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Financials. Well, I call banking, but whatever financials are, first one, BlackRock, look where we are. This is beautiful.

We’re setting up perfectly for our nine 26. Now again, pending this upcoming week. I mean, this is exactly what we wanted to see comes up here. It breaks out not a very like forceful breakout, but enough. Right? And the most important part is it broke above this 80 it’s basically eight 71, right? It’s held at one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight days. Right. We got the higher above, which was the breakout, which I really enjoyed that. That’s I mean, we broke out here. We broke out again here, but we had a slamming down, which is what I want to see. I would need all those sellers, right, right here to basically be out of a position because once they’re done, then that gives us the ability to float up to the nine 26. The other key point that I really enjoy about this.

Now let’s look over here. You see how it went parabolic. Right? And then, I mean, we got rejected other line, but then it had to come back to our blue or teal and green line. Look, we are here. We’re already at the nine day moving average, right. We’re almost 20 days coming up. Like it’s it is what, eight 63. So we’re 20 points. It’s not, that’s really not that much. When we’re thinking about this as an 800 stock, 800 point stock. So mind you, this is everything has, this is a Sunday. I have no idea about the news or what’s gonna happen this upcoming week. I’m just looking at the chart specifically as long as nothing. And kind of, if we think about what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks, mostly look at the oil, right? For some reason, if you traced back to the 2008 financial crisis, there were two things that were just booming at that time, there were banks and there was oil.

So oil is rising at the same time that banks are rising. Right? So I won’t go too much into it because that’s not for this. However, I see that black rock. If we looking for nine 26, maybe not this week, but it’s coming, it’s coming pretty soon. We might make it up to like maybe 900, right? Get, get rejected at 900, find some more support right around, let’s say 82, you know, give or take the top of this. And we’re really the top of this. And then make it out to nine 26. As I, in other words, I might not just go straight up. It might come up 900, come back down and then go back up

TRowe price.

Beautiful, beautiful.I mean, there’s nothing else to say about it. It is beautiful. I same thing what I just said with BlackRock actually matter of fact, let’s and we just broke into a squeeze on two, three, four.

What is this? So last Friday we broke into that squeeze. If we look, this is when, oh yeah, yeah. I forget it was a shortened week. Last week. I apologize. So it is these four days. So Friday, we were broken down a week ago, Friday. Then these last four days it is tightened up and took off. So let’s give ourselves another, I mean, this is high and tight. Look at, look at this trend. This is gorgeous. It’s almost difficult to do an extension for the simple fact that it hasn’t, it’s had its ups and then trough and peaks and troughs. But at the same time, the troughs are landing directly where they’re supposed to let’s bring it to the week, see if we can get a different view.

You know, That’s even, it’s just as gorgeous on the weekly chart. It looks even better. So yeah. T Rowe price. I want to get some of those. I would get some long-term options because it looks like we’re going to two oh nine. Might take us two to three weeks. But look at this the nine week we just hit that broke or stayed above the 91 that isn’t gorgeous. Mr. Goldman Sachs. Okay.

Again, parabolic, look at this. This is see, this is Goldman Sachs for you. You will get chopped up, right? You see this range. All right. Let’s just, let’s start you. So it’s a 34 point range right now. When you, when you, when you’re like, okay, well that’s a lot. You would have had to catch this beautifully. One, two, three, four, because this is a gap. This is last Friday. It gapped

Three points. Give or take and went 10 points, right. Had a massive day on Monday. So if you remember last week we were talking and told him this and told him this, blah, blah, blah. Well, it held it and it took off it. Didn’t just break out a little bit. It broke all the way out. Cause 77 was its breakout. It opened above its breakout. So we’d call that a professional gap. What would I like to see hit the 95, maybe 400. Come down just a little bit on that one for 28, the next target Blackstone group. I mean all these are all gorgeous, man. They’re all right at levels. That well, key fact they’ve all broken in holding key levels, right? So this is Monday. It had was that 94 broke down. But now look what it’s doing. It’s coming right back and it’s holding the 92 52. Beautiful, just beautiful FAS. Remember this is the triple leveraged.

I’m more disappointed in this one just because it’s triple leverage. And when you looked at BlackRock T road, Goldman Sachs Blackstone, and then you look at this and it’s kind of like, it’s a little disappointing, right? It hasn’t had any parabolic moves as drastic. It’s kind of just about to burst. Honestly, look at the squeeze, the momentum bursting. If it can get through, we’re looking for this 39, it all depends this upcoming week. And I know you can be like, well, Eric, that just sounds ridiculous. I don’t see a good inner to one 39 anytime soon. However, if this upcoming week, I don’t know. But it’s kinda, if you, if you’re looking, it’s kind of set up that the financials are about to just explode because we’ve looked at what, four of them. Now this is our fifth one and every last one of these are just beautiful charts.

Even this, it looks like they closed a, what is it? 25, 29. Yeah. Eight even look at this line 25 18. Look at the, I mean this got sucked down three points and then had like at the end of the day, I guess just got bought up to close above the 25 18. You see how it closed below it yesterday or the day was a four. So that was the first close above the 25 18. Again, very bullish C M E. Yeah. This is another one. This is literally kind of what we want to see. It got a huge crash. It did exactly what we wanted it to do on Monday. Or I came up here, came, got destroyed and look where it landed like pretty much to the T on the 20. And then since then it’s been rising. So what do we look at this time? We look for a massive breakout depending on the market, but I don’t know. Maybe you’re seeing something completely different than I’m seeing, but it looks like the financials are about to explode. This one included. I see one or two to six. Not next week. It might take a little bit longer again. Come up, come back down to hold support right here and then gone a C bank of America. Yeah, Look, we’re in the squeeze. We’ve been in the squeeze for a few days. Squeeze is starting to build momentum up. This is literally just like all the other ones. Did it close above it? Yes, it did look close above this line too, man. These are all amazing. I like all of them. Now let’s go to the ones that I’m very disappointed in. K K R

This is a different, I mean, when you look at it, I’m starting to kind of fall in love with this. What I would like to see is the squeeze. I’m surprised we’re not in a squeeze because this has literally gone nowhere since May 12th. It is holding this 55 48. Well, it’s closed below it right there, but it’s holding it. Let’s look at the weekly chart.

Look, it’s holding the nine on the weekly. I, you know what? This looks, what it looks like to me is it it’s just holding, waiting. Cause it had a huge pair of balls. Move here. Even huge move from what? 43 to 59 hit target basically perfectly. All right, let me see it. Now. It just seems like it’s waiting for the moving averages to come up before it begins its upward trajectory again. Cause I mean, this can have a massive move, right? I mean it can really truly have a massive move. Look at this as the beginning of the year. This is January. We were at 37. Right? Then it had a massive boom boom boom, boom boom, two 49, 10 points. I mean that percentage is massive. So I guess I’m want to guess what 30% or whatever now I do see it. Well, no, let’s just look. I’m very curious. Yeah. 31%. So let’s say we have another 31% That brings us to 72, right? 72. Now I’m not saying this is happening anytime soon. All I’m saying is this little stretch to holding us that’s the third week. That’s I mean, if we get another one of those we’re golden, now let’s check this and get out of the way. Here we go.

Look at that 34%. Right? So this is a typical 34 percenter or a 30% move before it just pauses out. So the 60, 62 58 are, is low. So yeah, I do see once this hundred it’s close to the 50. Once a hundred probably gets a little bit higher. Look, it has the potential to move 30%. Now this seems like it’s a long time, but in retrospect it’s not, this is January and this is February. So it is moved a massive amount, basically almost a hundred percent. And we over 60% since the beginning of the year. Massive move. Let’s talk. What’s the, did you let’s talk to Chuck

All right. Chuck you’re squeezed. Broke. Yeah. All right. I can’t complain. It’s like every other chart I’m surprised this is in the negative because this does not look. I mean, it does make sense, but look, we bounce off of support and it had the high, so that was, oh, that was a liquidation break. Most likely 81. Here we come. And N T R S Northern trust. Yeah, I see nothing wrong with this. I see nothing at all. It’s right on the support. We look at how many red days I love this one, two, three, four, five, six red days in a row, right. Basically seven, seven out of eight days have been red. And does that look like a negative chart? Not to me. It looks like the buyers are sucking up all the sellers and up, up in a way. All right. Thank you very much. And I’ll see you next week.



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