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Make 3$ In 3 Minutes Learning About The Graph With Coinbase

I’m almost done with my peanuts kind of. Nope. That was an empty shell. Was a food gazey, just like the last time when we were watching videos and there was a food gazing we had to read the entire time. All right, let’s move on to step two. What are indexers? Please be a video. Nope. Data on the graph is processed by de-central net decentralized network of computer operators has caught and rapture inductors compete to provide the best injection. The inquiry process. You have to lowest price, no idea. What they’re talking about. Anyone who holds GRP can help secure the network by delegating their GRT to indexers. Okay. Right. Sounds good. By gala gating, G R T you can earn rewards and help inductors process, more data for a new crypto economy.

Let me know if that meant anything to you. Cause it meant naturally nothing to me. You get tokens. I think. Oh man. GRT tokens. Okay. That we got a dollar that was hard. One next lesson. Okay. As more data gets added to the graph while I was shipped back. And this is where curators come in. All right. Curators deposit, DRT to signal with sub graph, I think are the most useful and highest quality. What are they talking about? Curators, then get a portion of fees for these sub graphs. I don’t know. Ma’am I’m so lost by accurately assessing with so graphs are most likely or most valuable and likely to bruise query fees. Creators Are able To efficiently allocate resources on the network. No idea what you’re talking about. Great jibberish. I mean, was it, I mean, I earned a dollar for what? I don’t know. I mean, their questions were pretty straight forward, but again, I just cause like polygon, I know just, I probably know less now than I did before. Right. And this is the reason, at least before we watched these videos, I could just look at the pictures and guess what it was about. And I could tell you a lie. Now I know what it’s about, but you wouldn’t believe anything I’m saying. Cause I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you. I be like, I don’t know. I watched the videos. I don’t know any more now than I did before. So there you go. Hey, paid me $2 for it. So what do I care doctor later?




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