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Energy Sector April 17

Sorry about that last video. Someone came knocking on the door and I had to make a sell. I sold a

Tool chest.

All right. So this is Valero. We just went over that. I’m going to get my piece of paper. This one looks pretty decent. I like it.

It’s holding the 50, it’s going to report pretty soon. Oil’s been on a tear, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t report anything. Nice. And then we should see a breakout of maybe 77 looking for 84.

I mean, Sunoco is on all cylinders. It’s bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets. However, look for resistance at 34. So I wouldn’t want to get anywhere close to this until after it shows me what it’s going to do at the 34 Mark. If it can hold the 34, because look, we’re, we’re getting an extended. We just kind of broke out right here at the 33 30. And we’re what a dollar above that. So I would say, look for the 34 Oh nine, maybe look above and fail. Come back to the 30, maybe about 33. And then if it holds that, look for it to break back above the 34 and I’d want to hold the 34, as long as it can hold 34. I’d be confident that it would, it would attempt to try to start going to 40, but it needs to hold that 34 at something that may, maybe next week. I’ll look at that right here. When it hit the 20 was, was that would have been nice at the 31, but it’s only $2. It’s not like it’s a huge difference.


And the other thing was Sonoco. All right. Let’s look at Sonoco. The one thing that’s, that’s impressive with this over everything, because the oil market, if you’ve watched the last, the pre video to this, the oil market’s been hammered over the last three weeks. I mean, it was a strategic being hammered because it was, it was at the market. It hadn’t been in years. However, a lot of selling getting the weekends out, looking for a bigger move, but the entire time that oils had its little playing games, manipulation, this has consistently gone higher, consistently gone higher. We look at the 50 here and then right here, this is where I’m saying, Oh, here’s where we’ve gotten a little expense extended right here. So kind of look for it to maybe retest the 50, come back. No bounce off the four Oh nine, come test 50 and then say a lobby, BP British petroleum. The 27th. I really have to wait to see on these. I mean, it looks decent, but you’re having gaps. I think this is a really gappy stock I gave, you can see it. There’s lots of gaps in this. So I use be careful, be careful. What was this at three years ago?

Yeah. So you have potential of getting to 47. I mean, before pandemic you’re at, Oh, well this is also business British petroleum. So that makes sense. You were at the four 39 Mark and now you’re at 25. So it’s, it’s, You’re gonna have to show me something on, because if you look at the weekly chart, it’s it basically bounce off the hundred week and then got rejected. It’s finding support. But again, you’re gonna have to show me what you’re going to do after your earnings. I don’t want to hold that into earnings.

This is looking pretty good. It’s holding the hundred on the weekly. Let’s look at the daily.

Oh yeah, yeah,

Yeah. It’s a very small stock. I mean, it’s only 20, $20, $25, but that looks pretty decent earnings on four 30. I remember this as a European stock, so it’s be easy, but this looks beautiful. It looks like it. We had our a hundred on January or in February 2nd. And then since then, boom. I would say It’s holding. This is probably the 30 day moving average because the green one to 20,


Whatever average it’s holding, it’s holding. So let’s, let’s go right here.

Yeah. Right here. Right here. Yeah. It’s fallen in this trend line right here. Wherever the trend line is from. It’s pretty much following it to the T. So if it can hold the trend line, I just, just created then look for it to just ride, keep on riding up. I liked this one for longevity. It’s going to be really cheap. Cause it’s only a $25 thought. So the options on this are going to be really cheap to go out really far. So I’d want to go With this one. I wouldn’t even do that. Well, let’s just look


August let’s look at our chart again. Let’s go like this. Find this a target. Yeah, it’s playing that perfectly. Triple it’s about the breakout. I’m glad we looked at this 26. I’d say 26 is a good number. Let’s not go out 125 days. We’ll go June 61 days. See the 26 would cost you what? A one 30 divided by 60, about 70 cents. So less than a dollar. And you’re at the 20 fives, which is even, which is 18 cents away. So yeah, you’re basically paying for it to be at one 26. Our target would be 26 95. So that would give you a dollar of profit. So basically a one for one. I like it. I don’t know if you understand my math, but you have to understand intrinsic value, extrinsic value and all that. I’ll have to make a class for that E June

25, approximately 70 Onto the next one. Total. No, no,

This does not look very good. If it can break above the 50 maybe, but this more, it looks like it’s about to head down. I mean, it’s, it’s holding kind of, but it’s not something we’re interested in at them.

Keep it moving.

Cam. I, I traded, I played this a few times. I should’ve stayed in, man. I actually, I think I I’m, well, I do have some positions, but I had an option. This is beautiful. I mean, this is really been all sectors on since February, since they hit the 14th, well, went up to 16, got crashed. And then since then it’s just been going straight up.

This is another one.

While the oil market’s been playing around, this has gone straight up because oil market basically hit a tie right here. And then it crashed on everybody. Oh no. It was probably like right around right here. These are days a lot longer. Right, right here, oil crashed. And then since then this is just straight up conference call four 21. I would hope

Six something.

I see it heading to these numbers quick. See, it just broke out. Yeah. This is this. I might want to get more of KMI hold on. Super cheap options. This is 60 days out we’re looking at is literally see this as 60 days. We’re going at seventeens for 40 bucks. Yeah, you can’t. Yeah, I like this better than the other one. Cause this is, this is really cheap. My goodness there’s this is the only reason I’m saying this is we’re looking like we’re going to consolidate and we could probably head up to at least touch this eight, 1797 right here. Right. That’s where I’m basing everything off of which is 1797. We’re buying the seventeens for 40 cents with, if it hits the 1797, that’s what? 57 cents and of a profit. So it’s a double up. It’s just a lot smaller. It’s only a quick 80 bucks, 90 bucks, but double up, nonetheless, it’s not costing us much money today.


I, this is, this is most definitely not a stock. I didn’t get this. This is not an a portfolio for any other reason, just to hold like it’s it pays great dividends, but it does look like it could break out. Right? So top, top, top we’re consolidating, it’s getting higher. It looks like it would want to break to the 49. You have our huge resistance right here, which is the a hundred. Remember we’re on the weekly. But it just it’s holding the 50. See what happens to it after it hits the hundred, if it can hit that whole a hundred and keep on going this isn’t, this is most definitely a by four 29, four 29 hour hour. I mean, cause this is just a pipeline and they’re, they’re mostly just paid as long as oil is flowing, they’re getting paid. So they’d probably been able to raise it, increase the rates a little bit just for the simple fact that you know, oil is not oil has been on a tear. So I would, I would expect this company to be doing pretty well and pay a decent dividend and will at least have decent earnings. Right? And if, if they have decent earnings, this will be probably next week or the week after that, we’ll come look at this and then we’ll, I’ll probably want to give them something there. Exxon mobile.

I mean, it’s kind of on all cylinders since November is doubled. Earnings are coming out pretty soon, which could really take this bad boy off. The high of this little section was the 11th, which is right around the time when oil crash. So that makes sense. We’re looking into a squeeze. I just say, be careful with earnings coming up. Royal Dutch shell. Yeah, it’s holding the hundred, but it’s getting rejected by the 50. Just be careful. Chevron is kind of like Exxon a little bit. It dipped, but we’re getting closer to the 100 or the 50. If it can hold that 50 again. All this has to do with the earnings. This is on the 30th, which is 12 days from now. I would have to recheck on these, but if so far we have BLL potential E potential N K M I. So we found three of them out of 10. That’s not that bad. And if you’ve watched the other classes or the other little snippets, we have Mohs one V L L two E three, KMI four T Rowe price five and Northern trust six and follow along for the next video.

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