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All right. We got healthcare. Well, dare does. This is wild stock. Look at these, these ranges are enormous, right? Absolutely enormous. Let’s let’s do an extension. Yeah. That’s that’s the, if you see it, that’s the game that they’re playing ladies and gentlemen, you see it from this low, like basically the beginning of this parabolic move to the high, to the next low. And that’s the game that we’re playing. We stopped out. I mean, it reminds me, my numbers could be off just a little bit. So that’s probably why they’re off just a little bit, but one 91, a we’re fine. I don’t want to draw another one. One 91, 22 is really close to 89, 26. So, you know, my numbers could be off and you’ll see it, it like, it’s the [inaudible] it is stopping. And it is showing things at these numbers all around the board.

You’ll see, here, here, the stop-out right there, the rejection to support. I mean, it’s basically all around these numbers and now we’re holding the one 59 22, which is what, 30 points away from the high or not, not really the high, is it the hard? Yes, it is the higher. So we’re 30 points out. We were just, there May 4th and we got destroyed. So, which makes perfect sense. We’d talk like that. Just a whole bunch of sellers are right there. It looks like we’re headed and we hit all the way down to the hundred. So this is one, two, three, four days of just massive selling. So just keep that in mind when you’re looking at this it four days 30 points. So keep in mind this, this has, that stock has the ability to move and move drastically, which means our implied volatility will be higher.

So you will not be buying this, any options with this, for any cheap price. They’re all relatively going to be expensive. Why? Because of 30 points in four days. Right? So I, I, again, if it can hold this fifth one 59 22, then I would go maybe Delta twenties, two, three months out your Delta twenties would probably going to bring you up to like your 200 mark give or take out for July. So you’re really just trying to get some volatility on this. Like that’s a gamma explosion. Cause if it has one big day, let’s say, I mean, if it has, which is a week, so one, two, three, four, or five has it five days like this and you’re around the two hundreds and it goes from like one 50 to 180 or 200, you’re going to go, X are gonna explode. So I would play that if you didn’t have a lot of money, if you had a lot of money, wait until it holds the one 59 and then go heavy and look for it to break above this one 88. I mean, but be careful because if it could get rejected again and fly down

ABBV I would say that’s just really frustrating. We were in this one right now. I don’t know where there is the phone. Let me get the phone and tell you what we’re in. So Friday was just a bad day

For ABBV, but I think we have close to a month before expiration dates. So that should be fine. Hold on. All right. Now I’m back. Let’s go. A, B, B V. So we got the July one 20 fives. Yeah, it was, it looked fine to me. We are down $11. Friday hurt us $30. Sorry. We’ve already gone $11 off the low, and this has been massive destruction. I kind of like it. All right. Look at this. We held it, held the red line. Our next target is 89, which is 10 points would mean that there’s a 20 point move. So that’s almost a 30% move. Give or take. I think my numbers are right from the low, right? So that’s a massive move. It looks as if this could be turning the corner, right? Don’t forget. This was not that long ago. $181 stock that got destroyed to 79. I mean, they liked to fill gaps and this is a massive, massive gap. I don’t even understand this gap. This is, it literally dropped a hundred or like 90 points. So if it can turn around, there is a massive amount of movement that could happen in this stop. I’m curious. [inaudible]

So we’re looking 180 days out. Oops.

All right. A hundred. I don’t know. All right. Well, the one 20 fives still cost you. We’re talking about $2 and 25 cents give or take tours and 30 cents. And that’s a one 20 fives. So right here, halfway through, it’s like a dollar and that is November 180 days out. When was this up here? So this is last year. I almost want to, I mean, I know this sounds stupid, but if this can show me that it wants to continuously move higher out by some very far out, very far out of the money options about basically the, the one 81 to two hundreds. But as I’m talking about would have to be almost an expiration 20, 22 some some year, give it a long time. Cause this was entire year. So we’re talking about all of 20, 21. It is. It has been just looking terrible.

GILD Let me tell you the X the position we are in this one, we are in the July 16th, 70 fives. We got it for 50 cents. There are 42 now. That’s because of Friday. All right. It’s 100% because of Friday. So we’ll check it out if, I mean, mind you, this is why it’s very difficult to have a stop on this. Cause it’s it’s 50 cents. So yeah, a stop at 25 cents, but yeah. Yeah. Merck market looks like it’s doing okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So I remember last, last week I was concerned about holding the 78 66. So it looks like this whole week we jumped above the 78, made it all the way up to 80 and crashed on Friday. But what’s looking lovely is Wednesday, look, we, we broke below, but we touched perfectly and then bounced again, which now it’s bringing our lines higher. I would like to see kind of if we can stay above the 78, 66, like I wanted to kind of do it, like it’s already down here. So if the kind of thing goes like this, and then up here then down and catches us right around like this level. Right? So I, it to go like, go down to the 78, go back up to 80, then come back down to the 79 and then I’d look, there would be a little bit better position for me to want to get in Pfizer, having a hard time beating that 40. I mean, we broke out, which is beautiful, 50 cents above, but as you can see, we have been around this number for about a week, week and a half, two weeks, three weeks when it was this one, two, three, four,

Five, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. So basically three weeks, right? Yeah, it went down, but we’re hovering around here for three weeks. If we can stay above. Right.

It did not our targets 40. It w it ended on Friday at 39 95. I mean, it’s closed, but it did not close above it. If it can close above it and stay above it, then look forward to take out 41. And then we’re as targeted after 41 with a high, high of 43 Johnson and Johnson already kind of just looking and it looks like it is poised to do some, oof. This is knocking on the window that this is one, two, three, four, five. This is difficult. It is really close. So it could be very easy to be like, yup, let’s just go for it. However, we broke above, but we got rejected pretty strong and we did not get rejected at the high, right? The hot, we got rejected at 72 64, the highest 70 365. Right? So a $1 basically from the high, which is right here. So, If he could stay above the 68 oh seven, right. You see why I say that? So we got rejected. It broke out. So it took out some stops, just took out the shorts here, took out the shorts here and well, you know, shorts there too. Took those, took them out, got rejected. Right. So if he can stay above the 68 oh seven, then I would say the longs are still in control. When if it can drop, if it drops below there, then reevaluate the situation. Because it probably took out the long step that got in, like literally right here and right here, if that makes sense, AstraZeneca impressive. One, two, three, four, five basically kinda went parabolic on us. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I would be very careful because I could see this happening. Cause this is a gapper. You see how it gapped up.

That could be the exhaustion gap. So you see what I’m saying? Here’s the, this is probably the prof gap, the professional gap, right? Cause it wouldn’t down and it gapped high. And then they sold it to everybody that was getting in late and then bought it at the end of the day and then was able to let it go higher. This could be the, the, the end for it to, you know, gap up, come back down to the 55. I would like to see what happens because it does have the capability to go all the way down to the red, yellow line. It’s gone pretty far.I mean, it’s only $7, but just be easy. This we’re our close to resistance. I’d want to see it come down just a little bit before I buy it.

BMY Oh man. Look at Friday is just horrendous. So we are, oh, look at this. It broke out of its channel though. Right? It broke out and got rejected. Wait, where did it close though? Closed above. Right? So this is fine that it lost 95, 92 cents. Basically at the end of the day, it’s still gained 5 cents. Right? And it closed above our line of 67. We have the July 16th or dry 16, 80 calls a Friday kind of destroyed us. No for no other reason than probably Friday morning when it gapped up to 67 92, my options were probing worth a decent amount, but then they got destroyed for this one reason of all crushed. Right. Since he got, cause let’s look at Friday.

Yeah, exactly. So it gapped up high and then they dropped it. So if I had sold right there, it would have been a decent profit. But if you kind of see what they did, they doing this more than once. Right, right there, right there. It’s caching itself back up. Bristol-Myers I don’t see any issue with it going higher from here. Ooh, excuse me. This is interesting. So we have a multi-year three year high right here at the one. This was one 20 of 2000 at 68 32 or 34. Excuse me. If it can w when we’re in a weekly squeeze, if this breaks, this is going to break and it’s going to break strong as, hence, the reason I probably have the eighties. So yeah. Let’s pay close attention to it. If you’ve been loading up load, keep loading up because it looks as if it’s going to break to the long side and this isn’t what a two year squeeze. So the pressure on this could be massive UNH United health group. Okay.

Up, up in a way, one, two, three, four, five. So we were here. I was probably last week concerned that we might get rejected. We did not, we made it all the way up to four 25 and then got rejected. So I would look for it to come down, maybe down to three 94, but that’s a far away from here. This, this, when this doc went great. And then go from there. I don’t there’s oh, these are weeks. I’m sorry. Now I’m going to months. Let’s go back to days. All right. There we go. I was like, something just doesn’t look right. Yeah. There we go. Right. Cause I was like, well, why, why? One, two, three, four, five. So this is where we were last week. Okay. This makes a lot more sense.

So we hit our one 25. And since that time, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. So basically two weeks since we hit this. So this one is probably a Monday when Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So yeah, this is Monday to Friday of two weeks. Friday got us rejected. Like just so be careful, we hit our blue line, but we’ve hit it twice. We hit our green line. Look for it to hit the green line one more time, maybe. But most definitely, it seems like it’s waiting for the red line to come up, which is where, I mean, it all started on, this is not that long ago. This is only March. Excuse me. So three months ago, we’re 75 points up. It needs to revert back to the main, excuse me. So one of two ways that this can do this, he can drop, or it can just stay stagnant until the next line comes. When do they report? They reported four. So their report again in three months, which is seven. So like a month and a half.



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