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Oil Review April 17

Action for today. Hold on second. Let me get this down is where am I? I apologize. I’m all over the place right now is energy. There we go over here. Energy. Is it part of the reason I wanted to bring up oil first, before we go into the stocks? Cause this is, this is a big index. This is, I mean, this is a telltale sign. This is the real story. Remember the last time I was talking, I was saying, man, we have, we’re fighting this line right here. Right? The blue. And then the dotted. This is the all time high for, well, the, the, it feels like the all time high, but it’s the all time high for a few years, right? Let’s go 10 years, months. Right? Look, when we’re talking about the last time it’s done anything. This was in October. Well, June to October of 18 was the last time we’re anywhere close to 70. And before that point it was, we basically crashed below.

Let me just,

I know, I know there’s millions of lines on this monthly chart. It’s a little difficult bear with me. Remember blue line dotted line. This is where we are right here. This line right here. So the, when we first broke into this, like basically underneath this line and been fighting, this line was November of 2014. So we’re looking seven years ago. That’s why for me, it feels like an all time high since I’m decently invested in the oil sector for my personal living. And yes, I have felt every bit of this seven years. So as you see, we got rejected and 2015 Broke above a little bit in 18, but then got rejected again in 18. And now that brings us back to


When we’re looking at our four day or our, our daily chart, remember this is the last it’s been here. It was 2018 before then 2014. This number hasn’t stayed above this really since 2018. So we’re like two years now for it to hold this line. I mean, there’s been some nasty days. Like this was a nasty day, nasty day, nasty, nasty day, right? But it’s pretty much holding this 50 and letting the hundred up. Right. I would look for this to break out of the 67 98. And if it does, if it does, it has to hold the 66 77. If it does get out of the web oil, oil has finally shifted, right? It’s taken what nine years, eight years, seven years give or take or whatever, if it can hold the 66, everything on these charts change and oil now is back in favor and watch out.

And then you’re going to start hearing news talking about how many oil, how many jobs oil provides and all this other stuff. Like for years now, the, the, the news has been just how negative oil is once it’s, if it starts heading up Africa, once it holds a 66, right, 66, 77, you’re going to hear people start talking about how great oil is and how it’s the savior for the economy. It’s given all these new jobs, all this new stuff, and then that’s going to project it even higher, right? It has to break the 66 77 and hold it though. If it doesn’t do that and hold it, you won’t hear it. But if it does it and it holds it, you’re going to start hearing different news about oil and how great it is for the economy and bring in jobs and all that kind of good stuff. All right, with that being said, let’s jump into our sector.

Again, like I said, all most, every last one of these, these docs has to do with the price of oil. That’s why we talked about oil first. Right now let’s go Valero. Let’s see the ones that are, I don’t know, this looks decent. Watch out. We got earnings on the 22nd. See with oil, it’s weird earnings and their dividends are always three months behind if that makes sense. So at least with my company. So because it takes a long time to, to, to really cap everything. So what three months the earnings is April. So January three months before that. So we’re really kind of looking at October, November, what they did in that. And that’s their earnings is they’re going to basically report just because it’s difficult to report like with oil. Cause they got to calculate everything. I could be wrong, but for my experience, with my personal or not my personal, my family oil company, that’s usually, they’re usually about six months behind. So this report will be like November, December, not March, April, may. Right? If that makes sense. I like, I kinda like it. I’m not gonna lie. We’re holding this. We’re not the 50 we’re I’ve been hovering around the 50 momentum starting to shift. I enjoy this. I’m going to tack this. All right. I’m not going to look any further, but we’re going to say VL. Lowe’s just because look, we’ve also when a day when all the rest of them look over here, we’re basically red Lira was green. It was pretty green decently

Got V a L O post 10.

Whoa, hold on. Dogs barking. Someone could be at the door. What do you mean? I have to pause this video. Well, what, we’re going to pause this video.

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