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It’s a tiny little one, a dollar and 20 cents, but it’s a pretty big market cap at $38 billion. That’s actually, that’s, that’s a pretty large market cap for only a dollar. Right? Because think about it. If it’s at 10, once it gets the $10 there, we’re looking at $300 billion market cap. That’s enormous, right. Um, 73% by, so that’s a good one. So that means kind of, uh, that they’re trying to push the market and push it higher. Uh, it could get all the way up to one 40. That was the high, or I don’t like the way that the charting just cause I’m used to the stock market. Um, January 21, it was 17 cents. So it was, it at least recently just exploded, right. Almost 10 times your money right there, a typical holds 10 days. Um, so yeah, that’s like 10 days kind of means that it’s, it’s controlled by short-term traders more or less.

Um, which makes a lot of sense. That’s why it’s so volatile. So you have a lot of buyers or people got interested probably around like 30 den, January 31st and on 34 cents made a Buku amount of money and then selling and buying, buying and selling sense. All right, let’s check it out. Is a blockchain built on a proof of stake consensus protocol card, or row burrows that validates transactions without higher energy costs development on cardio uses the Haskell programming language, which is described as enabling Cardi Cardinal to pursue evidence-based development for unparalleled security and syllabus stability. The blockchain’s native token, ADA is named after the 19th century mathematician, ADA Lovelace.

That’s okay. All right. Let’s check out their top story. I’m interested in this, uh, smart contracts are coming to [inaudible] this spring. We get rid of that. There we go. Um, the Lonzo test net will finally approve, allow developers to deploy their own decentralized applications on Cardone Cardinal blockchain. All right. So I think in the brief, let’s just look at that, uh, developers playing to lots of smart contracts, focused test net, as soon as April, ultimately the Lonzo hard folk will allow users to deploy centralized applications. Excuse me. Um,

Okay. Now I get what they’re doing. So this is where it’s important. This is this like little paragraph right here is what’s important. So the smart contracts, what they’re trying to con cause each one of these coins are kind of different, right? So when you looked at sushi swap, which was more of a kind of create little trading network groups together to exchange coins, ether, um, is like a platform where you can build things off of each room, which a lot of the coins are ether and based coins. Right? So what this one’s trying to do is they’re trying to compete against either room, right? So since last summer, their Delphi ecosystem Boone building and widespread decentralized application adapts allowed basic smart contracts, the same functionality coming to the Cardinal, as example of blockchain developers with presented, uh, could earn a native DAP that allows you to just swap different tokens, much like ethers killer dabs, such as uni swap. Okay. According to the polls, uh, amounts of 40 billion. Wow. So there’s, there’s a lot of money

Okay. I see. Um, what it’s doing is it’s giving people the ability to create their own custom tokens. So it’s like how, how with word, what is it called Ethereum? Right. How sushi swap is made off of the Ethio ether rooms platform. That what, what Cardinal is trying to do is the same exact thing. And look at the blockchain has just skyrocketed, like this is the average transaction fee. So the they’re they’re like, wow, they are okay. For example, the average margin on each of them has recently searched for all new high reasons. Blockchain data shows that reunited opening debates over it’s becoming too expensive for us. Okay. Okay. Um,

All right. That, that reading this right here has made me extremely if they can pull it off, right. If they can pull it off and get their cut their, their coin or whatever, their, their world or crypto world, um, anything to be decentralized like, um, ether, um, there’s so many different names. Um, then this has potential because Ethereum’s breaking past $2,000 or it’s like an $1,800 right now. So if this were to get anywhere close to 1800, even like 500, you’re looking at a really decent investment on, on, or yeah. A huge return on your investment. Um, I just reviewed a light coin and I’ve have the bull. I would S I would think, I mean, because like corn just is fresh on my mind, so don’t get me wrong. You know, I, I, I, haven’t done all, I haven’t gone throughout all thousand different coins, but, um, comparatively speaking, what I want to put my money in light corn or what I want to put my money in this, I’d want to put my money in this just because what they’re trying to do, check out there.

Okay. Yup. Excuse me again. Um, operating a stake pool about staples operators and owners. They say pools of rivals server node that holds and maintains a combined. Okay. Um, C get hub, everyone’s using GitHub pulling and pushing. You kind of need to know what get hub is. Um, I’m guessing because a lot of these people, it’s kinda like open source. So you can, you can pull a lot of different things from get hub. So it’s, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s computer mumbo jumbo. However, if you, if you want to get into this, it’s, it’s good to at least be able to speak the language because I’ve seen get hub about, on every single one of these coins. So if you want to, if you want to be a publisher, I guess then you’re going to need to know, get hub. Um, let’s go back to here. Let’s official website. See what we got making the world work better for all

I’m not on the whole, I don’t understand the whole environmental, how that’s going to do anything


Okay. Look at it. They all have foundations input output. What is this in Gurgo? I found him on a Carter protocol, develop supports and incubates commercial opportunities and help integrate businesses into our blocks and your system, essentially the for-profit arm of Cardinal or whatever. It’s called endeavors to advance the platform and drive adoption through commercial ventures with offices in live projects, across singable, Japan, India, blah, blah, blah. Um,

Yeah, not very interesting. Um, but they do, uh, there are three pivotal parts that they played. They they’re kind of like boots on the ground, I guess.


All right. So the other one’s for business, this one’s for academic institutions and government, right? So there, so there really are trying to branch into everything. Let’s look hard. Dano foundation is then a standards body that oversees and supervise advancement quarter incarnate ecosystem as a legal cus custodian, the protocol and the owner of the code of brand kind of funding drives adoption. Okay. So then this is just the

So there, our foundation, uh, is more or less just is what owns everything, um, or is in charge of everything. I will have to say, Oh, look at this. So yeah. Uh, the stake pool, um, whatever this is, um, for individuals, there is a lot in here.

Okay. Um, yeah,

This is, let’s go back to here. I don’t think I have any money on this particular card at the very second, just cause I got to transfer some over, however, I’ll buy this right now. I would buy this right now. I am actually very interested in this. Once I get off of this, this, uh, recording, I’m going to transfer some money and I’m going to buy some immediately. Why am I going to buy it immediately? One of all the different, now I know this is a stupid reason to want to buy it, right. But of all the websites that we’ve looked at, this one is the most intricate. It looks the most like it’s a stock, right? This, this looks like a stock. They got their new news. They’re in the news recently. Well, not, not as recent as I would like now I say that, but whatever, um, they have it’s, it’s ordered, it’s much more organized it.

They have, uh, three different things. They got developers, individuals and enterprises. So they’re, they’re really trying to cater to three different things. They’re trying to be like, create a whole entire network. And then they’re going to give people the ability to create their own coins, which is just going to boost their, their, their overall profit. That’s kind of what we were reading with the smart contracts. So if this were to go off, I could see that this could get up to maybe $50 at $1 to $50 is a huge move. Um, so again, right when I get off of this, I will be buying something.


Are Nunes is making a big defy move. Uh, this is August of last year. So they, they bounced from last year. Like, let me show you.

So this is August of last year. They’re at 9 cents. Now they’re a dollar. So if you were paying attention last year about the making the big move, let me see what, where no, I don’t care about, but we’re okay. Eat the room’s rival Cardinal making progress. The second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization ether was down Friday, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, look at that. It was $300 last year. Now it’s 1800. You bought you put $3,000 into that. You’d be, you’d be looking pretty good. Um, smart contract platform, cardiac intends to start producing proof of stakes may network blocks this weekend, Ethan switched to okay, blah, blah, blah, blah. Since it started 20, 20 coroner’s token, ADA has seen a market capitalize increase from 1 billion to 4 billion, according to corn gecko. Now it’s at 38 billion. So 38. Wow. That’s a lot. Uh, the platform and competitor, each of them has taken a method approach towards launching and now has 770 pools, staking almost 20% a to supply. Uh

Okay. So August 8th, right? I’m not going all the way in it. You can, again, you are more than welcome to kind of dive in more deep into this. And I am going to dive deeper into this. I’ll probably make a whole bunch of articles on Cardinal. Uh, the more I learn about it, uh, I might get more excited about it. So we’ll see. Um, but it’s saying right here, the POS main net is a complete, but stake pools do not start producing blocks until August eight. He said, he’s very interested to see what happens. So let’s check the price out from August

Yeah. Close enough. August 10th, 14 cents to a dollar and 25 with the, the high of a dollar 33. So we’re almost looking at 10 times our money since then, uh, announced that, uh, if I was a betting man, which I’m not, but I am going to put my money where my mouth is. I’m not going to buy a whole bunch. I’ll probably put like 50 bucks in it right now. And then, you know, come back a little later and put some more kind of give, cause I’m excited at the moment. Right? I don’t want to just dump in thousands of dollars right now. I don’t let me, I got to do my other research. Right. Once I do all the research, then I’ll make a bigger move. But right now I’m just going to kind of start small and we’ll go from there. Yeah. But this, this country, or this, this coin, I’m very interested in this. Um, 10 days I disagree with that. I believe that this is something you hold on to for quite some time. And we’re looking at maybe in the next six to eight months, we’ll try to get this up to maybe like $4. So it be like a quick, almost triple.