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Earning Interest Through Crypto

earning interest through crypto

Video. We’re going to dive a little bit more into Coinbase, just cause you can see right here. What is what’s this little? Oh, what you can see right here is you see it constantly moving. Right? I personally liked that. I know it’s lifetime rewards, three pennies. I could probably walk to the store and just pick three pennies off the ground. And you know, this is it’s insignificant, the amount that is being made. However, there’s only where this is a let’s look, the U S D coin. I only have $243, basically $242. And I’ve made 3 cents off of that. Nothing to really write home about. However, if you look, this is, um, it doesn’t, I don’t know. I also will look for the, uh, the percent in just a second, but there are one, two, three, four other ones that you can gain a little bit of money. Right? Well, they call it rewards, but I call it a little bit of money. Right. It’s just fun money. Just watch the thing moving. Right. That’s that’s the video we’re making. We want to increase our, our little moving every day. Right? So let’s, let’s go over to home. I think it is. Um, where did I find that? That’s portfolio? That’s home prices.

Okay. Okay. Where is it somewhere?

I was just here. I don’t know what it is that I, where I was Anyhow, we will just go right here. All right. I got to get to understand, uh, Coinbase a little bit better, so I don’t get lost, but


Analyze percentage. We will. Let’s look at each of these.

Look at the yield. The analyze your offer for USDS rewards. Are they current daily and compound monthly subject to change? Look at the small itty bitty percentage. Right? I first, I, I didn’t buy that USD coin trying to get rewards or obviously I wouldn’t have bought the, it looks like it’s the smallest one. Right? However, I just bought it. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I bought it. I just bought it. And then I, then I realized, I started like looking over here. I was like, Oh, look at this. It’s moving. When you look at this one, uh, it says, this is, this is, this is where it’s nice. So you’re getting a 2% compounded daily, right? That this is a current analyze yield offered by DIA rewards occur and compound daily. This rate is subject to change, obviously.

About five days after you purchased your start earning your, your reward. And again, we’re on,

We’re not

Going to read that real quick. Let’s look at, Tezos look at that.

Okay, so this is different. You got to pay attention, right? You got to understand this is compounded daily, right? So your 2% right there in this is also occurred daily compounded. So this is compounded monthly so far right now, DIA looks like it’s, it’s the best because it compounds daily. If you want to understand a compounding interest, get a Google it, uh, I’m not going to make a video on that because that’s, that could be a 30 minute video just on talking about compound interest. Tezos when you hold Tezos on Coinbase, you Ernest Ernest staking reward 4% is the estimate annual rewards rate, which may change over time. Right? So this is 4% annual. It’s not compounded daily. So you’re actually so far right now, D a I is giving you way better than anything else.

Aquifers are CarPlay, but a net worth the first one to 34 at 35 days after each purchase. So yeah, I mean, it’s a decent investment. You’re going to make 4%, you know, four and a half percent annual. Uh, it doesn’t it’s it looks like if you’re staking it, there’s also obviously a date. Uh, um, I’m not quite sure what this staking is. I’ve read it numerous times. I kinda like, I guess you’re kind of putting in like a vault or something where you just stake it as you put it in there and it just stays there like a stake in your yard. Right? Um, so again, this so far, this one, D a I is what I like. I’ll probably get some of that after the video. Uh, okay. Let’s look at this. Um, the corner of asthma rewards, not yet added to your account.

Okay. Annual percentage yield 6%. When you hold alga rent on Coinbase, you earn rewards. 6% is the estimate. And which may change over to this based on algorithm, January pro. Cool. Alright. That’s decent. 6% annual return. However, if you do not understand laws, percentages, and compound interest, I again tell you to Google it because it will blow your mind so far. D a I is the greatest. Okay. Let’s look at even it’s better than this one as well. Um, this is when you hold cosmos on Coinbase, you earn a stake in reward 5%. So on this one, you own 5% of your money.

Okay, this is going to sound weird, but if you don’t understand compound interest, then it won’t make any sense to you.

This itty bitty 1.5% over the long haul because it’s compounded monthly is better. I’m not the first year, maybe the second year, it won’t work. And it depends on the size of your money. But if you’re going to hold it for years like this, staking, your compounded 1.5% or 0.5, one 5% over like maybe 10 years is going to be bigger than this 4%. Right? So again, what I see as the best one is 2% compounded daily. That is amazing. I am, I want to go into this coin. And if you, if you remember the stable coin video, this is kind of a, uh, an attachment to that. It’s just look at the price. This is a dollar. Oh, yep. So they’re going to try to, they try to hedge it 100% at the dollar. So if you see it, it was at a high of a dollar and it was a low of 99 cents. And now we’re back at a dollar. So it always tries to stay right around the dollar.

Yeah. So of the winners of the interest, I would say D a I now, when it comes to stable currencies, watch that video. I’m not a hundred percent sure. Uh, if I would pick as a stable currency, this probably wouldn’t be my go-to, but as a wealth creation currency, I, this is a go-to, if that makes sense. All right.