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basic materials. Scott’s miracle grow. This has been in the dump in the garbage for quite some time. It would have been a beautiful short way back at 2 49. As you can see, that’s

Right around right here.

The big question is this, as you see last, what was it about two weeks ago? We had drone, we drew these lines to blue and right here as our crash point and it flew through at the 2 0 9 bound to the two. I mean, it’s only 10 points, so it’s not like that much, but we are getting to the point where we should get a nice little pop, which is right around this line right here, the 88 85 area. Might’ve already done it right here. So let’s keep an eye on Scott’s miracle grow as for a reversal to at least come back up to the 200, to even the 2 0 9. Since we know that was a pressure point, eco lab, not the sexiest of charts. We filled the gap back, you know, this, this downward gap right here, back on the 28th, had an opportunity for us to, to try to push to the tool seven, but it looks like the bulls decided to pick back up, because if you look right here we basically had a triple bottom. They had the opportunity to drop it right here. They did not. They had another opportunity to drop it right here and the bulls pretty much bought it up at the end of the day. Let’s Track it, looking out to maybe take out the two 30 it’s 15 points away. Well, 16 points away. Do I think it could do it in one week? No, I don’t think it’s going to do in one week, but our breakout of right here, the two 17 is within our scope. So if we break out of the two 17, let’s look for the 2 22, let me see something. Okay. We see anything extreme, open interest on the downside. Nothing. We have little right here, open interest on the upside. Look at that. The 2 30, 2400 contracts open at the two 30. They’re going for 5 cents right now.

Isn’t that kind of funny? So do I 110% think this is going to happen? Not at all, but the option market says there’s a lot of people out there that think that it could. There’s 2,400 contracts out there at the two 30 mark. So does it look like we could break out at, at the two 17? It does if this week, if it would be any other week, I would say maybe no, let’s see our open interests. You see, even our two or two 30 open interest just goes to nothing. Open interest is streamlined high right here. Even 300 contracts at the two 50. That’s higher than over here. I know this is exploration. Oh, this is, oh, they only trade monthly options. So that, that monthly expert that makes it even more interesting.

That makes it even more interesting money play. Okay. Sorry about that. Let’s get back to this. Hopefully that was interesting to you guys, as much as it was interesting to me that you have 2,400 contracts saying that it’s going to be right here for this open-ended for this con for this series, right? That is a massive amount. Since there’s even on the July expiration, there’s nowhere near close to 2,400. So could it pump the 15 points? Yes, it could. Del Bussau. Ooh, look at it. It is right at the number 1 0 9. Let’s see what the autonomic got me curious. Anything enormous that just doesn’t make any sense. See? No. See, see how the difference is. You see how there’s so many contracts on the downside. Like they’re hedging. The downside. There’s downside risk in here. It’s pretty much, I don’t see anything. That’s just ridiculous.

Now let’s go back to ECL and then you’ll see what I’m talking about. Do you see any downside? There’s there is like nothing over here. We got 600 contracts total. Oh, you know, maybe 700 and maybe 800 contracts total on that side right here. We got six. We’ve got 3000 contracts on the, on the, the bull side. You see how to see the difference? It’s like, there’s, I mean, there’s nothing, it tapers off there too, but there’s just a big, massive boom, 2,400 that eats up all the selling. And it’s just random. It’s all the way random, because we only have our two hundreds over here and we have a little bit more over there. I’m reading a book right now. I’m sorry. It’s a unusual option activity. All right. So that’s why I’m over here. Like, Ooh, Ooh. Let’s see if we can find something. So I’m sorry about that. Linden bus out. I would say, I mean, it’s kind of, I would say it’s that support, Right? Be careful There is no huge option, anything. So I wouldn’t just be careful, but it looks decent. It looks like a, it looks like it could it doesn’t look like it’s going to go to any lower. Of course it could. It’s had 1, 2, 3, 4 times that it’s been at this point it’s gone lower. So it could be knocking on the door, rolling over the 1 0 4. But to me, I would say, we’re going to try to test the, the one 18 deployment. Oh, I get, do you not like it? I don’t want to go through the options on every single one because I want to test it first. For the next few weeks I would probably test and I’ll go through a couple of them. Just anything that’s just like, no, see now, whatever, man. I’m just going to, this is weird. Look at all the how it’s all sporadic over here and sporadic over here. Nothing too.

I see. That’s that? I don’t see anything too, too specific. I mean there’s 3,700 contracts right there. And the nineties for this week, there are a thousand hours, but no Dell chemical. Yeah, it doesn’t look very good. However, that could be absolutely perfect. Let’s take out the 70 ones. Whoa. Look at this. So we have, let’s see 1, 2, 5, 9, 11,000 contracts give or take on the, on, up to here. I don’t see it going to 55 but 11,000 contracts compared to this one. Massive 14,000 contracts. I would say somebody, somebody probably is a button pretty big on that right now. 14,000 contracts at the 70 level of Dow chemical. That’s interesting. Let’s look at the, what is that? That is the Dow 70. The highest is 70 ones. Let’s look at the twos.

800 contracts. Then look, we’re getting an, even that we got 3,400 contracts at 75. I don’t see it going to 75. That’s massive, but 14,000 contracts at 70. So raise a little bit of, of a suspicion, I guess, at least at Ray Rosa enough suspicion in my book, Dow seventies, money and play. See it happened because they’re literally not even bidding us up for nothing. The seventies are what? 18 cents, 20 cents, you know, they’re right here. That’s absolutely nothing because all we need, we’re $2 out of the money. So we for, if we buy that, it needs to go to 72 20 and we were broke. We broke even, right. There’s only 19 cents of extrinsic value. That’s what I’m saying. It’s super cheap.

VASF we know it doesn’t train our options. It looks like crap. This is, this is a gapper all over the place. This, I don’t know. I don’t know why this is in here. Well, I do know because I liked the company, but I don’t like this. This is all over the place and we don’t even get any, do we don’t we don’t even have the opportunity for dividends or not dividends for options. Rio Tinto. Yeah. Be easy with this. This is an all the, as you see, look at this, we’re at 95, just a little bit ago and then went all the way to 94 or 84, 10 points. So 10 point like, and look at the gaps on here. You don’t want to be wrong, right? Just, just, you don’t want to be wrong with this cause that’s 11% drop in a day, but then look it over here. 3% gap in the morning. It’s all over the place. Let’s look for options. Yeah, man. I have no idea. Look at it. We got 11,000 on the downside. 6,000 upside that that’s just is too over all over the place for me. I want nothing to do with it. Although in the, the, the July expiration, we are tethered or skewed to the, to the long side, a little bit of 96.

Keep an eye on that for next week. Rio Tinto international paper.

Now this I like I do like it. Again, we can roll over to 61, but it looks to me like we want to beat or take out that 65. Let’s check out the options to see if it confirms cause the downside open injures anything over a thousand. No. So we got, I mean, this is, these are just way far out there. It was 20 points to the downside. I’m not going to count those even though a, it could go all the way there. It’s just not very much money bidding on that. So we’re looking at 1100, 1500, 2 grand by like 2,500, 6,000 contracts right here. That’s a decent amount. 1000 contracts. What are people betting on this 6,067 international paper this week 67. Let’s check it out.

That would bring us up to here. Let’s see. Does this dog have the capability to move 7%? Look at that three days it moves six and a half percent. So does it have the capability to get to this 6,000? And the answer is it does. So look at the craziness of the 6,000 with the breakout of the 65, 25. So the money play let’s see sell. My name was supposed to tell you, I was thinking I’m just supposed to look at the charts, but this is, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not interesting to you, but it’s interesting to me, the money play international paper, the money play, where was it?

67 50. Cause like these money plays. It’s just like, well, this is basically to me, it’s like gambling. So what for, if it’s, you know, I don’t know how it’s going to open in eight hours from now, but for 5 cents. So we’re talking $5 buy in 10 of them. You’re looking at a whopping 50 bucks. That’s that’s, that’s not huge money because literally you’re not. You’re risking. What is extrinsic value? Two and a half cents. So the Delta is 3 cents. So if every dollar this moves, you’re looking to make 3 cents. So if this Delta is changing, that’s weird over here.

All right. But okay. Where we are 3 cents per dollar movement. So if this goes, if this jumps let’s say look almost a dollar. So if it dumps a jumps, a dollar, let’s say a dollar and 20 cents or a dollar and 15 cents Monday. Cause don’t forget our, our data or our our theta. I don’t have it up here, but our Theta’s probably 3 cents too. So it’s going to have to move. It’s going to have to move. But the closer it gets to 67, which is only four points away, right? Four points away. We’re already in the money, right. 15 cents, which is more than what we’re paying for. We’re only paying five. So if it goes for $4 from here, we’re, we’re tripled our money. So I understand why they put 6,000 contracts because they can double their triple their money at 15 cents. That is, yeah.

I write mosaic. No, I don’t like it. I mean, for the, for the bull, eh, there could be a nice little argument for the bull. I’m not really quite sure. Let’s check out our numbers. Yeah. This is all over the place, man. Whoa. Look at that. 94,000 open interest at 40. Yeah. That trumps everything over here. Again, this is a gamble, but I know myself. I’m not going to remember this if, I mean, yeah, I’m going to pay attention, but it’s not that big of a deal unless I’m in it. And for 5 cents, it’s worth me going in it. It’s only $5. I mean, if you, if $5 is too much for you, then you know, maybe this isn’t for you, but for $5 to see what happens with 94th, 92,000 other people, why not money play.

And I need you guys to understand, I am not expecting these to work. That’s on the different videos on my, on the financials. Those were, are more apt to the, to, you know, go and these are money plays, which means that basically rolling the dice gambling.

Sherwin Williams. I like Sherwin Williams. This is a good, I feel this is a good entry place. Now it’s, it’s faked out Weiss here to roll back over here to roll back over. But at this point we actually stopped that some support. So instead of right here, this is kind of Willy nilly and the Nair, but we stopped at some support and we are within shooting range, 20 points, give or take of an, of a high, let me see something. Yeah. Basically have a three-year high. So that gives it a better example. So for 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks, we’d been paused for five weeks. We’ve been red, which is good because it needed, we needed some time to kind of cool off. So don’t forget because we have been on a massive tear since April, since three one where, you know, three for one split. So I mean, this is a beautiful stock. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. It’s just expensive. So be careful. See there’s no craziness.

Unsure it. Wouldn’t Williams. It’s all pretty basic. The 80 is a dollar 45. Yeah. If you were to bet on anything, I’d say that one. I would probably do the best for you right there. Sherwin 180 5. I mean, I mean, we’re basically have to break out this point right here in order for you to capitalize on that. And I want to do a calendar call. I’m sorry. We need to just solely look at the charts. Nothing else. I apologize. But yeah, if you, I like this one to come back and let’s test the high.



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