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the only reason I’m looking at this is I’m making an purely speculative play. Right? I don’t know anything about this. I, I just looked at this and I figured it’s the cheapest coin that Coinbase has to offer. So since it’s the cheapest, a hundred dollars in this, if it goes to a dollar I’m banking, right. And then if, if other people start paying attention to it, then I’m making more money. So I did this with decentral land. I bought it for 25 cents. Now it’s a dollar and 40, so might as well try it again. Right. So instead of just Willy nilly in it, what most people are, do I want to go in to this coin? Right. Okay. It’s ether, net token. All right. That’s good to know powers and core at web three infrastructure and cross chain staking diet by platform that aims to make it easier and affordable for anyone to participate in blocks chain ecosystem by building dApps, hosting nodes are staking. I know it staking is. I’m not quite sure what building dApps are. I’m guessing that’s apps within this world that the crypto world hosting nodes. Not sure what a node is either, but let’s, let’s see if we can, we’ll see what their website shows us.

Okay. So here you go. So they’re ether, net two staking solutions has, has launched. This is going to be big that Ethan that to either net coming out with ether, net too, should be around next year. What Coinbase lets you do as well? I already did it with with my either net ones or ether nets. I guess you just call them is I can’t sell them. I can’t do anything with them, but they’re paying me to make ether net to have liquidity or value. I’m not quite sure, but I’m staking it there and they’re paying me extra to do that. All right. So let’s look at this. We support more than 40 blockchain protocol first staking for or developing purposes. Okay. Okay. So I’ve seen a, like, I don’t know why these are dark. You can’t see anything. Okay. Staking nodes

Did something freeze. Oh no. Here we go. Run your own staking nodes. Okay. Easily put for easy to deploy and manage a node on your blockchain and earn stake and rewards without any technical knowledge required. Okay. Right. This is max or maximum reward or is passive and going from your token, holding and delegations without paying any commission fees. That’s nice instant access for anyone. One click deployment, launch a node on your favorite, blockchain and minutes, automate, monitoring, and upgrade. So it, see, this is, I mean, let me put my theory behind investing in coins or something. I want to invest in something that I can make money off of. Does that make sense? So with this company, I can make money with this company, right. It’s kind of like storage and a few other of them like ethernets great ether nets, the, the, the sauce that puts it all together. Right. But this right here, it’s, it’s basically telling you, I mean, I have to do a lot more research. I gotta dive much more into it, but just for 10 cents, 16 cents, let’s see. What, what are there enclosed carpet with buildings and communities? MADEC one of the highest priorities with our staking mechanism, providing seamless validator, onboarding and cars. One-Click deployment makes it possible for non-techies to participate in our staking as a validator. Oh, that’s beautiful. So these are the comp. Okay.

So these are the different things that you can stake. So I’m pretty sure. I mean, it sounds like it’s all about just making money. I mean, it’s probably not making a lot, but well, in the beginning you probably want automatic deployment and management of L Ron powder nodes via an incident proof interface provided a powerful experience for non-technical supporters it a chance to directly engage with blockchain infrastructure layer, gain useful knowledge. Not very interesting. Okay, here we go. 300 notes and core has built great tools for everyone to become harmony validator, which is all in 300 nodes on our Testnet, as they don’t rely on centralized providers is decentralized. So again, if you notice decentralization is, is a huge, we’re really excited to see Ingrid’s one touch solution action. It makes it super easy for any token holder technical or not to spin up a node and start staking immediately. All right, well, let’s do this over here. Find on crypto block folio coin gecko coin. Okay. Wow.

That’s a little bit about their story paving. A way to open internet in the future. The, the, what is their mission. We have three easy to use for everyone. And the next phase is based on this distributed networks, which make the new generation of platform, application servers, more private, secure, right. Essentially resistant by cutting out intermediaries and gatekeepers builders and users gain back control over their applications and data technical achievements in 20 you’re introducing onto enterprise service, integrated 50 plus protocols. All right. Yeah. I’d have to do this a whole bunch more, like just do a lot more and who

This is interesting. So far I enjoy it. I, the reason why I enjoy it okay. Oh, is this the video? Let’s watch the video

Taking the theory and presents many barriers. The amount of ETH the technical demands and continual node management, stinker removes all of these barriers, instantly visit, click launch app button, select wallet. We support the most commonly used wallets like mask for desktop and trust wallet for mobile. Make sure you’ve selected the main network. A slider lets you select anything from 0.5 to however much Ethereum you have in your wallet, click stake and Staker will stake urothelium automatically to the nodes with the highest reputation, all decentralized, unlike other services, your original state, and never be slashed. Stay safe with Staker. Once state, you will automatically receive eight ETH tokens, which represent your state ETH plus rewards and are immediately liquid. You can trade them on unit swap, use them in defined protocols and more visit our dashboard daily to see how much rewards you earned stinker, stanking, simplify

What I’m kind of getting out of this. So I don’t know if you catch it before they had like 400. Now they have 2,600. You had to really see it fast. It was in the video. Okay, here we go. Calculate your earnings. So if you had two of these, so man, yeah. If you had gotten about a while ago and you had to, you’d be making 400 a year okay. Accessing course-taking services here, UC Schwab. We, you know, we talked about that one. This is a completely, it’s kind of a confusing world, but this I’m enjoying a little bit. So look, if you have a half of a token Ethereum coin and you can make a hundred dollars a year, so what you’re making like nine bucks a month, but then you’re also, it’s literally, this is all right to translate it into investment people terms, right? This is all, they’re just using new terms for things. So here’s your stock, here’s your dividend, right? So you buy this stock and you stake it, which means that you basically ask them the coin to pay you a dividend, but then you can’t use, you can’t touch coin. Right? So it’s just like maybe, maybe this is more of a bond and this is your coupon rate, right? So each year you invest more into your bond over here and you make more off your coupon rate.

That’s where I see off of it. I mean, I enjoy this. I’m not, I’m still not a hundred percent sure. I understand what it is. However, for 16 cents, let’s look at it over a year. Yeah. Look at that. This is at 22 cents in March. When we dropped back down April, I would love to get it at 12 cents. We’re only 4 cents away, which isn’t that much of a difference. But even at the beginning of the year, it was one penny. So yeah, no, I honestly I don’t see anything wrong with looking at this. Even at 60% by I would say it’s a buy, if you can get this, anything below this 22 cents and in between basically seven and 22 cents, I would say it’s decent one, anything above 22 cents, we’d have to relook and then do some more research instead of just looking at their website and crying to understand what it is that they do. But anywhere between maybe like eight and 22 cents. Cause that’s not a lot of money. Right. And I’m not saying invest the house on it. I’m just saying invest a little bit and see what happens now. If it continues, if you buy it in those parts and then it continues to rise and you can add a little bit more to your position, right. But obviously do more research. The more You buy.




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