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Tezos Better Buy Than Algorand

The quick video. I mean, nothing too exciting. However, the only reason I’m making this video is if you were paying attention before I was all excited about algorithms, right? But now now D I a don’t get me wrong. But when we look at let’s look at how much money we have invested. So DIA makes a lot of sense that I’d have the most or gained the most amount of pennies off of DIA, right? Cause I have almost $500 invested. Now we also know that this is never really going to change. I mean, it’s going to go up from the 37 cents or whatever, but they’re always going to try to Mark this at one. So it doesn’t really have the greatest potential of, of appreciated and value. Now Tesco’s, let’s go, let’s go out grant, because I just made that last video a couple of days ago, Al grant, I was all excited. You’ve seen it moving. It looks to be moving faster than this, which it is right? Because you look at Tescos and it’s a hundred, I have 130, $2 invested an algorithm. I have 106. Right? So Al grant is making more money with less invested. However, Tescos is really close. Right? I understand. Tesla’s has more money. So on this. Yes. The deal is still the, it seems like the best bet would be algorithm. Right? However, let’s look at the chart because I’m curious on something, not the wallet, the overview

Bottom close to a month. All right. This is the one thing that I wish that it was a little easier when they just showed you how much you’re up per coin. Right. Instead of like having a guesstimate, cause I don’t want to do the math. I just want to just show me right. When you look at the stock, it shows you exactly how, when you bought it and whatever, over here, you gotta, you gotta investigate and no one has time for all that. Well let’s say we bought it. No. Now I, I really do have to see how much did I spent

Oh yeah. We got to go to the wallet. All right. Oh wow. Look at this. Look at this. This is very interesting because this is what I was this, this is literally what I was, I was thinking. All right. So I spent $96, right?

What day? Hold on

On April 2nd. So April, April. Oh, I got it on. No

So I got it in a $5 range, right? So what’s happening is I’m going, I’ve made 80% of my money. So when you go over to the portfolio, let’s go over here. And Tessa, now I’m up 34, $32. So in the beginning, right. Tescos was not making very much money. Right. But now the higher end price that it’s going, that API is paying me more because I have more coins. So that’s, what’s so interesting about this is that if you grasp that concept, great. But if not, I apologize, but let’s see how much money did I invest in Algren cause I only invested $96. This shot up like extremely fast because what, a couple days ago, there was no way. These were almost neck and neck. So it has everything to do with the price. I don’t know if they pay me every day. Cause I don’t see their little reward every day. I got to do a little bit more research on that, but I want to check this out.

Exactly. So I spent the same amount of money on Al Grande. As I did with Tescos. Now I’ve made 15 cents on Tescos or an algorithm let’s look at, but on the pure let’s go back to where we were on the better investment, which is going to end up paying. Like if, if Tesla continues to rise, then Tescos will end up being a better investment. Even though they’re not paying every day. Now, if I, if you see now this is tricky because I’m up quite a bit more because what that’s 26, $26. I mean, I know that’s not a lot. Right. But if this was a bigger account, just, I mean, you got to just think whatever how much you want, but just knowing, like playing around with this with a couple of hundred dollars is, is fun. Well also I’m trying to think what I’m going to do. Someone invested a thousand dollars in one of these next month, but I’m not quite sure. I was really excited about algorithm, but now like Teso seems like, Hmm. I mean this, this investment to central line did well, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re only talking about the amount of money being paid. Now, let me see now their reward

So it says, I mean, I don’t know. I see 22 cents, they’re saying 3 cents, 15 cents Lisa’s or maybe it hasn’t clocked in. Well very interesting. Which one is, which is the better investment so far right now Tesco’s was better than algorithm eating the algorithm is paying a higher AP. Why? Just because of the appreciation in the Teslas price.

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