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Still Don’t Know What They Are Talking About Matic But Was Given A Couple of Dollars To Be Confused

Polygon where’s that? Oh, we actually have to work for this. They’re not gonna, we got pay attention on issues where whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That enables instant, low cost and secure transaction on the Ethan. We’ve probably gone either in pricing scale by utilizing multiple of side chains for secure off-chain computation. This is terrible, man. They don’t have a video, a polygon chains come in several flavors with the what

Well, that was stupid. Cause I don’t, wouldn’t be able to tell you any of this the Centrum built on Ethan room. Okay. The MADEC token is polygons native asset and I fuels these incentives. So Mack, you see the little diagram with a whole bunch of stuff going out. Maddock can be stacked by polygon validators who keep the network running in exchange for rewards. No idea. What you’re talking about. Token holders can contribute to security without running any software by delegating their stake to trusted validators. Exactly. Don’t know what you’re talking about. All MADEC token holders that stake on the polygon network also get the right to participate in the governance of the network. So I guess you get to control you’re the boss. In other words, I don’t like how they do this. They’re like, this is more work and they’re only paying us a dollar for it. This is terrible. And they’re not explaining it. I don’t understand what they’re talking about. Who runs the polygon network? The validators maybe, and see that made another dollar.

Alright. Another one polygon goal is to create a scalable internet of block bans on ether net. Okay. Today over 80 D apps have been deployed with polygon security and funds. So 200,000 people in the future polygon aims to support even more architects types, allowing developers to create more powerful Diaz, where else as probably gone, continues to grow and expand and support as capabilities are added to the Ethereum network. Okay. it was turned into the internet blockchains and the magical play and appreciated port. You know, it just makes absolutely no sense. Are you building internet blockchains? Okay.

Well we did it guys. We made $3. We did it. I would not be able to tell you anymore about that matter. I know, absolutely know more now than I did before it was used as video. She had lady starts talking to us. Nope. This is not a video man. That’s why. Okay. Well I hope you guys are just as disappointed as I am, so I want him to learn something, but I really didn’t learn anything. I don’t know what the hell or what they were talking about, but I guess maybe I’m just stupid. I don’t know. Let me know if you guys learned anything or I’m just stupid. That’s all right. If I’m just stupid, you can let me know that too. All right. Onto the next one, we can make two more dollars with the graph so far I kinda liked stellar. I mean, I don’t really understand how like if, how they’re going to implement this on a massive scale, but they were kind of organized comp was a good idea. Well, they payments $6. So I’m happy with that to listen to. I mean, they made a decent little video, so I can’t complain. Right. It was interesting stellar, interesting videos. No polygon. Terrible. So what’s next the graph. All right. See you in a minute.




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