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Automobile Quarterly Rescuing The Chevy

All right. We are almost done with box number four. Let’s recap. We’ve talked about the car books… More of a recap for me, cause you have no idea that I just took a three hour break. This is more or less our section on auto mobiles. Let me get nice and close and comfortable for the viewer enjoyment. In the name of the people, Origins of the VW Beetle, Winged warriors of Chelsea, Sir William… I’ll let you look at it. You can pause and read for yourself.

Look at this advertisement, the Chevrolet review 1923, February. You know it has to be somewhere cold because I’m in Charlotte right now. It’s January. This is 1980 edition and there’s no snow.

Origins of the VW bug. We’re going to come back to that. I’d read that’s the essay. We’re going to do an essay on that. We’ll look at some of these other cars. Here we go… Rescuing the Chevrolet. What is he talking about here? Look at this one! This is the 1922, 490 touring. This is the 1923 superior series. I like that one right there. What do you all think?

Okay. This is what they said they were going to revive it, the 1923 Copper Cooled Chevrolet. Look at that. It’s in the Henry Ford Museum. A Chevy car in the Ford Museum. That’s funny!

Look at this one. Look at the little Chevy. You know what I’m saying? This is the 1924 Superior Two Passenger Coupe.

This is Jaguar, right here. What are they talking about with the Jag? We might do the Jaguar. What do you guys think? I think the JAG where’s this. Look at these. That’s the old school JAG. You’ve got to get a copy of this book. This is cool. These are old school Jaguars. The 53, the 49, on this side right here. I like this white one, right there. The 57, I liked that. What do you all think? 1961, this is 61, right here. They don’t really have an article about the Jags.

Sir. William, a fresh look at Jaguars background. They do. That’s what we’re going to do this story on Jaguar. They got a whole section on the story of Jaguar. Perfect. We’re going to do it on Jaguar. We’re going to talk a little bit about the origins of the VW.

So just look at pictures. I don’t want to take up too much time. What is this about Hitler? The future Fuehrer led a charmed life at the front throughout the war, but just weeks before they armed Tyson in 1980, he was caught in a poisonous gas attack in Belgium, was almost rendered blind for life. Shipped back to Munich, the [conference 00:05:22] lesson was given a job by the Bavarian army authorities, spying on extremist political groups, both left and right. One of these, the national socialist Germany party, and as DAP, he soon enough took over, for the expression and implantation of his new political ideas and ambition… What has this to do with the car?

Okay. I thought it was a paragraph. No, it’s quite long. Let me see if we can find.. On November 8th, 1923… Just skipping ahead. I thought it was just this little paragraph about Hitler, but no. It’s this page, this page. This is very interesting too. This is going to have to be for a different class. So it’s discussing basically the VW, the Volkswagen, which it’s also talking about. It’s going to be a toss up on which one we talk about. Either we talk about Hitler or we talk about Jaguar. This is the original VW with the engine in the back. You see it? Look at that one.

Now you can see how it’s getting closer to what we see today. You see Hitler in one right there. And that’s all they got for us on that part right there. It makes sense because under the Hitler one, that’s what the VW looked like for a while until this book was… It looks different now, but that’s also because this book is 30 years old, 40 years old. All right. So we’ll all decide whether we talk about Hitler and the VW or Jaguar and the Jag.