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Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson Can Be Broken Up Into Three Different Departments; Consumer Health Products, Medical Devices, And Pharmaceutical Products. 

Consumer Health Products :

Their Products Are In Almost Every Convenient Or Grocery Store Across The United States Their Brands Help People Live Healthier Lives Through Skin Health Products, Self Care

Products, And Essential Health Products,

 Skin Health Products :

  A Few Of Their Skin Health Products Are Neutrogena Which Has Been Bringing Customers Skin Care Solutions For More Than Sixty Years Is Available In More Than 70 Countries, Aveeno Which Is Available In 22 Countries Worldwide, Dr.Ci:Labo Was Founded By Renowned Japanese Dermatologist Dr. Yoshinori Shirono In 1999.

 Self Care Products:

   If You’ve Ever Needed To Use Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Or Benadryl, Even Nicorette You Are Using A Johnson & Johnson Product. Those Are Just A Few To Name In Johnson Johnson’s Arsenal Of Self Care Products. 

Essential Health Products:

For 125 Years Johnson & Johnson Has Provided Gentle Products For Babies And Adults If You’ve Ever Needed A Band-Aid A Recognizable Brand Band-Aid Is Also A Johnson & Johnson Product. A Mouthwash That Has Been Used Over A Billion Times And Is In 85 Different Countries Is Also A Johnson & Johnson Product By The Name Of Listerine. 

Medical Devices:

The Always Changing Environment Johnson & Johnson Are Making The Correct Connections Across Science And Technology To Combine Their Expertise In Vision, Orthopedics, Interventional Solutions, And Surgery.

Pharmaceutical Products

 In Johnson & Johnson’s Labs They Address Some Of The Most Devastating And Complex Diseases Known To Man. Their Pharmaceutical Company Is Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies Their Main Purpose Is Changing The Way Diseases Are Prevented Intercepted Treated And Cured. Diseases That They Focus On Are; Immunology, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, Neuroscience, And Oncology