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We’re talking healthcare right now. Madame took off look at this. So this is the two weeks, basically one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Yeah. That’s two weeks we started and we could go Monday when we bounced on a one 59, we have literally gone 50 points straight up, broke it late. Is that an all time high? Let’s check that out. Yes, it is. It broke out of his three basically triple top with a vengeance headed to two 2215 area. Just cause it blew through this area. I would be looking forward to come back down to the 91 area for some support at that point in time. I think it would be a safer bet if it can hold this to buy it. But this, I mean, you know, the Corona virus and all this other kind of stuff, they’re, they’re one of the first ones that were given the government contract to rapid release or whatever it was called last year by Donald Trump.

So it makes sense why this is blooming. Yeah, I don’t want to go too much else into the company because we’re just looking at the stock chart, but what a beautiful, beautiful explosion right there. Gilly ad sciences. Okay. We are getting to the point where it looking interesting. So this was a Monday, we got pounded into our line, which was great. And then since then I just like a quick $2 gain up into 67. I would watch out for the 67 77. Wait for it to come get rejected, then come back maybe to right around this area. Well, let’s draw a line so we can use for reference next week. I mean, obviously that’s not the most perfect place. I was going to go down maybe 33, four sentence, but it’s close enough. So I would, once it kind of pops here, maybe it looks above fails, comes back down to this line, it holds this line. Then I think it has a higher probability to break out and, and reach for the stars as your tenant, as drought Zeneca. Okay. Look at this.

We had our support. I’m coming down. This really hasn’t moved anywhere. It’s kind of boring. I, it looks like a lot, but it’s really gone. Absolutely Nowhere. So we’re with Him 2 cents or within a dollar. So 57 53 fit or $2 57 or 55 75. So it’s a pretty tight range. I would like to see that there, the moving averages move up, which probably what it’s doing. Cause we, we got, we had our parabolic move when actually we broke above. So this was negative. We broke a bug of 50 and a hundred came back down and touch the 50 while the 50 crossed the 100 and then just went parabolic. So I would say, give me a little bit, let it hold hover. The 55 75, maybe for like another week, week, week and a half. Let our lions can to come back up and then we’ll look for some more upward trajectory.

Yeah, no, I don’t like it. This at all, this is terrible. This is ugly. Completely ugly. I mean, yeah, whatever you had some support, it bounced off a support, two points had a horrible drop, no earnings or anything to it. Just drop out of nowhere. What does, I mean, this is Monday, Tuesday, or this is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So I mean, Wednesday, you had an update Thursday, you gapped down like $2. What’s going on with Merck. Any which way I don’t like it, but I wouldn’t for a quick, a couple of points. You could try to fade it up to the 78, 74, 99 before it goes back down. But I don’t know. That’d be really risky on that. Cause you know, it probably wants to fill the gap and it shot down so fast or reversion to the mean would mean that let’s draw this line. So reversion to the mean, see it hit the seven, seven, eight, six retracement perfectly. That’s where it got stopped out reversion to the mean would be all the way back up to 76, 62.

So two points away.

Not really big, but as you can see right here, it in a strong trend, it should hit here and then continue downwards. And the secondary strong trend look at a secondary strong trend before it even hits the 50% tall, six one eight is filling the gap, right? So it could fill the gap and roll back over and it still be bears Pfizer. So we fired short on our a squeeze, but I’m pretty sure the squeeze is going to reactivate, which means that these, these green dots are going to turn back to red dots. I would’ve seen anything negative right here. It basically hit on the 50 perfectly, literally perfectly. I like to see what it does next week. We had a kinda like shooting star on Friday on like this, however, given a little bit it’s kind of right in the middle.

That’s what I’m saying. If it was down here, I’d be like, yeah, it’s by if it’s up here, be like you’re short, but it’s like right in the middle. So I’m not really sure. A B, B V it looks great for a short come down, got up a little bit hitting the nine for the faster downward trend. We just fired long, honest or short on a squeeze. I’ll see. It kind of rolls back over to maybe down to the one oh eight BMY Bristol Myers Squibb. Ah, I don’t like this one looks terrible. However, it is in line with the 50 and we were just making all time highs. So we’re as, as much as it as, as much as I like to say, this looks terrible. We are really only what $3 away from the high is this an all time high.

Okay. From a even larger, this is weekly. Let’s go monthly. So monthly we’re pretty close. We’re 77. So we’re like 13 points away from all time high. We are gaining momentum on a monthly squeeze. This, this is all very positive because we’re in a double squeeze. We’re in the monthly squeeze. We’re also, oh, we just fired long on the weekly squeeze. This is last weekend, this week. So the momentum is telling me that it wants to break this 68 34 it’s four points away. The daily daily daily looks ugly. However, the weekly and the monthly look really bearish or bullish. Excuse me.

Okay. Johnson and Johnson. Yeah. Fired short. Looks like we’re headed to at least one 62, right? Unless it, if it can hold this line. I, which I’d be surprised. Cause it just got rejected. Have a low bar, a lot of resistance at the one 66. So I see us crashing down to at least a yellow line. Sarepta therapeutics. Yeah. This is terrible. How ugly can you get? This is just nasty. I don’t like anything about it. We just fired short. Right? So hopefully we can hold the 6,804, right? You’re knighted health group building momentum to squeeze downward. There’s just, I don’t know. It’s holding a four oh four if it holds a four oh four for another week. Right. Cause if that’s what it’s kind of looking like on Thursday, we broke below just recently, just barely. But again, it looks like we’re just holding for the, the moving averages to come and meet up to the price opposed to coming down or like having liquidation down. It looks like they’re just, they’re holding it as tight as possible to bring them the moving averages higher. If that’s the case, look for upward trajectory. All right. That’s healthcare.



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