look above fail, look above fail. So I would like for it to look above and hold for maybe one to two days. Cause it, it keeps going above and then failing the next day. Right. It held one day. And this was in April since it dropped in, which was in February. So it’s in a nice trading range. I’d like to see a kind of break out of that trading range and then go for it. Now if this holds, Oh, I mean, again, we have five days. We’ll see what happens in five days.


I liked this one C okay. The difference. The difference is you see how this is broken above the 50, right? I enjoy this much better. We just broke off in the squeeze. This one looks amazing. Is it too late to get in? I would not say it is because we are going w probability would tell us we’re going to get rejected right here anyways. So where we are, which we kind of got rejected anyways, look for the 67, cause it’s 67, 77 really? Only like 56 or what? 25, 75 points away give or take 75 cents away. I look for it to kind of come down there. Hold that just a second. Maybe one more down day and then boom. We’re up. I do like Gilly ad. Let’s see if we find anything Gilliad. That’s cheap With a big bang for our buck. We’re at 63 or 68 53, kind of a upward trajectory. Target is seven of 80. That’s really far from here.

74 would probably be a better target. However, we need to be kind of far out 33 days. I don’t see it in 33. It’s a lie. Yeah, I do. Kind of see, or are we seven give or take the 70 fives right here? Let me, let me find a writing utensil.

I like these, these look, this one looks pretty decent for me.

Oh, I know.

So what do we, we got the Guilliani G I L D 75, July ABB V. Well, this looks beautiful too. I mean, these are, I mean, it just, it Friday hit the high and then came back down now let’s let’s look at the 15 minute. Yeah. Hit the high end, first thing in the morning and kind of afternoon fade, which is fine. I’m all right with that.

Maybe a half a more day. I mean, it it’s it’s right at breakout. So it’s I like it. Let’s just leave it at that. I like it. However, it might be a little tricky, cause I don’t know how Monday is going to open. Right. So it’s difficult for me to say, yeah, get it right at the open. Well, what if it gaps up five points at the open and I’d be like, no way. Cause that’s that’s way further because we are looking for the night, the one 19, that’s going to be in our way. So we’re like right in the middle. I do like it we’re three points out of that. I’m enjoying it. However, just know that we’re not extended. We’re still hovering the line. We’re basically the, the twenties like creeping right up. I like it. Let’s see what kind of see, what do we got here giving us 61 days that, that timeframe I’m

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